After 10 Years On YouTube, It's Time For Some Changes!
Engineering Explained Is Officially Ten Years Old, With 3 Million Subscribers!
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I created Engineering Explained on June 24, 2011, having no idea where this channel would end up. I'm happy, proud, and grateful to have surpassed 3 million subscribers, 10 years later, as a result of making weekly videos about how cars work.

Engineering Explained really has covered it all! Head to my main channel page and checkout my playlists for topics like tires, wheels, brakes, suspensions, drivetrains, differentials, transmissions, engines, electric cars, batteries, electric motors, alternative fuels, car reviews, weird stuff, unique features, and driving all kinds of different cars.

The channel has had a fun group of cars!
- 1999 Acura Integra, did a lot of fun stuff with it, and it was stolen.
- 2014 Subaru WRX STI hatch. I love the way it looks, I love it on paper, the AWD system.
- 2002 Honda S2000, did about 40 videos with, really cool series.
- 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, the greatest car of all time. Longest I’ve owned a new car.
- 2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid-Range. Had it for two weeks, quickly got rid of it.
- 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance, still have, absolutely love it, best daily.
- 2016 Mazda MX-5, sold my S2000 and bought another S2000 and supercharged it.

Regarding the garage, I don’t know what’s next! Genuinely love my three car setup. Two manuals, one electric, one supercharged, one NA. One with ground clearance, two without. Two AWD, one RWD.

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    Hello all! Thank you for watching. As many have pointed out, the car I'm inside of is an MX-5, not an S2000. When I bought another two door, manual, supercharged, yellow convertible, a lot of folks said I just bought the same thing haha. As a nod to those comments, I called it an S2000 in this video. My jokes are often two things: delivered with a straight face, and bad.


      I really do not know the difference between Chris Fix and Engineering Explained. However, the content, knowledge and experience offered by both has kept me coming back. This video gives a glimpse into the personality of the character behind these good works. I think it is the best so far. Congrats and thank you.

    • mry82

      @Matthew Murphy As an owner of 2 (including a Miata), I can assure you that you are being overly sensitive!

    • Matthew Murphy
      Matthew Murphy

      As an owner of 3 Mazdas (including a Miata), I can assure you the joke was bad 🙃

    • Guardianboy TV
      Guardianboy TV

      Really fantastic the vídeos you posted, I have learned a lot of engineering with them. About the joke is fine, I also make bad jokes. Wish the best for you and more years of great content, thank you!

    • Frank Huber
      Frank Huber

      Oh, I get it! You made a yoke about your yellow car.

  • David Stanaway
    David Stanaway

    Congrats on 10 years! Don’t sweat the change in format. Keep doing what you want to do, it works!

  • DanBeamZ

    Love your videos man!

  • ditanian

    I really enjoy your content. Thank you, Jason!

  • roqofort

    Your channel's great. You've answered my top 50 questions about how cars work in simple, easy to understand presentations, and then you went on to answer questions about cars I did'nt even have :D

  • jimmy hsu
    jimmy hsu

    Great to see you still making videos

  • Samaksh Rana
    Samaksh Rana

    really love your videos

  • ApocalypsesDawn

    Why don't you just hire people to help you make content?

  • JaffNo898

    Nobody has time to keep up with their subscription feed, since you already have the subs this is the right move.

  • WJ Wee
    WJ Wee

    Significant milestone Pal. A decade on, I've learnt so much from your videos. What to install, what not to do etc, felt so humbled to be learning from you:) Keep doing what you're doing. Mark, from Singapore👋

  • A B
    A B

    Pls more of this type of video.

  • Aaditya Pratap Singh
    Aaditya Pratap Singh

    Thank you so much for starting your channel, and providing us all that lovely automotive knowledge, Jason! I learnt about automobiles through your videos, and you always seem to exude a good and charismatic vibe in each of them. Here's to hoping and praying you become even more successful! 😁 Keep on drivin' and revving hard!

