MotorTrend Proves Tesla Can't Hit 60 In Under 2 Seconds
Tesla's Model S Plaid True 0-60 Time Is Actually 2.28 Seconds
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Tesla claimed the Model S Plaid is the quickest production car sold today, and that it has a 0-60 mph time of under two seconds! One of those statements is true, now that MotorTrend has gotten behind the wheel of the Plaid and tested on a drag strip. As it turns out, when Elon Musk claimed the Model S Plaid would have a 0-60 of 1.96 seconds, "MotorTrend Spec," that doesn't hold up to MotorTrend's spec test of 2.07 seconds.

This video will deep dive into the testing procedures, how 0-60 is tested with and without rollout, as well as with and without VHT TrackBite, an adhesive used for drag strip track preparation. We'll cover what MotorTrend spec actually means, why rollout isn't a "standard," and why, even if it was, it doesn't make any sense. And, the best part, I'll admit I was wrong in my prediction of no car accelerating faster than it can brake. Turns out, Tesla destroys this theory - how exciting! Watch the video to learn more!

MotorTrend Article:

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  • HornyTrolllololololool

    They might need some special race tyres maybe?

  • Chris Lena
    Chris Lena

    You know drag times ran a 1.99 on the street right??!? Lol

  • Nezalu

    what they say is not a surprise tho, comes from the top and since Elon is a con man and a lier I wouldn't expect anything else from his company.

  • utsav garg
    utsav garg

    The video didn't age well. Check out Brooks doing 0 to 60 in just under 2 seconds without this so called 1 ft rollout.

  • Snn

    Actually, they subtract the first foot because the NHRA does that , not because of “mph” standard

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou

    I wouldn't even call it the fastest its a wash with the demon, the numbers are so close that any given 2 production cars will trade blows.

  • Simeon Garratt
    Simeon Garratt

    So how do you explain Brooks from Dragtimes being able to hit 0-60 in 1.99 on the street?

    • Lee Cline
      Lee Cline

      Easy, he lied. All his video shows is the car's 0-60 timer and a blurred background. The car never shows 1.99. Could also be the car automatically removed the rollout with the built in timer and he double removed rollout by accident or dishonesty to get 1.99 from 2.12. Plus he says he did better on the street with this plaid than he did on a prepped track with a different one, and that hard-core fails the sniff test.

  • Ad Astra
    Ad Astra

    no you failed. drag times got a 1.99 with the plaid on a normal road. get owned.

  • Victor Harvey
    Victor Harvey

    I wish I was as intelligent as you are

    • England

      he was wrong

  • Angelo Cacchione
    Angelo Cacchione

    1.99 achieved on normal roads :) without roll outs :)

  • Philip Hansen
    Philip Hansen

    Brooks just did 1.99 on the streets, with 1ft roll out. This video also turned into sour milk in a short period of time.

  • Patrick

    Props to you for admitting that you were wrong I respect that, however drag times just did 1.99 with the rollout subtracted on some back road with no prep. I also think it’s a bit pre-mature to claim that it can’t do 1.99 without subtracting rollout . A simple software update could make it faster.

    • Lee Cline
      Lee Cline

      Until you get a second party to verify it, DT time is BS. No one breaks records by themselves with nothing visible but the car's 0-60 timer.

  • Ian Davidson
    Ian Davidson

    This think DragTimes has just done a 0-60 in 1.99 on the STREET (Video dated 19/07/21)

  • MountMan

    If you sold Merch I'm guessing you could come up with some cool T-shirts fom this video. Well done.

  • Aleix Robledo
    Aleix Robledo

    You should visit the latest Drag Times video and accept your own fail

  • edward mitoma
    edward mitoma

    We don’t need no freaking Motor Trend. We don’t need no freakin VHT, we don’t need your wrong whiteboard fail. Brooks just proved MTs times on multiple passes, with both VBox and Dragy data. The magic is in the electronics. Not only is it the quickest car ever, but will do it most consistently on any surface. With rollout 1.99 without it 2.14.

  • Zoltan

    Well, this video didn’t age well… Videos are coming where it actually hits 60 in 1.99…

    • Lee Cline
      Lee Cline

      It aged fine. Math is better than some dude with blurred out windows and no confirmation that fucky business wasn't happening.

  • Cyclenut 999
    Cyclenut 999

    Just throwing this out there, do you think drag slicks would make it possible?

  • Tucson Time
    Tucson Time

    Omg who cares, really. 🤪

  • RabbidPotatoe Gaming
    RabbidPotatoe Gaming

    The drag racing channel is gonna prove this otherwise. He already hit a 2.01. if anyone can do it he can.

