2022 Toyota GR 86 Review - The Perfect Affordable Sports Car!
2022 Toyota GR 86 / Subaru BRZ Review - This Is What Driving Is All About!
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The 2022 Toyota GR 86 is back with more engine! Instead of the previous 2.0L Boxer 4-cylinder, it's now powered by a bigger-bore 2.4L Boxer 4-cylinder, making 23 extra horsepowers and 28 more lb-ft of torque! All in a package that weighs nearly the same. We'll discuss the engine, manual and automatic transmissions, the decision not to go turbo, the driving dynamics and handling, the interior, ride comfort, and changes versus the previous generation.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    Delighted that everyone knows pistons move side-to-side in boxer engines. Thanks for watching!

    • Assimilator1

      @C. Pedantic is a fairly common word, lol

    • Assimilator1

      @shadowfoxreaper Boost? It's an NA engine ;)

    • Michel Fortier
      Michel Fortier

      When are you going to do the BRZ? I ordered one that's supposed to come in last week of November. I'd like you opinion on the differences.

    • Jackalbyte NPC
      Jackalbyte NPC

      Define affordable

    • Anand Sai Panda
      Anand Sai Panda

      Can i get your no please? So that i have some dout to clarify it.

  • dacoolhuan

    Do you think this is finally in the same level of smiles per gallon as the mx5?

  • Joshua Ogoy
    Joshua Ogoy

    Gr 86 or brz hmm

  • Georgi Gospodinov
    Georgi Gospodinov

    Car needs a better exhaust, and a turbo kit to 300 HP and a bit more torque :)

  • Bonifacio Magdiwang
    Bonifacio Magdiwang

    I always like simple interior like these. i wish the WRX same thing

  • USA4thewin

    naaa dude Turbo everything

  • benbenbombom

    fuxx,i will buy it

  • 197atya

    Would like if the interior would be more sporty.

  • Randall Lawkin
    Randall Lawkin

    This is the S14 replacement thank you Toyota!!!

  • Matu Fujiwara
    Matu Fujiwara

    Lets be honest. Because this cars precessor is AE86 and it got famous in Initial D then half of the new 86 buyerbase is just fan of the little 86 from the anime. Lets start manual is obv right choice cuz it is. If they would give it a turbo then it would be ruined for that buyer base. Rev matchin again would ruin the 86. My point as you said, it's a drivers car. 86 name is known for its lightweight, NA engine, as little assists as possible underdog which remains fast. if they would change even any of these principles then the 86 would be ruined

  • bikebudha01

    A technical question for EE. I get different tires have different rubber compounds, thus some are grippier than others. But what no review of this car has touched on is the effect of 17" vs 18" wheels. I.e. if I buy the base model and put stickier tires on the base 17" rims, will that perform like the stickier tires on an 18" rim? Or will the rim size/sidewall height have a noticeable effect on handling/performance???

  • Miguel Jozart
    Miguel Jozart

    I now grown to love the GR86 but I prefer the gt86 looks

  • Buzz Pedrotti
    Buzz Pedrotti

    Seems like a Toyota 2.4 L would be a better choice.

  • Raj Patel
    Raj Patel

    Can you make a video explaining WHY (Mechanically) the original engine had a torque dip? Is this common to other engines as well? Because I only hear about it in the context of this vehicle. Why can’t it be fixed completely? Because this still has a little bit of a dip.

  • Jerimie brown
    Jerimie brown

    Two of my most respected you tubers say they would/might end up buying this car. So yeah I think I might have to get this car Thank you Jason

  • Mike M
    Mike M

    I had a 2013 BRZ when it first came out. It was riddled with issues. 1. They originally used a soft metal that the rearview mirror was screwed into...mine fell off at a red light within the first 5k miles. It was a known defect but while my I had my car, they never had a warranty fix and just screwed it back in with another screw. 2. "The engine chirp" while idling was awful. 3. The seal around the rear taillights was defective and again within the first 6-8 months of ownership, they fill 50% with WATER. I traded the car in around 1 year of ownership. Don't get me wrong, even with the original engine, I LOVED the driving experience of the car even though it was slow as hell. It also looked amazing and I got so many compliments (pulled over in a parking lot by an awesome cop who wanted to talk cars). Handling was awesome, and a little tail-slide was so fun. Love seeing that they are still making these and upgrading them (finally). If they ever put a 250-300hp engine in I would buy another. I'm sure they addressed the earlier production issues - lesson - never buy a first year run of anything.

