Is The New Porsche GT3 The Last Manual Supercar?
2022 Porsche 911 GT3 Review - A Masterclass Of Driver's Cars
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The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3 was made to smash lap times, with a sub 7-minute trip around Nurburgring, making it faster than the Porsche 918. The rear mounted engine is a naturally aspirated, 4.0L boxer six-cylinder, producing 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. The car weighs 3,126 lbs with a manual transmission - you read correctly, it will indeed offer a manual transmission, or 3,164 lbs with 7-speed PDK. The car is wider, has more grip, and the engine is nearly direct out of the GT3 Cup racecar.

Significant effort has gone into taking weight out of the car. Removing the rear seats takes out 22 lbs. An optional carbon fiber roof can remove 2 lbs. A reduction in sound deadening vs the 992 pulls out 4.2 lbs. A thinner liner behind the seats removes 2.6 pounds. Carbon bucket seats pull out 33 lbs. Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes pull out 39 lbs vs the standard brakes. Versus the previous GT3, 10.4 lbs have been removed by lightweight glass, 5.5 lbs from the front fascia and hood, 1.1 lbs from the rear fascia, 3 lbs from the front wheels, and 22 lbs from the lightweight stainless steel exhaust. Engine revisions and revised engine mounts have pulled out 16.7 lbs and 7.7 lbs respectively, and there’s now a lithium ion battery that pulls out 22 lbs vs the GT3, which is centrally mounted behind the front hood. Check out the video for all the details and driving impressions!

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  • Engineering Explained
    Engineering Explained

    Hello all! Sometimes videos like this seem to appear on multiple channels at the exact same time! What gives? Well, in this case, there was one pre-production European spec GT3 brought to the states for various outlets to try out. No spare parts, meaning if one of us wrecked it, it's all over for the others. Luckily that didn't happen. Porsche sets a date in the future (embargo date) that we're allowed to post it. That's today! Hence, many channels have posted at the same time. My goal with reviews is to dive into the engineering, the technical details behind what makes the machine great (or not so great). I try my best to provide a unique take from the other outlets which may focus more on the driving experience, or diving into the features. I hope you'll give it a watch and enjoy! And if you want to know more stuff about what goes on behind the scenes, consider following on Instagram:

    • Spectre

      @ Engineering Explained - If turbolag is an issue with throttle response, I would have that that at that price point that would drop in a supercharger. Why not?

    • Spectre

      @Engineering Explained - are you the the one that had the funny quote that goes something like “manual - for those who want to go fast. Automatic - for those who want to win.”?

    • Bo Cui
      Bo Cui

      It seems all the super car debut recently starting equip with swan neck wings. Is it just a coincident? or swan neck wing works better than traditional ones?

    • Noor Ahmed
      Noor Ahmed

      Dude, you're a legend. You don't need to explain all this but well appreciated that you did! Most people should know about embargos by now. You're a legend, mate. Bless you.

    • prestonia24

      @Engineering Explained which road is this? I can't tell if it's Glendora mountain road, Angeles crest, or hwy 38...

  • F T
    F T

    You so gay you’re driving a automatic junk.

  • Choco Nation
    Choco Nation

    Would you prefer the Manual to the 7 speed auto?

  • Jason Madinya
    Jason Madinya

    why would anyone get the manual in this car over the pdk? were the people complaining about the lack of manual really the ones buying the car? its a track car, why would you want an inferior gearbox?

  • Chance McClendon
    Chance McClendon

    you and Hagarty are the best car channels imo

  • moahdriven

    Driving this car on one of America's greatest mountain roads, California's Angeles Crest Highway...pure bliss

  • S G
    S G

    Your title says manual supercar but you are driving PDK

  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams

    See time lapse 11:16 those brake rotors are Done. All of those cracks and fishers in the brake rotors is not at all a good thing. I would drive that car with those rotors. Porsche what are you doing sending out press cars with cracked rotors.

  • Conner Dargi
    Conner Dargi

    I drove a GT3RS about 2 weeks after driving an R8. I found the R8 rather underwhelming whereas the GT3RS blew me away. I went into them with the same mindset and came out with it completely flipped

  • Paul Pence
    Paul Pence

    I own and old ass 2002 Porsche, and you don't need engineering explained,,, if you've ever wrenced one,,, nuf said...

