No, Synthetic Fuels Won't Replace Electric Cars
Can synthetic fuels save combustion engines for the future? eFuel explained.
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As the automotive industry seeks out cleaner transportation, synthetic fuels (carbon neutral efuels) show a promising environmental benefit. Could synthetic fuels replace the need for electric cars and keep the combustion engine alive for future generations? This video will analyze carbon neutral synthetic fuels, discuss energy storage and the challenges of renewable energy, explain the process of how various (electric, hydrogen, combustion) energy sources power vehicles, and ultimately calculate the efficiency and costs associated with synthetic fuels vs conventional gasoline or electric cars. While eFuels do seem promising for certain sectors, some drawbacks will likely prevent mass adoption within the passenger car market.

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  • Manuel Barkhau
    Manuel Barkhau

    I wonder how much this changes if you consider the overcapacity of solar production you need to satisfy peak electricity demand. If you have 2x the solar panels you need to satisfy peak demand on the grid, then you have (exaggerating) 10x the supply in off-peak times. In other words, in off-peak times the marginal cost of solar electricity will be waaaay cheaper and it might make economic sense to use it to generate fuel, even if you have massive efficiency losses.

  • Fraser77

    All this talk while avoiding the elephant in the room. You can't talk about the elephant of course because it means 'no platforming'. What an unfortunate state we have ended up in.

  • Michael Bergantzel
    Michael Bergantzel

    We come up with so many solutions to the problem of our wasteful energy habits.

  • Ithad Beenso
    Ithad Beenso

    No doubt they were able to distill 2c a gallon pure ethanol from giant oceanic algae farms as far back as the 50s... But both fossil fuel and alcohol industry profit greedster thugs destroyed it. Just sayin. Ya thunk?

  • peter kratoska
    peter kratoska

    Although its new, Proton Technologies seeks to extract hydrogen from spent oil fields at a 10th of the cost of existing SRE hydrogen and keep the c02 underground.

  • Sam Vargas
    Sam Vargas

    Assuming that environmental regulation is coming for the aviation and shipping industries, it seems that it would be easier for them to just use carbon offsets, including the carbon capture technology, to sequester carbon rather than turn it into biofuel.

  • Ecanse

    To be honest if it comes down to 2usd / Litre it would be the same as the current cost of diesel in Norway right now.

  • Chronokun

    I'm sure the prices of e-fuel will come down, but to achieve that will require the prices of H2 to come down, so FCEVs running on H2 will always be cheaper than ICEVs running on e-fuel, especially since the fuel cells are also more efficient than ICE, even if the fuel production process wasn't more efficient, so I expect FCEVs to become dominant when nuclear H2 production from thermolysis using modular reactors really starts pushing down H2 production costs, and at that point maybe e-fuels will become 'cheap enough' for car enthusiasts and motorsports, but FCEVs will be the mainstream option

  • PB&J Racing • 13 years ago
    PB&J Racing • 13 years ago

    A coal fired steam engine is in the mid to low single digits for efficiency...

  • TauranusRex

    A bit disappointed. You forgot the approx. 175kg CO2 equivalent per kWh a BEV is carrying more than an ICE due to its manufacturing. The other thing is renewable electricity exceeds already now the demand and e.g, germany pays others to take it. So, it could make sense, that this overall really bad efficiency is pointless. So, as the worldwide economy cannot be run without shipping and aviation an muste be cheap, it makes no sense to not scale it up for the passenger car sector too. Holistic thinking :)

  • Виктор Поздняков
    Виктор Поздняков

    But what about manufacturing and recycling batteries? It's way more dirty than it may be with synthetic fuel

  • manganvbg90

    Worst thing with EV furure, is the lack of engine noise. As a petrolhead I love the revving of the engine, more than the feeling of speed. Also, 20k$ battery changes doesnt drag me to it.

  • Nicodimarcotv

    The actual problem which is not getting discused very often is that the infrastructure of Ev‘s isnt good enough for everybody having an EV and not to mention what will happen to exsisting ICE cars ? By replacing every ICE car the CO2 emissions would skyrocket because the battery production emitts massive amounts of CO2. In fact altough the efficeny of e-fuels is not that good at the moment we should keep using ICE‘s because producing millions of new cars with batterys which are emitting a lot of CO2 in production is not helping to fight against the global warming.

  • Jimmy Ray
    Jimmy Ray

    eFuel is still cool, but I think just making things that blow up is a little short-sighted for carbon capture uses. Maybe divert half of that captured carbon to building solid state batteries?