  • Dr. J
    Dr. J

    Can you do a video on the new 2022 WRX?

  • ximonq

    Is there any chance that you'll make video about GR Yaris? it's such a great new toyota :p

  • - 007 -
    - 007 -

    kind of looks like it wants to be a Porsche

  • AKlover

    24 HP added along 60ish extra pounds weight

  • Jacopo Siliprandi
    Jacopo Siliprandi

    they "fixed" the gt86, but they are not bringing it to Europe now

  • kombatsnipercat

    Street Legal Go Kart 😎 luv it

  • C Jones
    C Jones

    Would be interested in driving one for sure to compare to my modified 2013. I would miss the gauge cluster though. I don't like screens. With the increased compression ratio and displacement, the new car should really rip on e85! I guess they did the FD for fuel efficiency?

  • CJ Ober
    CJ Ober

    So tempted to trade in my tacoma for one

  • Racer Rabbit
    Racer Rabbit

    hello! why can't the Auto have an aggressive gear ratio?? just curious:)

  • Dsaubt

    That piped in engine noise is awful but otherwise looks like a fun car

  • Dan Carthen
    Dan Carthen

    Mustang and Camaro 4cyl models get no love for affordability?

    • Driftracerr35

      It's b/c the 86 fanboys trash the ecoboost and the i4/v6 Camaro for being heavier despite the fact that they are a better bang for your buck when it comes to power. Plus the fanboys want the lightness and nimbleness for track days that they end up never going to, then decide to stance them to the point that they arent driveable anymore. I mean if they want the 86, then ok... theres nothing wrong with that. But let's stop acting like they aren't other cars around the same pricepoint that people can also get.

  • thtupid

    Apart from the horrendous engine droning and appallingly cheap looking interior, a very nice car indeed! I would personally get a Yaris GR though but that's just me. I just feel the Yaris GR is more refined than the 86 and being at a point in life where I can actually afford these cars, I seek refinement more than just pure driving pleasure nowadays. Actually those above criticisms sound overly harsh but I actually really like the new 86! It looks just fantastic! I'm sure that if it actually did have a turbo, it'll probably cannibalize the supra.

  • DingoAteMyBaby

    Affordable. Haha. Depends who you ask. 30k is Hella monthly payments plus insurance

  • Colton O'Briant
    Colton O'Briant

    I just want the brz to have the duckbill

  • ildrichaseron

    Could you explain as to why BMW’s B48 in the 2.0L Supra is 300lbs heavier, produces more power and yet its way more efficient than this car?

    • Driftracerr35

      It's turbocharged and an extremely well engineered motor by BMW. Subaru's boxer engine is nice and all, but definitely has its performance drawbacks.

  • Johny's car care & reviews
    Johny's car care & reviews

    As always fantastic review! Finding your videos = FIbill treasure chest of the best information.

  • Matt Dutton
    Matt Dutton

    Any idea when you will be able to do a full review of the new brz?

  • trainenthusiast

    the acceleration times are so depressing tho

  • L S
    L S

    I want this one but I wonder how the Integra will look yea I care about how a car looks first, and I wish I could get this one in the Hakone green.

  • BluExMamba24

    This looks like a great car for younger drivers. Sporty, reliable, safe and affordable.

  • Robert Lynch
    Robert Lynch

    This entire review can be summed up by pausing at 0:38

  • Eric Le
    Eric Le

    A review of the Toyota Yaris GR (100% Toyota engineering/designed and assembled in Japan) if Toyota sold some here would be interesting (25,00 units or less worldwide)

  • Signkutter signkutter
    Signkutter signkutter

    Love the look...but adding a turbo or super charger would easily negate any added weight..would easily be under 100lbs....Turbo lag only exists because of added power ...it can be mitigated. A small turbo putting that car at about 275 hp and torque at the same rpms would make that car legendary

    • Signkutter signkutter
      Signkutter signkutter

      @Driftracerr35 absolutely...and it would be a lighter more simple car....it might affect sales of thf low end supra ..but wrx is awd and sedan. Not alot of crossshoppers there. It would be a fantastic car that would likely sell very well

    • Driftracerr35

      That wasn't the real reason why they chose to leave out the turbo. They knew that they could put a small turbo that would help the car reach new lengths, but at the same time they didn't want this to affect sales for the WRX and the 2.0T Supra. A turbocharged 86/brz would outperform the WRX on every scale and would make it pointless to purchase a 2.0T Supra.

