No, Tesla Can't Hit 60 MPH In Under 2 Seconds (Model S Plaid)
Tesla Tricked You - Plaid Mode Won't Hit 60 MPH In Under 2 Seconds
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Tesla says the Model S Plaid is the quickest accelerating car in production today, and they claim the Model S Plaid+ has the quickest 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile acceleration of any production car ever. The Plaid has a 0-60 mph of 1.99 seconds, and the Plaid+ has a 0-60 of less than 1.99 seconds, if you believe the order page. Unfortunately, these numbers are deceiving, and the real zero to sixty is likely above two seconds. No, Tesla's Model S Plaid won't hit 60 mph in under 2 seconds. In this video we'll discuss rollout, Tesla's actual 0-60 time, 0-60 theory, and what today's theoretical limit on 0-60 mph is. Watch to learn more!

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Thumbnail image courtesy of Tesla, Inc.

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  • bumbldee

    Dragtimes debunks this whole video

  • bumbldee

    Dragtimes did 1.99 on the street are they wrong

  • SuperEman500

    That means nothing if it doesn't have a thunderous exhaust.

  • n666mq

    Well it turns out that you were very close in your estimate of 2 seconds. Congratulations! Only with special track goo it barely got under 2 secs. So, they yields another question.. With the Plaid having 1020 Hp and 1050 Torque, why can it not spin the tires? ICE cars with a third that power can spin tires all day long. ??????

  • Ecos Last22
    Ecos Last22

    General Motors is also cheating with the new Corvette acceleration value. The car's 0-60mph acceleration is 0.65 seconds slower than advertised. Porsche and BMW do the exact opposite, they always put worse values on the car what it actually accelerates.

  • Ecos Last22
    Ecos Last22

    I guess that's Elon smoking Dope again!

  • Justin Fredrick
    Justin Fredrick

    Thank you for this was flawless 👌

  • Peter Broderson
    Peter Broderson

    Wow what an amazing fact 2.0 vs 1.9 worth a whole video! Also do not see the other video where they run the Plaid at a track at 1.98 seconds that would ruin this video for you.

  • Marco

    Metric System, please !

  • Mach III
    Mach III

    I'm not saying you're wrong, and I'm a random teenager who knows too many bits of random puzzle pieces of information, but.... Wouldn't inertia need to be considered here? It's much harder to stop a heavy moving object than it is to accelerate it; that is, if the acceleration is being produced by the moving assembly, yes? I'm not entirely certain but I'm a skeptical person because I dislike existence; feel free to correct me though, as I'm not ignorant to learning.

  • Grace

    Seems really bothered by the sub 2 second claim. Really splitting hairs on this one with his generalized theory. Generally speaking, we are making a lot of assumptions to fit your narrative. If a tesla model s plaid can stop from 60mph in 104’ feet. This would mean it’s deceleration rate would be 37.23 fps and would take about about 3.04 seconds to stop at that rate. This alone would prove to be an exception to the “rule”. With that logic, it shouldn’t be able to break 3 seconds to 0-60? Some things that are not being factored is weight transfer, weight distribution, efficiency of the abs vs traction control(ecm/wheel slippage ratio), staggered wheel/tire setup, and coefficients of friction. Did you prove it can’t accelerate to 60 in 1.99 seconds? No Does it matter that they use a 0-60mph time with 1’ rollout? No At the end of the day your crying about a company using an industry standard form of measurement with equates to about .1x of a difference.

  • YuriDavy

    Remember that there is also 0-100kmh.

  • glfarming

    Rimac did 0-60 in under 2 secs with out a roll out

  • An Unknown Soul
    An Unknown Soul

    Type of channel that’d argue that one gallon of milk contains 1.1 gallons and the other 0.9 gallons. *shady marketing*

  • Jake Black
    Jake Black

    In reality though no one is going to notice that time delay of 1ft.

  • Zhangy

    You can achieve

    • Engineering Explained
      Engineering Explained

      Not how it works. Weight isn’t the issue when you’re traction limited.

  • Jobe

    This video did not age well.

