4 Clever Features Of Hyundai's New DCT - Veloster N Gets Even Better!
4 Ways Hyundai's Veloster N DCT Outperforms The Manual Transmission Version
Hyundai Veloster N DCT Features vs 6MT - Sponsored by Hyundai.
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The 2021 Hyundai Veloster N has stepped up the game, especially with the 8-speed DCT. It now features N Grin Shift, N Power Shift, N Track Sense Shift, and launch control. Now these may sound like video game features, but that’s kinda what Hyundai is going for here with the experience, and the good news is each of these features actually have tangible performance improvements that they provide for the car. From a performance standpoint, these features set the dual clutch Veloster N apart from the manual transmission version.

N Grin Shift
The whole idea of N Grin Shift is to temporarily give you more performance. Pressing a button on your steering wheel allows your engine to increase boost for up to 20 seconds!

N Power Shift
This feature alone reduces the 0-100 kph time (or 0-62 mph time) by 0.2 seconds. It's like power shifting in a manual transmission, except you've got a wet, multi-plate clutch to handle the driveline shock!

N Track Sense Shift
N Track Sense Shift is a predictive shift logic that’s based on how you’re driving. If you start driving more aggressively, the system matches the gearbox response to your driving style. If you’re accelerating hard, turning at higher g’s, and braking hard, the system is going to use the most aggressive gear shift strategy possible.

Launch Control (DCT)
Now there’s another cool feature that differentiates the DCT model from the manual transmission, and that’s launch control. Both transmissions offer launch control, but there are several advantages with the DCT. It employs five techniques, which we'll break down in this video, to execute a powerful launch.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year everyone!! Let's hope 2021 means spending more time filming *outside* of my garage, and out and about when things start to improve **gestures everywhere**. Stay safe, and for those fortunate to get a bit of vacation time in, enjoy it!!

    • mry82

      Same to you! This DCT tech is neat... I'll take the manual, haha.

    • Important Dolphin
      Important Dolphin

      Please do a video on ducati desmodronic engine and the (V4 engine full video, including primary and secondary balance)

    • steve thomas
      steve thomas

      Jason, Merry Christmas to you . When will you be able to test the Elantra & Kona N? Very interested your opinion on these cars. Does opening up the exhaust, snap, crackle, pop change the power output? Thanks

    • Matteo Tommasi
      Matteo Tommasi

      Man, with this is 5 videos of pure advertising in a row on your channel. I subbed because you explained engeneering, not because you read technical info given to you by someone. I can do that myself.

    • Cindy Sue
      Cindy Sue

      Any word of a larger engine coming to the N as in the 2.5?

  • Thierry Dogniaux
    Thierry Dogniaux

    Hyundai speak with the NGS button, 15 % more torque and not more hp

  • Anunnaki J
    Anunnaki J

    Did anyone catch the 0 to 60 with the DCT?

    • XxToptankxX

      Mine stock did 4.9. 2021 white DCT

  • Peter Mad
    Peter Mad

    The 0-60 numbers are quite high in my N I can hit 5.1

  • GranTorino

    Great Video. U made me want to buy a DCT over a Manual :D

    • Anunnaki J
      Anunnaki J

      I know right, I'm driving a Veloster 6-speed turbo and it's buckets of fun with great gas mileage. but now I know if I get the N that I'm planning on getting I should go with the dct, this will be a first for me I don't like not shifting but it's so much added performance I gotta do it

  • Ryan Martin
    Ryan Martin

    So well Done, Absolutely the Best Breakdown of the N Features I have seen online. Its amazing after going into multiple Hyundai dealers and being met by staff that have no idea what the car is completely about. Getting ready to sell my baby and go back to a Hot Hatch. I currently have Production Number 48 of the 800 2019 KIA Stinger GTS models with Drift mode. I cant wait to take delivery of the N DCT. Again Your Breakdown for the vehicles operation systems was amazing...

  • Ahmad Shaltot
    Ahmad Shaltot

    this car is so smart hoooly

  • Eddie Jackson
    Eddie Jackson

    Thank you, definitely the best explained video on the true differences of both transmissions. As many of them that I have watch, you got it. New subscriber for sure..

  • DJ E D'Law
    DJ E D'Law

    I have to say that "N power shift" "technology" is pretty funny... not cutting engine power during shifts is how every automatic transmission worked until DBW engines came along. And re launching on a DCT vs. traditional manual transmission, what you say about the "abuse tolerance" of single-plate dry vs. multi-plate wet clutches makes sense, but consider that replacing a traditional clutch is a whole lot easier and cheaper than rebuilding the clutches on a DCT.