  • Stephen Belden
    Stephen Belden

    RIP bee at 8:09 :(

  • Steve Mathews
    Steve Mathews

    Thanks Jason!

  • Steve

    10:20 The automatic has rev matching Me: ........................wat?

  • BATCH24racing

    Pitty it looks worse

  • Colinator4321

    Would totally buy this car day one if I was able to. Unfortunately its not in the cards for me. Shame, would love to be able to support companies in making more cars like this

  • Buggerlugz

    Still needs a turbo then..............lol

  • Dick Head
    Dick Head

    Aww those new 0-60 times mean it will now be faster than my 97 N/a supra :(

  • jeepmor

    Nice to see the third brake light relocated to the trunk lid. Bravo.

  • Henning Vangli
    Henning Vangli

    What is a 6-1 height?

    • kake52

      6 foot 1 inch, written 6'1"

  • Charles Jacobus
    Charles Jacobus

    It's Thursday and I missed my Wednesday video!

  • Enrico Barrile
    Enrico Barrile

    Very nice video, with all the information I wanted about this new version. I simply love it..... I just prefer the esthetic part of the old one, more underground, more fast and furious. This one is too clean.. But great car!

  • Clueless

    I need to hurry up and get my teaching degree so I can get one.

  • Kenny Dekons
    Kenny Dekons


  • Captain Jash
    Captain Jash

    So wait a minute, was this guy BORN in 86, or IS he 86?

  • joker927

    No convertible in new Z, no convertible here. Mazda continues to make the only roadster that costs less than a house.

  • Ivan Otac
    Ivan Otac

    So my dream car for 3 year now is i30N, hot hatch that can be a family car and pops and bangs from factory, awsome for car noobs like me.

  • FreedomWarrior

    Engine sound is simply horrible, looks like a cartoon engine from a videogame. Simply awful.

  • Lamborzhini

    Can’t wait to see kids driving it around town swearing it’s faster than everything

  • james becker
    james becker

    the wife drives her 2016 FRS everyday. great sporty and fun to drive car. not approved for the drag strip. LOL

  • UsernameVF


  • Vinod Nanda
    Vinod Nanda

    I like your channel. But why are we promoting gas guzzlers when we need to move towards the sustenance of our planet?

  • The-Mike_D

    I see it has back seats, how's the leg room?

  • MajorVA

    2022 is the year a drift car has less power than a yaris

  • Max H
    Max H

    Slap a turbo kit used on the stock Ascent, engine can handle it, trans and drivetrain dont know.

  • Ken M
    Ken M

    All I hear… in every single one of these reviews anyone has put out, are excuses and justifications for why it’s still NA and not turbocharged. What you all need to be talking about is how overpriced it is for the little power it makes, and how model to model competition is the real reason Toyota or Subaru won’t give it any more power. Beyond that, this car sounds like crap… and it sounds like it gets some fake sound pumped in the cabin.

  • John VFX
    John VFX

    Affordable? $35k? Zero to 60 in 6.5 - 7 seconds. Give it a turbo and charge the same price, then it's affordable as a sports car worthy of the price.

  • braddeicide

    Up and down?

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar

    Thank god manual gearbox at last someone for real men driving car... I don't know why most of the company busy in automatic that ia the sittiest thing i have ever findout someone is there pls ask them to automobile company focus on manual gearbox

  • Matthew Old
    Matthew Old

    With simple tune and minor bolt ons im sure this engine could make respectable power even on par with honda k series.

    • Driftracerr35

      Maybe the older K-series engines. Bolt ons and a tune ain’t getting this little engine to 306hp

  • Vlad Mihai
    Vlad Mihai

    the new design is uglier imo

  • symbolresolution

    Please stop cramming the chan into my recs. I do like the BRZ though

  • iamspyvspy

    Rev matching is for numpties who can't drive stick :P

    • kake52

      makes no sense

  • Ferrum Chnop
    Ferrum Chnop

    Hope you can get into a new Z soon.

