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How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. That's what this channel is for! You could search the web endlessly for consumable information, or you can watch my simple to understand videos. I'm a graduated mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, and my goal is to help other people passionate about cars learn how they work. Hope you find my videos enjoyable; feel free to ask questions!

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  • Jered Lara
    Jered Lara

    What about a hybrid car how will it stack up against the gas and the electric car ?

  • Mark Allen
    Mark Allen

    Thanks for doing this. I particularly appreciate you anticipating common objections. This came out exactly as I would have expected intuitively, but so much better to have some actual data.

  • Jarrod

    If you're worried about carbon emissions just don't have children. Those things produce tons of CO2!

  • Ashley

    Can anyone report on gas mileage? Especially Toyotas? (Points for Corollas.)

  • The Car Crazy Guy
    The Car Crazy Guy

    I went from GAS, to PHEV, and then BEV.

  • Alexander Harris
    Alexander Harris

    So in a nutshell comparing different car MPGs in terms of absolute fuel savings is misleading as it’s a nonlinear comparison, whereas the l/100km measurement is, right?

  • Vladimir Rurukin
    Vladimir Rurukin

    I wonder if someone can make a proper adjustment to clold and super cold (north Canada) climates. I personally know at least 3 different owners (1 model S and 2 model 3s) that say that the efficiency becomes super low as soon as it hit -25C (-13F) or so.

  • baizuo

    So um does it work?

  • treybayFILMS

    gasoline energy isn't lost over transmission lines either.

  • Sunil Asthana
    Sunil Asthana

    Wrong VW ID4 is great and works really well you are mighty wrong. I have driven over 14000 miles in the last 4 months and I am superbly happy with 250 miles per charge working great sunil

  • trentin Sanderson
    trentin Sanderson

    What? The tesla roster now and 2 other cars can do 1.9 with a stopping time of 155 feet.

  • Mathew Fardella
    Mathew Fardella

    Nice , explanation, just 1 question , is it true or not , if you start with super purified water to extract your Hydrogen, you will not produce nitrogen oxide gas , after combustion ??? Also I suggest to use only 2 colours on white board , red for petrol, and blue for Hydrogen, easier to follow, Cheers

  • Melvin Vargas
    Melvin Vargas

    great knowledge good job

  • Silvio T
    Silvio T

    If the average car looses 20% power between the engine and wheels because of an automatic transmission. Would it be more efficient to replace the transmission with a generator, and put electric motors at the wheel? This eliminates range anxiety from battery engines and repair costs from complex transmissions.

  • Scott Hanson
    Scott Hanson

    If I had to replace my 21 mpg LS3 Corvette with an EV for under $30k I would probably have to kill myself. I guess that would be good for the environment-- not so much for me, lol...

  • HBomb157

    Might be nit-picky and might be a quirk of what I studied in college, but using lbf and lb instead of lb and lbm makes me weirdly uncomfortable. Obviously, the most superior unit of mass is the Slug. And for those that don't know in English Engineering Units slug is the standard unit of mass. It's just the inverse of the kilogram newton thing, where instead of F(N)=m(kg)*g(m/s^2) we use F(lb)/g(ft/s^2) = m(slugs).

  • Edsel Adap
    Edsel Adap

    Yes, stuff “can” be recycled. But in reality, most of these end up in junkyards and landfill.

  • Old Time Farm Boy
    Old Time Farm Boy

    So, a two shaft turbo is actually a single shaft turbo with two different fans on the same shaft. I think whoever named this imbibed a little too much Kickapoo Joy Juice.


    The smartest people here are the people telling everyone the video was uploaded on 1st April. Y'all get the trophy😂😂🤦

  • ND

    Personal transports makes up about 14% of annual emissions. Big companies need to get their acts together before telling us to pay through our arses for new products

  • Juan Plus
    Juan Plus

    Not so much about production of EVs. What happens with old batteries?

  • PoodleScone

    I can't afford a $50k new gas car or $100k new electric car. I will continue keeping my 1994 bimmer getting 25mpg while driving less than 5k miles per year.

  • Jared Boswell
    Jared Boswell

    i have a crappy ecu chip & rusted out flex pipe...changing soon but after watching this video it makes sense. i honestly think its the chip, its just amplified the sound of my FP is got a whole in it which makes it twice as loud and sound cool and modified as well


    Reading the comments and I see that a lot of people lack knowledge, wisdom and understanding... But it's cool, it wasn't meant for everyone anyway 7:30 = 777 ... They keep playing the masses man😂😂🤦

    • BALOYI

      Just noticed this channel's display picture😂😂... Right on the money😂

  • Barb Coleman
    Barb Coleman

    twin is the operative word here. Twin screw are the best of the superchargers and twin turbos are the best of the turbos. Both are more efficient in terms of the forced induction method. I think centrifugal superchargers is advantageous when you want something easier to install and something that doesn't run off the crank.

