4 Technologies That Could Prevent Your Next Car Crash
How Driver Assistance Technologies Can Help Prevent Car Crashes
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Every year about 37,000 people die in vehicle crashes on America’s roads. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) wants that number to be zero. You know what? I want that number to be zero as well. In this video we’ll discuss four driver assistance technologies that can help make cars safer! We’ll cover rear automatic braking, blind spot intervention, lane keeping assistance, and automatic high beams. Important to note, the goal here isn’t to take the driver completely out of the equation, but to provide assistance in ways that continue to reduce the number of fatal crashes and injuries. To learn more about new car safety technologies and understand how they work, you can visit NHTSA.gov.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    Big thanks to Gears and Gasoline for their work on cinematography and Humble Mechanic for the studio to shoot in! And of course thanks to NHTSA for partnering!

    • Silver Lightning Remix
      Silver Lightning Remix

      @Miroslaw Karas who me?

    • Miroslaw Karas
      Miroslaw Karas

      You not only cover the technology... you also cover the name of the car that you drive lol

    • ABC

      @Silver Lightning Remix How strong the B-pillar should be in order to prevent the roof from folding? How strong or thick should the glass be to be considered safe? What would the minimum rating of crash evaluation to pass? Isn't it posible to use some sort of deployable pillar like Mercedes uses in their convertible cars and gullwing? I would love to see the calculations from someone like Jason or other chassis developer on how they could make it happen. ✌

    • Silver Lightning Remix
      Silver Lightning Remix

      @ABC though yes the A pillar does block the view, but without the A pillar, in a front. collision crash, the car will simply fold in on itself. especially if it his something that is higher height wise and will potentially end the driver. a glass or acrylic structure arent strong enough but even if they were. they pose more of a safety risk if the A pillar made of glass/acrylic were to cave it. it wont bend like metal but instead send shards into the driver. Yes it would be great to be able to see out of the A pillar but in truth, by chaning out the material of even thinning it down for better visibility will compromise the structure, plus i heavily doubt it will pass the crash test

    • ABC

      Hi! Have you ever thought about driving a car without an A-pillar blocking your view in corners? I still haven't seen a video discussing this topic and many cars today although very rigid, structurally, have really thick A-Pillars that block your view to the point of posing a risk to the driver or a person. I think it would be really cool to discuss the topic, taking examples like the Chevrolet Corvair Tetsudo Concept, the Renault Trezor Concept. I would love to see your take on that topic. 👍✌️

  • My Midlife Crisis
    My Midlife Crisis

    I like to think I’m a good driver, I drive 1000 ton mine trucks for a living. My new Subaru has all this tech and adaptive cruise control. I have to say while sometimes the lane assist can be a little over zealous and intrusive, all together these techs reduce my task load and therefore fatigue and thus making me safer. Fatigue can easily make a fantastic driver into a mess on the road.

  • Koxythefox

    I'm just curious, what happens if you see a pothole and want to avoid it by going into the other lane but forget to turn on your indicator because there's no one else on the road ? Is the car gonna steer you back to the pothole xD ? That would be fun to see lol

  • lapamful

    Great video. Another useful safety tip I frequently recommend to my fellow road users is a thing called a 'driving license'. This, in conjunction with a brain transplant can do wonders for many road users I see who seem to find even using the big round thing in front of them (the steering-wheel) confusing...

  • In Detail Car Care Solutions
    In Detail Car Care Solutions

    It’s nice to know mine and my wife’s Mazdas have all these systems. The rear braking has saved me big time once and totally failed another. Lloyd

  • Robert Tidwell
    Robert Tidwell

    Never had a first car crash..

  • Nick Stewart
    Nick Stewart

    I only have an issue with these being always enabled. Utah is under constant construction in the summer and the lanes are never where the markings are. Could the automatic lane correction kill a construction worker? I'm all for these technologies. I'm just worried about all the edge cases that seem to be commonplace where I live.