  • DH Wardani
    DH Wardani

    Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING about this car has just been people trying to convince me it’s a good car. Only makes me hate it even more now seeing Jason glaze over how Subaru fans have been begging for a turbo since day one and still proceeds to try and almost sell it to us anyway goin over a marginal torque curve improvement. Why can’t I find any people equally as pissed about this horrible flop of an update!!

  • TheWoebegoneJackal

    I'm honestly flip-flopping a lot between this car and the Supra. Like, I really enjoy the way the new Supra looks and it's a fun car sure, but without a manual it's just not as engaging to drive. The GR86 is perfect in that regard, and the modding scene is thriving so really if I want it to be faster I can make it faster. I dunno, it really depends on if there is any news of a manual option for the Supra in the next year or so. I'm hoping the Nissan Z having one will push Toyota to change their stance.

  • ThatGuyDK

    What the z should have looked like

  • Anand Sai Panda
    Anand Sai Panda

    Myself an automobile engineer from India and I love to watch your FIbill channel because you describe the things very accurately.

  • Ronald Kuizon
    Ronald Kuizon

    I want to have one for at least a month. I know I can't maintain the gas😂

  • Kurt Muroki
    Kurt Muroki

    Perfect? Ummmm…

  • deffboost79

    God, please, bless those people who producing car like this, in the world of myriad alike SUVs this one is kind of brigh light!

  • Nick Berkel
    Nick Berkel

    Appreciate these cars, just can't help but feel like the torque dip is a real design flaw 🤷‍♂️

  • Mike Ni
    Mike Ni

    should I sell my 2017 STI for this?

    • Driftracerr35


  • Tom G
    Tom G

    Only problem is the boxer engine. Subaru has had lots of problems.

  • G.Zois

    Told my father that I’d love to pickup one of these and this is the vid that I shared with him - thanks!

  • jdubvdub

    I’m 6’3”. I hope I fit because I really want one.

  • Norman Parthiban
    Norman Parthiban

    I get economics and business so I know it’s tough to make these cars nowadays. But it’s a shame when “affordable” entry level sports will be $29K. You gotta take out decent sized loans to get these things which for people who just graduated or got their license is really not financially feasible.

  • My_Petrol_Romance

    Is it just me or does the back look like a recent body style Buick Regal in the rear 😂🤣 ps I had a 8 6 prior. I like the new one, I just can’t un-see it.

  • TecnamTwin

    They ruined the rear end though every other change is great.

  • Dezee

    I just hate how the rest taillights look a 2014 Honda Accord with a mk5 supra spoiler

  • Manoah Morin
    Manoah Morin

    How the 86 can come in manual but not the supra

  • Dan Murad
    Dan Murad

    pistons move up and down??? on a boxer??? how dare you!

  • Cameron Oriard
    Cameron Oriard

    This vs new Nissan Z car… 😊👍

  • zhi hao quek
    zhi hao quek

    It doesn't have downshift rev matching? That's a plus in my books ;)

  • Slade The Original
    Slade The Original

    every 2+2 should offer a rear seat delete from the factory, and this should be a hatch for usability. Love the Honda taillights.

  • Slade The Original
    Slade The Original

    pistons move up and down?

  • Devin P
    Devin P

    But...no turbo....no thanks.

  • Jason Arthur Taylor
    Jason Arthur Taylor

    let me save you some time from watching: 60 mph: 5.8-7.0 sec 1/4-Mile: 14.3-15.3 sec Top Speed: 140 mph Good for a 1990s car. 2022? ok, sure, for some. For me? Turd. "The Perfect Affordable Sports Car!" --- speaks about who the speaker is...

  • Ocean Bytez
    Ocean Bytez

    I just hate how everyone forgot how the FRS had a sportier suspension and also had a MSRP of 10k cheaper than the 86. FRS were like ultra cheap up until scion dissolved.

  • Mike Peskar-Murphy
    Mike Peskar-Murphy

    So they had time to reimagine the car but didn’t fix the torque dip

  • Richard Whiterose
    Richard Whiterose

    Thought that's a new Z then looked at manufacturer.

  • Joe DeMera
    Joe DeMera

    Affordable is under $10,000 globally. Nobody seems to understand this