  • Rand Thompson
    Rand Thompson

    I've ordered and recieved a Blackstone analysis kit and plan on a 3k change on my 2.4 DIT. About 600 miles to go. I feel this is a very important subject and have since the 70s and 80s while working as a heavy equipment operator and saw oil samples taken every oil change. Thank you for posting. 👍

  • Allen Atkins
    Allen Atkins

    I can't afford to buy a new anything, so I guess the planet needs to die.

  • Joseph Coates
    Joseph Coates

    I need an EE breakdown of the end to end co2 emissions of a Tesla model 3 over 5 years vs a normal 30mpg internal combustion engine car. Mining lithium, producing the batteries, building the car, all of that is a death wish for the planet but the electric crowd hides it from view. That’s why Toyota is going for Hydrogen Fuel Cell cars not all electric.

    • Jarrod Christman
      Jarrod Christman

      Issue is the end to end fossil fuel will always come out higher. The 'electric crowd' isn't hiding it, just as the fossil fuel crowd isn't hiding it either... you just need to do research on it. From a fossil fuel perspective it is enormously energy intensive and inefficient to drill, transport, distill, transport, then utilize in a heat engine that is guaranteed by the laws of physics to be worse than electric. Yes, EVs have to be manufactured, so does fossil fuel vehicles. Yes, EVs have batteries which is a unique element that needs to be manufactured... yet fossil fuel vehicles involve more energy inefficient metal castings (like the engine block). Engineers have done the math and included as much as humanly possible, the sheer energy efficiency of EVs win each time as it allows it to pick up slack in manufacturing costs by the long term savings. One aspect is one time, another is continual.

  • Joey Wick
    Joey Wick

    Koenigsegg 600 Hp with their 3 cylinder engine nuff said 👏

  • Timothy E
    Timothy E

    Sounds like we need a carbon tax

  • gozde xd
    gozde xd

    it literally clicked when in my head when you said that i had to throttle o match the disc speed lmao

  • clydes95cummins

    How much for the Bug? Lol

  • peter chambers
    peter chambers

    everything about it is good...when are we going to see it...for purchase?

  • Z32 TwinTurbo
    Z32 TwinTurbo

    Look. When I buy my rotary. I will love the issues it comes with.

  • Antilleotheclown

    This was very entertaining to watch.

  • ProfessorOzone

    But by this logic, aren't you saying that it is better for the environment to continually purchase new vehicles (every x number of years depending on fuel efficiency)? Also, what if your current vehicle IS an electric.

  • Jimmie Jackson
    Jimmie Jackson

    I hear the tires are a hassle because the car weighs so much

  • oggyreidmore

    Assuming the Aptera car can do what they claim, it's basically the same as travelling by horse. They travel about 40 miles a day before needing to stop and recharge too. If you're like me and live/work/grocery shop/gym/doctor's office/bar inside a 15 mile radius, this car would be perfect.

  • ildrichaseron

    Environmentally, it makes obvious sense to trade my BMW 230xi to a Tesla M3LR. But financially, I got 4 years financing left in my BMW. If I traded up to a Tesla by January 2022, it'll take up to December 2032 for the Tesla's running cost to be less (inclusive of fuel and oil changes for BMW)

  • Göran Karlsson
    Göran Karlsson

    Forgot to point out that cobalt is also used in gasoline. You also cannot stress enough that not only does electricity get greener, but the remaining oil reserves becomes increasingly expensive to exploit, in sensitive environments etc. Very good otherwise!

  • denis jakman
    denis jakman


  • Jiyu Shugi
    Jiyu Shugi

    The true costs of gas cars should also include all the death and destruction visited on the peoples of the Middle East by the Western nations' greed for oil - the recent invasion of Iraq by the U.S. being only the latest example.

  • Shahab Sheikhzadeh
    Shahab Sheikhzadeh

    It's so cool seeing how far your channel has grown and the quality of your videos. I met you briefly at Eric the Car Guy's second meet-up and wanted to say Hi, but I think you disappeared after a while. Awesome stuff :0)

  • coffeehawk

    So buy a used VW/Mazda 4 cyl diesel and get 50 mph mpg the highway. And don't give retired people a hard time if they're still driving big cars that get less than 20 mpg. They often drive less than 5000 miles a year.

