2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Review - 10 Best Features Of Ford's EV

  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    **Hello all!** First disclaimer: when the rear door bumps out, it can't go back in unless it is moved. But as you can see at 5:30 in the video, if you do move it out of that bumped position, it can now go back to closing. To me, this leaves the possibility of pinched fingers. Door handles eliminate that, which IMO is worth the tiny sacrifice in drag. Why do the front doors get handles but the rears don't, if handles aren't useful? Your opinion may differ! That's fine too! Next week I'll have a comparison of this Mach-E vs my Model 3, and include differences vs Model Y, and that will also include a driving portion of the Mach-E. Happy New Year everyone!

    • browntank1

      There’s actually a hand grip between the door and the back panel, it’s not near the window. The hand slip, that’s what I’m calling it lol, is closer to the side panel itself. Helps prevent smudging I guess, there is a safety mechanism though that prevents it from closing on your hand

    • Ken Perlman
      Ken Perlman

      My model 3 has a 310mile range and I get a lot less. If this has a lower range...

    • Brijesh Karakkat
      Brijesh Karakkat

      can you place review jaguar ipace if you are able? I saw somewhere it also has that fake motor sounds. thanks

    • Joseph Blake
      Joseph Blake

      a rear handle would cause aerodynamic drag. I would prefer the front not have handles, but if you used the same method to open the front, if someone is opening the rear door you could crush someone's fingers in the front

    • T Mike
      T Mike

      No Problem at all with the filming style. I would rather have quality content than perfect film angles,resolution, edits, etc..

  • Fulton “Tony” Aguisanda
    Fulton “Tony” Aguisanda

    I noticed your Mach E glass ceiling has a partial cover/tint. How did you do that?

  • Ram Mudumbi
    Ram Mudumbi

    Great explanation piece. Btw does this model come with a screen for the panoramic roof?

  • LittleSteve

    Driving sounds? You mean Pantera or Sade or whatever your flavour. Unless it sounds like a YT1300 freighter or the car from the Jetsons then that would be good

  • Antoine Swans
    Antoine Swans


  • Jorge Tapia
    Jorge Tapia

    That's not a Mustang, That's a Draft Horse!!

  • Leo Hernandez
    Leo Hernandez

    Like your ideas on the frunk....hell to be cheaper they can put a 13 volt plug in there and you can plug in your own in that compartment

  • kingv911

    Am I in the minority for preferring a regular handle to get in a car?

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B

    I like the way you filmed this video. Feels more personal and allows for some quirky camerawork which I can appreciate.

  • josephjdesouza

    My biggest issue with it is "Mustang" is not a brand it's a model. Good job Ford, at screwing up automotive databases everywhere! ;-) Marketing people suck.

  • No name necessary
    No name necessary

    10:00 - was he actually talking about how cool it would be to have the electric VEHICLE compartment converted into a refrigerator??? I guess this is the only way the millennial generation would stop using their parents’ frig.

  • 3UZFE

    That's just an appliance. Pass.

  • Bryndon Brown
    Bryndon Brown

    Totally acceptable cam time. Thanks for the vid

  • john giardina
    john giardina

    One of the best reviews that you have done in my opinion

  • PJ Greenleaf
    PJ Greenleaf

    This video format seems like a great candidate for a second channel!

  • mjc0961

    Ugh, why with the touch screens in cars? My phone often doesn't work, causing me to repeat swipes or taps multiple times to get a result. That's exactly what I want in my car, while I'm driving and just want to change the climate control settings or radio station. Just give me buttons.

  • GrockleTD

    9:45 Saab owners 😏

  • benz500r

    People are still not used to quite electric cars, therefore they imitate the sounds of a combustion engine. At some point, it will probably be eliminated.

    • benz500r

      @3UZFE they actually make noise in slow speeds. It’s not loud but ... modern cars’ exhaust is also quiet. People have to look before they cross the streets.

    • 3UZFE

      They will have to make noise because of the safety issue aspect, if you can't hear cars approaching, a lot of people will get easily killed when crossing the street or in car parks. I've had a hybrid in electric mode nearly hit me, they are dangerous.

