2021 Ford Bronco Review | Why Did They Choose Independent Suspension?
What's The 2021 Ford Bronco like to drive on city streets? Driving review!
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2021 Ford Bronco First Edition review, answering the questions:
1) What's the Ford Bronco like to drive on roads?
2) Why did the Ford Bronco choose an independent front suspension?
3) Should you pick the manual or automatic transmission?
4) Should you choose the 2-door or 4-door Bronco?
5) Should you choose the 2.3L or the 2.7L engine?

The review takes place in city traffic of Austin, Texas, just like real Bronco drivers will experience!

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  • Scott Brand
    Scott Brand

    7:35 Rented a Jeep Wrangler for vacation and right away noticed the play in the steering wheel. Could not stand it at first but got use to it towards the end. First time driving a Jeep and fell in love! BUT if the Bronco doesn’t have that play, I may get a Bronco over a Jeep in the future. But Jeeps are so much fun! Have not driven a Bronco yet. Edit: But the Jeep wave is hard to get rid of! Maybe I’ll stick with a Jeep

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell

    Why aren't sway bars called anti-roll bars in the US? They do absolutely nothing to prevent sway and they do everything to prevent body roll. I think the Brits have it right on this one, but that "bonnet" crap has gotta stop. Oh, and BTW... The New Ford Bronco is Bucking Awesome!.

  • stevest1300

    Tooooo fuggin' expensive. 'nuff said.

  • islandon22

    If I was to buy a SUV with cross country/off road capability, the 2DR Bronco in a very basic trim and powertrain would be my choice. Totally not into the Jeep/Fiat units.

  • A P
    A P

    Ford just took away the only thing fca had left lol. Well done Ford.

  • McLean Reid
    McLean Reid

    The most accurate bronco description before the 30 second mark

  • McCannon21

    It was a big let down not offering a V8.

  • Lee Price
    Lee Price

    It's better for 99% of driving that people will actually do.

  • Todd Lee
    Todd Lee

    But if you're Ford and you're going to make a Bronco, it should be the one in this video. A few years ago Ford almost released a rebranded Explorer with a different trim package, barely discernible from an Explorer, which would have been a huge mistake.

  • King Martin
    King Martin

    This is a chick car. A car of comfort never leave the pavement. Just put a rack on it with a high left Jack like your doing something. 🤣

  • Johnny Mula
    Johnny Mula

    Im not a fan of new vehicles. Ive owned, and am on my 5th Bronco. Ranging from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations. (Had 5 jeeps as well) Im impressed with what Ford did with this vehicle. Built very tough. And built with off roading in mind.

  • jakespeed63

    Fuel economy be damned, this is one impressive vehicle. Thanks for the excellent videos you post.

  • Ollie S
    Ollie S

    I can't understand the fuel economy, I have a 3.5 ton van that does 30 mpg how can these American cars be doing under 20 mpg, its crazy. It does look really cool though.

  • Makin Shooties
    Makin Shooties

    Solid axles for me. While I'm not a rock crawler I can't say I don't find myself flexing out my gladiator regularly on rocks living in Wyoming. The independent suspensions like the raptor do have an advantage in high speed off road driving but for obstacles and technical offroad duty its more dramatic lifting tires and unbalanced where a moderately upgraded jeep or even a stock rubicon will just walk right over it. I long traveled a 2010 regular cab Toyota Tacoma and that was a very expensive endeavor and very permanent. The truck was never as composed as my rubicon off road. I do like the styling of the bronco a lot Ford did a lovely job designing the body and leaving room for modification that owners will undoubtedly do.

  • et tube86
    et tube86

    This is most likely going to make the Ugo look like a successful car ha ha ha

  • Jericho Stevens
    Jericho Stevens

    60 grand for a twin turbo engine that's going to start burning itself out past 100,000 miles? No thank you. its a big truck. it needs a v8. fail on ford's part.

  • Nicholas R.
    Nicholas R.