  • Fontaine de Can
    Fontaine de Can

    What a great guy...always positive and factual...

  • Ben Lucid
    Ben Lucid

    Good on you for putting your work / life balance first. It’s best for you, and best for us. We wanna see a happy you making quality content, and we wanna see you doing it for at least another 10 years :) Congratulations on the huge milestone, and thanks for entertaining and educating us.

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos

    Happy anniversary Jason! I'm glad to have been here from the beginning. I started watching your videos in your dimly lit room, more for entertainment since I'm pretty familiar with how cars work. But then it was great watching your channel evolve from explaining basics, to car reviews, to explaining complex topics, to being invited by OEMs to events around the world. Congrats and keep charging 💪🏾

  • Luke Smeby
    Luke Smeby

    Why is no one talking about the 7:50 transition lol

  • Jorge Beeche
    Jorge Beeche

    Thank you for all your effort. Your videos helped me decided which car to buy given its technical specs. This is how i learned about CVT!

  • Joe Robinson
    Joe Robinson

    We're definitely all real people, and we're all a little bit to a lot smarter for watching your content! Thanks for doing what you do

  • Walter Bryan
    Walter Bryan

    Congratulations on 10 years of awesome content! My dad and I were eating lunch together one day (I worked with him, so it was common), and one of us had a question about how something on a car worked. Off to FIbill we went! We stumbled one of your clear, and easy to understand videos, and found the answer. We tuned into your videos together for almost a year, learning car information, then he passed away suddenly from cancer. But God is still good. :) I still watch and learn Engineering Explained, but it’s just me now. I have fond memories of watching your videos with him, and I want to thank you, Jason, for all you have done and will do to enable people to learn about cars and bond together. Keep up the good work!!!

  • David Mitchell
    David Mitchell

    The road looks AMAZING! could you please tell me where it's located?

  • thegreatboto

    Congrats on the milestone! Always enjoy the content. Enjoy seeing and learning how things work.

  • Claus Giloi
    Claus Giloi

    I would be interested to see an episode on EV regen... analyzing recoverable vs. nonrecoverable energy and real world regen percentages vs. theoretical. Thanks!

  • thehayze


  • BWX


  • BVillano

    Who are the 208 people who disliked this video??

  • owen kelly
    owen kelly

    Great Content keep up the good work :-)

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy

    +1 real person! Nowhere near seeing all of your hundreds of episodes, but several dozen maybe.... Congrats on making your passion a living and helping the rest of us learn and be entertained--keep up the great work! Great to hear that you are getting to a better design margin on your work-life balance!

  • Talel Hammami
    Talel Hammami

    I love this guy's vibes damn

  • Johann Kuhn
    Johann Kuhn

    So when is the next oil video coming out? I've run out of videos to show to a friend who's afraid of the word "synthetic" (he's also afraid of low cold viscosities because the oil would then be too thin). P.S. Congratulations on the 10 year milestone.

  • Drew Soltis
    Drew Soltis

    He said did nothing in this episode but he’s so pure hearted I had to give it 👍🏼

  • migueld911

    You have given me (and so many people) the opportunity to learn about a fascinating topic that I would have never had the time or energy to approach otherwise. Truly grateful for that mate. Every week or every other week doesn’t really matter for those of us who truly enjoy your videos, just keep up the great quality!

  • migueld911

    You have given me (and so many people) the opportunity to learn about a fascinating topic that I would have never had the time or energy to approach otherwise. Truly grateful for that mate. Every week or every other week doesn’t really matter for those of us who truly enjoy your videos, just keep up the great quality!

  • Travis Byington
    Travis Byington

    Thank you!!! Iv spent countless hours and have learned so much.

  • motorv8N

    Congrats on ten years! You’re content is interesting and topics very well covered.

  • Zach Litton
    Zach Litton

    I'm a real person and I enjoy this. 🤖

  • fort worth, texas
    fort worth, texas

    Just saw the carb vid first vid ever then this.