  • Joshua Smith
    Joshua Smith

    regardless if it can do it under 2 seconds. electric is the future. tesla is a baby in a sea of mature ICE vehicles... just wait... idk if engineers that didn't foresee this shift or what.. constant fud lmao... wait until the amount of r and d and infrastructure is geared towards electric.. you are trying to defend ice and this is just the beginning. and to act like tesla is the first to cheese their numbers is craaaaaaazy.... get a grip and tesla doesn't have to lie to be cool.... 2.19 seconds 0-60... idk id have to say that's pretty badass and if that's a hint as to what's to come well damn.. things are looking great.

  • Fischer Hill
    Fischer Hill

    Is there a video explaining why it can accelarate faster than it can stop? Could it just mean something is messing up the breaking?

  • eric1138

    Brilliant! :)

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth

    I will prove you wrong on a blackboard. It's the best and you choose rating over garbage inconsistent math. I called you out regarding backing before anyone else so prove to me with math tesla is wrong. Prove it. Don't speak it on your channel. Prove it. Pure math. Prove it

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth

    I'm a physicist so prove your logic hands down prove it

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth

    How do you scientificly know after 1 ft the Tesla's is doing 6mlph when you know you were wrong regarding brake gforce prove it looser

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth

    I have already called you out and you admitted the Tesla's can accelerate faster than it can brake and I will call you out again. Prove unequivocally that it is 6ml to 60. I point out you were wrong regarding g force under acceleration has more gfore unfer braking. So prove to me that it's 6ml to 60. Prove it

  • Umesh Jayamohan
    Umesh Jayamohan

    It certainly is weird when you HAVE to say "TRUE ZERO to TRUE SIXTY".... Oh the alternate fact world we live in......

  • wyatt hatch
    wyatt hatch

    I haven't read the article, but it sounds like they were just using VHT to thoroughly debunk the time

  • Jan Junker
    Jan Junker

    Thanks. Really clear and simple.

  • Daniel Troger
    Daniel Troger

    Damn. It really accelerates faster than it brakes.

  • RogueRAZR

    My car achieves 0-60mph in 0 seconds *From a 60mph roll.

  • dublux

    that's terrible, it's slower by .1s. Cry in the corner Tesla hater. xD

  • Ben

    Dragtimes just got 2.01s to 60. A bit of tweaking and sub 2s will be possible

  • jimtexas68

    Who cares. IIt"s the fastest production car on earth.

    • jimtexas68

      @Subarulogo I'll agree the recharge time needs to be shortened. That's not going to save ICE though. Cost of ownership ultimately will drive them out. My guess is before the decade is complete.

    • Subarulogo

      @jimtexas68 Electric cars won't take over until it takes less than 10 minutes to fully charge with as many super chargers as gas stations. Trucks will always run on gasoline/diesel electric vehicles are still in their infancy ICE engines are better in everyway thats important.

    • jimtexas68

      @Subarulogo dude the battery fire did NOT take five days to put out. Look at statements from the actual firefighters that put it out. FUD from Tesla shorts and media in legacy auto pockets. You related to Gordon Johnson?

    • Subarulogo

      @jimtexas68 they don't take five days to put out

    • jimtexas68

      @Subarulogo EV's are quickly reaching parity with ICE car prices. If it didn't then why are so many ICE manufacturers retooling to build EV's? Once Tesla puts out their $25k compact in 2023 with a 10-12k fed tax credit it's game over. If legacy ICE manufacturers create a competitive EV they'll not reduce Tesla's market share but cut their own ICE vehicle sales. It's coming. I say this as a conservative that has made a living for the last 30 years in the oil refining industry.

  • Golom Mod
    Golom Mod

    Motor trend proven that they could not drive

  • M. Sami
    M. Sami

    Elon's slaves won't care

  • ck9000

    Awesome video, I have known about this for some years, and it has annoyed me so much. Thanks for making an awesome video explaining it in a great way, like’d and subscribed😎

    • Engineering Explained
      Engineering Explained

      Thanks for subscribing!

  • Real Stakzz
    Real Stakzz

    Their averaging it out. Its better selling

  • Kin Uor Thel
    Kin Uor Thel

    Plad bad, oh no!

  • Tristan N
    Tristan N

    2:27 people have done better than that on normal roads

  • Mark Langridge
    Mark Langridge

    There a lot of angry Elon fanboys disliking your videos.

