Is A Toyota SUV "Greener" Than A Tesla?
Is The Toyota Rav4 Prime A Better Buy Versus A Tesla Model Y?
Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment?
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The 2021 Toyota Rav4 Prime is simply a fantastic vehicle. 42 miles of electric range, a 2.5L engine for a total combined driving range of nearly 600 miles, 302 combined horsepower, zero-to-sixty in under 6 seconds, 2,500 lb towing capacity, plenty of cargo space, 8.3 inches of ground clearance, and a clever AWD system. There’s an electric motor for both the front and rear axle which are independently controlled, also allowing for AWD in EV only mode. Perhaps the most impressive feature, is that while packaging all of those motors and batteries, it still manages to fit a spare tire in the back.

The Rav4 Prime is like a combination between a Subaru Forester and a Tesla Model Y, and that's a good thing! It's a no compromise solution towards creating lower emission vehicles, so the obvious question becomes: could a Rav4 Prime actually be better for the environment than a Tesla? Check out the video for all the details.

Rav4 Specs -
Tesla Impact Report -
Emissions per kWh -
Emissions per gal -
Emissions per gal (2) -
Emissions per kWh - .
Grid Production -

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  • Jimmy Lewis
    Jimmy Lewis

    One point that you didn’t point out in your calculation is that the Toyota Rav 4 will need more maintenance. As such, engine oil, engine coolant and other parts during it’s 10 yrs maintenance. It might be negligable but still a factor to take in account if you want the real numbers.

  • Zauhn Burgey
    Zauhn Burgey

    Start with a great question... Get a fascinating answer!!!! I have been going back and forth with my best friend about how clean are EVs. Your video is amazing and has answered most of our question. Thank you so much for the content!!!!

  • Qabas Husban
    Qabas Husban

    Wow, that is amazing to put it this way

  • TheSkinnyStickman

    I owned both

  • Howler

    As a toyota employee and a tesla enthousiast, this was a very entertaining video to watch. Didnt know the rav4 came so close emissions wise. Any thoughts on the rumored toyota/tesla partnership?

  • Jerry Burns
    Jerry Burns

    Maybe every electric car owner should be required to put solar panels on their house. Elon will make you a deal!

  • Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina
    Tina Clark aka Aunt Tina

    🤯 Also, yep! 👍 Now if I can only get a decent price in a non-zero emissions state! 🤨🤬

  • cae sharp
    cae sharp

    I feel Toyota is buying a apple at Teslas apple farm. We're lucky to have a farm.

  • Michael Trinidad
    Michael Trinidad

    The highlight of this video is the spare tire!! How did the Auto industry get away with scamming the consumer and taking away the spare tire? That should be your next video.

  • Ernie Dunbar
    Ernie Dunbar

    FIbillr tries to use math to justify his emotional car purchase decision. Also: Entire argument goes out the window when your electric bill is called "Hydro".

  • 2020 Ken
    2020 Ken

    Toyota is no Tesla... Toyota will never catch up to Tesla

  • ND

    Plug-in Hybrid is the way to go. Starting with a smaller battery is pretty key. Recycling is going to be a difficult and likely dirty task because of the high likelihood of cost cutting.

  • .,|by010|,.

    I would like also you try to figure out servicing costs & emissions with that. But that requires a lot of data, that I dont think we can have first few years. So include replacement parts costs and emissions, availability of repairs and such. In my eyes car that will serve 20 years is greener than one that will serve for 10 years, becouse of this frequently omitted factor.

  • Noel Jönsson
    Noel Jönsson

    you know an even greener option? not getting a car… or a house with a lawn big enough to fit 3 american football fields… with a 2 hour drive away from everything you might need, like shopping, work, school and other fun stuff.

    • Noel Jönsson
      Noel Jönsson

      don’t get me wrong, i love cars and can’t get enough of the sound, the feel, the fun and everything else that makes cars great. but honestly just get a light sports car to have fun on the weekend.

