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How do cars work? It's a simple question, without a simple answer. That's what this channel is for! You could search the web endlessly for consumable information, or you can watch my simple to understand videos. I'm a graduated mechanical engineer with a passion for cars, and my goal is to help other people passionate about cars learn how they work. Hope you find my videos enjoyable; feel free to ask questions!

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  • Butch Fajardo
    Butch Fajardo

    So an oil temperature gauge is very important! Thanks for the info!

  • AwesomeSauce

    So now that the S Plaid is out, and hit 1.98s in the Motor trend real-world testing, will you do an apology video? Also looks like you better don't apply for a job at Tesla as your physics/engineering skills are mediocre at best. ;)

  • Cody Kochmann
    Cody Kochmann

    The tesla owners I know commonly only count the wins. I heard one loss (the lie) and one win (the braking speed). All you did in their eyes was give them yet another bragging point...

  • Armand Le Roux (Armani)
    Armand Le Roux (Armani)

    I identify as 0

  • Scott Hupfer
    Scott Hupfer

    The reason for the noticeable throttle closure is due to the supercharger itself. Before supercharger, when you let off the throttle, you only had the stock motor and accessories continuing to pull on the motor with no fuel being added. Superchargers are, as you know, run off the motor so now you have a much harder negative draw on the motor when the fuel is cut off. You are still going from 1% fuel to zero, but instead of having a "negative 140hp draw" when the fule stops, there is a negative "160hp" draw. I know I am making up these numbers, but this point is still the same. I'm glad you are enjoying the ups and the downs!

  • Clint Ferreira
    Clint Ferreira

    Great job man.

  • Curt D
    Curt D

    If you are using natural gas to make hydrogen why not just burn natural gas in the engine. Just burning natural gas in an internal combustion engine would be a lot easier and has a lower carbon footprint than regular gasoline.

  • Christian Meeks
    Christian Meeks

    So to compensate for energy density just store the hydrogen at 70K psi. Lmao

  • Butch Fajardo
    Butch Fajardo

    I love the automatic transmission when I'm crawling in traffic!

  • renragged

    Scenario 2 and sell the 5mpg vehicle.

  • Elliott Martin
    Elliott Martin

    You need to quit with these vids. You are making the Teslaboyz cry 😭

  • Rippin Lips
    Rippin Lips

    Water Fuel Cell has been suppressed by big oil long time ago.

  • Andreas

    I really think you should make your commentary while NOT driving. For many reasons.

  • Dark Mugetsu
    Dark Mugetsu

    Jokes on you my Honda has NO power steering !!!! HA.... cause it doesn't need it when it weighs 1675 ibs /760 kg

  • Morgan Gregory (MisterG.Lit)
    Morgan Gregory (MisterG.Lit)

    Truth. Still the coolest thing ever.

  • mdunbar008

    Big problem, hydrogen fueled vehicles are illegal to drive in tunnels.

  • Edward Nutter
    Edward Nutter

    I wonder what it’s emissions would be like if it were optimized for running a generator.

  • sochyvonn nora
    sochyvonn nora

    1 note. You use a lot of double negative (ie. no reason not to) while trying to explain. It can be really confusing.

  • kniteowl

    What about a Solar Powered Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle? How much Hydrogen could a solar panel generate from water to refuel the vehicle?

  • DespizedICON

    Maybe that failed attempt at inhaling a blunt on JRE affected him more than I thought?!

  • Chris Braid
    Chris Braid

    Why are American Gallons so small??? NZ Clydesdale horses are real 1 hp units … I’m thinking you Americans use quarter horses … Aussie engine horses are stronger than American Engine horses …

  • Russell Warner
    Russell Warner

    How can you down vote this video? This guy only provides and explains well informed information about engines. He shows strengths and weaknesses of all types of engines. I'm not an expert on engines but I like listening to these videos.

  • Studio 12
    Studio 12

    Electric cars --- OR Lets kick the pollution down the road

  • Stephen Riggs
    Stephen Riggs

    Love hybrids, but because they have a gasoline motor, they aren't nearly as low-maintenance as a competing, all-electric vehicle. Thus, there is at least one compromise.