  • Macxine Chong
    Macxine Chong

    Wow how did you know that...are you an engineer?did you design engine car 👍

  • Desertguy

    Personally I like the hardtop look a lot more; I've also read stories of people who've had their soft tops cut open with a knife by thieves looking for something to steal, or just wanting to steal the car.

  • Kenneth Reister
    Kenneth Reister

    Awesome! I didn't anticipate an Environmental perspective from Engineering Explained - especially after the 'Why Gas Engines Are Far From Dead - Biggest EV Problems' presentation. Really, limiting the CO2 added to our atmosphere should be our greatest priority - not saving $. Oil and coal extraction is ruining the future for many generations not yet born.

  • Tiago Rodrigues
    Tiago Rodrigues

    I live in europe and my car has 14 years old and i do about 7k milles per year, to do 6l/100km or 40mpg you have to drive it like a maniac, in my case as i suspected, it's better to keep it for as long as possible than make the change to an eletric car

  • Eric Hestekin
    Eric Hestekin

    Ok now do the weight of jet fuel over life of a 737 visual next

  • Benjamin Chen
    Benjamin Chen

    I had no idea you were in austin

  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan

    Or, should I keep my car and convert it to an EV

  • DaveKing11


  • Brian Stawowy
    Brian Stawowy

    It’s very hard to actually believe data from Tesla/Musk (ref your 0-60 video).

  • Zack B
    Zack B

    A regular gasoline engine is only about 30-35% efficient 65-70% heat output. Electric car with even battery, charging and drivetrain loss is still above 95% efficient. So even if a coal powered power plant is used to charge the Tesla, it's still three times more efficient just from an environmental standpoint of fueling them and use of that energy, irrelevant of the mpg or distance per kilowatt

  • legacysage

    I feel like the efficiency of this infrastructure, although important, plays a much lesser role in the problem than the flagrant and inefficient use of these resources and could overall be better remedied by improved systems of interpersonal logistics when it comes to the subject of transportation. Much like the philosophy of building more advanced hardware only to run antiquated and ineffectual code.

  • Scott Bartley
    Scott Bartley

    Very good video on differences. It is safer in travel with Gas car for you can find a Gas station.. Here is something missing. If 20 percent of all cars in Calif was electric there would be issue on the ability to charge your car over night. Calif does not produce enough power to charge that many cars per day. Right now Calif has energy shortage and amount of electricity needed to charge every night 20% of all cars on road for morning drive cannot happen. Yes more power stations fine. The question will there be enough electricity at the station and COST to get charged. Government limits power supply and right now Government is funding this hoax electric car NOT the Market place. DO not trust Government bureaucrats in DC they are political and dishonest for create payoffs and this green deal is just another hoax for money.. More stations does not mean there would be electricity for those stations. The cost of NEW batters on old elect car and if you have OLD electric car there could be problem. You cover it a little but then there is the cost of putting them in.Then you have weather conditions affecting batteries abilities to provide power in both heat and cold. Then you have safety challenges given if water gets into those batters look out . Car manufactures have done good job on battery protection but IF 20% of all cars are electric you cannot put out a fire with Water. This electric car push is all from Government who run off money for elites. It like Carbon credit exchange that is biggest Fraud to make money for John Kerry Democrat. Fed and state government is driving this electric car hoax for money. NOT to say electric cars are bad but real cost is hidden so others can make money off the consumers. it is all about making money from hard working people and limit choices to fit what government people like NOT the Consumers. Car running on gas the cost could go down 20 to 40 percent if government was not part of manufacturing interference. It government who is driving inflation through regulations and payoff to0 DC. Keep up the good work. Your so right on energy side. When Government lies to force consumers to have electric car then you know their is big payoff in DC and state.

  • Jack Mott
    Jack Mott

    Smaller diameter wheels will also be lighter overall, giving you faster acceleration, and better braking. They will be more resistant to getting dented due to the higher sidewall thickness, they will be more comfortable, tires will be cheaper. Everything gets better! Race cars, when rules allow it, tend to use the smallest wheel that will fit over the brakes they need. Sadly they often need very big brakes, such is life.

  • Jack Mott
    Jack Mott

    Thank you for being the one person on youtube who understands car and tire physics!

  • Cody Haddican
    Cody Haddican

    Put simply, over unity does not exist..... EV's are worse for the environment/planet.....