  • Ben

    Well dragtimes on FIbill just got a 0-60 in 2.19s without launching at only 80% battery. I’d say sub 2 secs is possible. If not it’s pretty damn close and simply destroys every other production car it’s insane

    • Ben

      @Aston Martin Valkyrie Now down to 2.01s in his latest video

  • Kalle Mäkelä
    Kalle Mäkelä

    What do you think about Rimac Nevera? They made it with normal asphalt and tires.

  • Aaron Erickson
    Aaron Erickson

    0-60 in 2.3s, and you can only do that launch in very limited circumstances. This is why I detest Tesla cultists.

  • L. Carroll
    L. Carroll

    Gah, I love this video. Tesla crushed the engineering and then fumbled on the marketing. EE is gonna check you!

  • Seanpaul Renteria
    Seanpaul Renteria

    Next video: "So my Tesla drove itself back to the factory after what i said..." LOL its crazy how people will defend every word from Elon or Tesla even when its clearly just not true

  • Minnesodope

    My buddy took his Model S Plaid to a track last week. His Model S hit 0-60 in 1.98 seconds....

  • Seb

    Do you think that the Rimac Nevera is also lying about their 0-60? They claim 1.85s on their official page.

  • Sean Kearney
    Sean Kearney

    😂 😂 😂 😂 This was great! I love the way you corrected everyone coming for you.

  • Eduardo Reis
    Eduardo Reis

    Great video, as always. Thanks for the free-price high quality content. Can you expand more on the physics of being able or not being able to accelerate more than to decelerate?

  • Ole Puggaard
    Ole Puggaard

    Normally you measure 0 - 62 mph not 60 …

    • BPRIME

      Yeah, in the UK.



  • Chris Austin
    Chris Austin

    But it’s still a very impressive car. You all are debating over three tenths of a seconds.

  • Hello

    2,28 sec. That's insane imagine saying this 20 years ago.

  • Jonathan McGaha
    Jonathan McGaha

    my truck does 0-60 in 2 seconds if you delete the first 45mph

  • Francisco Souza
    Francisco Souza

    "Zero is zero" Dude, I don't know if making such a controversial statement is good PR.

  • Heavy_ hate
    Heavy_ hate

    Tesla fanatics gonna be mad - “0 is not zero, we count from 6”

  • TheMattbrownbill

    Plaid is American for Tartan, right? So what has this car got under it's kilt? 🤔


    Tesla is a pro at marketing fluff. I would be shouting from the rooftops a 60-130 time (mid 4s) or its 1/4 trap speed. The car is absolutely mental. Better marketing would've been to choose to market the previously mentioned times or trap speed and say they are beyond comparing 0-60 because the car is just so fast.


      @Aston Martin Valkyrie yep I'm willing to bet he pulls it off. I think this guy is more so giving Tesla crap for their marketing choice then he is the cars ability. Pretty much no arguing that it's only a matter of time before someone achieves the sub 2. No manufacturer uses a "on the street on average it will do xyz". They all use the best times they can muster because if it can be done once it can be done again.

  • kolby4078

    don't most journals always use a 1ft rollout? I though is was pretty standard.

  • Thundrune

    EVs are the future. That said there is still so much more to being fast than 0-60times. There is a reason the new Porsche gt3 broke the 7 minute barrier at the Nurburgring even with its “modest” hp and torque numbers running an NA setup. Start with its suspension isn’t a parts bin nightmare (sorry Tesla). Fact is HP and torque haven’t been the limiting factor on the street or the race track for a very, very long time. Frankly I thought that Tesla would have started to address that serious weakness already but it seems that just want to slap cup 4s on and call it a day. Gonna be a lot of people out there understeering into the concrete in these things I’m afraid.

  • turbine graphics 16
    turbine graphics 16

    I remember a similar fiasco with the Nissan gtr, apparanty no other car company would ever be capable of making a car as fast ever.

  • Sam Wong
    Sam Wong

    This just shows how shady tesla is as a company.

  • J Joule Kelvin
    J Joule Kelvin

    Tesla fans got stomach burns 😂😂😂.

  • ChiSaoMusician

    Fascinating lies!

  • Chuck McCollim
    Chuck McCollim

    Well said!

  • Thami L
    Thami L

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 It’s just an electric Toyota with an iPad slapped on

  • Rich Phillips
    Rich Phillips

    Right on brother! Love my Tesla but the B.S. has got to stop!