  • timmbos

    Depending on what species of weed Elon smokes the 0-60 time can vary dramatically.

  • knytrydr73

    Today's cars, like the Challenger Hellcat I believe, can calculate it's 0-60 time with it's onboard systems. Does that take into account this 1 foot roll out?

  • Jake Rodriguez
    Jake Rodriguez

    You have now been proven demonstrably wrong.


      You have now been proven demonstrably wrong.

  • carnologgy

    The fastest time is 2.2 so far

  • CarCrazyRDM

    Explained perfectly. Well done as usual.

  • Gavin Thompson
    Gavin Thompson

    Omfg, why pull the system to pieces now 🤣 Tesla piss on your battery 🔋 🤣🤣🤣

  • Patrick Delgado
    Patrick Delgado

    You were wrong on this one but good job on the videos

  • Tony Lewis
    Tony Lewis

    This didn’t age well. It’s does

  • Latha Galappatth
    Latha Galappatth

    Thank you sir nobody believe me. it can't do that1.99s

  • TechNeo

    Seems Tesla actually listened and added the asterisks on the front page

  • Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*
    Regis Philbin *THE LEGEND*

    Front engine corvettes always had very low stopping distances because of engine location, the opposite would be true for acceleration. Mid and rear engine cars have more weight on their rear tires for acceleration but less on front tires for breaking. So that theory may not work for all production cars.

  • Haterade

    What team you on 0-0🔪

  • speedy 02
    speedy 02

    This didn’t age well. Dragtimes did 1.99 to 60 on the street. So much for being a engineer.

  • stillak

    It did

  • Zaerrius6

    Just watched a video of the plaid hitting 60 in 1.99 seconds 😳 it's possible

    • Eric Stewart
      Eric Stewart

      @7stiano it’s really quick and quicker than anything else on the road. That’s it. On top of it being really quick it can carry you and 4 friends to the airport with a weekend’s worth of luggage.

    • 7stiano

      From 6-60 not 0-60

    • Eric Stewart
      Eric Stewart

      His whole premise was that it wasn't possible based on Tesla's own published stats. That's obviously a silly way to assess the performance of any car, because Tesla could retest and update their numbers.

  • Matt LeBRun
    Matt LeBRun

    This video sure aged well LMFAO

  • Chris Klassen
    Chris Klassen

    If we consider that rear tires are wider than fronts and then factor in how the weight of a vehicle transfers when accelerating and braking (specifically in a mid- engine car), it is very conceivable that a vehicle could accelerate harder than it brakes. To use hyperbole to illustrate, think of a top fuel dragster.

  • Mikael Overby
    Mikael Overby

    But it did hit 1.98 from stand still... on a street

  • Shane Hambleton
    Shane Hambleton

    you are correct its 2.01 Jay leno set the prod record at 9.247

    • Shane Hambleton
      Shane Hambleton

      not that I have watched the entire video your have inaccurate info on your braking distance to the acceleration, you have to take in the lost of tire tread from the launch as well as diameter and you do not know the brakes ability to dissipate heat as it brakes. The koenigsegg Agera R that set the top speed record, what was the accel and braking dist when they set the record for 0-400-0 KPH, Now you also have the Jesko which has yet to be unleashed.

  • Amara Kromah
    Amara Kromah

    Didn't Dragrace prove it's possible

  • Skynet

    Dragtimes did it on vbox on a regular street. :-)

    • nib95

      They deducted rollout too.

  • Sir Miles
    Sir Miles

    Yes it can! Brooks of Drag Times just proved it!

  • Shashwat Varma
    Shashwat Varma

    I think Rollout is not applicable in vbox or draggy.

