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How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. That's what this channel is for! You could search the web endlessly for consumable information, or you can watch my simple to understand videos. I'm a graduated mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, and my goal is to help other people passionate about cars learn how they work. Hope you find my videos enjoyable; feel free to ask questions!

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  • Jon 88
    Jon 88

    Im ok with both

  • xtidnab

    also, you forgot that the "powers at be" want to also eliminate fossil fuel electrical power generation. so you are talking about switch to wind power, and solar power. so the power grid will not be able to support ev...

  • xtidnab

    no. and if anyone says yes, they are either fools or liars....

  • 67NewEngland

    Rational explanation. Then there's the issue of recharging and it's time constraint halfway to a long distance destination like a family vacation.

  • islandon22

    If I was to buy a SUV with cross country/off road capability, the 2DR Bronco in a very basic trim and powertrain would be my choice. Totally not into the Jeep/Fiat units.

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders

    One question I have Jason, which might be something you can cover in a future video is how power distribution works on an electic car. Would an 800bhp rwd car have two 400bhp motors at the rear, and if they made an AWD version, would they just stick 4x 200bhp motors on each wheel? Keep up the great work.

  • mac union
    mac union

    this is pretty typical of a US company , we just bought the new mustang GT and it has poor panel fit even compared to our 20 year old japanese car , also the dash had bubbles in it and the vents didnt fit right , the good news is ford fixed it all under warranty but this did make me think that they use lack of quality control as part of their process , ie if the customer complains they will fix it . when we buy HVAC out of the usa it also looks like garbage compared to the japanese stuff

  • hawkrider88

    "I just asked you to turn on the light...I don't need to know how electricity works". LOL I love it!!!

  • Damion Fragoso
    Damion Fragoso

    Why aren't hydrogen cars reviewed with electric it's only a battery differance

  • Albert Hopfer
    Albert Hopfer

    Very few people would enjoy so many stops.

  • Damion Fragoso
    Damion Fragoso

    I will never understand why car companies won't go all in to hydrogen

  • richard carden
    richard carden

    My Nissan Rogue Sport recommends 0w20. I am not going to use anything else and risk damage to my engine.

  • LJ Prep
    LJ Prep

    "pam pul moose y"? Freakin' injunears...I swear. It's "pom pleh moose eh", which is short for "grapefruit" in Franch. Well, at least you didn't say "le croyX". // Regarding weight, why didn't you compare the full weight of the engine/transaxle/gas tank/lines/fuel/radiator/coolant, etc. vs the batteries/motors/trans? I believe that EVs will win that comparison. // Lifetime cost for an EV is far less than an ICE vehicle, too. Lowered fuel and maintenance costs make the ROI on EVs much sweeter. For the Globular Swarming folks, EVs are better than ICE by far. Once density goes up 4x or more, the main argument against an EV will disappear: range anxiety. (Retired auto mechanic here, so I love both venues. So far, I can't afford an EV, so I'm considering making one.)

  • Thomas Maclean
    Thomas Maclean

    I have a red boxster!!!! Super car status I take it to meets all the time and laugh at the hatchbacks

  • DragNetJoe

    8:30 While people buy cars for lots of reasons, the best selling car modes are (historically) boring, cost efficient A-B transports. Camry, Accord, Civic, Corolla etc. Recently that's shifted to CRVs and RAV4s, but the idea still the same. Passenger vehicles, yea I know full size pickups technically lead the list.

  • A P
    A P

    Ford just took away the only thing fca had left lol. Well done Ford.

  • artistek

    It’s amazing what they can do with 4 cylinders nowadays. What I’m curious is how they gonna be after their warranty period pass with those high boost motors... 🤔 not talking negative way, but really curious about all these 2.0 turbo every manufacturers are using...

  • Norman Sommer
    Norman Sommer

    I have a leaf,it’s a great car in all departments.I use a household outlet to charge it over night so it’s always at full charge.

  • Vladislav Korovine
    Vladislav Korovine

    Cause the Miata is a Cuttlefish.

  • Le Peejon
    Le Peejon

    When I saw "Broken Supercharger" I thought what's he driving? Later in the video, never mind. Great video.