  • Mike R.
    Mike R.

    I hate Hyundai!!!

  • Rudolph III
    Rudolph III

    Manual boys crying rn

  • SoCoNoHa

    Not a good driver? That's ok, you should still be trying to drive as fast as the car should go. Let the car do the work so you don't have to improve yourself!

  • therealjulez

    i'm so glad I ended up buying a DCT version of the Veloster N.. seriously a hot hatch!

  • Stinky Sundae
    Stinky Sundae

    "What you think, I'm gonna let you roll in a Hyundai?”

    • Joskj j
      Joskj j

      Yes because ironically Mitsubishi is the one making junk cars now whereas Hyundai is pumping out a lot of cool enthusiast cars

  • Stexen

    Best gimmick is always a manual. I don't need cool downs, I want fun

  • mugensamurai

    Oooh ooh doo one on why Hyundai engines blow up and how they can be better built for reliability.

  • Ch Rome
    Ch Rome

    and an EV just doesn't need any of these wizards ...

  • Mixup 221
    Mixup 221

    I wonder how big of a durability issue this is because it seems like if they let you do it for 30 seconds every 3 minutes they aren’t that concerned about it wearing down anything. I wonder what it might be like if you jailbroke the car to let you use it for as long as you want.

  • Christian Mbabazi
    Christian Mbabazi

    i am sold on the DCT

  • nobroblem fine
    nobroblem fine

    N line with DCT sound cooool...

  • Mitch Fortson
    Mitch Fortson

    I lobe my manual 2020 veloster N performance package, dct looks good but i got a great deal on mine 29500,vs the automatic 4 around 35.000 plus

  • Mizius

    100% awesome technology. Truly some video game type of stuff. I will not, however, give up my MT VN ❤ ever.

  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin

    He missed the #1 thing when describing all of the things to worry about when tracking that most people don't think about. That is when to and when not to push in the clutch or shift on the track. The simple act of pushing the clutch, if you do it in a corner, is enough to upset the balance of the car and all hell breaks loose. I upgraded to the DCT precisely because I was spending all of my time thinking about these things and not enjoying the track.

  • Gary Crispin
    Gary Crispin

    Just picked up mine yesterday and I had to come here to figure out how the damn thing works!

  • OtterConnor

    I've test drove the Veloster n 6 speed and the clutch feel is incredibly bad. The pedal will cantilever like a compound bow and throw your foot through the friction zone and make casual driving incredibly annoying, as I nearly stalled it at every start and stalled it once. I've been driving manuals since I started driving, so don't say I can't drive a manual. The vw gti clutch is incredibly smooth and I love my mk7

  • baikia777

    7:45 Zoolander's Blue Steel for extra focus lmao

  • Matty B
    Matty B

    Love my manual 2020 Veloster N but almost wish I would have held out for the DCT!

  • Mathew Pennington
    Mathew Pennington

    Ive seen stock VNs hitting 0-60 in 5.1 seconds. And most magazines have posted the manual at around 5.2. Hmm

  • sky 21
    sky 21

    great explanation..I just picked up a 2021 N in the PB..Love it..Nice you have 2.I have a 370z and I think my N is more fun to drive!!!

  • Christopher Cervantes
    Christopher Cervantes

    Will the boost button charge faster if I drift?

  • Code Alex
    Code Alex

    6:23 my 2003 station wagon has this feature. It really isn't special.

  • kürşat çoban
    kürşat çoban

    Additional challange acceptted.

  • Edward Foehring
    Edward Foehring

    Duct did not work for ford , folks wagon, BMW, and it won't work this co.

  • Joesph Gross
    Joesph Gross

    The real question is how much does it cost to fix the DCT compared to it's manual brother?

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    MSRP - 2021 Veloster N $32,250 MSRP - Honda Civic Type R $37,495 Veloster - 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Civic - 0 to 60 in 5 seconds. Veloster - Quarter mile in 14.2 seconds. Civic - Quarter mile in 12.7 seconds. Veloster - 275 HP (turbocharged) with 260 torque. Civic - 306 HP (turbocharged) with 295 torque. Veloster - Looks like a family vehicle. Civic - Looks like an aggressive sport vehicle.

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    And yet they still make it FWD. 🤦‍♂️

  • Nathyn Larsen
    Nathyn Larsen

    Just give us the full power to use when we want

  • Mike Chiodetti
    Mike Chiodetti

    Thanks for your explanation of this vehicle. BTW what's the warranty for this trans and vehicle?