  • Nathan Piper
    Nathan Piper

    ICE will be weekend cars, EV's day to day, can't see me ever spending 60-100k on an electric performance car and i bet many others will be the same

    • El Ectric
      El Ectric

      I'd still daily a gas car, but if fuel is that expensive I'd have said gas car converted to a hybrid. IMO hybrid is the best of both worlds. The electric motor has instant torque which means zero turbo lag, but it also helps you recharge when you're slowing down or going downhill.

  • Where's David-Paul?
    Where's David-Paul?

    Biomass to charcoal then make producer gas or just heat a stirling engine using wood chips. America has millions of dead trees as a result of pine beatles. Burn them or have the forest fires.

  • VVS

    13:55 If the Porshe will make the synthetic fuel cost 2 dollars/litr We are saved, noting more is needed. The synthetic fuel is very high quality like 100 octane gasoline which nowadays (etleast in Czech republic) cost 1,7 dollar/litter. If 10 years latter I will have to pay 0,3 dollar/litter more, I will gladly take it.

  • JO Grobler
    JO Grobler

    As a gearhead I will happily pay $2pl in Aus for synthetic fuel. But I completely concede the point that that cost may not work for most. I completely understand the point made re. energy to the wheel, but would be interested to see the amount of excess energy required in producing the raw materials for manufacturing of each type of vehicle, with BEV's being much more heavily reliant on mining. And as someone who works in the mining industry, I can tell you there are a LOT of hurdles to cross to make mining carbon neutral whilst keeping the cost of production of the minerals the same. I fear we're kidding ourselves by saying "Yes, but BEV's will become cheaper as more people adopt the tech". The resources required for BEV's are a lot less abundant and are finite. Wouldn't be a problem if we could cheaply recycle BEV's but we can't. Either way, I believe we should be pursuing all avenues as we push to get ourselves cleaner, rather than acting as fanatics or disciples for one method or another.

  • glen voeten
    glen voeten

    I will dream of those prices in the future, like what world do u live in? Petrol right now here in Belgium is 1.5 euros a litre

  • Markus :P
    Markus :P

    What about energy needed to move added battery weight compared to hydrogen car

  • The Stonegate Roadrunner
    The Stonegate Roadrunner

    Great video. And so right - if you only look at new vehicles. You just leave out of the picture the neclectable fact that we currently have a stock of 1.4 billion combustion vehicles on the globe. In 10 years we'll have about 20 to 50 million battery EVs on Earth plus 1.5 billion combustion engine cars - so still about 50 times more combustion cars than battery EVs. If we don't decarbonize the fuels of the combustion vehicles really asap, no matter how much the cost or needed solar energy is, we may as well stop the attempts with EVs because then their effect on the climate will remain minor. And btw, when synfuel is produced in industrial scales the price will be on the level of fossil fuel - also a finding of Porsche an their partners. Production plants at the equator will have a 4 times greater efficiency than plants in the US or Europe. However, the current ideology prevents rational decisions taken in time. Instead, we experiment with ships fueled by batteries. Sigh!

  • קארטיוב

    Trees and plants needs CO2, I wonder if there has been any research about the effect of drastic reduction in CO2 emission.

    • El Ectric
      El Ectric

      Get your popcorn ready 🍿🍿

  • joe alcott
    joe alcott

    Fire will, tho'

  • DeathCAP

    I like my popcorn 85.

  • akarp111

    Carbon capture. Seems that synthetic biology might be able to help with creating plants that do the heavy lifting of carbon capture?

  • D U
    D U

    There is one problem with your explanation, wind and solar can never make enough power to sustain a grid full of electric vehicles the majority of power creation will happen with natural gas, coal generators, hydro damns, or nuclear generation. wind and solar will only be a small percentage of power creation vs the amount of power required by society.

  • hippieJOSH420

    Anything made from crude oil can be made from algae oil. Biofuels from algae oil produce 86% less admissions so it would be like taking 86% of the combustion engines off the market without destroying them or converting anything. The only reason that crude oil is so competitive is because of all the subsidies that it receives. Algae oil is an eternal source of fuels and products and that is why it's not promoted

  • Sagar Waghmare
    Sagar Waghmare

    I know eFuel can't, But Hydrogen (Fuel Cell) can.

  • RPAX100

    what is completely ignored/missing: - medium/long-term storage and costs - current electric costs can not projected to the future: its a question of supply vs demand. just take the oilprice of 1960 (~3$ per 🛢!) and see how that developed....

