Can An Electric Car Travel 1,000 Miles In A Day?
Tesla Model 3 Performance - Is 1,000 Miles In One Day Possible?
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Electric cars are great, but they suck on road trips, right? According to a poll on my channel, the majority of drivers don't want to drive more than 500 miles in a day. If I can drive double that, 1,000 miles, in a day, surely electric cars make a bit more sense for the masses than we might think? We'll look at how long it takes to drive 1,000 miles in a Tesla Model 3 Performance. We'll also cover how much time is spent driving versus charging, how many stops are required, how much energy is required, and how much it all costs.

We'll also look at why I've kept my Tesla Model 3 over the past couple years, looking at the unique features that set Tesla apart from the competition, but also cover the features that aren't great and hold the car back a bit.

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  • Steve Lavender
    Steve Lavender

    Jason, how does the relationship between range and power work with electric vehicles? With ICE powered cars there seemed to be an inverse relationship between power and efficiency or range (up to a point). I’m asking because it seems like even though battery capacity has increased, car makers are continuing to just dial up the power while range seems stuck around 200 to 300 miles.

  • Gabriel Hartung
    Gabriel Hartung

    I drive from Illinois to Florida with stops only for gas. Electric cars can't do that. They suck.

  • S & L
    S & L

    Your refueling time is higher than the battery charging time. Getting off the highway and back on will cost you an additional 10-20 min easy.

  • S & L
    S & L

    Pleasant long drives are 6 hrs or less, for me. I would go longer if there was auto drive.

  • TeslaGuyThings

    What’s the area you’re driving through? All the trees look gorgeous!

  • CrissCrux

    You could control the wipers on by voice command.

  • Duncan Parks
    Duncan Parks

    Judging from the videos, Jason likes driving up the Larch Mountain Road (and who could blame him?). How does your Model 3 do efficiency-wise up and down that climb?

  • Lake Show
    Lake Show

    I drove 760 miles in 10.5 hours driving time. I was driving a Jetta going 70ish.

  • john bowen
    john bowen

    for me the problem is that you won't always have a charger where you end up. what happens if you visit a national park?

  • davva360

    I can agree totally. 500 miles is enough really and although I have done 993 before I would not want that to be normal. I feel like if you can drive 2.5 hours and then charge for 40’minutes while you eat it’s good.

  • MaddHatter

    Last weekend I drove 1400 miles in 24hrs, with a baby and a wife in the car. Like you said the estimate is unreasonably accurate. On the return trip it was off but 30 min due to 2 chargers they were fully occupied.


    You can't make a blanket statement that it doesn't make sense to own an EV if you can't charge at home without knowing an individual's context. I just leased a Tesla Model Y long range while living in an apartment in Connecticut. Consequently, I'm not able to charge at home, where my residential electricity rate is just over $0.26 per kWh with the myriad of fees added in. Instead I have to drive 1.4 miles down the street to a bank of 14 Tesla superchargers that are never full, where I pay $0.29 per kWh. I think the three pennies per kWh that I'm losing by using public charging don't take this car from a potentially rational choice to making no sense.

  • Jan 6 was "Wall Street Putsch" part 2
    Jan 6 was "Wall Street Putsch" part 2

    Jason you really need a better mount for your Go Pro. It's picking up vibrations that make your cockpit sound very noisy. Teslas may not be as quiet as a Leaf but they're considerably quieter than in-car your videos.

  • Jim USA
    Jim USA

    I do a lot of long distance driving (I’m retired) and can confirm that diving long distances in my Model X LR+ is very easy to do. I typically stop after ~3 hours of driving to Supercharge and eat. Autopilot makes driving close to effortless and the dynamic air ride suspension makes for a very smooth drive. All in all, I much prefer the X (compared to ICE vehicles) for long distance driving.

  • Thomas Needham
    Thomas Needham

    What part of america is he driving in the video, its beautiful!

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind

    You should do a video about stirling engines. And maybe also a video about why we don't have hovercars.

  • John Dough too
    John Dough too

    so like you pushing the limits... 1000 miles in a day... not practical, but can be done!!! and your realistic and practical computations... haha thanks!!!!!!!