    Been seeing the 4 door Broncos around a lot lately and they look very small to me... been trying to get next to one in my XJ to compare. And the bigger issue with IFS for off roaders is the ability to lift the vehicle to clear larger tires being much harder. The tires and clearance on the Broncos looks to be its major disadvantage. It'll do some basic off roading, but if you ever wanted to make it tackle the more extreme obstacles its going to be VERY expensive (if its even impossible). You can lift a Jeep to clear 40" tires if you want, and its not hard, or all that expensive. The weight alone is a deterrent for me when considering it as a capable off road vehicle.

  • Paul Parent
    Paul Parent

    Extremely disappointed that there is NO ELECTRIC ONLY version offered. There some AMAZING high perfrmance cars & motorcycles ALL ELLECTRIC. Come on for you make an electric Mustang & F150

  • Inexternal Records
    Inexternal Records

    They were playing ATV Offroad Fury and said "Hey, I have an idea for the new truck.."

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost

    You cannot beat a solid axle way less moving parts and stronger.Less parts moving means less parts that can break.If you put an ol man emu kit on it it wont beat the hell out of you.

  • matt kemp
    matt kemp

    This is awesome for wheelers and car enthusiasts alike, as it has to up Jeeps game and it's just Cool !

  • will sturgis
    will sturgis

    Huge ass disappointment in the video but what did I expect from an engineer

  • will sturgis
    will sturgis

    I really want to put Ford vs Ford the new bronco vs a 93 f150 with a 6.5 foot bed

  • Camaro69z

    0:57. Wait, what? How much? Are you lmao serious????

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C

    How would want a 4 door ?

  • Nicole C
    Nicole C

    Looks good. Let’s see how long it last

  • Eric King
    Eric King

    Best review I've seen

  • Ike

    FORD....Fix Or Repair Daily ☝🏻

  • Thomas

    This is way overpriced. Have fun.

  • JJM 05
    JJM 05

    12 mpg!!!! That’s atrocious for a new “eco”-Ford product. Good thing this car will be in the city most of its time. We finally got the perfect mall crawler.

  • nawzy202

    Saw two door version to small for a family 4 door version is for me

  • crash6674

    65k and no v8 lol

  • Not your friend pal
    Not your friend pal

    No straight axel. That’s a deal breaker.

  • Michael I
    Michael I

    Looks like Ford got the new Bronco right, except for the gas guzzler. When are they going to ditch the gas to Electric. I waited for the new Bronco, but I guess I will wait for it a little bit longer to become ev. It does no good to do only 12mpg. Does Ford have a timeframe for Bronco becoming ev?

  • David Peterson
    David Peterson

    Like the 2 door but too bad about the mileage and the small fuel tank. With regulations tightening, I think I’d wait for the mild hybrid version probably coming.

  • Dillon

    Not bad with stabilization off it was shaky but not very much considering you off road.

  • onepunch oldman
    onepunch oldman

    Suzuki Jimmy clone made by McDonald using kfc parts

  • Ray J
    Ray J

    They looked really cool on the screen but on the road, they looked more ugly than Nissan cube.

  • D K
    D K

    Find yourself a Toyota FJ Cruiser and you will never look back.

  • Gamma Gamma
    Gamma Gamma

    3:57 The Wrangler has MASSIVE amounts of competition in the current body Suzuki Jimny, we just cant get it in the states. All the current offroaders are too large. The TJ Wrangler was much more suited for trails due to its smaller size, much like the Jimny currently is.

  • Error 404
    Error 404

    I’ve only seen 20ish year-old chicks driving these in the suburbs in AZ. Outdoor this be the new Suby?

  • Adam D
    Adam D

    Something is off the this car’s design

  • Oliver Walker
    Oliver Walker

    Looks like a butt plug gays can ride on all day.