  • VonRyansExpress

    This is rather unbalanced and seems to miss the point of the new carbon neutral fuels entirely . .

  • The Galaxy
    The Galaxy

    Talk about Fast and Furious... lots of numbers and lots of assumptions! Some questions about your derivation of "total" costs. People driving Teslas often do so to save the planet-but they're doing nothing to upkeep the very highways and byways they travel. When are electrics going to start paying road taxes? They may criticize us "fossil fuel" neanderthals, but we pay huge fuel taxes (per gallon) to pay for the very roads and bridges they travel. To fairly compare fuel prices, you have to either factor in a road tax for electrics or remove all taxes from the cost of liquid fuel. Next, you don't need any special inventions to combine atmospheric hydrogen and carbon to then convert into synthetic fuels. Nature has already given us photosynthesis and it makes the ultimate carbon neutral biomass feedstocks from which to create sythetic liquid fuel. Today, old fossil crude oil refineries are refining virgin and used vegetable oils into synthetic liquid fuels. Have you evaluated the cost of fuel being produced by these refineries? I suspect because their infrastructure is already in place and has been completely depreciated, the cost to produce sythetic gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels is much lower than your examples. Then there are pyrolysis plants that convert both used and virgin wood into carbon neutral liquid synthetic fuels. Again, this technology has been around for decades and holds significant promise to produce carbon neutral fuels for us internal combustion diehards. Bottom line, I'm all for using the most efficient methods available to "move" us around this planet. Just realize you're never going to fly to Miami in a battery powered airplane! You're always going to need high energy content liquid fuel. Finally, when comparing costs, you have to factor in all available liquid synthetic fuel technologies and all technologies have to factor in the cost of taxes to maintain our transportation infrastructure.

  • JakobusVdL

    Thanks Jason that is really useful information. I had read about synthetic fuels recently, this explains why they're not the panacea to decarbonising transport. I've also heard people argue that synthetic fuels are only carbon neutral to produce, but not to use. I'm not sure what they mean, do you also have a video that explains that process??

  • MadMojo97

    Hey, Jason, can you do a video on Biofuel? I would really love to know about the biofuel side of things.

  • G tubedude
    G tubedude

    normalize synthetic fuels and then it wont be expensive

  • Magical

    2:32 Netherlands: hold my beer Especially places close to the beach

  • G tubedude
    G tubedude

    Sythetic fuels will probably only be for planes and racecars and maybe some sportscars

  • Gómez Flores Jorge Rodrigo
    Gómez Flores Jorge Rodrigo

    Batteries are getting better/cheaper, synthetic fuels will get better/cheaper too. While not completely realistic, but synthetic fuels effectively reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere (at least until they are used, then they go back to the atmosphere). Also Porsche said that they aren’t planning to keep the ICE as the main source of transportation, they just want people to be able to drive their ICE’s powered 911’s in the future without having to worry about emissions.

  • m3arvin

    Synthetic fuel isn’t mass produced, so a cost comparison now isn’t fair. A big benefit will be that ICE-powered vehicles will continue to roam the Earth, long after all new car sales are electric. While we’re still consuming crude, at least it’s carbon neutral. Another thing is, while H2 isn’t without its issues (for now), everyone ignores the obscene weight of batteries in BEVs. A Tesla Model S weighs almost as much as a Ford Expedition. At least FCEVs don’t need as large of a battery pack v. BEV. 2:44 “create energy”? I thought you were a law-abiding citizen?

  • Paul Bizard
    Paul Bizard

    What's the price to recycle a used battery? And EVs are twice as heavy...So you need twice the energy compared to other vehicles (when city driving you accelerate and decelerate all the time). You need to take that into consideration.

  • Izzat Fauzi Mustafa
    Izzat Fauzi Mustafa

    My 9 year-old, 1.3-litre subcompact sedan will be a classic car in the year 2031 and might need synthetic fuels 😭😭😭

  • Edwin Andrade
    Edwin Andrade

    do you ever look at normal copnsumer cars? im curious what you think about the 2022 hyundai plug in hyybrid

  • Jim Kennedy
    Jim Kennedy

    Excellent analysis as always. I have seen an analysis that battery run electric 18 wheelers make little sense. Why? Because the weight of the batteries and the limit on how heavy a 18 wheeler can be *(in the USA) means that the amount of freight would dramatically drop per truck

  • Belen LG
    Belen LG

    the efficiency analysis is flawed if you don't consider the cost and resources of building new PEV/FCEV vs having already ICE's and ICE infrastructure (not to mention the duration of EV batteries and environmental cost of recycling)

  • CL Anthony
    CL Anthony

    The reason the cost is higher for synthetic fuel is due to a lack of economies of scale. Once you produce massive amounts of something the cost per unit dramatically reduces.