  • Terry Rodbourn
    Terry Rodbourn

    I drove back in 1990s I drove from An Army base in Georgia to my family in Upstate NYS! That was a 14 hour trip that really sucked because of driving at night to night!

  • Ashelm56

    I just did nearly 700 miles in my Model Y Performance. Took about 12 hours with charging and some snack/restroom breaks. Thankfully several the superchargers were next to HyVee grocery stores, so getting food/drink was pretty easy. It wasn't typical driving, but I am preparing a trip to Yellowstone, which is some 1200 miles away for me. I'll probably stick to 600 miles, which should help me plan for which cities to stop in and book a hotel.

  • Lks112201918

    Well, don't get me wrong, I understand your point and also that the video is aimed mainly at the american public, but I always feel like everyone is trying to paint too good of a picture for electric cars... Not that it isn't the future and all, but it feels contrived sometimes. For instance, this topic is so relative. Sure, you may be able to drive 1000 miles a day in the US ou Europe, but what if you want to go to Patagonia or Africa or even Russia? In some places it's even hard to find petrol stations, let alone superchargers... Not to mention that you're using the Tesla as an example, which is one of the current EVs with the highest range. If we consider the EV with the lowest range out there, which is what some people can only afford, it becomes undoable. You would need a charging station every 100 mile radius of each other from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok... Once again, don't get me wrong, I just feel like there are other interesting technologies that could be explored in more detail, like hydrogen and synthetic fuels, which could not replace, but complement battery EVs in the fight against climate change, but everyone seems so obsessed with EVs that everything else is shadowed and swept under the rug. Anyway, just my two cents. Cheers

    • John Monk
      John Monk

      So just get a tesla 😆

  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina

    I enjoy very much the content of your videos, but regarding the audio when you make takes in the car, please run the audio through a HPF set at a reasonable frequency and slope 🙏, also you could use a more directional microphone, locate the microphone closer to the sound source, or all at once. I think some background noise is fine, natural and even desirable, but I would expect the voice to be at least slightly louder than the noise. Again, thank you for such great and detailed content 🤘

  • AHetaFan

    My auto wiper experiance is very different. What software version are you on with those wiper issues? Is the inside of the windshield glass completely clean in front of the cameras? I'm on 2021.4.18.2. I could see the inside glass at the cameras was not clean on my car and had auto wipers misbehaving occasionally turning on when not needed. Cleaning the inside of the windshield in front of the cameras solved the auto wiper issue my car came with. They have worked perfectly since I had service clean it. My wipers have been set on auto ever since. Occasionally I'll want a single wipe and press the stalk button. Before the inside glass at cameras was cleaned I used voice commands to control the wipers not the screen.

  • Jason Vercher
    Jason Vercher

    Sounds like self problem that you didn't stop. I'm still not convinced on battery car it makes people lazy and cast more money to own over time.

  • Jack Mak
    Jack Mak

    The petite damage metabolically recognise because step-grandmother lately crush except a healthy heaven. forgetful, garrulous fiberglass

  • Wai Lin Tun
    Wai Lin Tun

    2:37 you scare the hell out of me.

  • jdoll atari
    jdoll atari

    our prius prime phev will do 1200 and thats with 2 stops for fuel...anything more than 600 or so for me is too much

  • Michael Hands
    Michael Hands

    Really enjoy your videos, you have become my go to guy when it comes to car questions. One question I do have, if you dont mind. I have a 2002 Land Rover Defender 90 TD5, 235,000km on the clock. Its in good condition and is running well. On a good day I get 10.5kms to the lts, but on average 9.2kms to the lt. I was been given a bit of a hard time from an environmentalist friend who said I should get an electric car. One of my arguments is in the 20 years my car has been on the road, it has reduced the required resources needed to produce new cars. Is this a logical argument, or is it all down to the emissions from the tail pipe?