  • Nathan Graham
    Nathan Graham

    He’s adorable 😍😆lol love the Velosa Raptor N lol 😂

  • Benjamin Hui
    Benjamin Hui

    much cooler cars than your tesla

  • Rafael Columbie
    Rafael Columbie

    This video led me to buy my 2021 DCT Veloster N. I absolutely love it. Thank you Engineering Explained

    • Jagga Pardhaan
      Jagga Pardhaan

      Jason: NP *laughs in the corner*

  • Sam Rushton
    Sam Rushton

    I wonder if there will be a dct tune required if the engine is tuned. Golfs with the DSGs require them after the engine has been tuned.

  • GermanCarsRule

    Hyundai is putting out an amazing product at a great price. Those German engineers they stole are helping, lol!

    • 100

      What German engineers? I understand they hired Albert Biermann. Still, vast majority of engineers at hyundai are Koreans.

    • Jagga Pardhaan
      Jagga Pardhaan

      Certainly, without them Hyundai Group was a noob.

  • jeffer168

    It's an automatic. That means it got worse, not better.

  • Lungu Gabriel
    Lungu Gabriel

    5.6 sec to 100km/h? This has to be the fastest FWD car to 100km (62miles)/h!

    • 100

      It literally is.

    • mitchell duchesne
      mitchell duchesne

      @Lungu Gabriel Yeah, but we don't get those in North America. So the Hyundai is alone in Canada and the USA.

    • Lungu Gabriel
      Lungu Gabriel

      @mitchell duchesne even faster. The clubsport and TCR models are rated for the same time (5.6 sec).

    • mitchell duchesne
      mitchell duchesne

      VW GTI is very close to this isn't. 5.8's with the performance pack and launch control in the MK 7's I think. The correct tires matter a lot for this.

  • Juelz 45
    Juelz 45

    Yo where’s your tools at bro? Garage be empty AF.

  • M. Stewart
    M. Stewart

    Why is this boost available for only 20 seconds every 3 minutes?

  • Nspire3

    how this dude look so old but young at the same time

  • B Kopp
    B Kopp

    How reliable is the dct really going to be? I guess time will tell.

  • John the Greek
    John the Greek

    Yeah but why buy an automatic hot hatch.... not exactly fun...

    • 100

      you can always get a MT on this car.

  • George Of The Jungle
    George Of The Jungle

    The dogs bollocks is a DCT in sequential mode.

    • 100

      You can akways get a manual.

  • Z Tol4_I
    Z Tol4_I

    So you can spend More money on features you should be able to do as an active driver. You know, like paying attention to your lane position, paying attention to your following distance, knowing where other cars are around you, possibly in your blind spot, looking ahead to prepare for possible emergencies, know how to parallel park. If all these lazy driver nanny features were removed, cars would cost less and drivers would be forced to . . . Drive Their Car. OMG GASP!

  • Andre DeFils
    Andre DeFils

    That seems like something straight out of videogames. "Your extra boost is on a 3 minute cool down"

    • Avery Kucan
      Avery Kucan

      It's a way to advertise a higher peak performance without blowing up the engine from doing it long-term. They just don't want you to always use it when accelerating

  • Midcentmiata

    Warp speed button!

  • asdfjkl74able

    Any chance we could get a video about turbo surge/the flutter sound and if it's bad for your car or not? The difference between off throttle and on throttle surge? There is a lot of disagreement and I would trust your opinion Thanks

  • Bender Rodriguez
    Bender Rodriguez

    Car and Driver launched this car 0-60 in 4.8 sec

  • graycloud057

    The best thing one can do with a Hyundai is stay away from them.

  • Jc Stang
    Jc Stang

    That is cool AF.

  • talltomtube

    I have a 2019 Kia Soul! Turbo 1.6L with a 7sp DCT. Most of the time I drive old and slow, but I love surprising people and that powershift is almost too much fun. 100K mile factory warranty on the driveline. I plan on getting something else before the warranty runs out. I'm not paying that repair bill for two new clutches. lol.

  • Kavi4

    What is the this DCT units torque limits? Hope it's a wet clutch setup as the dry clutch units will fail and generally the mechatronics go also as normal of VAG vehicles

  • Gauge167

    Hyundai is actually exceeding Honda in better more fun cars fight me..

  • Officer_Baitlyn

    7:52 caveman uga buga me accelerate me go fast brrr

  • Ben S
    Ben S

    Was very confused for 3 minutes till I remembered that a DCT is not a CVT.

  • Kismias

    First thing everyoen is going to do is hack the car so that the button is "on" constantly.