  • Eitha

    imo, too many automatic highbeam systems are too slow to act, and with how bright (and poorly aimed) most new headlights are blinding to on-coming drivers at night anyways. Source: Drive a small car at late hours often and am blinded by every modern car with LEDs that I see

  • Richard

    REQUEST: Can you do a video on Intelligent stoplights? We are saddled with 100 year old timer technology. We can do better with virtually zero downside. I'm hearing 30-40% improvements with no roadway changes.

  • Yummy Spaghetti Noodles
    Yummy Spaghetti Noodles

    Nothing prevents a car crash better than a good driver

  • Clickmaster5k

    It great there are things to compensate for people not paying attention but all these extra technologies are also making cars very expensive.

  • Hugo Burton
    Hugo Burton

    Why is it titled your *next* car crash. Is that implying I'm gonna have one.

  • mry82

    ... and if you are dodging something in the road? Seriously curious.

  • Lyle Stavast
    Lyle Stavast

    was this part of deferred adjudication per chance ? lol :) Good video !

  • MrMarty77

    Lane keeping is a good idea, but it has more often steered me out of my lane because of a crack in the road or a lack of lines, than it has kept me in it.

  • MrMarty77

    Blind spot warnings are amazing.

  • Ed Cew
    Ed Cew

    Coming from an aviation safety background... those things can be good but the driver should be the final authority on the operation of the car, not the automation.

  • odortiz

    imagine if new cars were all able to avoid impacts. insurance companies would have to make all their profits from drivers of old cars. the interesting question is going to be, who pays for insurance on self-driving cars? if the manufacturer has to, will they even allow you to have a steering wheel?

  • Erhardt

    One of those gadgets could have prevented me, crashing into the middle section of the German autobahn 🛣…

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn

    I live in NYS Finger Lakes Region and we have problems with people hitting deer as d deers hitting people’s cars! An 9ld technology the passive deer whistle on front of our cars!

  • Jack Ripper
    Jack Ripper

    What car is this?

  • Koub666

    I don't like active driving assistances forcefully interfering with my driving without me being able to turn them off. I mean until some day I can be totally discharged from the driving with fully autonomous driving and all responsability on the car's manufacturers. As long as I'm the one responsible, I want to be able to choose which assistance I want, and which I don't. Typically ABS, ESP, Automatic wiper activation upon rain, automatic light management depending on conditions, sensors with warnings (but no action) to help me with collisions/blind spots, manually activable cruise control are OK for me. I'd even be happy with some system that warns me when I'm over speed limit . But anything that alters the car's speed/direction is a no no for me if it can't be turned off.

  • ABC

    Hi! Have you ever thought about driving a car without an A-pillar blocking your view in corners? I still haven't seen a video discussing this topic and many cars today although very rigid, structurally, have really thick A-Pillars that block your view to the point of posing a risk to the driver or a person. I think it would be really cool to discuss the topic, taking examples like the Chevrolet Corvair Tetsudo Concept, the Renault Trezor Concept. I would love to see your take on that topic. 👍✌️

  • Benjamin D
    Benjamin D

    I know I'm a terrible driver. And having never crashed in all of my years, I know I'm better than many, but still terrible. Bring it on!

