I Was Wrong About The Lexus LC500 - The Numbers Don't Matter
2021 Lexus LC500 Convertible Review - Subjectively Exceptional
LC500 vs GS-F Comparison - fibill.info/nick/videot/rZVuqH2Yg5t2qWY
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Nearly four years ago I drove the Lexus LC500, and I was disappointed. For the price tag, the numbers simply didn't add up. I'm happy to have had the opportunity to drive the car again, on public roads, to see what it's really all about. The Lexus LC500 Convertible disappoints only on paper; the driving experience doesn't leave a lot to be desired. In this video we'll discuss it's objective shortcomings, subjective advantages, clever convertible top, and incredible interior.

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  • 5 Star Reviews
    5 Star Reviews

    when I just want to go for a cruise through the country on the banksian orbital I live on, in an antique human designed ground car, I sometimes take an LC500.

  • Eric Bergerud
    Eric Bergerud

    CDs are really neat for audiobooks. And classical music if you have 1200 of them (moi). Very sweet ride.

  • Rory Christel
    Rory Christel

    Look at this interior! Me, looking at those god-awful headrests: Luxury my ass, I'll have to set an appt with a chiropractor every other day.

    • Rory Christel
      Rory Christel

      Also, what cars have a CD player? Any of them if you take it into the average Best Buy or equiv and spend $400. Just *buy* one, idk why this is hard.

  • hornet224

    This car is symbolic of what you can buy if you have access to Federal Reserve's virtual free money. This does not bode well for the rest of us in the near future.

  • Cact I
    Cact I

    My dream car

  • ThePoolboy789

    gonna have to make one of these on your tesla 0-60 as well lol

  • Nawaf Dhubaib
    Nawaf Dhubaib

    I’m a proud owner of an LC 500 with 2 years of daily use, city and multiple long road trips. Almost 60kkm on the ODO. In my opinion, It’s all about the passion of driving, Lexus has done a good mix in this car, with that majestic V8 rumble, while your driving position is where “most of the car is in front of you” 😄 without sacrificing comfort and reliability. IT IS a head-turner :) I didn’t face major maintenance issues :)

  • GK2003

    My only objection to this car is the rear scoops; they kinda make it look like the front and rear of the car exist in two separate geometrical planes. Oh, and I’m having difficulty grasping why it weighs nearly 800 pounds more than, say, a Mustang convertible 4:55: to the same point as the narrator: why spend $120K on this when you can get 95% of the way to the same experience in the aforementioned Mustang convertible - for 40% of the price of the Lexus?

  • Lee Bayliss
    Lee Bayliss

    Why does Jason remind me of a younger Ed China...

  • EYTH

    Samsung owns harman

  • rtbasey

    I love these cars and they look so similar to the car show prototypes. I wonder how the hybrid sounds.

  • chrislox1

    I ache to own this car (for all the right reasons)!

  • bremms1

    Old man/lady car to take to the country club. How many golf bags fit in the back? They don't care if it weighs as much as a small moon.

  • Gerardo Hernandez
    Gerardo Hernandez

    Not bad, a bit ugly, but that’s ok

  • Martinko Pcik
    Martinko Pcik

    From an engineer to a car salesmen ? I like the engineering side of you more.

  • Eugene

    The roof control is very cool, so 007!! What a beautiful looking car overall. It's hard to believe it's built by the same people who build the Lexus SUV's, which, to put it nicely, are not beautiful. What I really wish is that Lexus could make a wagon/estate, and style it like the LC500.

  • Ron Wink
    Ron Wink

    A Beautiful car love the color

  • Diego Martinez
    Diego Martinez

    That laugh at the beginning said it all.

  • Londoriath

    I still think this car needs 600+hp After all, it's using the 2UR engine family

  • Francis Gallozzi
    Francis Gallozzi

    Thank goodness the Lexus LC Coupe is very similar to the LF LC Concept, unlike the recently revealed EQS in contrast to the gorgeous Vision EQS.