    • EazyTheRecon


  • 8SpeedNate

    I got a 4.9 0-60 using launch control in my dct anD always got 6.1 in my manual

  • Harry Poter
    Harry Poter

    i love the DCT Veloster N, one of my fav cars. But makes me happy that my cheap little 2.0T Camaro is still faster :D :D 5.4s. Veloster w/ launch control is 5.6s :D :D :D :D :D :D

    • XxToptankxX

      That's funny. My stock 2021 DCT hit 4.9. The 5.6 is manual and 5.2 is dct is what Hyundai says. You are a psychopath with all the smiles.

    • Harry Poter
      Harry Poter

      @Valerie Rodger dude... I didn’t insult you. I called you a “dummy”. If I was really mad I would used harsher words. But ok, make all these fancy categories if you want to, in my eyes I see regular cars, work trucks, and sports cars. All sports cars are in the same boat in my eyes. In reality people buy cars based on how much money they can spend on a car, then all those other preferences come second. So if I have $30k-35k to spend on a sports car, I’m looking at performance numbers and reliability. Don’t get me wrong I love the Veloster N DCT, I think it’s one of the best cars of the year. All I’m saying is my cheap little Camaro is faster.

    • Valerie Rodger
      Valerie Rodger

      @Harry Poter I have my facts straight. Comparisons in affordability are to other vehicles in the same category.The Camaro is not in the same category as the Veloster. The Camaro is a rear wheel drive muscle car / pony car. The Veloster is a front wheel drive hatch. And if being triggered into an emotional rant and tossing around insults is normal for you, you need help.

    • Harry Poter
      Harry Poter

      @Valerie Rodger this is me CORRECTING YOU. I’m not mad lol. If I didn’t put hands on you, you didn’t trigger me.

    • Harry Poter
      Harry Poter

      @Valerie Rodger the Veloster N is the best Veloster trim you can buy. The 2.0T Camaro is the cheapest lowest trim Camaro. The Veloster N costs $5000 more than the Camaro. What are you even talking about???? The Camaro is the slowest “muscle car” of all in a straight line, but is the fastest one around the track BECAUSE OF HANDLING not straight line. Get your facts straight. If you think I’m “triggered” right now, you must be really sensitive, this is how I talk all the time.

  • Alex Pettit
    Alex Pettit

    All of that's cool, but I'd still take the manual any day.

  • ellis

    In certain situations, can a more powerful car like this, be more fuel efficient than something like a 1L Ford fiesta? For example going down a motorway slip road? This car can cruise slowly to speed or floor it and be at 70mph in a couple of seconds, however something like a ford fiesta may spend 10-20 seconds getting to 70, meaning they spend more time at full throttle meaning more fuel goes in the engine.

  • DJ Subculture
    DJ Subculture

    Now all it needs is "Valet Mode" and the it would be perfect.

  • James Coogan
    James Coogan

    Extra boost for a limited amount of has a been around for nearly 20 years. Peugeots had them in the early 2000s That NGS button seems to have just reinvented kick-down.

    • Kavi4

      Many have that , but it's electronically controlled , not by demand for the burst.

  • Steve Kilpatrick
    Steve Kilpatrick

    While I am a die-hard manual fan (every vehicle I've owned has been a stick), THIS HERE would be enough to get me to switch to a DCT. Great video!

  • Jonathan Vermeul
    Jonathan Vermeul

    Such a shame the Veloster N isn't available in Europe. I love the 1 door on driver's side and 2 doors on passenger side. But the older model has a weird back side.

  • Mases

    Yuck, the rear end is ghastly. An otherwise super cool car..

  • Ryan Kwan
    Ryan Kwan

    My monitors are colour calibrated and cover 100% of the DCI-P3 gamut. Is that hoodie really that red in real life?

  • superluig164

    I want a Veloster N now.

  • Labour Law Act
    Labour Law Act

    Thanks boy 😊😊

  • Rey Fernandez
    Rey Fernandez

    n=Not a fan of the Veloster looks, but I cant wait for the Elantra N. The prototype vids show an amazing vehicle that far exceeds anything in that segment including the Civic Type R that was designed by an 18 year old version of myself.

  • Shane House
    Shane House

    WHY? oh why did sequential gearbox options in affordable cars die off so soon? Please help me figure it out someone. I have seen like 3 new cars with sequential shifter options but they are all $100k +

  • Shane House
    Shane House

    Hey im new to this channel and the 1st vid i watched was actually on this same car. Your channel is great and glad i found it 👍👍

  • O Sharq
    O Sharq

    Would want to see one aganist a golft gti and a golf r

  • Joel “James” Present
    Joel “James” Present

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    • Phil Spaghet
      Phil Spaghet

      This is better lol

  • Joskj j
    Joskj j

    Veloster n is such a gem

  • Joskj j
    Joskj j

    Hyundai is really making some awesome cars that people actually want, no other manufacturer is pumping out so much enthusiast vehicles at once Hyundai and Kia are making cooler and more reliable cars than Nissan and Honda now

    • Valerie Rodger
      Valerie Rodger

      They've come a long way from the cars that I remember from the '80s! Hiring a bunch of engineers away from Toyota vastly improved their reliability, and fielding works teams in motorsports has definitely translated into more exciting cars on the market. I'm still disappointed that they won't be selling the Elantra GT (i30) in North America anymore, though.