  • -

    Hoi Jason. I have driven cars with these safety technologies. A quick summary of my experiences. The automatic braking system in my car slams the brakes *very* brutally for flags waving in front of the car, for innocent, thin branches of leaves hanging over het road, etc. This has caused several near misses when people driving behind me almost crashed into me. But when deers cross the road in front of me, it does *not* brake. Worthless crap. Luxuary cars in Europe have automatic high beams. Only they don't work: they don't dim for traffic driving in front, so you get blinded via your rear mirrors. Nor do they dim for bikes, pedestrians and often cars coming towards you. European cars have different beam patterns than in the USA: it shines more to the right, and less into oncoming trafic. So the automatic dimming often does not recognise oncoming cars and does not dim. But it occasionally dims for street lamps, LED-panels with promo, shopping lights, reflectors reflecting the high beam (!!!) etc. Often in cases where you need the high beam. Crap. The lane-keeping assistant is the worst. It tried to kill me 10x a day. Whenever I drove a bit to the middle of the road to pass pedestrians and bikes, this "safety" system tried to pull me back and make me crash into them. When I tried to drive more to the edge of the road, to safely pass an oncoming big vehicle like a tractor or bulldozer, it tried to pull me back to the middle and frontally crash into it. On highways, when the safety barriers would recess, it would try to crash me into those barriers. When the white lines of the lanes would be invalid, as during road works, the system would try to follow the invalid lines and crash me into those road workers. When old lines began to show through, after being repainted by new white lines, the system would get confused and follow the wrong lines, trying to crash me. This 10x a day. Further, as a driver you need to feel what the wheels and suspension are doing. But with that crappy assistant, you don't know what is going on: is that shivering in the steering a flat tire, a bumpy road, or this assistant? You see? This is absolute horror crap. ABS and anti-slip work excellent on rainy highways: in this case they reduce braking distance and let you keep control of the car. But on mud and snow they increase braking distance, sometimes doubling it. So, in my view, these systems (except ABS) are worthless and dangerous crap. People just need to be awake when driving. But of course, here in Europe, everything is good to demonize cars and working people. So, these horror-systems will soon be legally required, to harass drivers, and to cause as much traffic deaths as possible. The goal is to introduce a gory communist society without cars, and to rob people from their ability to travel freely. That is the ultimate goal of all these safety- and self-driving systems. Unfortunately, most people are too dumbed-down to see this. So, don't fall into that trap too. I prefer cars that have none of this crap, only ABS. Just a simple, basic car with good visibility and good handling, that is fun to drive. The Mazda MX-5 comes close, if only it was a bit bigger, with more luggage room, and better visibility to the rear. But with the same simplicity, fun-level, price and reliability.

  • Flowing InTheWin
    Flowing InTheWin

    I deactivated high beam assist after I ''flashed'' 3 drivers who got mad and flashed me. It's more likely to cause road rage than save 1 single live.

  • james becker
    james becker

    Jason is in the PSA business? LOL

  • Mozoto

    You need to work on your shoulders man, your posture is bad :(

  • Prich038

    Tbh we need better drivers and less technology, the world is in a chip shortage crisis and the automotive industry is being bit hard

  • Naam is niet belangrijk
    Naam is niet belangrijk

    They already have a solution for people that need this tech. It’s called public transport.

  • ShroudedPhoenix

    3:00 wait wait wait... so people might finally use their turn signal???

  • Oblithian

    I don't like overrides, as there are several regular instances where they would consistently cause rather than solve problems. Neither solution is perfect, but in every other circumstances we acknowledge a system that endangers you as a flaw. Where as here we like to say, it's just a cost of an extra safety feature. But that doesn't necessarily make it extra safe in sum. How about those neck belts...

  • Sergio Alberto Romero
    Sergio Alberto Romero

    For someone who loves cars and bicycles I'm hoping a lot of this new tech starts to take bicycles on the road as a variable as well, would be cool to see car tech helping those who ride bikes too!

  • jtljudoman

    You know what; nice. Thanks for spreading the good word about technologies that help us be safer. Thanks for the public service.

  • Peter B.
    Peter B.

    The biggest blink spot is behind the A pillar on the driver's side. Hides pedestrians. Second biggest blind spot passenger's side A pillar. Hides cross traffic. 3rd largest blind spots B pillars cross traffic. Sporty 2 doors are much less likely to have this problem. Pickup SUV more likely. Not all intersections are perpendicular at 90°

  • Daniel Jensen
    Daniel Jensen

    So how do I activate those automatic high beams in other people's cars?

  • Brenndon McGill
    Brenndon McGill

    All of this is pretty nice. There's one thing that was missed that my sonata (like the one on video) has. When you're backing up from a spot and can't see traffic due to parked cars beside you, it has cross traffic detection where it'll hit the brakes and show arrows on screen indicating vehicles direction. Also, being that it has a form of autopilot where you can go a minute or two without having your hand on the wheel is neat. You can order the openpilot system and have autopilot for highways and whatnot. Just plugs into your obd ii port and attached to windshield.