  • Wendell Guo
    Wendell Guo

    This is a channel about engineering... but did not address the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to the Model S Plaid's engineering: The fact that has never-before-seen technology. It has the carbon wrapped rotor that achieved the highest rev and torque ever in the history of automotive engineering and it also has an HVAC system so efficient that it renders exiting home HVAC systems obsolete. Instead, Jason chose to address how the car can only do 1.99 in ideal environment and not the real world which does seem very disingenuous. I get it, he's job here is to get views, but it should be engineering first, clickbait 2nd. Hell, most car enthusiasts know that those magazine numbers on sports/super cars are assuming the same thing that Tesla is doing: claiming what the car can theoretically capable of in ideal conditions. Unless you are a Tesla/Elon hater who wants to grab a hold of whatever scrap of info to talk crap about Tesla, no one in their right mind would not buy the car just because it did 2.1 sec 0-60 instead of 1.9. If the Millennium Falcon landed in front of us today, is Engineering Explain going talk about how it can't actually do the Kessel Run in 12 par sec, it actually can only do it in 14? Porsche's flagship hypercar the 918 was claimed to have a 0-60 of 2.2, but can reach no way near that figure in the real world. The c8 corvette claimed to do 0-60 in 2.8, but most tests can run it a 3.3-3.5 at best. I don't see Jason doing the trollish whiteboard lesson of "glue" or "6 isn't 0" trying to patronize the audience on those cars... because he knows that they won't get him as much views as Tesla content so he should really thank Tesla for part of his success.

  • Phar2Rekliss

    RIMAC nevera 0-60. In 1.91 seconds!

  • Alutte Stephen
    Alutte Stephen

    You were right

    • Jack Whitlock
      Jack Whitlock

      Not anymore? DragTimes did it 1.99 with rollout

  • Cevan42

    DragTimes did 2.01

  • Patrick

    Imagine being an engineer and not knowing what your talking about. People at the strip are clocking under 2 seconds so I guess you could say your math isn’t adding up or there are variables that you didn’t take into consideration…….. or it’s a clickbait. Id be pissed if I made a video on a channel called engineering explained where the whole video is wrong lol.

  • Big Injun
    Big Injun

    ready for this video to be taken down when it does a sub 2 second? We're at 2.19 on the street just by stomping it.

  • nickacelvn

    1200whp Mitsubishi Evo 7 Drag car does 0-60 in under one second (The black speedteck Evo from NZ years back) So if they can do it surely manufacturers can do it?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Problem is street tires have friction coefficient that is the same as the road, this means without special sticky tires the plaid can have 3000HP and not go any faster, same for the car you mentioned, tesla plans tonmake the roadster go 0-60 8n 1.1 seconds using gas thrusters, since sticky road tires only last abput 500 miles on the highway.

  • G Alex G
    G Alex G

    This did not age well 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Cliff Baxter
    Cliff Baxter

    What is the range when you do nothing but 0-60 hole shots?

  • Jack Morrison
    Jack Morrison

    This is why everyone hates engineers. They only believe in the chalkboard and never go outside

  • nicelittlerunner

    Anyone notice that the eco warriors used to complain about fast cars as being dangerous, the Cobra, lotus Carlton, Mclaren F1, 500hp M5, but now these same eco warriors are declaring electric supremacy because electric cars are so fast!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      No, eco warriors complained about the pollution that comes out of big block cars, what you arebdecribing sounds like keran. But since this car get 110mpge eco warriors can't complain much anyways, 500HP model 3 gets 141mpge.

  • Why All The Fuss
    Why All The Fuss

    Lots of Tesla fanboys here who are in denial about the truth. When a manufacture is deceitful about their product, they should be called out.

    • Patrick Delgado
      Patrick Delgado

      The truth is Tesla actually did it. Many people who received the Plaid Model S have broken the under 2 seconds from complete stop on regular streets!

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      Other manufacturers use this because it's a US standard, why didn't he make individuals videos on them?

  • VTR- VegasTeslaRides
    VTR- VegasTeslaRides

    So can you make a follow up video now that the Plaid is out and what Motortrend discovered and measured? Is it a true 0-60 in less than 2 sec or not?

    • Miguel lopez
      Miguel lopez

      @Dylan Nguyen drag times got 2.17, technically 1.99 seconds without rollout on the street, so it can be as fast at a prepped dragstrip as it is on a public road.