  • johnyohboy

    so now would you buy supra or LC500? that's the question

  • Luis G
    Luis G

    Has a cd player? I'm their target demographic

  • Todd

    I pretty much enjoy every EE video, but this one is at or near the very top. Good job Jason!

  • Jonathan Roy-Thibault
    Jonathan Roy-Thibault

    Jason love this car

  • Travis Swanson
    Travis Swanson

    “Hey, do like me dumping all that emotion on you?” “Yes. Yes I do.” Speaking cars, that’s awesome. If only that was my response to women... 🤣

  • Travis Swanson
    Travis Swanson

    This statement comes from someone who will buy the 2022 Subaru BRZ: I would say the LC500, a probable successor to the SC450, SC400, SC300, Ect, is exactly what it is designed to be, but much better, as a luxury GT. The crafted, artistic design, the materials, the efforts of making the convertible unperceptible to the coupe in driving feel, is an engineering masterpiece. driving experience is comfortable, quick, a stylish statement, and relaxing to drive with a dash of sportiness and quickness. Lexus more than achieved what the purpose of this car’s character represents, for its price point. Actually, other cars at this same price point, I would argue don’t cohesively come together and do so many things well, and beautifully, as the LC500, and offers more value for the money. It may even be a wanted classic in the future. It’s a feel good car to own, drive, live with, and look at. Perfect, maybe not. But these kind of cars are becoming so rare, it’s a wonder Lexus even made it. But I am sure glad they did. If money was no obstacle, one would be in my garage.

  • zzzzzsleeping

    over 4,000 pounds? therefore its 5,000 after said and done

  • dionisis001

    I loved it ever since i say it FIbill! That interior is just amazing! Just as much as the exterior!

  • Stan Curry
    Stan Curry

    People buy this car for the same reason people buy Aston’s and maseratis. Unless youre actually into racing I don’t see what’s the point of most of these new cars. You can’t even use that power while also living in any major area, and I stopped caring about bragging about car trading card statistics and “smoking people off the line at stop lights” after I graduated high school. I’ll take this any day.

  • Caro

    The LC500 really is the last true GT after basically everything else has taken a more performance focused angle. I can only hope they come to their senses and stop trying to make the LCF.

  • Bryan Senulis
    Bryan Senulis

    Yet more $$ called grand touring car

  • Bryan Senulis
    Bryan Senulis

    Car like a 3000gt turbo

  • Bryan Senulis
    Bryan Senulis

    Iv beat one off line to 60 till they gave up in my 2004 is300 that makes 187hp on dyno jet just full exhaust

  • Woojae Chong
    Woojae Chong

    too expensive to hear 2nd gear.. rest hmm...bring back LFA....

  • Mr Self Worth
    Mr Self Worth

    I love this car inside and out, the craftsmanship is simply mind blowing! Having driven the coupe and cabriolet, the cabriolet is my choice because of the open top experience and the exhaust note experience! But the only reason that they are not selling is because of the Lexus brand, very sad but true...

  • DannyColdhill

    Jason sounds impressed, not,every day that happens 😄 Make a video about all new cars with cd players plz ✌️

  • Donald Lin
    Donald Lin

    Better acceleration doesn't mean better engines. Better handling doesn't mean better suspensions. That's all about compromise!!! In Lexus no compromise...(almost, of course)

  • Jas B.
    Jas B.

    Why are you driving a girly man's car?

  • Spector NS5 RD
    Spector NS5 RD

    It only took me about 5 minutes into this video before I started dumping like 2 weeks of built up emotions. This old T-shirt has many emotional rides plastered on it.

  • Dave L
    Dave L

    Sub 5 second 0-60 is always going to be slamming acceleration to me. It can't be "not that special" just because cheaper cars can do it. Whatever car you're sitting in, sub 5 seconds is a blast. Its not relative.

  • dfpguitar

    your description of this car reminds me of romantic relationship dynamics. Neither partner needs to have extraordinary stats or be perfect at anything. It is the package and the motivated suitability to each other.