  • Carson Ho
    Carson Ho

    1000 miles a day with perfect 70miles/hr is 16 hours work

  • Jack Random
    Jack Random

    You won't be able to take it on a road trip when instead of 100 on a 300 mile stretch of road, you get 1,000s. There are only so many stations. If electric cars become prolific, you may have to get a hotel room and a charging time.

  • Rob

    2 hours driving time before recharging sucks when your trip is 3 hours long.

  • Chris Borns
    Chris Borns

    Great work I love the FUD crushing challenge

  • Stephen Riggs
    Stephen Riggs

    My Impreza (and probably your Crosstrek) switches the rear wiper from intermittent to full speed, when reversing. I was just thinking how handy it would be, looked back, and thought, "No way!" Sure enough, the minute I switched to drive, the car went back to intermittent mode. My car isn't fast. It's not beautiful. Fuel economy is mediocre. But it takes darn good care of me.

  • FrontlineSoilder

    Autopilot for me makes the charging time worth it in road trips a 500 mile road trip for me leaving on a full charge takes about 8 hours and 45 mins

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    The cons seem to be more of if your going to buy, consider this. Things like phone key inconsistancy is related to your phone and OS too. Bluetooth is not always on even if you have all permissions granted and in w.e high. power settings you have. I don't know any other car that has this. Also the range is effected by accessories. It's difficult to determine what the standard AC usage should be and also, do other cars show you their range and mpg with AC running? So it's the market standard to tell it like that. It's just that so many more are looking at it for electric cars.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    The charging bug happened to me recently and I'm not sure if it was preconditions either cause it wouldn't say unless I canceled then selected through the charger icon. Your wiper bug is really weird. Doesn't happen to me.

  • 5 Star Reviews
    5 Star Reviews

    whereas my lovely lancer does 600km no sweat

  • GoHerping

    Going from NC to FL was 630 miles and took me 11 1/2 hours in the SR+, it was one of the few times long range would have been worth the extra cash

  • VixiGamer

    Despite this scenario, most EVs could have only 30kwh for avg work commuters.. charging every night 4,5 hours on 220 home outlet is no harm

  • TheBajamin

    But what happens if the charging spots are full? Its not terrible for tesla right now. But for other makers, it is. And public charging is EXPENSIVE(again not Tesla, but who knows when they will raise their prices). But lets pretend its 20 years from now, how many plugs will be needed and what kind of power will charge stations/rest stops need to cover a full grid?

    • GoHerping

      I've had to wait for a spot maybe 6 or 7 times in Washington DC and Charlotte NC cause they're both on the path of heavily used highways. In my experience there would be 3-5 cars in line ahead of me and we'd just line up across the charger but people get vicious and steal spots from you even if you've been waiting lol. It's basically an extra 20-40 minutes of waiting, plus slow charging speeds since all the spots are full so upwards of 90 minutes of time wasted. Luckily they already have more chargers planned but they aren't building them fast enough.

  • AJ213

    I remember reading a comment saying that electric cars will NEVER be practical. I told them that technology will only get better and they ridiculed me for treating this like a video game

  • toshman99

    i can handle 500-600 miles, that is 6-8 hrs of driving but that is painful, typicially this means 2-3 gas / food stops but no real rest to the driver (me) i think with electric while the drive might be bit longer it might be a bit more....enjoyable. don't have an electric but did order a tesla will know soon enough.

  • Peter Zerfass
    Peter Zerfass

    Arrving at (sub) 10% at superchargers and then leaving at 65-70% will save you another chunk of time, because that's the optimal window for charging speed. But in the end it's as you say: the breaks fly by, so no biggie. The navigation system is accurate enough so that you don't have to sweat it - even if it says you'll just arrive with 5%.

  • Anton Taylor
    Anton Taylor

    Jason: Complaining about old computer tech in cars 2021: Massive shortages of silicon for computer parts, especially for cars...

  • Rick Meeker
    Rick Meeker

    3:06 Mount Shasta... Gorgeous at any time of year!

  • Leon Wagner
    Leon Wagner

    I bet it was adding your charge time to your destination time. Maybe just a bug?

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson

    Car and Driver did it cross country, same speed as semis for coast to coast.