  • A-Ramis

    If you take hydrogen and make electricity to charge batteries it will be cheaper than if you use it in hydrogen engine, but it will not have the fuel density. Also why would someone convert electricity into hydrogen then back to electrify to charge batteries? Hydrogen is very energy dense so promising tech for bigger trucks, airplanes performance suvs for towing. While rest of evs will dominate 150 mpg ev cost vs 20 mpg is saving $870 a month in gas cost if you were spending $1,000 a month on a gasoline car. Also no much repairs needed for evs too and resale value is way higher. But if ens need repairs then it’s more expensive. Also same ev is more expensive than gasoline car.

  • Emil

    STFU skinny nerd, Porsche gonna save us all

  • David Withey
    David Withey

    EV cars not that green and prob worse than any other. mining lead, the acid etc. all the battery material gets shipped to a place then made, is then shipped to shows, rubbish from doing that. then when the battery is no good most of it goes land fill.... that's just the batteries what about how we make the electric as well not that green, also in UK the grid right now can't handle it so think what be like if every house hold had a EV would need so many plants. Then that cost of making more plants goes to the customer won't be free. EV is a dream never will work, s hydrogen when it works better after research

  • rudy berkvens
    rudy berkvens

    I still prefer ptl over ev.

  • Richard Kruger
    Richard Kruger

    Ah, whatever. Tesla finances the most EV bloggers, seems this one as well. No wonder he says that.

  • Zac Murphy
    Zac Murphy

    At the same time, people said electric cars were going to be cost prohibitive and would never develop enough to compete with gas, but here we are

  • K.G.B

    Please make rugged electric off roaders like Land Rover defender (old body).

  • Santiago Mancebo
    Santiago Mancebo

    why not cover algae fuel?

  • Michael Pedersen
    Michael Pedersen

    Im not sure anyone has ever claimed it will replace EV's, but it will definitely be a good helper in the whole Co2 situation, and i hope it will prolong the life of the ICE cars they just need to get production up and running now, so prices will fall at some point :)

  • Alberto Corazza
    Alberto Corazza

    I would like to have syntethic fuel Just for a small part and category of cars, i think this will be possible

    • Peter Van Puyvelde
      Peter Van Puyvelde

      Problem will be then that there won't be a broad distribution of it like we have with fossil fuel now. Then we could stick with ev all tighter

  • RequiemWraith

    The diesel calculation doesn't match my yearly figures. 15k miles costs me approx £1,400. Still more expensive than the electricity, but significantly cheaper than calculated here. Plus I can roll into a petrol station, fill up and be on my way in 5 minutes, can't charge an EV in that time.

    • RequiemWraith

      There's nowhere I could plug an electric car in. My car gets parked around 100m from my house.

  • Flumstead

    Synthetic fuels would be carbon negative not neutral. If you are building up a permanent reserve of produced fuel for energy security, that would be negative. If you use carbon negative bio hydrogen, ie.biochar + hydrogen combined with CO2 from the atmosphere to produce synthetic fuel, then you have a significantly more carbon negative fuel.

  • Kvnx

    love how you explain things

  • Stephen Michaels
    Stephen Michaels

    We talk about synthetic fuels but what about E85. E85 is another option for people to utilize with their ICE's

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu


  • augnkn93043

    Yes, but. I get the argument & the numbers. Except that we will need to over generate renewables to ensure that *most* of the time we can just use the energy directly without storing the energy. It follows that we will have excess renewable energy for a good proportion of the time. This must be used or wasted making it very cheap, the energy companies might even pay for it to be used. So energy to gas & liquids have a different input cost. Also how are you going to store H2?

  • Claudio

    Send this video to our F1 friends who want to introduce synthetic fuels

  • Oh My Oh my
    Oh My Oh my

    He completely ignored the Carbon-cost of the EV battery. Didn’t even mention it. Then he ignores the cost of installing hydrogen or EV infrastructure, but he definitively didn’t ignore the cost of synthetic fuel did he? “You want the shortest path to use that energy” Really? Have you ever tried to find a charging station?! Find one that fits your particular car?! Nope… Try taking a road trip with an EV that recharges at 15miles per charge-hour. Post the results here…

  • drippingwax

    Good thing batteries last forever and grow on trees!