  • Amamsurri

    @8:46 they put that divider there to keep from having to put an emergency release. per US law so that a kid can't get trapped inside

  • TeslaTidbits Know
    TeslaTidbits Know

    This might be a bit late but thanks for reviewing the parts of the mach-e that many other videos omitted. Also I forgot, can you still enter navigation destination by hand even if the car is moving? Thanks.

  • TeslaTidbits Know
    TeslaTidbits Know

    Question sir: Does the Ford Mustang Mach E allow for navigation key entry while the car is moving?

  • RJT135

    When I bought my car (back in 2014) the salesperson was confused why I was so insistent on having a real spare.

  • Santino Jessie Avilapreslie
    Santino Jessie Avilapreslie

    If they gave me this car for free I'd sell it to a private customer. This mustang is so ugly. And it sounds like crap.

  • James LaRoche
    James LaRoche

    Hehe I remember the Keypad on my mid 90-s Baby blue Ford Taurus! The funny thing is that feature makes SO much more sense today than it did back then!

  • Tom Eisenmenger
    Tom Eisenmenger

    Didn't VW have some upscale models (Passat? Phaeton? Touareg?) that had A/C vents cooling the center console?

  • Nick Howard
    Nick Howard

    wheres your book shelf?

  • George Nigg
    George Nigg

    Have you ever heard don't leave valuables in the car?

  • RobHTech

    How does the AC work?

  • Garrett Light
    Garrett Light

    Filming styles just fine with your new camera while you were in the car., don't worry about what the viewers think.

  • M Mullen
    M Mullen

    I've carried a spare tire for the better part of a million miles and used them twice. Considering they weigh around 50 lbs. or more with the jack and lug wrench, that doesn't seem like a wise thing to be carrying around considering that weight has to be accelerated and braked literally millions of times. They are of very limited use,

  • DUNE

    I miss my key pad from my Ford Expedition!

  • Oscar Walton
    Oscar Walton

    Naming a souless cross over mustang is a abomination it's not because and it's a ev it's shameless corporate rebranding

  • Brandon Clayton
    Brandon Clayton

    who locks their vehicle parked in their garage?

  • Steve James
    Steve James

    This is the ugliest mustang since the Mustang II

  • Ross Craig
    Ross Craig

    Do you leave your phone and keys in the car? A skeet breaks in and find your keys and now have a free car, bad idea!

  • Evgeny See
    Evgeny See

    Nice car

  • CoolForPr3sident

    I hate the door design. In emergency situations, it is i think very hard to open them.

  • CoolForPr3sident

    Open shatters? Nah, no feature, only saving money i would guess haha. But for real, other car makers use a totally different design. BMW e.g. has one component that turns up. In th eTron i think you have some kind of curtain. I dont like the ford design honestly. If there is any rock or thing on the street or you hit something low, these pieces have to be changed. And its easier to change a gril than 3 flaps.

  • ReD _
    ReD _

    camera works great

  • peep39

    Is there seriously a lally column right in front of your door? omg that would make me insane

  • Vivien Staehle
    Vivien Staehle

    your point on the rear door is incorrect : it is not at the position of the window, but lower. There is a specific soft rubber material at this place to place your hand and pull the door : ford-mustang-mach-e-e-latch-door-system.jpg And if there is an ice film covering the button.... well like for any door handle or Tesla handle, it will be stuck and you need to warm it up to release the system. So no big deal

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu Ikimasho

    keypass suck because all fords have a tech engineer secret code that you can not disable.

  • Clyde Trumbull II
    Clyde Trumbull II

    It's good to know that if I have a flat I can retain my dignity by calling the tow truck driver over and saying "Hey, have you seen this little glowing blue horse? ..hang on, it'll come back on... give it a sec... where are you going?"

  • Inachu Ikimasho
    Inachu Ikimasho

    only worth getting if you own your own garage to get your own charger. charging network in usa sucks for ford.