  • Pootis Spangle
    Pootis Spangle

    Jason Fenske: Lighter weight=more fun Tesla: *I missed the part where that's my problem!*

  • Hitt Man
    Hitt Man

    Do you know California will no longer allow manual trans GT3 to be imported into the “country” (aka. golden state). Surely the last manual 992 GT3 there. Sad!

  • Carlos Bedoya
    Carlos Bedoya

    But it doesn't allow you to do rev matching on your own in heel and toe blips for you and doesn't allow you to do it youself

  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo

    That is not a stick shift he’s driving

  • Monty Piper
    Monty Piper

    I’d like to see the front chin bodywork painted to match the body

  • Mackie Messer
    Mackie Messer

    I love how you know exactly what you are reviewing. You are driving a sports car so you are not looking for luxury and comfort. You are one of few I would trust in judgement with vehicles, next to Top Gear and Carwow.

  • Hricha Yadav
    Hricha Yadav

    Please demonstrate How is lower and upper wishbone attached to uprights and chassis?

  • Joe Durbin
    Joe Durbin

    I second every comment about how much of a joy it is watching your videos! As a car nerd this is exactly the type of content I love to watch all day, and I see a lot of similarities in our desire to always learn more and understand the science and engineering behind these marvelous machines. I wish I could work for you making these videos, sounds like a dream job to me!

  • srinitaaigaura

    0-60 in 3.4 sec with PDK. Yeah right. I am laughing because Carwow just did a 6000 rpm dump 0-60 in 2.87 sec...Porsche is overkill in the launch department. Jason, you really have to explain how that rear weight balance or magic TC witchcraft allows Porsches' to outlaunch everything out there.

  • srinitaaigaura

    Wait, torque bump at 5000 rpm? OMG, Porsche also uses VTech!

  • LZ

    this road is very similar to an assetto corsa map "LA canyons".

  • Simeh84

    Not sure if they will be made available in the US but the next TVR will be a manual supercar too. 200kg less weight but only 10bhp less than the GT3 RS. Lotus's are manual too and they're launching their final one using ICE soon.


    Please always show Kg too when talking about mass. The rest of the world will appreciate the content too.

  • Kyle Sanders
    Kyle Sanders

    And it's comes in standard! I hope this won't end up as the last car on earth with a manual transmission.

  • SKYE NET 2046
    SKYE NET 2046

    Nice car but overpriced

  • Keking

    Front nose is total failure

  • jockellis

    Are the pedal cluster members hinged at the bottom or top?

  • Corporate Housing
    Corporate Housing

    Cant you get Ferrari’s in a manual still? Does the F8 only come in dual clutch?

  • Nicole Zapata
    Nicole Zapata

    lucky man!

  • Tim Sullivan
    Tim Sullivan

    And it has matching blue seatbelts!

  • Dillon Gauthier
    Dillon Gauthier

    "Cars of this caliper" nice

  • William Clark
    William Clark

    911 is truly a legendary driver's car. I forward to it becoming an EV (BEV).

  • Ceansilor Caso
    Ceansilor Caso

    It have a check engine light ON. But, just let me keep driving it after all is not my car. Love it.

  • McCall Sarah
    McCall Sarah

    The financial market presents us many opportunities but people end up loosing money to bad investment due to lack of information

  • zounds13

    Great video, as always. Would you be willing to tell us which road that is? Thanks.

  • d0nn13br45k0

    *me as a metric guy while wheight gain is listed in lbs... (Fast calculation in my head) - " so this car is around 350kg 🧐" Something went terribly wrong 🤣🤣


    Dude can you get your hands on the cup car and explain all the engineering aspects of that? Would be out if this world.

  • RaiderOfTheLost

    This guy talks and knows his stuff but he is NOT a safe driver, constantly taking his hands off the wheel and flinging it around for no reason. The day you roll, no one will have sympathy.

  • flegory

    TL; DW - Jason appreciates this car.

  • Mozoto

    Are those brake rotors cracked or is it just dirt ?

  • Riley Weaver
    Riley Weaver

    can't wait to see what these will sound like in American spec without the OPF. It sounds a little muted in all the reviews since they are euro cars.