  • TopFeedCoco

    2 words for all the psyop'd green police out there who want to make everyone's life suck to satisfy our Galactic Overlords Klaus Schwab and Gretta Von Thunderdick: Bunker Fuel.

  • Vasily Ermoshin
    Vasily Ermoshin

    LoL ) Where did you see 4-gears DCT as in the explanation example?

  • TopFeedCoco

    Electric cars are ghey.

  • McLean Reid
    McLean Reid

    The most accurate bronco description before the 30 second mark

  • Black Capital Coins
    Black Capital Coins

    Did you say the opposite gears are engaged at the same time: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6?

  • Ben Dah
    Ben Dah

    This video was proven wrong as every car manufacturers are moving away from combustion engines these days and are planning to produce only EV cars.

  • JimRaptis

    Wait a minute, am I hallucinating or wasn’t that George Harrison?

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar

    is it safe to aggressively downshift torque convertor gear for quick engine breaking or driving hard to overtake in highways?

  • McCannon21

    It was a big let down not offering a V8.

  • RodneyJ Hackenflash
    RodneyJ Hackenflash

    Super good video explaining how things really are when it comes to this subject. Thanks!

  • Jerry Stevens
    Jerry Stevens

    Unfortunately, American carmakers have made the decision not to continue to develop combustion engines.

  • Arnab Chatterjee
    Arnab Chatterjee

    I hear hydrogen production requires a lot of electrhcity, so their goes your carbon footprint!

  • surferbone82

    Moral of the story is if you like the 86, buy a 86. If you like the supra, buy a supra. Basically, buy these types of cars (in manual if avail) so manufacturers keep building them.

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price

    It's better for 99% of driving that people will actually do.

  • Elvin Ahl
    Elvin Ahl

    I'm not sure why weight is an issue for a car unless it is costing more to drive it. Further more in your weight analysis you assumed that all of the energy of the gas was was being used for locomotion. It's my understanding that gas engines are only able to use about 35% of the energy for locomotion the remainder is wasted as heat. Whereas an electric car is able to covert 90% of its energy to locomotion. So the weight comparison isn't really fair. Also, the maintenance of gas cars is vastly higher than electric cars so when comparing cost that needs to be addressed more. Yes, long trips are still an issue; nobody want to wait hours for recharging. There are other solutions like a complete battery pack change out, but it will take years to get that kind of infrastructure in place. Finally, gas engine cars are not dead but the first nails in their coffin have been made.

  • Dre

    Tesla opening up network this yr to all per Musk Tweet

  • David Stanaway
    David Stanaway

    Congrats on 10 years! Don’t sweat the change in format. Keep doing what you want to do, it works!

  • TVP-RBE-better world, STEM
    TVP-RBE-better world, STEM

    Please look up to "the Venus project" it offers solution to most of the problems we face today.War, poverty, hunger, starvation, illnesses, crime, deprivation, human suffering can be solved with THE VENUS PROJECT. It offers method to achieve better world. The Venus Project is not perfect/Utopian, its just much better than what we got today

  • J S
    J S

    JCB has a good looking hydrogen engine in development for their agricultural / industrial machinery.

  • Navigator USCG
    Navigator USCG

    Stop it , you causing crocodile tears to those hysterical , environmental climate loons...

  • Ky-Van Kervyn
    Ky-Van Kervyn

    just an Energy Storage Unit

  • Junior Rocha
    Junior Rocha

    Isso é prejuízo tota🇧🇷👍

  • Ronald L
    Ronald L

    EVs IMHO are more expensive because big manufacturers want to sell ICE cars. I miss the efficiency aspect in your science section. ICE cars are about 20% effective. So 80% of the gas is turned into heat.

  • Navigator USCG
    Navigator USCG

    This nice fellow is putting everyone in a convenient category as in people who are in apartment buildings as opposed to homes... Can you also include affordability (quoting yourself) to those living in apartments or are you living in a bubble , rich guy. lol. Sorry but your logical reasoning is all over the map.

  • 21daytona502

    You should also focus on the safety aspect of lithium batteries in cars when in accidents. Police, fire departments and even tow truck/storage companies are worried about batteries shorting and causing a fire even hours after an accident. Batteries can become very unstable when damaged and their fires are difficult to put out.