  • Bruce Johnson
    Bruce Johnson

    973 is substantial compliance

  • KG

    Was that the Olympic peninsula in Washington state

  • Andrei

    Interesting that your frunk doesnt have a plastic gasket on the lid, only rubber gasket on the frunk itself. Wonder when they changed that.

  • Andrei

    Charging at home with Solar, its $0 to drive the car, thousands of miles, then for occasional roadtrip spend about same amount as a plug in hybrid to charge. Averaged out its like a cent a gallon over thousands of miles.

  • Andrei

    Did 2000 miles roadtrip over few days (one day around 800 miles) in model Y, was no problem, peed, ate during charging, stops I would have made anyways to do those things. One charge was gen 1 and still it charged fairly quickly (45 min or so, just about right to sit down and eat).

  • Kimi Rules
    Kimi Rules

    1000 miles is enough to go circles around my country.

  • Tyler Kerr
    Tyler Kerr

    Only EV owners see it as a benefit to be “forced to take breaks” most people don’t want to stop that often. My car does 1000km per tank of gas and fills up in 3 minutes.

    • GoHerping

      I was fooled by that "benefit" myself because I forgot I almost always travel with someone lol. I can handle about 200 miles before needing a break and switch with the passenger. But every time we're ready to switch, we're both forced to take a break anyway. But in the end the benefits still outweigh the negatives for me and it's my go-to trip vehicle

  • Will Haskew
    Will Haskew

    By the tech stats... If a person has to charge the car between 30% to 90% (for battery longevity purposes) it would really be difficult to have an Uber, Lyft, Courier position if you are having to spend 25 minutes 2 to 3 times a day... if you drive 350 to 400 miles per day. Is it possible and still remain a viable employee and keep your sanity?

  • termanight

    I found this out recently, Jason, but if you hold down the right scroll button on the steering wheel and say "windshield wipers on", it will turn it on for you without you having to go into the menu.

  • Muskar

    8:05 I haven't taken my Model 3 on a road trip yet but could it be that it tries to tell you when you should expect to leave the Supercharger? I agree that it's not very clear, but if that's the case then I actually find that information more useful than being told it'll take a minute to arrive a mile away. If it's intentional then they should include some "charging complete" symbol or something to indicate the difference.

  • Terry Hiebett
    Terry Hiebett

    Two 1000 mile (1600 km's) in a 2009 CTS4. Salinas to Pacific Border Crossing with a 5 year old. The border crossing to Pillar Point. Both trips in December.

  • Clickmaster5k

    you are still missing the point of what people dont like about EVs I think. Its the planning for the time not the time its self that is the issue. You have to pay much more attention to where you are planning to go and its harder to deviate from that plan that it is with a gasoline car. Lots of people drive huge trucks so cost isnt really a concern. Plus its cheaper to buy a cheap old gas car if you really want to save money.

  • Dbf Crell
    Dbf Crell

    Shoulda brought several cans of electricity from home

  • Joe Rainone
    Joe Rainone

    Quick wiper tip: you can press the right button on the steering wheel to give a voice command "turn on wipers"

  • oops51md

    No possibility for home charging so no EV for me. No way that I’ll ever own a car that runs the wipers from a screen. No way !! Sorry I like the safety of a manual control for a rapid clean during light or moderate rain. Thanks for the info Still can’t believe that I’d have to take my eyes off the road to manage the wipers... Still like my trip computer that indicates over 900kms at one 4 minute fill up for my old moldy but solid diesel TDI 40 mpg ...

  • Ricky Bailey
    Ricky Bailey

    It was adding in your charge time for your trip !!

  • datsuntoyy

    I once did 2,100 in a single strech (Havelock NC to Gallup NM). It was technically about 30 hours so I guess lets make that 1,680 I'm willing to drive in a day. With the kid is another story,

  • Kevin Thomson
    Kevin Thomson

    I’d love to see the same test in a mach E using electrify America stations. See if you can get 1000 (967) miles in a day.....

  • Sucharith Battina
    Sucharith Battina

    Take a flight.