  • Ravisankar S
    Ravisankar S

    Hey, Jason but which is better for the environment? I think it is electric cars but I could be wrong.

  • ASP

    I'm glad you make these videos to prove electric is the future whether petrol heads like it or not

  • Wayne McGilvery
    Wayne McGilvery

    That was an eye opener. I wonder what the numbers would be, if nuclear power was used instead?

  • Roflcopter Kerman
    Roflcopter Kerman

    Nuclear power plants, or space based solar. Print all the gas all the time.

  • Peter Zerfass
    Peter Zerfass

    The cost is even worse than that. - The H2 factories must be paid for - The H2 distribution infrastructure must be paid for (a H2 tanker truck can only carry about 1/10 the mobility that a fossil fuel tanker truck carries. So you're paying 10 times more trucks and drivers for the same amount of mobility) - The carbon capture installations must be paid for - the Synfuel factories must be paid for (For Hydrogen cars: the very expensive H2 filling stations must be paid for) ..all of this has to be paid for as part of the price of fuel by the average Joe filling up his car. Synfuels (and H2 as a car fuel) are just beyond insane from a consumer perspective (from a producer/legacy automaker lobby perspective they are pure gold, of course).

    • burgholte

      Thats correct but let’s say the price ends up being 4$, right now in Germany and most of Europe regular gasoline is already at almost 2$ and it’s only going up in the future because we already have more and more tax on the way. Also, I don’t really see synthetic fuel as a savior for all ICE but rather as a niche product for car people (like me) that want to drive their ICE cars for fun on the weekend and maybe an electric car for daily use. So the higher price would be justified for people who see gasoline as something they need for enjoying their passion rather than just another expense that one would like to cut.

  • onlineo

    From an environmental point synthetic fuels also fail. As you truck down the road you are still pumping harmful exhaust into the lungs of children walking to school. The homes near airports and ports is still going to have way to poor air quality to meet any world health guidelines. Sure it might be carbon negative but if it still pumps out fumes it fails on a local level.

  • BTK

    Only time will tell 🤔🤔

  • Dan Wylie-Sears
    Dan Wylie-Sears

    Prototypes and pilot projects are always expensive on a per-unit basis. The question is how much the cost can come down. Wind and solar energy at off-peak times can be cheaper than free: if you can put a load on the system when energy is over-abundant, it can save some costs of switching stuff on and off. So if there's an energy-intensive first step, it can create schedulable demand. That said, I'm still not optimistic about synthetic fuels, beyond specific uses like air travel where energy density can plausibly outweigh cost of production.

  • Henrik Ganning
    Henrik Ganning

    what about ethanol?

  • Itz shark
    Itz shark

    We don't need everyone driving gasoline cars we need only carguys driving gasoline cars

    • Blaze George
      Blaze George


  • André Louro
    André Louro

    2 dollars/L sign me up, here in Portugal gasoline is 1.65€ it is the equivalent to your 2 dollars/L for Syn fuel and it is now not tomorrow, so i would welcome Syn fuel at 2 dollars/L.

  • Narblo

    If we do that but send them back to the ground we will have carbon negative fuel ;) and we wont be using them for engines of course is just a way to clean air

  • Slade The Original
    Slade The Original

    you better hope synthetic fuels are ready for primetime once "fossil fuels run out". what will you use to strip mine poor countries for all the battery and solar panel raw materials?

    • Roxor128

      Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if fossil fuels stop being used before they run out. I mean, we're already at the point where governments are looking for other ways to tax cars because they're not getting enough revenue from petrol taxes alone to cover their road maintenance budgets.

  • Jeff Sadowski
    Jeff Sadowski

    Airbus is making some hydrogen planes.

  • Jeff Sadowski
    Jeff Sadowski

    I thought it was the engine and re-gen that make battery efficient I think there is a ways to go. Maybe smaller batteries and maybe a synthetic fuel that could be used in a fuel cell.

  • swimbikenrun7

    H2 storage is leaky

  • davykawa

    efuels should start from biomass to be cheaper than what mentioned (search for "fresme" or "converge-h2020")

  • davykawa

    How did you calculate the kWh/l for the hydrogen? To have 2 kWh/l, you should operate at very, very, very high pressure (not realistic)!

  • Salty Steel
    Salty Steel

    Synthetic fuel, hopefully it does take over the market.

  • Nedi Sawego Yogya
    Nedi Sawego Yogya

    6-18% is still better than the efficiency of algae's photosynthesis that made crude oil in the past (less than 1% efficient). and most of today's oil came from that algae. so technically power to liquid is more efficient than natural process, and not to mention way faster (few weeks compared to tens of millions of years)

  • bar1

    Everything is expensive at first. That will absolutely change.