  • 4ur3n

    Before you even purchase the car, you are enrolled into a 2-year higher education program, where you learn the basics of Hyundai Veloster shifting. After the completion of the courses you are taking the final exam and only if you pass you are allowed to place a purchase order for the vehicle. Your order goes straight to Hyundai Headquarters screening team that along with your grades, takes into consideration your family status, your hobbies, your drinking habits and the shape of your receding hairline. Finally, if all looks proper, you receive a letter of confirmation and you are allowed to get to your nearest Hyundai representative to arrange the preparations for your graduation, where you will also get the keys to your veloster, which now is two years older. Safe travels.

  • watchthisusa

    For sure its HRD. From the same area! I grew up in Dexter.

  • watchthisusa

    Huron River Drive?

  • Keven Harvey
    Keven Harvey

    Been looking into turbo compound engines lately, I'm kind of baffled as to why they aren't used in passenger cars, seems like a straightforward way to increase specific output and efficiency.

  • andres kashani
    andres kashani

    I had a 2020 Elantra GT N-Line and the DCT on that car was reliable and overly built. Hyundia is beginning to utilize quality components. I cannot speak for older generations just 2020 and up.

  • G. Warren
    G. Warren

    No matter how many gimmicks Hyundai places inside, there’s no way I’d ever pay more than $16k for any of their products! I remember back in 2005 they were literally selling “2 for 1” due to being so horrible.

  • Stephen Hendricks
    Stephen Hendricks

    In nearly half of century of driving I never went without at least one MT vehicle in my garage until I bought a DCT GTI in 2013. When I replaced it in 2018 with a MK7 GTI I didn't hesitate to go with a DCT again. I'd still choose a manual transmission Miata simply for the heritage in a pure sports car with limited power but otherwise I'd never go back to a manual transmission vehicle. No more than I'd return to a car without power assisted steering or fuel injection.

  • Nitrobucket

    Another car guy pointed out to me that I seem to say "I'm constantly impressed by this new South Korean car" at least twice a year. I must be a Hyundai fan boy now

  • Colin scutt
    Colin scutt

    "dont have to use it all at once"🤣

  • Burnt Chicken Nugget
    Burnt Chicken Nugget

    So race smarter not harder. All though somone with skill could probably beat the DCT version. They would not stand much chance on a back to back drag race to 100. On track once the skilled driver learns the track then you stand a chance.

  • GBass

    N Track Sense Shift is ridiculous. Learn to shift by yourself like all of us did back in the day. We did fine as did the best manual driver here.

  • Nico Bellic
    Nico Bellic

    Nah still gonna buy a GTI

    • Kavi4

      No coupe type and terrible back up

  • realvanman1

    It should also be noted that GOOD automatics ALSO give a surge of acceleration during a shift, for the same reason the DCTs do. But the torque converter converts some of the brief large drop in speed across it into a greater surge of torque. Remember GOOD automatics? Pre-electronic, American automatics with a shift kit, that kick you in the butt when they shift!

  • Benjamin Vondrak
    Benjamin Vondrak

    I bought a brand new 2020 Veloster N and since day one it has been at the shop. Sounded like a cool car but after the way I see Hyundai treat its dealerships, and the way they treat their customers, I will not be buying Hyundai again. Such a disgrace.

    • Faded N
      Faded N

      What's wrong with it?

  • Vincent R
    Vincent R

    Its phenomenal. I've ditched my 2018 BMW m4 dct after one test drive 2021 VN dct. It drives so good.

    • Vincent R
      Vincent R

      @Dr. Skillz this VN dct drives like a rear wheel drive. Only thing I cant do is drifting in rain. Well I still have my manual 2015 scion frs for that. VN dct is just crazy good. I know that on may they r making same car in elantra N with same drive train. And also Kona N w AWD

    • Dr. Skillz
      Dr. Skillz

      You don’t miss the rear wheel drive feeling?

  • Mihail Petrovici
    Mihail Petrovici

    11:10 this is just wrong from a car guy perspective

  • Mihail Petrovici
    Mihail Petrovici

    Yeah, '90 was the peak of cars