  • TexasBeast254

    I will take my solid front axel and Dana 44s on my rubicon over ANYTHING with independent front suspension

  • Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin

    ..... and WHAT HAVE ARE L00K IN THAT VIDE0 PRETTY DESIGN MINIVAN BY_ H0NDA NICE AWES0ME C00L_ 🍨🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 💨 🍮 🥧 🍡 🍧 🍨

  • micah fuller
    micah fuller

    They BETTER make a special edition with the Coyote 5.0 at some point.

  • PigIron BigIron
    PigIron BigIron

    More turbos=More problems

  • Your Fan
    Your Fan

    I test drove this for a week it's great. Feels like a much more expensive vehicle. Mind you, I went with the Defender.

  • highjix

    so, did anyone else picture him driving over other cars when he said "Why are you sitting in traffic" or am I just weird?

  • D Storm
    D Storm

    The population of America has doubled in my lifetime, and very few go offroad because the country is now all suburbs. The real question would be whether you can permanently shut off the annoying Auto-stop.

  • Jeff Scratch
    Jeff Scratch

    It's a grocery getter. About as capable as a jeep compass.

  • pickled onion
    pickled onion

    Because yank suspension sucks donkey unless you wnat handling like a boat

  • Tomás Kennedy
    Tomás Kennedy


  • AirplaneEmergency Turnbacks
    AirplaneEmergency Turnbacks

    06:21 Cut. We are crashing..

  • AbuTamim23

    No diesel engine??? =.=

  • _

    How to test this model's improvements: 1. Kill your wife 2. Make the cops chase you in the highway if you escape then its better than the classic 1993 Ford Bronco

  • jason fayock
    jason fayock

    So when you say it's huge and gets terrible gas mileage you are actually saying compared to my lifted crew cab diesel Superduty it is small, nimble, and gets great gas mileage? Sounds like a good selling point to me.

  • J. Ryan Earl
    J. Ryan Earl

    OMG I was like I know that intersection, you at I35 and 15th Street. Yea you gonna be in traffic a lot in Austin GG.

  • saucy nonchalance
    saucy nonchalance

    left handed shift

  • Chris Thompson
    Chris Thompson

    more concerned about the curb weight vs the size of engine. I heard jeep just released a v8 for the Rubicon. Was hoping this would have that option also considering its larger.

  • Austin Cochran
    Austin Cochran

    Love those older body styles and Broncos are awesome!

  • luc cardozo
    luc cardozo

    a lot of people is waiting for the bronco and its beautyful but the engines are a real shame...4x4 people doesnt like turbos.............could be ford bankruptcy no many people is going to buy it just because of the engines....it need a good reliable v6 3.5 or 4 liters ...i think im going to buy one and flip the engine with a good 4 runner engine ha ha.......this truck just going to help fj cruisers to get even more valuable ha ha

  • unleashtheflavor

    And guess what. Get ready to be fucked up the ass by your nearest FORD dealership.

  • Michael Jensen
    Michael Jensen

    How did you like Austin?

  • EVS

    No way am I paying 60k for a Ford Bronco. You must be crazy, and I really like it.

  • Paul F
    Paul F

    Shame it is not electric...

  • George PPS
    George PPS

    I will take Ford Bronco over any Jeep. The style looks great.

  • Werner Danler
    Werner Danler

    Why no diesel like Jeep?

  • Richard Denson
    Richard Denson

    Lol shout out to Ford for making a cheaper Land Rover not bad at all

  • sebastian arenas
    sebastian arenas

    Please do an episode on how lift kits change the truck dynamics and how to do it the right way

  • Phil Easler
    Phil Easler

    Supposedly it’s coming out as a ev too!!!

  • ytdood

    Your voice sounds very robotized while driving, I would say the mount transmits a lot of vibration to the camera.

  • Google Sucks
    Google Sucks

    LOL @ someone bitching about MPG on an off road toy!

  • mark adams
    mark adams

    If you don't use premium fuel doesn't the catalytic converters wear out faster especially with the ecoboost/turbles

  • Pradeep Handral
    Pradeep Handral

    Wovv! are you in Austin?