  • Keisuke Takahasi
    Keisuke Takahasi

    (gt3 song) its got a... cd PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER PLAYER

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez

    It's about the experience.

  • AM Utah
    AM Utah

    That car is gorgeous. But I'm a 34 years old dad with three kids. And here in Utah, I would look like a dad in midlife crisis lol. Maybe if I lived in Florida it would be ok.

  • wayne h
    wayne h

    dude, how many people are buying any vehicle to go racing around? I see people with Porsches and their not racing around

  • wayne h
    wayne h

    gorgeous car

  • Michael Chew
    Michael Chew

    2021 Crosstrek has a CD player lol

  • Kyle Cialella
    Kyle Cialella

    we as americans deserve better vehicles. this toyota is junk

  • Kyle Cialella
    Kyle Cialella

    it subjective to law suite

  • Himanshu Solanki
    Himanshu Solanki

    0:05 car has the logo of nike

  • Gavin Williams
    Gavin Williams

    I like this anti-whiteboard video

  • Big John
    Big John

    Who cares if a vehicle has a high power to weight ratio if the reliability is garbage.

    • Carboy Dorifuto party
      Carboy Dorifuto party

      They'll have a whole nother reason for buying it plus at the price range this cars sitting in most aren't even buying the car for reliability anyway.

  • akdomun

    Jason, why do rev limiters exist on many modern european cars? And are there any downsides of revving to redline in neutral?

  • David Crayford
    David Crayford

    It's pretty, but I assume you need a garage or secure parking to stop somebody cutting through the roof to steal it. And as with all cars, the catalytic converter is rich pickings of $2,000 for two minutes work. What engineering solution do car makers have for that?

  • Be H
    Be H

    This is a quick hot mom car

  • Fabio Quadrana
    Fabio Quadrana

    Lovely car in all aspects, and on top, the japanese Toyota quality.

  • Emad Abulfaraj
    Emad Abulfaraj

    Greeting I’m looking forward to see you reviewing IS500 2022 soon😜

  • Rick Troutner
    Rick Troutner

    That's funny how our old self is always our younger self.

  • RonJohn63

    9:40 It's a "sports" car for rich old people.

  • RonJohn63

    How much of that cool noise is fabricated?

  • Torstrum

    On the weight it rides better but handles poorer- it's a boat. I love cars built like that I like the way they ride and dont mind how they handle... as long as you dont expect to use it as a super sports car handling wise.

  • Roy Dow
    Roy Dow

    Thoroughly enjoyed the review. 👍

  • Rev Lexus
    Rev Lexus

    Great video and the LC 500 is an awesome car! I have the SC430 and it is great, almost a grandparent to the LC 500!

  • CarsofGlasgow

    Such a nice sounding V8, the LC500 is my dream car!

  • Kevin Niemi
    Kevin Niemi

    nice review - it's beautiful and not an Erector set. If one is not in the mood for beauty, then turn on the radio - my take. Great car.

  • Sandy Leon - Keahe
    Sandy Leon - Keahe

    Great review, as an engineer myself this is such a weird car : soft top, too heavy, not great balance...... but such presence. What an engine, and what a finish. Somehow it works.🔥

    • Simon Kim
      Simon Kim

      @Sandy Leon - Keahe I can tell you even though it is heavy it does not feel like when driving. I know this from first hand experience because I have a 2018 LC 500. And that sound, man oh man it is intoxicating.

    • Sandy Leon - Keahe
      Sandy Leon - Keahe

      @Simon Kim fair enough, that seems to be the trend in cars. Heavy, big complicated and over wrought......not too many like light , simple things these days.

    • Simon Kim
      Simon Kim

      This is a luxury GT car and as an engineer you should know a luxury gt car has to be smooth and stable. The only way to do that is weight. That is why it weighs so much. You think Lexus just woke up one day and said, " lets make the LC 500 heavy"?


    I have a question: Did the yakusa visit you at home and made you make this video? And another this time serious question. Can you pls make a review video of a Nissan NX2000 ?