  • cujet

    Great video. As a long trip driver (for work) I regularly drive a 1250 mile trip. I limit my first day to about 800 miles. The company F150 will go 650 miles on a tank, at 19mpg (under 90) with adequate reserve. A Nissan Altima will also go 650 miles and returns 37+mpg at such speeds. I'd love to see the trip time comparison between the two methods. Me at my speeds and you at the best speeds the Tesla can do while still making the next charger. My math shows about 6 hours longer for the Tesla.

  • Alan Kita
    Alan Kita

    I used to do a lot of travel for work, on the road five days a week, about 36-50.000 miles per year. The vehicles I was given to use averaged 22-28 mpg and the gas tanks held 16-20 gallons. The range I experienced was from 350-430 miles. I figured a fuel stop would take 15 minutes including a bathroom break. So another 10 minutes to fuel would not have been a big deal as I could have used that time to call into the office.

  • Anthony Diorio
    Anthony Diorio

    I end up making 1000+ mile trips frequently but my biggest hesitation is degrading the battery if I'm just supercharging it constantly. Is that something you're concerned with at all?

  • Zoltán Kárpát
    Zoltán Kárpát

    *Tesla range estimate assumes you're using one pedal driving, putting energy back into the battery whenever you're slowing down. That's how you get closer to 300 mile range on 2018 model 3 and to 350 mile range on 2021 model 3, which has 82kwh battery.

  • 3UZFE

    Well that was boring lol.

  • beachcomber

    Jason, PSA. Talking on the phone while driving (or narrating a video) is about as dangerous as driving drunk. 4x the chance of crashing. Texting is 25x as risky. I like your channel, and I don't want it to suddenly end because you got in some horrible accident

  • Spiritual warfare
    Spiritual warfare

    My bmw diesel can make 800 in a tank

    • 3UZFE

      and you get turbo sounds.

  • Bernard Paulet
    Bernard Paulet

    Is it the extended range or the regular one? Do you have an idea of the kw/100 miles? I am considering buying one but sometimes have to do 300 miles without possibility to charge. Thanks for the answer!

  • CK NorthPole
    CK NorthPole

    The comparing with the 500hp version of gasoline car is unfair. If you would have let's say a Chevy volt, the cost would still be the same but then compare it to a small sized gasoline car it would cost less to fuel it up.

  • Patryk Janowski
    Patryk Janowski

    Problem is not how far in one day but where? Not everywhere has infrastructure to support that kind of journey. Europe has much poorer infrastructure than US. Plus you have to own Tesla which is may for me because of styling. Decent looking ev cost fortune. Plus everyone is missing point, with ice you can drive from a to b without planing.

    • IndustRealised

      You made some good points. One thing I will say however is if you leave your EV charging in your house overnight when the electricity is cheapest, you will only have to stop once every 4/5 hours for say 15 minutes. Even if you live in a place with very low investment in electric infrastructure, you still should be ok, its just you'll probably have a bit more range anxiety from time to time.

  • Kenneth Bowden
    Kenneth Bowden

    My upper limit in a ICE is 1000 miles that's 16 hours and I am miserable by the end. Typically 500-600 miles is about my usual limit.

  • GoodCallMike

    Sentry mode is great, but couldn't they just break into the car and steal the Flash Drive since there is no cloud sync?

  • Ander Garcia
    Ander Garcia

    Without even having watched the video, I tell you that the car can probably do it, but I can't.

  • Kenneth Blaylock
    Kenneth Blaylock

    For me it is not the distance between charging it is the availability of charging stations. Both in location and availability so I don't have to wait in line.

  • cassius969

    The automatic wipers in like a VW are fantastic. Just leave them on the lowest sensitivity and don't think about your wipers anymore.

  • Marcus Lang
    Marcus Lang

    Thank you for this good demonstration, it is actually possible without too much hassle:) Me, being not 100% IN to BEVs, I note that (on the trip) there is no savings in fuel/electricity cost. Your point is, that one could compare the consumption to that of a sports car (performance wise). On the other hand: a kia or Hyundai ev has even slightly better efficiency, and finally you are driving down the road at 70 mph dead. I compare cars to a Camry HSD or Corolla hybrid @50 mpg. Not even when using the cheap electricity Bill of your garage charger you will save any money compared to a Corolla HSD, not even in a Hyundai EV. Still: very impressive feat, that 1000mi road trip! There must be a plethora of chargers, when you managed to keep (roughly) in that 20%-80% SOC window.