  • idont wantcorporateretaliation
    idont wantcorporateretaliation

    Looks like utility factor for the toyota jumps to 70% if charging both at work and home instead of just 55% (assuming 30 mile trip). I'm also not sure why 33 mile range was used considering the rav has 42 mile range. I'd have assumed you'd need to bump your assumption to 42 miles if you wanted to give a proper utility figure for the toyota, which would put you at 65% or 75% if charging at home or both home and work

  • CSJ Rogerson
    CSJ Rogerson

    Whenever someone compares EV/Hybrid with ICE, they always use a gasoline engine. Why not a diesel engine. It is understandable in the US where very few private vehicles are diesel (I never understood why the US couldnt get their heads around diesel cars), but in Europe the proportion of diesels to petrol is nearly 50/50. My Mazda 2 averages 52 mpg (US) and that makes a big difference compared to gasoline.

  • Straten Schemel
    Straten Schemel

    Liked for "this is America and this is how we like things!"

  • Chris Peacock
    Chris Peacock

    I recently saw a photo of an EV charger in the Australian outback, powered by a diesel generator. I was wondering, is this actually more efficient than running a diesel ICE vehicle? It would be interesting to see the numbers.

  • Terry Byrd
    Terry Byrd

    TESLA (pay for the name)

  • JakobusVdL

    Thanks for doing all the reasearch for us Jason. Another great video. How would a Prius or Corolla PHEV compare? I'm guessing even closer to an EV in total CO2?

  • Ontario Observer
    Ontario Observer

    Great video...Do you ever come up for air...

    • Engineering Explained
      Engineering Explained

      Maybe one day!

  • John Boen
    John Boen

    Not working in the field, but I studied materials science,, and batteries are still fascinating to me... NmH batteries are just horrible from an eco perspective. From a paper on the topic released in 2019... "Comparative Life Cycle Environmental Impact Analysis of Lithium-Ion (LiIo) and Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries" From a greenhouse gas production perspective, Nickle Metal Hydride batteries are about 2-100 times worse in every category compared to Lithium Ion batteries. Eye ball it- factor of 4x worse seems reasonable. The environmental cost of each battery (Tesla vs Rav4) are almost identical - because Tesla is 4x larger.

  • John Boen
    John Boen

    What about life of car? At 13,500 miles per year model Y is expected to get 300,000 to 500,000 miles and up to 20 years. Toyota Rav4 is expected to get 200,000 to 250,000 miles and up to 16 years. If you can drive it twice as far/for twice as long, you only need to buy half as many vehicles.

  • Waka Maka
    Waka Maka

    New Mirai video please senpai

  • Per Nicolaisen
    Per Nicolaisen

    6:43 liters please 😅

  • Jerzy Czaja Szwajcer
    Jerzy Czaja Szwajcer

    Wait, what? 60% from fossil fuels, You mean radioactive dinosaurs? :p

  • markotrieste

    PS I wish you a quick liberation from the "five tomatoes" oppression :*

  • markotrieste

    Excellent video, Jason. Did similar calculations years ago when I had to decide between one single Outlander PHEV or keep a gas car and replace the small one with a Zoe (at that time it came with a 22 kWh battery), and, surprise surprise, for my driving pattern the SUV came out as a better choice. I do underscore however: PHEV are only advantageous if you charge them every day and your commute is such that you can do your daily driving all in EV mode.

  • ABC

    At an efficiency of 3miles per kWh, the “fuel” cost to drive the Tesla over 135k miles is $0.037/mile or just over $5000.

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker

    Seems to me Plug In Hybrid technology is way more practical than total electric. Combine the most fuel efficient engine with electric. Regain as much energy losses as possible (regenerative braking). Maybe figure out how to charge with waste heat and regain that energy loss. A plug in hybrid can be your electric car for commuting and still be viable for long distance driving without searching for charging stations.

  • JarrList

    The Tesla also costs 20,000$ more (in Sweden).

  • Gordon Crespo
    Gordon Crespo

    What about the CO2 emitted by the Toyota as a result of manufacturing the ICE engine, transmission, etc

  • vasil pehllivannov
    vasil pehllivannov

    10% ethanol dont improve emissions, maybe even make them worse.

  • SuperCatbert

    yes. Use case is super long lifecycle of 20 year vehicle life( which is greener) and low annual mileage( you want to discourage personal car usage). So over 20 years, 5k a year, the ICE wins. hands down.

  • georgio jansen
    georgio jansen

    Can the rav run on lpg, spare wheel out, tank in

  • chill playz
    chill playz

    How do they compare if you use France's 92.9% green electricity (renewables + nuklear)?

  • Andrei Draica
    Andrei Draica

    Do the calculation for an internal combustion hydrogen car.