  • Richie Valentine
    Richie Valentine

    I bumped into you hiking in Oregon of all places today. Congrats on your success dude!

  • Cameron Miles
    Cameron Miles

    If you really hurt your arm like that you should probably put on some weight. For your health.

  • GPR

    Thank you for all you do !!! Your a genius. You explain everything so well. I enjoy watching all your videos. God bless you !!! I will always follow you.

  • Marcus McClintock
    Marcus McClintock

    Congratulations on the milestone, I've been enjoying your content for years now. Big thanks from Australia!

  • kdotc

    My guy, it's been crazy seeing you grow as a content creator and the kinds of content you have been privy to. Always loved your content and sometimes those types also require time to make properly. I don't mind you scaling back release schedules if the content is just as good if not better.

  • David Griffith
    David Griffith

    Congrats on 10 years. I'm ASE certified Master Technician and I thoroughly love your videos. You cover a lot of things but the fact that it is car based is awesome, everyone can relate. I've been watching you for years, not sure how many but I have noticed the Grey setting in. Keep the videos coming and I will continue to watch. Take care.

  • Олег Вл
    Олег Вл

    very very very nice, Jason

  • Andy Abram
    Andy Abram

    I wish you were in Canada ,, and please whenever you come here to Canada be my quest .

  • K Butrum
    K Butrum

    Jason, a few things on this: 1, Please don't fall in to the trap of the "content creation" category. This category is filled with people doing crap that I end up saying "well thats 15 mins of my life I will never get back". What you are doing is the complete opposite of that. You are taking real life subject/equations/principles and explaining them in a layman's terms so that people leave having learned something. I was always a fan of cars and car design from movies (like the Fast series) but never knew anything about the components of the cars or how they worked aside from rolling around with the old man on the garage floor while he's cussing Mother Mary herself. After watching your videos covering all sorts of topics like carbs to turbos to DOHC to egr's to VVT to compression ratios I can fully understand a spec sheet and know what to expect from that vehicle. I have developed a confidence in the mechanics that I have never found anywhere else. I recently watched your video on the SkyActive 2.5 turbo and loved it so much I bought a CX-9 and know exactly whats happening to the car. Its a confidence that I have never approached with any other outlet of education and have a real interest in mechanical engineering now. (Wish it would've come about before my 30's haha). 2, Dont be stressed about your output. The underlying theme is helping other people learn and for that it doesnt matter if you post twice a week or twice a year. What you are explaining is worth waiting for to actually learn something new. You cant put a time on that. This what the internet was always meant to be, a platform for learning. FIbill and their algorithms can want whatever they want but they can only hope that half of the teenagers dicking off on their payroll can provide society with something meaningful. Just wanted to let you know how impactful these videos have been. You were able to give me a passion for something that I otherwise would've never included myself in. I may not have a degree in mechanical engineering but I can certainly hold a conversation about the processes that are applied and for that I thank you.

  • EclecticBread NCircus
    EclecticBread NCircus

    Thanks. I appreciate it. I'm auto-dum. You make me feel auto-smrt. All seriousness though, commitment is not something to take lightly. Congrats on that, & also not burning out.

  • crossphaded

    Congrats Jason! While all these silly cartubers trying so hard to keep up with the Joneses-- buying a new exotic car and modding the crap out them, rinse, repeat. Spitting out the same "smash that like button" , blah blah blah. All the while Jason quietly puts out informative videos, makes sound car purchases, and sails past 3 million subs without having to sell out and be somebody he's not. Kudos to you, man!

  • Max Novakovics
    Max Novakovics

    Iconic dude ✨

  • MetalMotoGamer

    at 6:43 you said you sold your old s2000 and bought a new one with turbo but it was clearly a mazda mx5 lol. Blooper?

  • bavondale

    FIbill shorts are becoming more and more. have you experimented with them?