  • Jogamuito mw3
    Jogamuito mw3

    I respect your opinion, but I do not agree when you say that the same electric car being charged with polluting energy is cleaner, among other variables. a brilliant study comes into controversy. slip silently from the Tesla dealership in your sleek new Model 3 electric, satisfied that it looks great and that you're doing your part for the planet. But keep driving because you'll have to cover 21,725 ​​km more before you're doing less damage to the environment than a car that runs on gasoline. This is the result of analyzing a model that calculates vehicle emissions, a hotly debated issue that is gaining prominence as governments around the world are pushing for greener transport to achieve climate goals. The model was developed by Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago and includes thousands of parameters, from the type of metal in an electric vehicle (EV) battery to the amount of aluminum or plastic in a car. Argonne's Greenhouse Gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy Use in Technologies (Greet) model is being used along with other tools to help shape US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Resource Council policy. California Air, the two major emissions regulators in the United States. Jarod Cory Kelly, principal energy systems analyst at Argonne, said producing electric vehicles generates more carbon than combustion-engine cars, primarily because of the extraction and processing of minerals in EV batteries and the production of power cells. . But estimating how big this difference in carbon emissions is when the car is sold and where the point where they even out over the lifetime of an electric vehicle can vary greatly depending on the assumptions. Kelly said the period depends on factors such as the size of the EV's battery, the fuel economy of a gasoline car and how the energy used to charge the electric vehicle is generated. A series of variables were inserted into the Argonne model, which has more than 43,000 users by 2021, to arrive at some answers.The Tesla 3 scenario described above involved driving in the United States, where 23% of electricity is generated by coal plants, with a battery running at 54 kilowatts per hour and a cathode made of nickel, cobalt and aluminum, among other variables. The comparison was made with a gasoline-fueled Toyota Corolla that weighs 1,340 kilograms at an efficiency of 53 km per 3.7 liters (or a gallon). The two vehicles were assumed to travel 278,659 km during their lifetime. But if the same Tesla model were used in Norway, which generates almost all of its electricity from renewable hydropower, the break-even point would come after just 13,518 km. If the electricity to recharge the electric vehicle came entirely from coal, which generates most of the energy in countries like China and Poland, you would have to drive 126,655 km to reach carbon parity with the Corolla, according to the analysis of generated data by the Argonne model. The analysis showed that mid-size electric car production generates 47 grams of carbon dioxide per mile (1.6 km) during the extraction and production process, or more than 8.1 million grams before it reaches the first customer. . In comparison, a similar gasoline vehicle generates 32 grams per mile, or more than 5.5 million grams. Michael Wang, senior scientist and director of the Systems Assessment Center at Argonne's Power Systems division, said electric vehicles later generally emit much less carbon over a 12-year lifespan. Even in the worst-case scenario where an electric vehicle is only powered by a coal-fueled power grid, it would generate an extra 4.1 million grams of carbon per year, compared to a gasoline car that would produce more than 4.6 million grams, showed the analysis.Well-to-wheel” - The US Environmental Protection Agency said it uses the model to help assess standards for renewable fuel and greenhouse gases in vehicles, while the California Air Resources Council uses it to help assess compliance with the state's low carbon fuel standards. The EPA said it also used the model to develop an online program that allows customers in the US to estimate electric vehicle emissions based on the fuels used to generate electricity in the regions where they live. The results of the analysis are similar to those of a life cycle assessment of electric vehicles and vehicles with combustion engines in Europe by the research group IHS Markit. His study from vehicle production to end-use (well-to-wheel) showed that the typical break-even point for carbon emissions from EVs was around 24,000 to 32,000 km, depending on the country, according to Vijay Subramanian, global director of carbon dioxide (CO2) compliance at IHS Markit. University of Liège researcher Damien Ernst stated in 2019 that the typical electric vehicle would have to travel nearly 700,000 km to emit less CO2 than a comparable gasoline vehicle. He later revised their numbers down. Now it estimates that the break-even point could be between 67,000 km and 151,000 km. Ernst said he doesn't plan to change these findings, which are based on a different set of data and assumptions than the Argonne model. Other groups also continue to argue that electric vehicles are not necessarily cleaner or greener than fossil-fuelled cars. The American Petroleum Institute, which represents more than 600 companies in the oil industry, states on its website: "several studies show that, based on the useful life cycle, different sets of automotive engines result in similar greenhouse gas emissions" . The Argonne National Laboratory is funded by the US Department of Energy and operated by the University of Chicago.