  • EV or not EV that is the question for my next ride
    EV or not EV that is the question for my next ride

    No. You need to factor in the energy and pollution that come with pumping, refining, storing and transporting hydrocarbon-based fuels. Also, oil refineries use orders of magnitude more rare earth metal to catalyze the reactions. Cobalt is used extensively in oil refining. Without ICE vehicles, Jason would be out of a job.

  • Cornee Bosmans
    Cornee Bosmans

    You're forgetting the production emissions for the ICE for the Toyota.

  • Martin Treurnicht
    Martin Treurnicht

    Really great video! I think EVs are the future (Tesla owner myself), but i think a really compelling PHEV like the RAV4 is a great choice for someone that is trying to go greener but doesn't want to spend north of $50 000 on a vehicle and is worried about charging on road trips.

  • Elohmn

    Its ugly 😔 🤧 😪 😕 💀 😐

  • major tom
    major tom

    what does VW has to do with anything you said? coins?

  • Saksham Sharma
    Saksham Sharma

    Idk if he's doing it deliberately but if he's taking into account transmission losses and charging losses for the EV then he should take into account the fuel burned in transporting the gasoline to gas stations from central storage plants and to the central plants from production plants.

  • dan b
    dan b

    Wait there's a difference between tesla models?

  • Jordan Jay
    Jordan Jay

    I cant wait for plug hybrid diesels. The range on them probably would be insane.

  • bar1

    First thing to learn about Tesla's own numbers in any regard is that they just tend to lie about everything.

    • Wouter M
      Wouter M

      Yeah, sure they do

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      A lot of numbers are accurate, but most cars tend not to hit their specs, that's just the way the industry and number grading is.

  • Lee Bertie
    Lee Bertie

    Does this take into effect the CO2 cost of recycling these batteries and the environmental impact of mining the matereials for batteries?

  • Paris Poulenc
    Paris Poulenc

    Toyota understood that a hybrid takes the best of both worlds, and their heavy investment into it is going to pay off. I will happily wave goodbye to electric cars when the fad is over, and welcome a hybrid into my home.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      It takes the best of both worlds and leaves nothing special for the customer, there is a reason people are buying EVs over hybrids.

  • Brad Patton
    Brad Patton

    These are popular in Norway. Why would any sane person buy the Tesla? I wish I could convince you CO2 is a trace gas 400 parts per million that plants thrive in and allow life to exist not a dirty pollutant. You seem like someone who will eventually arrive at that conclusion. Do you 100% trust Tesla figures?-- all Elon's cars were going to be self driving by 2020 etc... He is full of hyperbole. You have 10 times the brains of Elon. He has a bachelor degree in economics he does not have a phd in physics nor an IQ of 300 like his groupies want to believe. It shows when he gives public talks--he says nothing. Do you honestly think he is going to colonize mars? Most Tesla types are tech poseurs and will have trouble appreciating you. I like this Toyota.. I think there is a future for diesel microturbo hybrids...they appeared then disappeared?? This may be due to the ascendency of purist global warming types.

  • Stephen Riggs
    Stephen Riggs

    Love hybrids, but because they have a gasoline motor, they aren't nearly as low-maintenance as a competing, all-electric vehicle. Thus, there is at least one compromise.

  • Matt Wengler
    Matt Wengler

    A little too dramatic. You don’t need to be tossing stuff around.

  • onlysublime

    Toyota has made the plug in rav4 almost as hard to buy as an Xbox

  • William Warren
    William Warren

    Nice video! Thank you. Your video style has dramatically improved in the last six months or so. Why?


    The only real question that I have is whether or not they will be viable in 10 years. I'd still rather have a piston engine. At least it can be made to run if needed.

  • Bruno Aquino
    Bruno Aquino

    Wouldn't battery life (the cycles of charge and discharge) affect the way batteries can hold charge, hence, the times you'll need to charge the car and increase CO2 emissions?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Yes but liquid cooled cells will last much longer than the average carvis expected to drive, about 20% degradation for 300,000 miles.

  • zcmdz Pp1
    zcmdz Pp1

    I love this prime!

  • Zack C.
    Zack C.