  • 《яη》 24kCarnagelase
    《яη》 24kCarnagelase


  • Navigator USCG
    Navigator USCG

    Electric cars are no more than a modern day fad for the rich , eventually it will all burn out along with Bitcoin....

  • Stephen Grange
    Stephen Grange

    So this really wants to be a 5 cyl. Should've made a fulltime turbo 3cyl. Whatever, they've hobbled it with a big heavy car.

  • Smart Biz Web Media
    Smart Biz Web Media

    Eye opening pro vs con breakdown. I think I'll go hybrid next and wait until EVs improve in energy density...and as Butch G reminded us, improvement in charge time.

  • HighRPM&Slicks

    Got it, if In 5th at 70mph don't floor it, downshift to first to get engine speed up.

  • Oliver Wabwire
    Oliver Wabwire

    What an engineering marvel

  • Todd Lee
    Todd Lee

    But if you're Ford and you're going to make a Bronco, it should be the one in this video. A few years ago Ford almost released a rebranded Explorer with a different trim package, barely discernible from an Explorer, which would have been a huge mistake.

  • King Martin
    King Martin

    This is a chick car. A car of comfort never leave the pavement. Just put a rack on it with a high left Jack like your doing something. 🤣

  • Richard

    you mention thermodynamic efficency of a higher compression ratio. compression ratio is a factor of the fuel octane number and is limited by preignition and detonation, the higher tie octane number the higher the allowable compression ratio and therefore the higher the efficency of the engine. the lowering of the compression ratio from 12 to 10 to 1 negates any savings and advantages made by going to atkinson cycle, however... by using atkinson cycle and ensuring the compression ratio stays at 12 to 1 by reducing combustion chamber volume accordingly will give all the adavntages the atkinson cycle engine can offer and by having a variable timed intake valve in tandem with a knock sensor the compression ratio can be varied to maximum efficency to suit what ever octane fuel is being used at the time.

  • Paul Standaert
    Paul Standaert

    Honestly, I would up the ante of oil viscosity on those 0w20 and 0w16 applications a bit regardless of what the manufacturer recommends. The engineers have to make compromises and taking 50,000 miles off of an engine's life so it can meet emissions regulations seems reasonable to me. When they smog check cars, they aren't testing oil viscosity.

  • Paul Standaert
    Paul Standaert

    Some engines' oil recommendation went from the conventional 5w30 oil to 5w20 oil with no engine changes... Such as the Ford Vulcan V6 in the early 2000s. Ram pickups have a water cooled rear differential to decrease rolling resistance by using a thinner oil back there. Keep the thinner oil cool and it works just as well as the thicker oil when it is hot. It is all about trying to gain another half MPG.

  • Awsum O
    Awsum O

    Finally a video that explains smartly, what I have been trying to explain with my tiny brain.

  • King Martin
    King Martin

    Why do you think Biden vacated Afghanistan? Maybe give China Afghanistan and all of Afghanistan minerals.

  • King Martin
    King Martin

    Do you get a generator on a trailer when you purchase a Tesla

  • Ken Carr Carr
    Ken Carr Carr

    Two pints of oil every 3,000 miles really?I have two motorcycles and two cars and they haven't used that much oil between them in twice that distance each,take your engine back to the dealership and demand a new one.

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis

    What rims are those from t-sport line? Also I’m debating getting the performance or the long range with acc boost but am Leary of the performance strictly due to the rims breaking. Thoughts?

  • Michael Benson
    Michael Benson

    so i know i shouldn’t lug my engine but i was logging a pull for my tuner on a turbo brz setup and accidentally lugged my engine by flooring it at 1.8k RPM vs 3k RPM. should i be worried if it only happened once?

  • Roman D
    Roman D

    5 things you should never do with vehicle with CVT transmission: #1) buy one.