    • Dylan Nguyen
      Dylan Nguyen

      0-60 2.28s on street

  • Tim Leonard
    Tim Leonard

    As a non-engineer, this was brilliantly explained and extremely illuminating. Thank you.

  • Darren E. Mathews
    Darren E. Mathews

    Well, golly! You rolled out a most informative video, Jason! I learned a good deal. Thank you.


    Unreasonably passionate about pointless statistics? - I'm in.

  • wordreet

    All you'd have to do to guarantee sub 2s to 60 is put sufficiently smaller diameter tires on it to lower the gearing.

  • Jefff

    This is typical marketing propaganda. Other automakers would have done it too. But still, 2.25 secs is still bloody fast.

  • Bartosz Łuczak
    Bartosz Łuczak

    Apparently it can. Portal motortrend measured it and it does even better, 1,98s to 60mph.

    • SimplyCali

      Apparently you didn't read the whole article 🧐🤦‍♂️

  • Batemen

    👏 tesla 👏 buyers 👏 are 👏 cucks 👏

  • David E. Vogel
    David E. Vogel

    0-60 MPH is for fan boys. Let's see some quarter mile numbers from a dragstrip.

    • David E. Vogel
      David E. Vogel

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini Cool. I think my car can hit 1/8 mile in 9.22 seconds.

  • Zaka Pentax
    Zaka Pentax

    Maths are only theory's , only a real test will tell

  • Paul Havelock
    Paul Havelock

    Excellent presentation as always. Tesla are simply sensationalists. People will read the nonsense it will stick, end of. Maths and physics for the masses are irrelevant. Keep up the good work.

  • Paddy Boy
    Paddy Boy

    10:13 no I can’t 😵‍💫

  • Shane

    11 minutes of "I don't understand drag racing". This is the next dimension of bench racing good god. Time for an apology video, Motortrend real world confirmed it. Great channel otherwise but lol.

    • Father Alduin
      Father Alduin

      @Shane They got 1.98 with rollout. 6-60 is not 0-60

    • Shane

      @spookybizz241 They got a 1.98 on a prepped track, which is the only place anyone should be launching like that. It's real

    • spookybizz241

      Didn't they just confirm that it doesn't go under 2 seconds on normal asphalt?

  • EGAJohn

    Could you explain how they got the lowest drag coefficient of 0.208? I'd love to see how they figured that.

  • Terence Iutzi
    Terence Iutzi

    Tesla doesn't have to! Only fools buy their junk!

  • Sergey. b. Egorov
    Sergey. b. Egorov

    Первые выпуски были с переводом на русский , почему сейчас нет? Этот канал обязательно должен быть с русским переводом.

  • Led Floyd
    Led Floyd

    Well, seems this was a lie. Dragstrips are recording 0-60 in 1.98 seconds

    • Stephen N
      Stephen N

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini suggest you go to car-wow and see the drag race . Instead of if laughing at your own statement

    • Stephen N
      Stephen N

      It's 6 - 60 if you going to quote motor trend quote the truth

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Led Floyd link the video then. I'll wait...Or you going to come with some BS about "find it yourself" lmao. Motortrend already proved even on a prepped surface it will do 2.07.

    • Led Floyd
      Led Floyd

      @Lexus GS460 crazy, that video I seen on here must have lied too. Wonder how they managed to do that, dang kids and their dang photoshops!

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      no, they are recording 5-60 in 1.98. Elon lied. Next time actually read the article.

  • Pedro Teixeira
    Pedro Teixeira

    This video didn't age that well.

    • Stephen N
      Stephen N

      This video is actually correct . 6 -60 - 1.98 secs prepped surface (VHT) 10 minutes pre heat . No roll 2-07 seconds , unprepared surface 2.25 , 0 to 62/ 100km/hr 2.45 .

    • Pedro Teixeira
      Pedro Teixeira

      @Lexus GS460 1.98.

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Pedro Teixeira 2.28. Denial won't help you.

    • Pedro Teixeira
      Pedro Teixeira

      @Lexus GS460 1.98

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Pedro Teixeira it did not. 5-60 does not equal 0-60. Why? Because 5 is not 0.