  • Abhishek P G
    Abhishek P G

    Hey jason, would you make a video on difference between diesel turbo charged engine and gasoline turbo charged engine. And which engine is better for turbocharging ?

  • alliwantedwaspepsi

    Well maybe it is maybe it isn't, but that's one polite track-day mobile.

  • Gabriel Evan
    Gabriel Evan

    "Porsche PDK dual clutch transmission" = Porsche Porsche dual clutch transmission dual clutch transmission

  • Alex_Soto

    I really like it but in my opinion the 991 gt3 was perfection as far as looks

  • Gabriele Piccoli
    Gabriele Piccoli

    Ladies and gentlemen... THIS is what an European sport car is!

  • jhsevs

    How does a wastegate work in a diesel? Why do turbo diesel engines need a wastegate? What is overboost in a diesel, is it dangerous, and what does "derate the fuel" mean?

  • Right Wing Safety Squad
    Right Wing Safety Squad

    Can I get a Subaru Pleiades wrap to go with the STI blue paint?

  • sultanabran1

    marketing at its finest. here is our weight reduction blah blah blah. car is heavier than the old one. so they saved all that weight with all that stuff, but the car still ended up being heavier. what is the new thing is so freaking heavy?

  • Capt'n Jay Greybeard
    Capt'n Jay Greybeard

    I want a manual stick shift one, thanks : )

  • Chris Blacklock
    Chris Blacklock

    Clicked to see a drive of the manual transmission version - that's why it's called clickbait apparently.

  • Michael Steven
    Michael Steven

    I'm praying for my crypto to help me find Porsche..

  • Fast Driver22
    Fast Driver22


  • Hooty Hoo
    Hooty Hoo

    mmm new face on thesmokingtire

  • Philipp Tielmann
    Philipp Tielmann

    why did he like the car so much? well, it’s made by car engineering nerds for car engineering nerds :-)

  • Crys Killjoy
    Crys Killjoy

    I got into an argument with friends about the sound of electric cars, so I was looking for an explanatory video about why electric cars make this whisteling noise at all. Maybe you might wanna make a video about that?

  • Daniel

    Was the gt4 not a manual?

  • Nitin Jain
    Nitin Jain

    CEL on a Porsche GT3....dang that is scary

  • Augusto Barale
    Augusto Barale

    I love my Porsche 987 Boxster and would like to get a 911 at some point. This GT3 is way out of my league, but one can still dream about it. Thank you for the video, you made it in a way that was very nice to watch.👍🏼

  • kwleeusa

    sorry dude, this particular vehicle is race track focused, so your back road test drive comments/editorial is out of touch and insignificant...just sayin'...

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson

    Super jell, what a nice car!!! Did I miss hearing about the weight savings of the new front A-arm suspension system?

  • Roger Harsh
    Roger Harsh

    " hello everyone and welcome" - will never change. I saw your 6 year old video of rear wheel drive and you also said that in video. And I also love to see how you confidence level from old video to new videos.. you explained by sitting in a car in this video with ease.

  • Tom Foster
    Tom Foster

    I very much enjoy your channel and view it often. I've learned quite a bit from your work even though most of the math is far beyond me. You are blessed with strong engineering capacities, but, you are not (unfortunately) a poet. The GT3 requires the talents of a poet to understand and communicate to others its nature and capacities. Stick with oil viscosity, the energy density of various fuels, etc. and let Chris Harris do the right brain stuff.

  • Mike Honcho
    Mike Honcho

    3:27 was a wonky shift

  • Zuri10Nandez

    The vw gti of supercars?

  • CasterTown

    Double-wishbone is the most significant feature here. It always struck me as odd that a 350z has a more sophisticated suspension than a 911. MacPherson struts are for economy FWD cars. Even good FWD cars (old Type-R's) use double-wishbone.

  • Fung Wah
    Fung Wah

    Could you build it cheaper and better?

  • Fung Wah
    Fung Wah

    That blu looks so good

  • Fung Wah
    Fung Wah

    Are the cup tires for the track or streets?

  • Fung Wah
    Fung Wah

    What if porche partnered to make the next gen Miata 🤔

  • Ironic Goose
    Ironic Goose

    Manual? Does anybody drives this junk still?