  • WG Isaac
    WG Isaac

    Does mache have a autopilot system

  • Gregory Martin
    Gregory Martin

    I don't really want to see your face all the time. I would rather see more of the car less of your face

  • CountryBoyShane

    His small garage is my nightmare!

  • budder s
    budder s

    0:48, don't park a car that close to a substation fence unless you really have to do it.

  • havic ap
    havic ap

    2021 and now door handles are bad!

  • Henry Hill
    Henry Hill

    Reminds me of the Rabbit and turtle story. Hurry up and charge.

  • A L
    A L

    From the side it looks like a clown shoe.

  • Srinivas Varanasi
    Srinivas Varanasi

    Nice review!

  • krill issues
    krill issues

    I see vehicle car engine playing Tictoc memes on the street

  • sanjuansteve

    Let's put solar panels on every home, business and covered parking rooftop and switch to electric vehicles making nearly everything we do solar powered while completely decentralizing our power supply and empowering everyone as power generation owners.

    • sanjuansteve

      @V V Solar panels work BETTER in cold temperatures. Just them broom off when it snows. You sound like an anti-science MAGA American Republican...? lol

    • V V
      V V

      And let them freeze on winter.

  • TSAR bomba
    TSAR bomba

    Man everyone is afraid of Tesla fans

  • Tesla: Emperor Without Clothes
    Tesla: Emperor Without Clothes

    Love the tire sidewall! Protects the wheel and improves the ride. Maybe it makes up for the ground clearance in terms of durability. Less worried about tire wear on narrower tires - can be made up for with compound.

  • Alex K (lxk)
    Alex K (lxk)

    European way of getting into your car without the phone: leave it unlocked.

  • Quinten Voorthuijzen
    Quinten Voorthuijzen

    The mustang name went really downhill.. can we have a cool simple car's someday again?

  • Joman

    Hans Zimmer should have a monopoly on all EV artificial car noises. Or "Pop Goes the Weasel" would work if you want to invoke holy terror.

  • Giovanni Foulmouth
    Giovanni Foulmouth

    Just sell your Tesla and buy a Mach-E.

  • Roblastem

    Neat EV, however, Aptera will rule all once their first vehicle is released.

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson

    This SUV is interesting, however, putting the Mustang badge on this thing, (when it has NOTHING to do with what a Mustang is) is an abomination.

  • Silverback_GMT410

    There is a spot design to be grabbed on the rear doors. Not on the black plastic but on the metal below that. And the peg that opens the door wont let someone close the door on ur fingers

  • ebramful

    The filming is good!

  • Fraser Henderson
    Fraser Henderson

    AC needs heat pump technology but frunk refrigeration is a great idea Jason.

  • Koby B
    Koby B

    How is that even a mustang?

  • Ryan Utz
    Ryan Utz

    If you leave your phone in the car wouldn't the car just be unlocked for anyone that wanted to open the door?

  • All My Hobbies
    All My Hobbies

    Don’t bash the sounds all those vegetarians like to eat things that look like burgers if they don’t like meat why do they want it to look like meat

  • Ken Perlman
    Ken Perlman

    I love how quiet my Model 3 is.

  • Mark Davidson
    Mark Davidson

    Thinking that the label "SUV" or "Crossover" means that it has things like ground clearance and off road capability is cute. Let me tell you about marketing......

  • EricM818

    The filming style was fine with me. I didn't like the zoom in when the title cards appeared.

  • Micheal Wiggins
    Micheal Wiggins

    Hey, when you were talking about the sketchyness of the rear door and pinching your fingers there is no way to do that as it holds the door out and can’t be closed with the same mechanism that pushes it open. no pinched fingers.

  • Joshua Ableiter
    Joshua Ableiter

    ...It's a generic Tesla...

  • misium

    On the camera: I'd prefer the nose to stay in the second plane.

  • troxmo

    Love the direct filming & talking style, much time saved for you and it really seams you even can focus more on your stream of thought instead of caring about correctly setting up camera angles.

  • Mishel Vaniev
    Mishel Vaniev

    Good video, you should not waste time for filming purposes.