  • DahRidlah

    from a german point of view, whats the point starting at 6mph?! that´s nonsens, who cares about that 62-124mph(100-200km/h) times matter

  • Makozer

    Elon Musk is just a conman :D

  • Jo Pad
    Jo Pad

    We are debating what zero means because musk says zero is not zero. People also believe we live in a simulation because he said so. People have lost the ability to think for themselves

  • Ray Murda
    Ray Murda

    This aged well....... Motor trend just did 1.99.0-60

  • Joe Gee
    Joe Gee

    Zero is such an arbitrary value.

  • Christian raygoza
    Christian raygoza

    Next video: Why we call the Taycan turbo when it’s not turbocharged…

  • ragnarocking

    who cares. My Subaru goes 0-60 in just under a root canal

  • Yasith Ariyawansa
    Yasith Ariyawansa

    Jason you are such a nice guy and it is really enthusiastic to watch your crystal clear explanations. You rock. All Tesla fanboys out there (including me) we have to accept the truth. But it is still impressive what does and I am love with the Plaid Model S.

  • dbeckMSP

    imagine reading a headline to an article and then telling someone smarter than you that they're wrong. Great video Jason, keep em coming!

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    For everyone wondering where this rollout come from, drag strips used to measure your start time using a light that shines across the track, you'd line up blocking that light with your front tire and when you'd launch and the light became visible it'd start the 0-60 count. This would take approximately 1 foot or rollout and a couple mph to happen, hence the rollout times. All classic cars in the US were measured this way which is why that type of measurement has stuck around.

  • scotty19911991

    I love this so much

  • Fabian Lazarte
    Fabian Lazarte

    You are all so silly. That's not the point. ALL companies lie or exaggerate about their products. Show me one that doesn't. The point is that Tesla is the fasted car in production. Period.

    • Fabian Lazarte
      Fabian Lazarte

      @T1m0n BTW, the fact that you bring a $2.4 million car as your argument validates more my tongue-in-cheek comment. ▲

    • Fabian Lazarte
      Fabian Lazarte

      @T1m0n You still miss the point. Picking on typos to bring about a point is the proof. Oh, btw, you forgot the question mark at the end of "what does the even mean" question. You just don't get it.

    • T1m0n

      Everything you just wrote is wrong 😂. For example Porsche actually understates their products in most cases and the "fadted" (what does that even mean) production car by a longshot is the Rimac Nevera. (Fanboys will be fanboys I guess).

  • TschingisTube

    Maybe make a video how to start a clock at > 0 if you do not have the input of the motor doing its first turn. Maybe then you see that 0 = 0 is bs.

  • freddy19985

    Porche meassure their 0-60mph time in uphill

  • TschingisTube

    You are not clever. Tesla always stated without rollout. If you cannot accept this fact it doesn't matter how long you try to explain that they cannot reach it with rollout.

    • JΛMΛ

      thats pathetic, no other company does this otherwise porsche’s would be under 2s aswell.

  • DJ 96
    DJ 96

    1.2k Tesla Fanboys don't like this video.

  • cole2839

    I can feel the Tesla fanboys malding through my monitor while watching this.

  • Miguel Rodriguez
    Miguel Rodriguez

    Who gives a damn if it hits 60 under 2 seconds or not the car is still a very fast badass..

  • Admranger

    Tesla, like so many other things in our lives, is full of hyperbole instead of facts. Thanks for sticking to the facts.

  • Peter Garton
    Peter Garton

    Do you have any comments in the 60-130 time for the plaid, or the consistency of times even when the battery gets lower %?

  • Richie Jackson
    Richie Jackson

    Sad when you have to say “true zero” instead of freaking “ZERO”

  • AnonymousRocker

    I like it that the summary of his videos are in the title. Not clickbaiting unlike others.

  • reyansh routray official
    reyansh routray official

    those ppl commenting on how he was .02 milliseconds off must be 15 year old tesla fanboys thinking teslas are sick. now go on tesla fanboys go ahead and report this comment

  • Cliff Baxter
    Cliff Baxter

    Teslas exist so beta males can say that they are "a car guy"...

  • DavidFMayerPhD

    Who in the hell needs to go from 0 to 60 mph in two seconds on public roads?


    0 = 6 .. when convenient

  • Rick TheLDSlibertarion
    Rick TheLDSlibertarion

    What's silly is they don't need to lie. They make the coolest and quickest cars on the planet.

  • okcboomer87

    Tesla fan boys are worse than Mac fan boys.

  • Eric

    Shots fired…TESLA haters gonna hate

  • Korey Avery
    Korey Avery

    Liberals have told me that math is racist.