  • Brian Paton
    Brian Paton

    The EV world is still in development and will get more efficient over time just like the IC engine has. There are elctric version in most race diciplines such as Formula E, touring cars, drag racing and rally. That EV that Ken Block throws around is impressive. All these teams are helping the industry test and develop electric vehicles. I read an article that the EU wants all cars electric by 2050 and a lot of manufacturers have stated they will have all electric fleets by 2035. With regards to charging I would say that in the furure new homes will come standard with a power bank that is charged from solar so there would be less drain on the grid. Lambourgini have an electric model in the pipeline and I'm sure other high performance manufacturers will also. The more we focus on the environment and cleaner modes of transport and pass that on toyounger generations the faster the EV market will start to dominate. In Sweden younger generations are choosing to travel around Europe by train as opposed to flying. I think Greta might have had something to do with that. I know the US has along way to go in high speed rail infrastructure but it will happen one day. Connecting long distances using rail networks then EV's for getting around locally seem a perfect match.

  • Remus Buzatu
    Remus Buzatu

    This was really nice indeed! Cheers!

  • ElectricBadgerCo LLC
    ElectricBadgerCo LLC true about the pick up trucks. My neighbor has an F-150 that he uses to commute to work 99% of the time, but once a year he gets mulch. That's about the only time I see him put anything in the bed of the truck.

  • pefry 1
    pefry 1

    you forgot to count the price of EV because you have earn money to buy it and during this process you also produce emissions... I am not saying that EVs are bad but it is fair to say that every technology has its limits and operational conditions..

  • IM2R RR
    IM2R RR

    Tesla is simply one step ahead from all the competitors in regards to EV tech from upstream to downstream because they concentrate in building EV only, while others still relying on their ICE vehicle sales.

  • Christopher Craig
    Christopher Craig

    To have an honest look at electric cars, the issue of what pollution occurs because of EV batteries needs to be considered. From the mining of raw materials, to the battery manufacturing process, to the disposal of run out batteries.

  • Hit man 309
    Hit man 309

    Maybe you might review this as Cummins, Wartsila just mention a few of the largest IC engine manufacturers seem to think investing billions into new engine platforms is a good investment, can you explain why they are wrong or you are wrong

  • Srikanth Gopalan
    Srikanth Gopalan

    Well hang on! You haven’t discussed availability. That energy stored in the chemical bonds in the gasoline is not immediately available. It has to go through a combustion process to release the energy, transform it into kinetic energy in a reciprocating engine and all the associate losses. The battery energy by contrast is available immediately at high availability with very little friction losses.

  • Johnny Mula
    Johnny Mula

    Im not a fan of new vehicles. Ive owned, and am on my 5th Bronco. Ranging from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations. (Had 5 jeeps as well) Im impressed with what Ford did with this vehicle. Built very tough. And built with off roading in mind.

  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams

    See time lapse 11:16 those brake rotors are Done. All of those cracks and fishers in the brake rotors is not at all a good thing. I would drive that car with those rotors. Porsche what are you doing sending out press cars with cracked rotors.

  • Fraser77

    All this talk while avoiding the elephant in the room. You can't talk about the elephant of course because it means 'no platforming'. What an unfortunate state we have ended up in.

  • Pumpkin gaming
    Pumpkin gaming

    if u do a normal bunout and use the normal break pedal arent those back breaks overheating?

  • Harry’s Garage
    Harry’s Garage

    Can you please do a video on wheels and tires? Like your rotational inertia video but strictly regarding wheel and tire weight and width and how they affect performance. Also including friction effects.

  • Lorenzo bro
    Lorenzo bro

    Off course the grid can handle just need more coal. A lot know, the future 😂😂🙏🏽

  • Wesley P
    Wesley P

    the only thing i can think of is that if this becomes mainstream, you wont just need a string of 10 chrgers, you may have entire parking lots filled with charging spaces and these would likely be called "charging stations" and would also likely be connected to a gas station as im sure gas stations are the most likely to wanna do this. its just gonna mean that a 5 min trip to get gas becomes 10-30 min. im sure alotof people with EVs for just city driving who cant charge at home will go to a station and only charge at the fastest chargers and also only charge upto like 70% since thats the fastest part of the battery to charge. this would probably take the charge times for them down to 10-20 min depending. thats not alot of time. likely you can plug in, smoke (if you smoke) go into the gas station and by the time your done shopping for a snack it should be almost done if not done. even if you sit in the car it doesnt seem so bad to just listen to the radio for 10 min

  • Alon Ashkenazi
    Alon Ashkenazi

    You're the king! I'm so happy I found your channel I'm learning so much!