  • BajaMike

    No idea why they used the mustang name

  • Ben Davis
    Ben Davis

    Specs should be described in horsepower now Kw.

  • Chuck Hawks
    Chuck Hawks

    Movement: Less pacing would be less distracting (so, yes - too much movement). Appreciate the text corrections (door lock, etc.) Nice walk-around coverage; thanks for that! On the artificial sound: I think you answered your own question - It's branded as a Mustang, so they aimed to make "Unbridled" sound like a traditional (ICE) Mustang muscle car. I do wish you'd have demonstrated "Engage" mode, as being a viewer I'm left wondering is that just a tamed version of Unbridled or is it an homage to Star Trek TNG's Picard command, or something else entirely? Content creator question for you: Which model GoPro are you using, 8 or 9? My 8 Black with the Media Mod drains the battery in a day or less, even if it's powered OFF while in the Media Mod (which is where it pretty much stays). Not to get too far off topic but, do you have that experience with yours? Or perhaps do I just have a dud battery...? Cheers & keep 'em coming!

  • shaesham

    Having the frunk is wayyy better than no frunk. Makes it much more appealing than the ID.4

  • Eymard Barron
    Eymard Barron

    Had NO problem watching this Video and enjoying the heck out of it! keep it going sir... love the channel!!

  • L. Carroll
    L. Carroll

    Cool car. Needs bigger tires. I noticed the slight difference in video and sound quality but I felt that it was totally acceptable, especially if it helps get more great content like this out on the channel.

  • Scott Grout
    Scott Grout

    You got a big check from Ford, congratulations.

  • Jim Mcginnis
    Jim Mcginnis

    That's no Mustang,they should have called it a MachE.But not the iconic Mustang.Nice car possibly but NO Mustang.Happy Trails!🚙

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott

    The propulsion sound should offer choices, one of the being the Jetson's vehicle, another being a Mustang GT.

  • James Seay
    James Seay

    I chose the Mustang. Build date is this coming week. Looks, build quality and $7500 tax credit.

  • BovineJonie

    "Frunk" can't be a thing. Someone find a better word, please.

  • BovineJonie

    "Frunk" can't be a thing. We need a different word.

  • 2003evodave

    Thin tires,,,,,narrow is the word. Also after watching your review it’s obvious you are a Tesla fan boy.

  • Anthony Dilligaf
    Anthony Dilligaf

    Will these apps still work in 10 years? 30? Even the infotainment likely won't connect to phones in 10 years. These cars will NEVER be "classics." Museum pieces.. Maybe.

  • Anthony Dilligaf
    Anthony Dilligaf

    Peltier cooler/heater?

  • Anthony Dilligaf
    Anthony Dilligaf

    They couldn't have used maverick.. Falcon???

  • Mislavestina

    They should definitely let you customize the sound the car makes

  • devnand

    Im from India and planning to buy a Ford Freestyle. I dont know why I watched this video?! But i really wish , FOrd comes around and gives Tesla a good competition for better EV and modern vehicles...

  • Spencer Leeper
    Spencer Leeper

    Ford can call it whatever they want, but that thing is not, not will it ever be, a Mustang. A Mustang can be electric, a hybrid, turbine powered, or anything else you can think of to power it, but never in the next 10 trillion years will an SUV ever qualify as a Mustang.

  • Julian

    Ahh, thanks to good old fossil fuels for allowing us to have toys that are horribly inefficient.

  • Levi Tillemann
    Levi Tillemann

    A little odd how most serious reviewers are giving this thing two thumbs up and Engineering Explained goes out of his way to find the elements that *don't* stack up well against Tesla.

  • Fred Flange
    Fred Flange

    And the madness continues - around the block twice and it's maggot flat and useless. What a surprise. An electric Mustang. What's wrong with this picture?...

  • Ago Press
    Ago Press

    you are so hot , man!

  • dmax5678

    Is this a nice EV crossover? Yes. Is this a Mustang? No. Is all this pandering to crossovers a disgrace to the Mustang name and brand equity? Yes.