    Thanks for the breakdown! What about 10 year totals for charging with Tesla power wall and a few solar panels? Less grid energy carbon cost

  • Hideo Kojima
    Hideo Kojima

    My opinion gas is gonna stay gas always I think it's time we innovate gas car so much that it'll run as a normal car on 1 litter of fuel

  • Jonathan Deinhard
    Jonathan Deinhard

    I think as you mentioned its important to consider that the electricity mix gets cleaner over time whereas gasoline does not. Im not sure how US ectricity Billing and charging works, but in Germany you can select to buy only renewable Power at home and almost all charging stations are mandated to use renewable energy as well by law or guarentee they use renewable Energy if they are not mandated to do so. Additionally if you use renewable energy to produce the batteries total emissions get even lower. Companies like Volkswagen are starting to mandate that for their cell suppliers. So that changes stuff quite a lot. I think we're heading in the right direction. Nice Video :)

  • Matt Lane
    Matt Lane

    And what is the cost of the telsa vs toyota... this just proves again EV's are junk...

  • 5 Star Reviews
    5 Star Reviews

    all in all, God loves us more than ever, despite only being a tickle in our precious hearts

  • 5 Star Reviews
    5 Star Reviews


  • dcobbism

    I didn't have a headache before watching this

  • Marquis de Moo
    Marquis de Moo

    ICE engines have to be serviced more than EVs and use more consumables, not least oil.

  • Rory Christel
    Rory Christel

    Tangentially related: Can we please stop calling crossovers SUVs? Hell, just look at the average car buying site: Want a cheap SUV? Buy a PT Cruiser! Dear car sales world: The PT Cruiser is not an SUV, it's a station wagon.

  • Brandon Starr
    Brandon Starr

    Interesting half Tesla emissions are driving so if you power all driving by solar I wonder what the emissions from solar panel production is?

  • Misters Grimly
    Misters Grimly

    Using the car you currently own or buying any used one is greener than buying an EV or hybrid which requires mining toxic chemicals to make the batteries.

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Eventually the math works out to people needing to but new cars.

  • Joe Black
    Joe Black

    I was expecting one more segment after Tesla green report for manufacturing process that would start something like: "and Toyota is utilizing renewables to cover X or Y part of the production ... so those number are totally different." :D

  • Felipe Montoya
    Felipe Montoya

    Now imagine the numbers for a 400kg asian electric microcar with a tiny battery pack

  • Arun Krishnamurthy
    Arun Krishnamurthy

    Do you think manufacturing supply chains may have an impact as well? Number of parts suppliers, how much you have to move raw materials around until it becomes a part assembled into a car? Or is it a negligible difference?

  • BunzeeBear

    Only 8" clearance. Try 12" so I can get my head under it. Not everyone drives on pavement all the time. We want to go fishing and some of them roads will HIGH CENTER you rather than let you pass. Make the car useful, otherwise I am going back to my horse. . Gee, think of the NON hassle you would get from Toyota if you reclaim one of these cars from the "written off" group....& fixed it Legal again. None of this "HERR MUSK" saying "NOPE" That is a WASTE.

  • Brian Fuller
    Brian Fuller

    As a past auto mechanic turned coal plant worker I have a unique viewpoint!! Try to commit suicide by either running a proper running gas powered catalytic converter vehicle inside a garage, OR go climb the smokestack from your fossil fueled powerplant with basically no counter emissions and huff that! We all breath this aftermath and the gas powered car wins. I would get a headache from running my little snowblower inside my garage to warm it up to drain the oil during winter, but my late model cars running inside for 20 minutes had no effect. Hum, let's see 365 horsepower and no headache, 8 horsepower and a headache!! The coal plant is being torn down ( it was in the top 20 out of 2,000 coal powered plants during it's life from 1981 till 2019) and is replaced with natural gas powered turbines with minimal counter emissions efforts. The natural gas powered turbines produce half the CO2 emissions of the our coal plant. Basically stick your nose over your gas cook stove if you run a EV car in the upper Midwest, or go huff your exhaust from your late model car in your garage! We all breath the aftermath! Oh, our coal powered plant that came on in 1981 being one of the cleanest in the nation was accomplished by pulverized coal the consistency of talcum powder, low NOX burners, a bag house to collect particulates, and we used lime to make a slurry to be atomized into the boiler exhaust stream to reduce acid rain by 75 percent ( permitted to reduce it by a minimum 70 percent),

  • Anthony Holland
    Anthony Holland

    What I see under the hood of the Toyota are hundreds of extra parts that can fail.