  • Albert Gallegos
    Albert Gallegos

    Just seen this video after watching the model S Plaid do 0-60 in 1.97 seconds. 🤣

    • Albert Gallegos
      Albert Gallegos

      @Who am I Today? come on let's be serious. Once in track mode it doesn't need to repeat for each pass. Also, more fuel is used during runs than electricity so ice will refuel before it needs to recharge

    • Albert Gallegos
      Albert Gallegos

      @Lexus GS460 lmao...

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Albert Gallegos yes, but they have been using rollout WITHOUT a prepped surface. Tesla with roll out and without a prepped surface is still over 2 seconds.

    • Who am I Today?
      Who am I Today?

      And in reality it takes the Plaid 15 minutes and 2.24 seconds to 60 because it can require up to 15 minutes of prep time to get into track mode lol.

    • Who am I Today?
      Who am I Today?

      @Albert Gallegos I still think it's valid to compare it to every other vehicle tested the same way. Apparently they've been fooling all of us since 1949. The argument Engineering Explained is making is that it's not truly 0-60. It 6-60. Which is a fact. Plus Tesla would only allow them to test on a prepped surface which did give them a .09 second advantage over real world testing so Tesla did cheat a little. But no matter how you look at it the Plaid is going to destroy anything on the road right now. It just won't go 0-60 under 2 seconds ha ha.

  • J

    If there is an asterisk next to the claim, and there's a whole page explaining things when you read the asterisk notations, then it isn't deceptive. Anyone can Google "rollout 0-60" for an education on the matter. So it seems that it is YOU who is being deceptive by claiming Tesla is lying, when they clearly explained what they're doing under the asterisk.

    • Roberto Vetere
      Roberto Vetere

      Rollout 0 - 60 is nonsense, only americans could come up with something like that

  • DoubleD Prospecting
    DoubleD Prospecting

    Actually they did.

  • Natan Dobre
    Natan Dobre

    they just did it. Tesla really takes less than 2 seconds to 60

    • MrPigeonAssassin

      No they didnt.

  • ASG Rides
    ASG Rides

    It’s still fast

  • Timmy T
    Timmy T

    That’s a lot of options on something you haven’t even driven.

  • Zaliah

    Haha Tesla bad funny . It's an industry standard , just because it's called 0-60 it doesen't mean that they actually measure or should measure it from 0-60 .just like 200mph , did they drive the car for an hour and measure the distance ? No , are you Gona shot them for what everyone does? Yes . Besides I haven't seen any of you bash companies for claiming 0-60 under 3 sec when the car goes in 2.9sec with rollout included . Yes it lies to the customer it isn't 0-60 the clock starts after the car passes 1 foot which for the Tesla would be an additional 6mph . But as long as everyone that uses this standard doesen't get bashed by keyboard warriors Tesla shouldn't too

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini I know nothing about the rimac young kid. I am talking about the tesla. Can't defend your precious tesla so you deflect. Try again, defend your tesla cant huh? Lmao such a joke 🤣

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @Underground Racing Lamborghini what are you babbling on about? How did rimac come into a conversation about tesla on a video about tesla? Are you that insecure tesla apologist?

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      here is where you are wrong, the industry standard is 0-60 with 1 foot of roll out WITHOUT a prepped surface. Motortrend proved that without a prepped dragstrip surface it does it in over 2 seconds. So no, everyone doesn't do it. Because every one else uses regular tarmac and not a prepped surface. You realize a statement saying a car goes 200 mph means it can reach the speed of 200 mph and not that it can go 200 miles in an hour? lmao.

  • Epic Jamaican Jokes
    Epic Jamaican Jokes

    Oh comes I didn't hear this calculation when Bugatti said it can go from 0-60 in 2.3 seconds. So is it that Bugatti did take these weird physics into consideration?