  • noneya business
    noneya business

    Problems with electric cars: short range, pollution caused by creating batteries, short lifespan of batteries, long charge time of batteries, cost of recycling or disposing of batteries, high replacement cost of batteries, batteries don't work well in cold climates, if involved in an accident, batteries can continually catch fire of days and weeks after the accident, special chemicals are used to put out electrical fires, damaged/defective batteries can catch fire when charging.... etc etc etc... batteries are not the answer, but they are a step one the way to the answer.

  • Lloyd Sumpter
    Lloyd Sumpter

    Ask any outboard motor mechanic and they will say E10 will DESTROY your outboard and to avoid it like the plague. Something about it absorbing moisture then depositing moisture where it will do damage. This isn't mentioned in the Owner's Manual, where it says you CAN use E10 without any ill effects. I don't know why outboard engines are supposed to have this problem while every other gas engine apparently does not.

  • C Ay
    C Ay

    Thank you for the explanation. Well said. Keep up the good work.

  • r.i.peperoniii iroh
    r.i.peperoniii iroh

    can you also do a political vieuw on cars because from a political standpoint i do not like electric cars china own the mines and child labor and stuff what political infloence does that has? isnt it for me in europe going from russia's oil to china's betteries so imo not better

  • Ogotuwa Obuto
    Ogotuwa Obuto

    The answer to your question is No! The best all season tire is Goodyear Vector 4 Seasons. You can thank me later. 😉

  • Ann Grimes
    Ann Grimes

    Thank you so much for taking a complex system and carefully explaining the components in an understandable way.

  • Corin kirkland
    Corin kirkland

    You want millions of views? Just make a flat earth video

  • zerzuze Xiiquin
    zerzuze Xiiquin

    Very informative guest, they devastated the host with irrefutable evidence!🙃

  • David Lavalle
    David Lavalle

    5he engine wear isn't the issue it's the fuel system issues when it sits unused for months at a time. Mowers motorcycles snowmobile

  • Aditya VD
    Aditya VD

    wha- college u look like a 50 yo to me (no offense)


    We have people that live in LAS VEGAS what tire would be best Summer since it’s hot there.?

  • Kai Ponte
    Kai Ponte

    One thing not mentioned in the video. When you purchase a new car, you get hit with sales taxes (9% and more here in California), vehicle taxes, and license fees. I pay $150 for my 1999 Lexus and $400 for my 2017 Volkswagen.

  • Corby Q
    Corby Q


  • alexander cucalex
    alexander cucalex

    Let's not forget older cars start producing more emissions since their catalytic convertor stop working as efficient letting more emissions go. Further more cars mpgs start to drop over the years and many will leak oil and burn oil. There has been lots of oil spills as well and the production of oils and coolants that have to be changed periodically.....


    wait, what i thought the earth is square in shape

  • The Professor
    The Professor

    The reason why 1.4, 1.5 TURBO PETROL is better than Turbo Diesel, is that TORQUE which pumps out is very close to TURBO PETROL are much closer to TURBO DIESEL (200 NM to 250NM) Now Talking about 1.0 and 1.2 TURBO PETROL cars pump out (155NM to 175NM), so the TORQUE is the one that really makes the GAME CHANGER, So, Final Verdict, a 200nm to 250nm TURBO PETROL cars can run better, drink less fuel and pump good Mileage, most importantly, these cars can CRUISE at 100kmph in 2000RPM or less. While the 1.0 and 1.2 TURBO PETROL cars as their TORQUE is small (155nm to 175nm) CRUISE at 100kmph it takes 3000RPM, so LOW MILEAGE. I studied about these , tested and Giving you Information. Check yourself if NOT BELIEVE ME 👍 But people are COMPLAINING LOW MILEAGE providers are these TURBO PETROL cars. 👍👍

  • No Name
    No Name

    My new car would need to get above 42 MPG, after 60k miles, so no thanks

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    Roots blower are a 2 screws blower. Not centrifuge

  • juan osorio
    juan osorio

    A cost to consumer analysis should also be included. Not everyone can afford a brand new or even used, Tesla or Prius.

  • Mark King
    Mark King

    So this just took one aspect of the car buying decision and expanded on it. I'll keep my paid for vehicles, and the world will still turn.

  • Souvik Das
    Souvik Das

    Ethanol is hygroscopic, gasoline is hydrophobic. Water contamination in fuel can cause engine non-starting and corrosion issues. In countries like INDIA with around 90% humidity it's creating a great problem. Some gas stations are reporting layers of water in their tank. Imagine what it can do to your car.