  • Norrotaku

    can you show kilogram on screen? I don't know wtf a pound ist based on

  • Jesse Urban
    Jesse Urban

    Looking like a Matt Farrah Smokingtire video!

  • Brett Griffith
    Brett Griffith

    Am I able to change my own fluids and battery with this car? Or is everything blocked off...

  • mohawk5010

    Where is this? I’m guessing Southern California. Looks like an amazing drive!

  • Darren Griffin
    Darren Griffin

    and its an auto he is driving......what a strange title. i see your trying to standout from the rest but for me it doesnt work

  • Idiots Everywhere
    Idiots Everywhere

    Why exactly does it make its peak power @8,400Rpm when it revs all the way to 9,000 RPM? What's the point of revving to 9k RPM if it doesn't make anymore power?

  • Sujeet57

    Make a video on Hennessy f5

  • Adam

    It has more, at 150% OR 50% more. Not 150% more.

  • Rene Robes
    Rene Robes

    The Porsche whales are likely the only ones that will be able to buy this model, unless you're willing to pay tens of thousands over MSRP, if you find one. BTW, 15k miles on my '19 911 and no CELs or other issues.

  • leborde

    4 litres, 502 hp: maybe it's time to upgrade the S2000? Ah no, it's just about the same. And S2000 has double wishbones too (surprised it's an innovation for Porsche, and makes me understand why is this the most profitable car brand globally) and the 1990 Prelude and Accord have the 4WS too.

  • thewillbryson

    The driving

  • thewillbryson

    Too slow

  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller

    Slower to shift slower to launch and 3.2s vs 3.7s to 60, etc. Well, there you go - why would you buy a ultra performance expensive sports car only to hobble it with slower yestertech?

  • Coltrane Cat
    Coltrane Cat

    This is my dad’s dream car to drive. I want to rent it for him for his 70th b-day for a few days.

  • ExileXCross

    No, it won't be the last. Porsche already let slip last year that the 992.2 GT3 will have a manual a manual option, it's the end of the line for the NA 4.0L though.

  • Blake A. Kiessling
    Blake A. Kiessling

    Jason,loved your video about after market suspensions and actual performance gains. Have you thought about a built vs bought video? A cost to performance analysis and reliability and service contrast would be super interesting.

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF

    Yes, this is the end of a Golden Age!

  • Tae Woong Yoon
    Tae Woong Yoon

    PORSCHE 911 Design is best 996 Type1 style new911 old frog and look so mini Cooper what the fxxx

  • Michael J
    Michael J

    Here are a lot of manual cars that you can buy new: BMW M3 BMW M4 Kia Forte GT (a 200hp sleeper) Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ Mazda MX-5 Miata Ford Mustang Chevrolet Camaro Porsche 911 Dodge Charger Dodge Challenger Subaru WRX/WRX STI Honda Civic (some trims) Toyota Tacoma TRD

    • ExileXCross

      That's not a lot considering that list was easily quadrupled 2 years ago

  • Craig Noah
    Craig Noah


  • Guilherme Cabral Freire
    Guilherme Cabral Freire

    Come on, Jason! Display the torque and power figure also in metric!!! Please, I'm from Brasil!

  • ittimjones

    With all the positive comments you have on weight savings, what is your opinion on all electric sports cars in the future? For instance, the Mustang Mach-E weighs as much as an Explorer XLT...

  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth

    Nice road. Anyone know what it is?

  • Michael Anthony
    Michael Anthony

    Thank heavens. I was up all night wondering if the new GT3 was every-day practical and had good steering feel.

  • TolitsDTerrible

    For now, all I can ask is why the heck all review units on youtube are blue?

  • Alouis Schäfer
    Alouis Schäfer

    Thanks a lot Porsche for still making real sport cars

  • Beckett D.
    Beckett D.

    As a Volkswagen owner, I can say that it’s actually more concerning when the check engine light is off. When that happens, you know something’s up… haha

  • cars & tuning
    cars & tuning

    Just how stiff is this thing? On a scale of 0 to 10? I guess 20? :)

  • Fanfreak

    6:39 dont look ´the people driving the car out while entering or leaving the car? Look at that dirty inside and carbon cover.