  • chasebh89

    virgin 2020 engineer : we need to completely change perspectives to get better fuel economy chad 1950s vehicle driver getting 27mpg with a single barrel carburetor : just use less gas lol

  • F100 FE390
    F100 FE390

    Musk said Wednesday that Tesla had halted purchases of its vehicles with bitcoin due to concerns over the "rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining." Is this imbecile even real?

  • Robert Bruce
    Robert Bruce

    I remember a controversy in the mid 1980’s between the late SAAB and GM about five speed and three speed gears that each company respectively installed in their vehicles! SAAB claimed that their 5 speed was more efficient then the dinosaur transmission that GM installed in their Chevrolet Malibu that was a 3 speed. GM claimed that 3 speeds were more rational. They didn’t want to subject their customers to being too engaged with the transmissions. And on top of that, they drove a 5 speed SAAB and shifted 1 - 3 - 5 in the magnificent US highways only to find that the SAAB was more fuel efficient changing gears this way than doing the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 order!

  • iilijah toledo
    iilijah toledo

    I’m not that smart, but I am smart enough to not disagree or argue with you and your mathematical genius. So please keep explaining it away, we will listen.

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff


  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff

    I think you're very evil

  • Matt “Toucan” Wengler
    Matt “Toucan” Wengler

    A little too dramatic. You don’t need to be tossing stuff around.

  • Bart Schroder
    Bart Schroder

    In the US there are plenty of numbers that are not those numbers. Eg a meal is $9.99. Nope it isn't - it's really 9.99+ tax+local tax + tip, lets say $15. You US people are used to this. In other countries (like NZ) we find this bizarre.

  • Alex Carter
    Alex Carter

    If everyone who watched this tweeted it at him three times a day for a month we might be able to chase Musk off of Twitter.

  • Rdd Sknk89
    Rdd Sknk89

    I’m sorry, but you didn’t say anything in this video to convince me that gallons/100 miles is better than MPG. For a person with single car, there’s no reason to calculate it any other way then MPG. If you know the distance you want to travel, and you know your fuel economy, divide distance by fuel economy, and then that’s how much fuel you need. No need to faff around with multiple calculations figuring it out the other way. And on the point of going from 5 to 6 MPG being bigger than going from 50 to 51… well yeah, obviously. It’s the same absolute increase, but a much different relative increase. Even if people don’t know how to put it into technical terms, I think most understand that intuitively. For a person with one or two cars, bigger MPG=better, end of story. And calculating how much fuel you need for a trip is much easier. And it’s not like a genie is going to pop out of a bottle and ask if you want to increase the MPG of your Prius or your gas-guzzling Hummer. And honestly, if that did happen somehow, I think most people would still increase the one with worse MPG. Absolutely no reason to deal with gallons per 100 miles. Lastly, in my opinion, MPG is just more elegant. That’s just aesthetics, but still.

  • roberto diaz
    roberto diaz

    But what happens in the fuel tank? If you have a +15 year old fuel tank and it's full of sediments, will it break them down but not enough to pass to the intank fuel filter ?? So it generates another problem (clogged fuel filter) it is a question ?? Nobody talks about that subject. I live in a country where you have to clean the fuel tank every year so the answer it's really important haha. Let me know

  • Steven Weber
    Steven Weber

    It's not just the acceleration it's the entire package that's what makes this car so great.

  • SpaceGlos TM
    SpaceGlos TM

    🤔 Stanley Meyer did this in the 1980’s then he disappeared

  • PSadvance

    science in imperial units should be illegal

  • Arnie Geddon
    Arnie Geddon

    Extremely long winded example of the law of diminishing returns.

  • GuyStuff77

    Also what about the demand on the power grid to support super charging? The draw would be higher and then apparently the US grid isn't designed to support super charging and this will require very expensive super charging stations with the appropriate step up transformers?

  • GuyStuff77

    Well no, 4% per year is compound output growth so it would be less than 6.5 years but if you take into account that our elec energy production today is used for a ton of other things then that 30% is a much bigger delta

  • Matt Dunlap
    Matt Dunlap

    Me watching fords twin turbo spool faster and have more power up top but gm saves money by only having to use one but they don’t reflect that in the pruce

  • BRB committing arson.
    BRB committing arson.

    disliked immediately, went to the comments, liked immediately

  • Jim Bo
    Jim Bo

    Just shoot me.