  • awkc 63
    awkc 63

    Lane Keeping doesn't do much because most roads don't have paint with the reflective paint in it. Lol

  • Kangaroo Caught
    Kangaroo Caught

    I like the fact that Jason uses the term crashes, not the term accidents. Most crashes are caused by impatience and loss of concentration. I also like some of these features, though I don't need a new vehicle any time soon.

  • Alex

    It is hilarious how advertisements try to cover up the car emblems, like anyone who knows anything about cars will know that is a Hyundai Sonata.

    • Barney Desmond (furinkan)
      Barney Desmond (furinkan)

      I'd normally say yes, but I had to come here to the comments to see if someone would mention what model it is! 😂 Those front DRLs really bothered me because I couldn't tell where they start and end, thanks to reflects off the shiny paintwork

  • morbital

    Or, we could make driver licensing as stringent as getting a pilots license... Never understood why its so easy to get a license.

  • Preston Deters
    Preston Deters

    Rear automatic braking is great, except when you have a driveway that is at a very mild incline and it detects the road as you back out and slams on the brakes at 6 in the morning causing a big scene of loud noises as everything in the vehicle locks up and jolts around that makes you look insane to your neighbors. Good times....

  • Greg M.
    Greg M.

    sadly, adding technologies like these to vehicles dumbs drivers down even more, thus making them a lot worse over the long term. Assuming you have blind spot monitoring, when was the last time you actually turned your head to check it ? I know if I had it, I'd still be doing it. Technology = lazy = worse long term

  • Assimilator1

    Lane assist is fine on motorways/highways, but needs to be turned off on twisty country roads otherwise it'll drive you nuts when you straighten out corners!! Radar braking is great if it doesn't get panicky about some car turning off ahead when you're in no danger of hitting it! Talking about Suzuki radar braking here, especially those without a near/far button.

  • Montgomery Bojangles
    Montgomery Bojangles

    The only one of these I can't get behind is lane keep assistance. It's honestly really easy to stay in your lane (especially given how large most lanes are in NA) I always avoid drivers on the road who can't simply maintain their lane. Its a sign that they are terrible drivers since they cant even do the most basic thing. If technology took over I'd have no way of spotting these drunks on the road.

  • B _
    B _

    Automatic highbeams ? I bet pedestrians and cyclists will love those :-)

  • SteinOnkel

    All good improvements. Except for the automatic beam switching nonsense. Just give us matrix LED headlights already.

  • Sanity016

    I feel like pre collision braking is more important than auto high beams but that's just me. You probably didn't have much say in what technologies to cover and you probably would have covered more if you did so I don't blame you.

  • William Wheaton
    William Wheaton

    These features are crutches though. They help bad drivers do better but they can’t make them more skilled. Is making people look like good drivers worth the dependency on these features? Also when the car is ten years old this adds significant expense towards maintenance and repair cost

  • Takirub Hunter
    Takirub Hunter

    Uhhh wtf is that car and why does it look like a fish?

  • Luis Torres
    Luis Torres

    Now that’s my type of intro

  • Georgi Donchev
    Georgi Donchev

    got 3 of those 4

  • Ralfo TG
    Ralfo TG

    Driver nannies are making the human race weaker.

  • Zach M
    Zach M

    All of this in a Hyundai.. amazing how far they’ve come

  • Benjamin Speechly
    Benjamin Speechly

    It's amazing how many people are not killed every year given how many people violate traffic laws.

  • hameedullah jasat
    hameedullah jasat

    I live in Zimbabwe, these technologies won't work with our roads

  • dub88acc

    I thought you meant the technology would shut off oncoming cars high beams. Now that would be useful

  • St Vg
    St Vg

    I have had lane assist in a few cars now, definately nothing I would rely on! Thank got those cars only had the warning and not also the active steering wheel feature…kind of bad, if the car suddenly thinks you are off lane and would try bringing you back on track, but uuuups, this wasn’t a road marking but only some line-like pattern in the road surface…. I totally agree these are theoretically great features, but to my experience up till now, they may be more of a danger but a help.