  • Forrest Culviner
    Forrest Culviner

    ...but gas is 4.5$ a gal here =(

    • IndustRealised

      It must have some gold dust in it!

  • Tim Steinkamp
    Tim Steinkamp

    With or without home charging it still seems a good car to own as long as a charger was close by your home and has room for you when you want to use it. Off rush hour most likely.

  • Dom G
    Dom G

    I can't believe he still doesn't have autopilot. I can't live without it on long drives like this, you arrive so much more rested. For highway likes this it's a near flawless experience at this point.

  • Ian Geiger
    Ian Geiger

    As an engineer, “Good good enough” got my “like”

  • Cucker Tarlson
    Cucker Tarlson

    That guy who drove the MustangE 2400miles, charged for nearly 10HOURS!!

  • Cucker Tarlson
    Cucker Tarlson

    Refuling for an hour or more is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE..

  • poyzdb

    When you spoke about being tired after a drive in the Subaru vs not being tired in the Telsa, how much of this is the autopilot in the Tesla doing most of the monotonous part of the driving vs you doing most of the monotonous part of the driving in the Subaru?

  • Leaf Storm
    Leaf Storm

    EE, you get thousands of comments, so not sure if this will be seen. One debate we have in the Leaf forum is how much of Tesla's efficiency advantage is due to advanced power control, thermal mgmt, etc.. vs. Just easy smart things like lighter wheels and higher tire pressure. So the question is if you took a Nissan Leaf S Plus, put aero friendly light wheels on (ex. Fast wheels ev01+) and put them at 44psi like Tesla does, how much more efficienct is the M3 at urban and highway speeds vs. A generic Leaf? For even more fun, drop the Leaf an inch to Match the M3 ground clearance. How much does the gap narrow? Thank you

  • Phil Easler
    Phil Easler

    300 miles range is actually Elon miles, not real ones....they do the epa test different, for the fudge factor.....

  • Nerevar22g

    I drove a Tesla Model S 410 miles in 1 day a few years ago, enjoyed every single mile

  • Phil Easler
    Phil Easler

    I can’t, wouldn’t do it in a Dino juicer either

  • Ashley Evans
    Ashley Evans

    I don't want to imagine stopping at a target every 2 hours on a road trip with 3 kids. Tesla, please make an 8 passenger minivan with a 400-500 highway mile range. Maybe an 8 passenger SUV based on the CyberTruck.


    I wonder if the Model 3 performance saves more energy when driven on chill mode and whats the best tire pressure to save energy......

  • TheRickyJohn

    Biggest barrier to entry for us Aussies has to be 1) Cost - so very expensive with little to no incentives to purchase an EV 2) Government "Enthusiasm" - S**t you not, they are introducing an EV tax to tax people who buy electric vehicles thousands per year because they will no longer be buying petrol (Gas) .... We really are upside down...

  • Mikey Considine
    Mikey Considine

    I just love to see that you actually interact with your subscribers and are supremely genuine about it. Thank you.

  • Mario Desti
    Mario Desti

    I think auto wipers should have adjust for sensitivity, like some others cars have

  • Parker Armstrong
    Parker Armstrong

    Hope they can improve charging and battery capacity with some of the solid state batteries they are looking at. Would love to see the F150 lightning or cybertruck with sub 30 minute full charges. On trips usually put in 500-650 miles a day when traveling pulling a camper. This is the hurtle for EVs, and why I wish they would push more towards hydrogen fuel cells as well, help promote competition and such for better range and charging out of batteries to compete with fuel cells.

  • Travis Watson
    Travis Watson

    I 100% agree on your advertised range rant. They should honestly just give highway range

  • william webb
    william webb

    A model 3 can supercharge like 175 miles in 15 minutes You do the math