  • Matt Dunlap
    Matt Dunlap

    And just watched a channel that test trucks towing going up a mountain....f150 5.0 9k trailer weight 5.8mpg Chevy 1500 with 2.7 ....3.7mpg with 6700# trailer congratulations gm you got worse mpg from a 4 cyl than a v8 and it’s so weak the 2.3l ranger has a higher tow rating.

  • Gusto J
    Gusto J

    Gorilla glue works best! 😂 🙉 I hear what your saying, but how much did the driver weigh? 🤔

  • Bendc1970A1

    Would have been cheaper to just get an ebay turbo and a fart can.

  • Psittac20

    I've never been a Porsche or Ferrari fan, meaning that if I had massive funds they aren't the first cars I would buy. However this video won me over on the GT3

  • Cyclops Vision
    Cyclops Vision

    the rollout is removed because the other vehicle's numbers have the rollout removed too so that is the standard, at least in the US

  • Game Rap
    Game Rap

    MY 2011 stock VW passat can do 0-60mph in 1.8 seconds *with first 90 foot of rollout substracted Imma start calling it a Tesla killer from now 😂😂

  • lexus lexus
    lexus lexus

    What an amazing physicist is he

  • Anthony Coughlin
    Anthony Coughlin

    Can we get a follow up of how you've been enjoying it and how it s working?

  • Gary Knutson
    Gary Knutson

    What prevents the roller from hitting the side of the adjacent lobe when the cam shifts?

  • Mike Franckhauser
    Mike Franckhauser

    I don’t think anyone realizes how antiquated our grid is but if we have as we expect to have in 1859 CME equivalent they will fry everything and no one will go anywhere and many houses Will burn to the ground .the telegraph system caught telephone pole wire on fire and burned countless polls as well ,as stations telegraph station the houses cars and Lord knows what else would be on fire just one major CME from the sunSomething to consider.

  • Stephen E
    Stephen E

    I swapped an LS engine and fat rear tires onto an old muscle car with drum brakes. That car absolutely would accelerate quicker than it could stop.

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    With the long-stroke engine, you are required to have a longer piston height because the piston's speed is much greater on the long stroke engine vs the short at the same RPM (As of example 2200 RPM), In order to comply with the modern fuel economy standards, the worldwide automotive industry is figuring ways to make the stroke movement of the piston more efficient, one way to do it is to make the piston lighter, A piston reaches its fastest speed at roughly the middle of the range it travels up and down , this is physics. What they are doing now is cutting the piston size in half (basically speaking) and considering the block of the engine is made out of aluminum no more cast iron, the high speed of the piston without proper height will cause dry run causing scratches and deformation that will result in further oil consumption and so on. If the engine was made out of cast iron and the pistons were not stupidly thin this engine could be long lasting but thats not what they want, This engine will be good for 100-150k and its done based on what i see,. .

  • ッΛCE

    Did motortrend had the fat guy in the car when testing its 0-60? cuz hat will affect the performance too

  • PandaMan

    you're using a theoretical/magical doubling of fuel economy scenario to justify why gallons/mile is better than miles/gallon when the two concepts don't care about the other.

  • Tenzin Smith
    Tenzin Smith

    Great video. V12s are my faves.

  • Tiger 864
    Tiger 864

    So at $.43 per kwh it would cost over $33 to charge the 77kwh battery plus hours of Wasted Time sitting at battery chargers. I'm not seeing the advantage over having a gasoline-powered car. What a waste of resources... the car cost more than a traditional car to buy and charge

  • ッΛCE

    1:38 what about the Demon's numbers? Mopar tested on prep'd surface on a drag strip... so why fuss

    • Drake Madden
      Drake Madden

      He made a video about that

  • Tyler Shaw
    Tyler Shaw

    Just got a Model 3 Performance. My brain did not become a scrambled egg. I can still agree that 6 foot rollout is absurd and should not be used ever. Nice work on the math and analysis.

  • svntana

    it did tho lol

  • ッΛCE

    Their speed measurement tools can't cope with the Plaid power. Tesla, FTW.

  • Stephen Riggs
    Stephen Riggs

    My Impreza (and probably your Crosstrek) switches the rear wiper from intermittent to full speed, when reversing. I was just thinking how handy it would be, looked back, and thought, "No way!" Sure enough, the minute I switched to drive, the car went back to intermittent mode. My car isn't fast. It's not beautiful. Fuel economy is mediocre. But it takes darn good care of me.