  • Steven C
    Steven C

    I work as an automotive technician so I park a lot of cars on a daily and you don’t know how many times I’ve almost gotten a heart attack when a car’s automatic rear breaks lock up out of nowhere 😭

  • Perry Woo
    Perry Woo

    LOL gj hyundai

  • Rahul Kushwaha
    Rahul Kushwaha

    Why the thumbnail looks like he's a weather reporter.

  • John A
    John A


  • youtube spectator
    youtube spectator

    oh no, BMW drivers won't be able to change lanes

  • ProjectXJ

    What happens when these systems fail? Could they actually increase accidents?

  • Dušan “Duke” Dojčinovski
    Dušan “Duke” Dojčinovski

    You forget the most underutilized safety feature that would help tremendously with safety and traffic congratulations - adaptive cruise control. I am dumbfounded that people don't use this. Maybe they don't know what it is. Or maybe they are just ignorant and don't care about blocking the traffic in the left lane.

  • Mosport Racing School 1977
    Mosport Racing School 1977

    I've been driving for 48 years, and I've had three crashes - two low speed fender-benders when I was a teenager, and a larger crash (but still driveable) two years ago when I got run off the road. My anti-crash technology is between my ears, and I'm happy with the results.

  • Henry Jones
    Henry Jones

    The 52 cadillac had automatic high beams as an option. It was called the autronic eye

  • Got memes?
    Got memes?

    My brain and my eyes are perfectly capable of preventing my next car crash but i do understand that for some people that isn't a viable option

  • Driving in Sri Lanka
    Driving in Sri Lanka

    Bro, these are standard features of all Japanese and EU cars now. I'm surprised you are talking about them like future tech. But, they can sometimes be dangerous tho, like, for tailgaters. Even my low-end Toyota cross-over wannabe does all its high beam control and braking for me. I have turned off the lane-keeping cos I hate when the steering tugs when I try to overtake a slow car.

  • kelvink9999

    "the system won't activate when the turn signal is on..." OH BOY!

  • Roger Gadd
    Roger Gadd

    I assume that Jason's Crosstrek as seen as the other car in this video also has all four of those features because mine does.

  • ֹ ֹ
    ֹ ֹ

    That automatic reversing brake, would make you really easy to be carjacked.

  • S King
    S King

    Thank you for the PSA, Jason ...

  • Bert Troubleyn
    Bert Troubleyn

    Every time you said 'Nitsa', I had to suppres the urge to say "Gesundheit".

  • shanemjn

    If you have parking sensors and a back up camera and you're still crashing into things, maybe you shouldn't be in control of a few tonnes of metal.

  • word1901

    that lane keep assist sounds quite dangerous quite a few times i have had to swerve into the other lane/incorrect side of the road to avoid accidents and if lane keep assist was on my vehicle the only thing it would have achieved in that case would be keeping me on my side of the road and ASSISTING me head on into the kenworth on my side of the road

  • Franky Rollins
    Franky Rollins

    No whiteboard, no math, background music?? He’s definitely being held hostage.

  • D3adCZE

    Emergency Braking system and Lane Keep Assist almost killed me two times in the last week only. 1) I was driving on a highway at 110kph in safe distance behind a fellow commuter. The car in front of me decided to drive into right lane to get off the highway. My lane was free, he was slowing down. As he got on same level as me, the car immediately hit brakes and went from 110kph to 40kph with a guy going 120kph behind me. He had to brake hard. This PITA "safety" assistants are straightforward dangerous, not helpful. 2) I was driving on a road near forrest. The road curved to the right, I was driving perfectly in the middle of my lane. What did tha LKA try to do? It tried to steer me into the forrest at 90kph... Yea, this happened on the same day. I wanted to set the car on fire that day. If I am to take responsibility for the car, nothing will even touch the controls of the car. Otherwise the government that is forcing the manufacturer to install these outward dangerous systems shoudl be held liable.