    • Pratyush Barman
      Pratyush Barman


  • Nirav Sodha
    Nirav Sodha

    Those numbers for EV and ICE seem to be because of High motor efficiency whilst Poor engine efficiency. That's why EVs make more sense than ICE, right? @EngineeringExplained (Great explanation as always. Cheers!)

  • Phillip Leech
    Phillip Leech


  • pihi42

    You are comparing price of electricity for an EV to 7*that price for synth diesel. Don't you think the conversion process itself is going to cost something? If you could magically convert 1:7 electricity to synth diesel, the price would be only 7x. In reality more like 20x the electricity cost. Of course, you included taxes into .15$ per kWh and bulk synth production would use cheaper (perhaps much cheaper?) electricity; but the tax gets back in in the end. So I don't realistically see less than 20x cost of electricity, that would be 3$/ kWh eq. , that would be about 8$/liter of fuel (realistic efficiencies).

    • pihi42

      let me clarify: by cost of conversion I don't mean losses, but cost of running equipment and doing the job.

  • First Class House Music Radio
    First Class House Music Radio

    The best sustainable energy management by country is a mixture from Wind at night (nights are more windy), Sun in daytime (most efficient) and if not to far away hydro power from lakes, seas or rivers. For the total peak times like Super Bowl evening you need a storage in form of batteries or hydrogen tanks. The end product should always be energy in form of electricity. It’s the best energy we can get and use. And the transition always has to be as short as possible and as local as possible for the efficiency. That would change the world so strong. Independent from all Arabian Russian Energy Companies. The technology is there. Let’s get it started!

  • Niels asdf
    Niels asdf

    In the EU, gasoline already costs 2 dollars per liter. If Porsche can achieve that price range, it'll be revolutionary and people can keep driving their regular cars. Don't forget EV's are insanely expensive relative to regular cars.

  • sam nyc
    sam nyc

    Go green. Go Nuclear 🔋Power 🔋.... Zero Carbon Emissions.

  • Mike Simpson
    Mike Simpson

    VW up 950kg VW eup 1230kg Unless they make tiny safe fusion reactors to power EVs, I honestly don't believe what's being said. The batteries are major concern weight and time to dismantle ect.

  • Cristi Iancu
    Cristi Iancu

    And you didn't even mentioned about replacing the batteries in electric vehicles,it's not wastefull in energy but in materials The energy is is very cheaper in usa than other places,for example in easters europe the electric energy is expensive

  • Freddie Lewis
    Freddie Lewis

    Excellent concise, loved it. This comes on the back of the news that Koenigsegg is trying to make a synthetic fuel using 100% Methanol from Volcano emissions.

  • Sami Rantanen
    Sami Rantanen

    Don't know if I got it right, but I like it! Use rockets to transport dinojuice to our precious V8s. Brilliant!

  • Bobby C
    Bobby C

    While I agree that synthetic fuel does not make sense on grid power, wouldn't it be the perfect outlet for intermittent power generators? For example, you could run a synthetic fuel plant primarily off solar power and switch it off at night, because it doesn't matter when the fuel is produced. It's inefficient, but it's better to save 20% of our solar energy as fuel than let it all go to waste if it's not needed.

  • Black Orchid
    Black Orchid

    Can you reply the efficiency of CNG vs pure electric

  • kenneth law
    kenneth law

    1. I don’t believe power network in most of the world can power up all EVs on the road, except the government build more nuclear power plants 2. Batteries will be a huge concern for our next generation I believe banning combustion engines completely will not be sustainable, governments should leave the market some choice

  • Ivan Vinitskyy
    Ivan Vinitskyy

    BEV efficiency can be as low as 40%? How? Where is so much wasted?

    • Brian

      Even at that it's still 10% or more better than an i.c. engine.

  • Fyi S
    Fyi S

    I mean they are releasing next year almost everything Porsche has done was a success, All we have to do is wait for the results

  • Eat black angus
    Eat black angus

    Biodiesel and ethanol. It’s renewable energy

    • Roxor128

      Kind-of tricky, though. Only a few crops actually work. Corn, for example, is net-negative. Processing it into a state where bacteria can ferment it into ethanol needs more energy than you get out of burning the ethanol. Sugar cane, by contrast, is net-positive. Unfortunately, current approaches to biofuels compete with food supplies, so we really need to come up with something else.