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson

    Rather have a coupe with a large sunroof

  • David T. Young
    David T. Young

    You sound like the foodgod

  • David T. Young
    David T. Young

    I love these things

  • Jeremy Specce
    Jeremy Specce

    No one understands what “SNOW” buttons are for. They should be like “stuck in snow” buttons in most cars.

  • mikesta

    These cars are beautiful, would love to drive one.

  • Should I Get It Reviews
    Should I Get It Reviews

    BRB going to email Lexus! I want to smile like that with the top down!

  • DJ BIS
    DJ BIS

    cool review. Inspiring and different. We need more emotional cars that are well made. And maybe, just maybe, a bit more affordable too? 👌🏼😊

  • M W
    M W

    You use a CD player if you care about higher quality which this car is about, quality.........

  • Jay Garrett
    Jay Garrett

    Never depend on your salary alone make that dream of becoming financially stable come through by deciding to be part of the benefactors of forex and cryptocurrency trading

  • Jameson T
    Jameson T

    Looks like a house slipper.

  • Tom P
    Tom P

    6 figures; way out of my price range.

  • cuff cuff
    cuff cuff

    like the over drive gear system.. low rpm at hi speed

  • Karol Bała
    Karol Bała

    Why do you think Savagegeese gets so wet over this car?

  • MrSlash00r

    I'm interested about how all of this subjective mumbo-jumbo would look on a white board .. lol

  • J Bettis
    J Bettis

    Samsung now owns ML, harman, JBL

  • Critical Event
    Critical Event

    This is the Supra that could have been. I hope a stripped down hard top version happens. Get it down around 4000 lbs and it would rip.

    • Carboy Dorifuto party
      Carboy Dorifuto party

      Competition that the mk5 is going against would murder it with it weighting around 4000lbs and no supra weights that much. They wanted the mk5 to be lighter than the mk4 and using anything from this would 180 that whole goal including it having a i6.

  • David Pistek
    David Pistek

    I've considered getting my girlfriend a sc430 for the reasons this is good

  • MyMind

    Can you do a video on the EPA and the RPM ACT? I would love to see you break down what tuning companies actually do, how performance tuning works. And the problems with what the EPA is trying to achieve.

  • SuperFunkmasterj

    It has a CD player because the weak link in most good car audio systems is the bluetooth implementation in the source (phone, etc). The content off of a CD raises the level of the audio for any good system, such as the one in this car. It's really easy to hear the difference in almost any quiet car.

  • andrew anderson
    andrew anderson

    Jason, I am really worried now, a car where the numbers don't matter. Someone get the defibrillator stat he's going to code out... -------M-------------------------- (fake flat line)

  • Brendon Wolfel
    Brendon Wolfel

    Will the new is500 also be epic?

  • Duck Norris
    Duck Norris

    Convertible and two doors?

  • Bow Wow!
    Bow Wow!

    Call me biased, but nothing beats a Corvette.

  • rudy berkvens
    rudy berkvens

    Seems we’re mising lots of the fun in Europe.

  • Peter B.
    Peter B.

    The L at the front of the car is for luxury.

  • EdgyNumber1

    So it's a GT car then.

  • Dili Didli
    Dili Didli

    The price still to high and the sells prove it.

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    It does society a favor - provides a choice and keeps prices of competitors down. Aims towards their margins as well.

    • James Brown
      James Brown

      And i can only do so, if i feel well established and capable of providing productioncost leadership because of my entire organisation being so.

  • jeff archibald
    jeff archibald

    No excuse for fish mouth nose.

  • jeff archibald
    jeff archibald

    No excuse for 4600 lbs.

  • Lewis

    I would have ditched the rear seats and saved some weight, maybe slap a supercharger on it

  • Daniel Slagle
    Daniel Slagle

    I have owned faster cars than my RCF but I've never owned better. they are a certified preowned dream!

  • Johannes K.
    Johannes K.

    "They put a Focus on this Fabric." So we talk about modded Minecraft with a Ford mod now in a video about a Lexus? O.o