  • Matt Shorty Wells
    Matt Shorty Wells

    Congratulations on ten great years! I’ve seen many of your videos and am subscribed too. Cheers to the next ten!

  • Gold Pony
    Gold Pony

    Killing it! Congrats on 10 years!

  • Jakub Groń
    Jakub Groń

    Great job Man, so happy for you. I always wanted to share in a comment that watching your content in highschool encouraged me to take on mechanical engineering in college😁

  • Anthony h
    Anthony h

    No- thank you “Yason” 👍

  • Stefan DSC
    Stefan DSC

    since your audience is so international, please also show metric units of measurement when explaining things. it means the world for us the majority that uses metric. you can put a text label when editing the videos

  • Corey Schmidt
    Corey Schmidt

    Congratulations on 10 years!

  • Shalabazer The Boltstruck
    Shalabazer The Boltstruck

    Yes we do and thank you 😀

  • WillemstadArtGroup

    congratulations. keep up the good work.

  • Jacob Hansen
    Jacob Hansen

    Your point of "click this, click that, sub here" etc etc etc - was one of the main reasons i never quit in the first place. I've seen soooooooooo many good quality productions, but the moment someone ask or tells me to do something in order to support them, they loose my view count It's like beggers, don't beg or tell me to give you anything, i'll do it if i feel for it and i can see that it's for a good cause, then you have my full attention and support. With that said, i've seen close to all your videos, quite a few more than 3 timers in order to get sure i remembered correctly, but to mention the amount of times i've used them as reference, to prove a point or in order to back a point of view up in a discussion. One last point, i rellay love how you've managed to evolve over time and adapt to the changes, it's noticeable but not in a bad way (for me asleast). Well done Jason and congratulation on a massive milestone

  • Robert Ruddy
    Robert Ruddy

    Awesome milestone. Solid work and happy to be entertained by you

  • Joel L
    Joel L

    Been watching since the early nerd days…. Always learn something I didn’t know. Congratulations and looking forward to whatever you are interested in sharing.

  • KevBone GT
    KevBone GT

    Funny that you said "you're all adults" I definitely wasn't an adult when I started watching you

  • Solito Reyes
    Solito Reyes

    Well done! I think your channel is one of the smartest channels on FIbill, and by far one of my favorite. Keep up the great work. I would love to hear more electrical stuff, like solar and how electrical engines actually work and what makes Tesla's motors superior to other car motors, battery technologies etc.

  • Vinicius M
    Vinicius M

    1 Video per sprint =]

  • Howard H
    Howard H

    I love to see a fellow engineering geek become successful. :-)

  • JeepCherokeeful

    Jason needs a V8 American Icon: Vette, Camaro, Mustang or Challenger

  • Justin Stewart
    Justin Stewart

    This guy almost 60 years old, good for him. Life is so good. He’s doing it!

  • Ronald Thibodeau
    Ronald Thibodeau

    As Gordon Ramsey says - : WELL DONE!

  • Seamus Lewin
    Seamus Lewin

    fast and furious is absolute trash. man , get real.

  • grant johnston
    grant johnston

    CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR CHANNEL! And of course all of your subscribers and fans! I will admit this video brought a tear to my eye as you were describing the milestones. I spread the word about your channel all the time. Look forward to the next 10 years!

  • mry82

    Been enjoying your videos since the early days. I think 1 video every two weeks is plenty. There are quite a few channels I like to follow and honestly I wish they were pumping out less content, because it bothers my borderline OCD when I can't get through my notifications! Best wishes!

  • s puentes
    s puentes

    I understand why you get grey hairs as you get older, but can you explain how your voice was deeper when you were younger vs today? Congrats on your accomplishments with FIbill. I really enjoy your channel. Maybe one day you can break down the FIbill algorithm without shooting yourself in the foot.

  • DRE

    Thanks for the channel it keeps me informed about tech and how it works, have you ever thought of doing anything with bikes or offroad vehicles and go see events like the Dakar or the Isle of Mann races?