  • Eric Claeyborn
    Eric Claeyborn

    I might have bought a Bronco if it didn't have ESS (i.e. Engine Stop/Start technology). And that's a big MIGHT. The fuel mileage is atrocious.

  • C. Nelson
    C. Nelson

    Did you see how tiny that Gmc Terrian looked when he pulled up to It lol. I can't waiittt to see one in person🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • boomattack02

    It’s really not that big. A 96 you can lay practically crossways in it

  • Pete Gennaro
    Pete Gennaro

    They put independent suspension in because you're not taking an overpriced new car off the road. You're driving it to work and then it's going in the garage.

  • Bohdan Mazhar
    Bohdan Mazhar

    How much did bronco pay you? You didn’t show any real off road capabilities. Why not compare it side by side with Wrangler off road on an intermediate and difficult trails instead of talking so much?

  • GB

    Mach E and Bronco shouldn't be compared. If anything praise Ford for targeting ALL markets

  • ollie bear
    ollie bear

    The Crawl was inspired by the OJ White Bronco police chase......

  • Tony Sexton
    Tony Sexton

    Should have left it in the dead pile!!

  • Werner Engel
    Werner Engel

    Still prefer the look of the Jeep. Hopefully Jeep catches up in time.

  • Digesting the Elephant.
    Digesting the Elephant.

    I like the color Orange 'Juice."

  • Joseph Hartwick
    Joseph Hartwick

    Thanks for a very good overview of what the new Bronco is like. I had actually imagined it as a much smaller vehicle like a Jeep Compass (totally useless for my needs). This Bronco looks like something that would work for me. It's time I go see one in the "flesh".

  • Samuel Jesse Jonah
    Samuel Jesse Jonah

    It's easy to break IFS. Much weaker than live solid axel. Do some extreme off roading over rocks and boulders , You will destroy your CVs I guarantee it!!!

  • Samuel Jesse Jonah
    Samuel Jesse Jonah

    No way does independent suspension give you better articulation that's a crok! One wheel will be on the ground the other 10 feet of the ground. A live solid axel always wins out in terms of articulation, IFS & IRS is only better for handling.

  • Samuel Jesse Jonah
    Samuel Jesse Jonah

    Pros and cons with both live axel and IFS

  • bash555

    lol, I made it 0:57 seconds in, $60K? no thanks.

  • John

    Looks super nice but wow who can afford these insane prices!

  • Michael Steven
    Michael Steven

    I have a 2020 Gladiator..The steering is the worst..It wanders all over the road..I wouldn't have bought the vehicle had I was smart enough to test drive it properly.. I won't be getting another Jeep..

  • Woland

    Does it come with a personal tow truck? It's ford so it should.

  • Jay J
    Jay J

    3:55 I was laughing my a_s off ha ha ha. Side note, I've been to Austin many times and kept trying to see if I recognize any roads you were on. I have friends that live a little west of the "Domain" area

  • A R
    A R

    So when preorders get out in 2023, people will really enjoy this. Of course, if you want to buy one now, you are going to pay 60k for a 35k truck.

  • Rob Myers
    Rob Myers

    A shame Ford didn't offer a green and didn't offer Lightning Blue in all Bronco models.

  • John Roehsler
    John Roehsler

    I am buying my wife one for our 25th anaversery

  • Strohdog

    Before watching the video, I already know the answer: Broncos aren't meant for hard core off-roading. You need a straight axil for that. I'm sure it will absorb the speed bumps at the mall just fine though.

  • cenc cenc
    cenc cenc

    perhaps this will motivate toyota to freshen up the FJ and release a new version for the united states. In the meantime, I look forward to getting a close-up look at one of these, when I tow them out if the bush with my 2010 FJ. 😆

  • The Busterdog
    The Busterdog

    You can keep your "found on road dead" I'll keep my Wrangler Rubicon. That thing won't be running by the time the warranty runs out. LMFAO.