  • Bawxxy

    Automatic rear breaking is ANNOYING as heck ... But I LOVE these features, everything that makes the roads safer is a win in my book and even if as you said we don't make mistakes... there are so many other cars on the road

  • Desu VR
    Desu VR

    That's a very nice *cough*HyundaiSonata*cough* uhh, un-named insert-brand-here car!

  • Dylan Hui
    Dylan Hui

    he went through the effort to hide every Hyundai badge

  • Jiajian Hou
    Jiajian Hou

    My 4-year-old car has 3 of them except for rear auto braking already.

  • Elias Barajas
    Elias Barajas

    It is crazy how many times I was almost hit by someone making an unnecessary lane change to my lane and their blind spot monitor is blinking and beeping at them. It’s even crazier that some of those people who almost hit me didn’t even realize I had smash my brake pedal or pull out of my lane.

  • Gary Knight
    Gary Knight

    Funny how all drivers consider themselves above average 🙄

  • Z06Doc

    The safety feature that would save the most lives would be one that detects the presence of any cell phones within the car and wouldn’t allow the car to start unless the phones are powered off or hands free such as connected to apple car play. Hang up and drive America! That text is not as important as your life or mine.

  • David Morse
    David Morse

    Completely distracted by the lights on that car. What was it? Mod?

  • Abhiram Madhu
    Abhiram Madhu

    Too much of this technology is kinda annoying and dangerous. Especially that directly interacts with brake and steering. For example the automatic braking technique. What if you are trying to escape from a dangerous situation like you are stuck on a railway track and the train is coming and the only way out is to reverse and crash into whatever behind and move out from the track. Kinda over thought it, but still it is a possibility.

  • superluig164

    It's absolutely a sin that auto high beams are not standard on all vehicles today. It's been around since at least the early 2000s. My 2006 Chrysler 300 has them. Why isn't it as ubiquitous as auto lights?

  • 04srt4champ

    Interested in a video testing heat wrap on intake and manifold parts, and if its worth it to wrap said items.

  • Jay Dunbar
    Jay Dunbar

    The best system is putting the phone down, the more safety features the less people seem to actually pay attention themselves. No im not a perfect driver, but I do put on around 120,000 miles a year and it amazes me how many people go 70 down the highway and are straight up staring at their phone with zero attention to the road.

  • 1enopot

    Had to turn rear braking off on my truck, I usually back over the curb and it would stop the car for no good reason

  • badhabit

    Hyundai Sonata.

  • Alireza Eskandari
    Alireza Eskandari

    Great video, Production style is different 😂

  • Talisman389

    Cool catfish car

  • One More Desu
    One More Desu

    Or, just be aware.

  • Terrance Blount
    Terrance Blount

    Everything out 2022 Mitsubishi Outlander's have. Once you have them, it's hard to imagine going back honestly. These could have saved me from an incident that caused me to swerve, hit a tree, and total my 2014 EVO X MR. Anyhow, good video!

  • Mck Idyl
    Mck Idyl

    I keep my 2000 Honda simply because I can FRIKKIN SEE OUT! The technology needed to help drivers know what's around them is called "glass". It really is that simple.

  • Gordon Tendick
    Gordon Tendick

    The problem is, just like rear view cameras, these will become MANDATORY in the future... whether you want them or not.

  • irongolum 934
    irongolum 934

    Would have preferred to see more statistic and numbers comparing cars with safety and without safety features and how effective they really are.

  • Dwayne Madsen
    Dwayne Madsen

    I am 100% in favor of a technology that can only be turned off by the driver using their turn signals! I never thought I'd live to see the day! Automatic high beams. My dad told me his older brother had a Caddy with those back in the mid 1960s. At that time they flickered on and off if you were on a curve with the reflective signs reminding you to turn. As the lights hit each arrow sign the reflection would cause the high beams to dim, then they would come back on, then dim again at the next sign. I assume these are better equipped! Stay safe and thank you for sharing!