  • Montgomery Bojangles
    Montgomery Bojangles

    Dude thank you for sharing your vast wealth of knowledge with us. Wish you all the best in the future.

  • semir

    TLDW; he’s going from uploading weekly to every other week

  • T PAK 5000
    T PAK 5000


  • Dean Fukawa
    Dean Fukawa

    Aloha Jason, congratulations on reaching your longevity milestone. Proof is in the pudding; quality content and production breeds success. Keep up the excellent work and continue following your passion!

  • cloudyview

    Hahaha - I had a similar year integra, also in silver. Had it stolen TWICE - totaled the second time 🤣

  • Adrian Levi
    Adrian Levi


  • Mathieu Cossette
    Mathieu Cossette

    I have so Much FIbill channels to watch ... I have a 1,500+ videos still to my later watchlist! So 1 every two Weeks is cool for me hehe

  • Mathieu Cossette
    Mathieu Cossette

    Flu still exists???? Hahahahahah

  • Mathieu Cossette
    Mathieu Cossette

    EE FTW!!

  • Ryan rkj
    Ryan rkj

    3M subscribers? You’re doing well. Congratulations.

  • Bode Martin
    Bode Martin

    Dude u taught me so much, thank you

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor

    Good taste in cars, fun yet practical. Mine shadows yours a bit with a Crosstrek, an MGB, and not so similar, a Pathfinder. Had a hard time deciding between a Tesla and the Crosstrek.

  • Balazs Zoltan
    Balazs Zoltan

    Congrats, Jason! You deserve everything that goes your way, because unlike many other FIbillrs, you maintained a humble personality, and as you said, I like that you differentiate yourself from the others by not saying those excessively used three words: like, comment and subscribe! Those that like your content know what they have to do to keep you plugged in! We all love your videos, and hope you will keep up with these new, flashy nonsense, called 2020's! Keep it up!

  • jason superjase du toit
    jason superjase du toit

    this is the first one of your videos that my wife enjoyed watching with me :D keep up the great channel and thanks for all the content!

  • Ben Pocock
    Ben Pocock

    Brilliant channel Jason and congratulations on 10 years! So refreshing to have content based on thorough research, knowledge, and fact; rather than an opinion stated as fact. Anybody that says they haven't learnt anything from your videos is a poor liar.

  • Christopher Hicks
    Christopher Hicks

    I appreciate you Jason, been watching you since the beginning and have learned a lot. Good job man.

  • Paul Bugden
    Paul Bugden

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    Travis Swanson

    Man… those coincidences are beyond irony. Wow… pretty cool.

  • Richard L Lanouette
    Richard L Lanouette

    Gee... I thought that finally you were putting out the Miata video follow-up..... I guess I'll have to wait another year....

  • Troy Angrignon
    Troy Angrignon

    I had never heard of you. Found your Bronco IFS video and then this one. Congrats! This is super cool. What a great success story. Keep it up. Just subscribed!

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    Andrew Rae

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  • Jeremy Allen
    Jeremy Allen

    As far as automotive content creators are all going through this really cool transitions getting there own shops and dealing with popularity and really working hard with the editing to make it watchable and content or even collaborations

  • Tim Butler
    Tim Butler

    He explains FIbill Algorithm at 9:57

  • 3oh

    Motor head all my life, professional Technician for 25 years. Always been good at it but can’t explain my knowledge no where near as you do. Much respect to you for that. Thanks for all the videos and hope they keep coming for a long time to come.

  • Robert Winston
    Robert Winston

    Congrats on the milestone Jason. Nerds unite!!! I love the engineer's perspective of automotive enthusiast content. Your channel is truly unique in this way and was one of my first channels to subscribe to. Thought about writing a book? I'd read that.

  • scotty19911991

    Totally recommend moving towards 1 video a fortnight of premium content and more car videos, and other machines, because I am a car guy and love the engineering nerd side too.