  • E S
    E S

    I’d be a buyer for a hybrid MACH-E😆

  • NexusGen Inc.
    NexusGen Inc.

    No. Obviously not.

  • FunMushizzle

    No. The answer is no... EV's are better for the environment that Gas cars... stop spreading this FUD.

  • Duarte Molha
    Duarte Molha

    Very complete analysis but I would say that such a small battery on the rav car assuming you would use it almost 100% every day it would definitely not survive 10 years.

    • Duarte Molha
      Duarte Molha

      Also at highway speeds most cars will be using the engine and the electric motor is at most helping

  • J R
    J R

    What about the long-term toxification of water to produce batteries

    • electroborg

      Very interesting. Making clean water scarce, for the plutocrats, is a welcome side effect, so no wonder if the issue isn't debated at all. For all her good intentions Greta can only go so far and maybe she's there because of it. The same families who made the industrial revolution (for our welfare) make the green revolution (for our welfare). Guess how it's going to turn out.

  • 9FiveB

    Well......... If anything I'd say it’s more yellow and the Tesla is more blue. Hey! Yellow and blue make green! That reminds me, I need Ziplock storage bags. What was the question? Ooooo shiny! Excuse me.

  • Julio Mo
    Julio Mo

    6:50 "This is America." I thought he was going to pull out a Colt .45 and wave it around.

  • kilofazer

    you didn't take to consideration that share of renevable will increase in energy production

  • Picobyte

    The thing is that moving high energy density liquid fuels has lower losses than moving charge over the grid and in/out of batteries.

  • jtland

    I would love for Toyota to put the RAV4 Prime’s drivetrain in a Corolla Hatch. That would be my perfect daily driver.

  • Michael Jennings
    Michael Jennings

    You should have accounted for the embodied energy of producing the ICE engine. That would have increased the Toyota's initial production energy.

  • Peter Mayers
    Peter Mayers

    Tesla is "Green" ? It's not !

  • Vultite

    "Eventually the cars are going to stop working" (Toyota looking at Tesla)

  • Midi Man
    Midi Man

    The Toyota Prime has one more advantage it can drive and charge. So you are never stuck without energy.

  • Adam L
    Adam L

    I appreciate the content of your videos a great deal. I do, however, struggle to watch them in one sitting because of the sound quality. When wearing a lav mic, you shouldn't have to speak so loudly that we can hear a lot of reverb from your garage walls. I think if you attempted to speak more quietly, and perhaps used some extra compression afterwards, the quality of your videos would go up considerably imo.

  • Howard Andersen
    Howard Andersen

    Big auto doesn't care about the environment, if not for Tesla they would have no interest in producing EV. Support Tesla !

  • DFKnightmare

    Model y (and 3) tows 3500lb So how is the Toyota ability "true" exactly??

  • DFKnightmare

    No, no it's not.

  • Paul Goffin
    Paul Goffin

    Shocked at the average CO2 figures per kWh. I guess that shows again how far behind the rest of the civilised world the US is. (FWIW, here in the UK right now it's generally overcast so our solar production is currently unseasonably low, but currently our grid is at 191g/kWh.)

  • Abdul Kadir
    Abdul Kadir

    Doesn't the Rav4 have a hybrid engine (like a Prius Prime) after the EV engine runs out? So would the 45% be straight gas?

  • Austin Radtke
    Austin Radtke

    If he used the average 25mpg car for ice emissions, I wonder if the gap of overall emissions is smaller with say a ice car that gets 50mpg? Even the hybrid rav4 comes close and only gets 38 mpg.

  • IronicUseOfElectrons

    *Chevy Volt Intensifies*

  • zain ali
    zain ali

    I hate suv or whatever it is called

  • zain ali
    zain ali


  • Nomad Chad
    Nomad Chad

    Could you just use cost to manufacture the whole car as how much energy it took to make. Not just electrical energy but all energy combined because isn't the manufacturing cost of a product just how much energy it took to create. I bet there's a differential equation that someone smarter than me could figure out.

  • Doug Steel
    Doug Steel

    Tesla runs on coal and natural gas

  • Aaron Josephs
    Aaron Josephs

    This is fascinating but... it's impossible to actually BUY a Rav4 Prime because there's no inventory 🥴

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