  • Miranda S
    Miranda S

    This video aged like milk lol

  • Danny Le
    Danny Le

    Maybe if you just shut your mouth and wait until the car actually tested before explain some ENGINEERING numbers about the car YOU HAVE NO IDEAS ABOUT. Kinda lame engineering analysis for something you haven’t seen, touch, or test. So Tesla just make you became a phony engineer.

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      you have no idea what you're talking about. Typical tesla fan though.

    • Mangang Ngamba N.
      Mangang Ngamba N.

      Watch his follow up video and you will see he predicted correctly.

  • TheExcessive1

    Thanks for keeping them honest. What absolutely ridiculous deceptive advertising, and for no reason. Elon needs to be held accountable. I have owned a few Porsches and BMWs in my day, and I always knew that what a drove off the showroom floor would exceed published performance. That’s the difference between a great company and a company like Tesla.

  • AwesomeSauce

    So now that the S Plaid is out, and hit 1.98s in the Motor trend real-world testing, will you do an apology video? Also looks like you better don't apply for a job at Tesla as your physics/engineering skills are mediocre at best. ;)

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      @AwesomeSauce it was 5-60. Last time I checked, 5 is not equal to 0. Your math skills are mediocre at best.

    • Roberto Vetere
      Roberto Vetere

      @AwesomeSauce it was not a 0 - 60

    • AwesomeSauce

      @Mangang Ngamba N. What about the motor trend test? Cherry-picked what exactly? If a Plaid Model S in a test did 1.99 or 1.98s from 0 to 60, who makes false claims this dude or Tesla, Motor trend, and other testers?

    • Mangang Ngamba N.
      Mangang Ngamba N.

      He already made a follow up video where he said his prediction is proven true and Tesla cherry picked with numbers for marketing.

  • F100 FE390
    F100 FE390

    Musk said Wednesday that Tesla had halted purchases of its vehicles with bitcoin due to concerns over the "rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for bitcoin mining." Is this imbecile even real?

  • Samuel

    I can't wait for the video about the Roadster 2, can't do 0-60 in 1.1 secs

    • Zaka Pentax
      Zaka Pentax

      The roadster will have some jet engines so this calculation does not work for it

  • Eddie Moy
    Eddie Moy

    Where do you draw the line at the asterisk? You do realize they do it at a drag strip where it is prepped? So you won't get the 0-60 on unprepped regular streets. Then there is the issue with sea level for ICE cars. If you bring the car up to Denver and wonder why you can't hit the 0-60 times? Should they put an asterisk? Tesla is just following how the times are reported by all supercars. Please call them all out and not just Tesla. Or else, you just look like you are hating.

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      Tesla is not following how the tiems are reported by all supercars. All supercars uses regular unprepped tarmac, not a prepped dragstrip with VHT. So only Tesla is lying.

    • Lexus GS460
      Lexus GS460

      so why does tesla only use the 0-60 with roll out for the plaid and not the other models?

  • Sophie Paterson
    Sophie Paterson

    Damn he's a good looking man. Oh... And I hate seeing dodgy statistics in measurement. But yeah, baby you can drive my car.

  • Rey Allen
    Rey Allen

    So all manufacturers use the same definition of 0-60? Nitpicking has reached peak.

    • Kevin Burke
      Kevin Burke

      0-62MPH is simple. Measurement by Laser, Accelerometer & Tip switches that break anIrfa red light beam. To start, we have the smarts so bring out the cars.


    Now it can :)

    • Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi

      Nope. 1.98 seconds is actually 6-60 MPH.

  • Nathan Bradforth
    Nathan Bradforth

    Well you were wrong weren't you buddy. Not only did it do it, it went faster at 1.98 by motor trend

    • Nathan Bradforth
      Nathan Bradforth

      @Gabriel Albelda Ochoa motor trend, 'we have never tested a car so robotic in its consistency, pulling 1.98 0 to 100 and 9.25 test after text after test' is unplugged performance "the car is just as fast on 32 percent capacity as 100 percent., McLaren p1 driver, 'it flew past me like I was standing still. Comon losers where are all you tesla haters. where!! I know all your doodles have shrunken and none of you want to comment, wwwwhhhhyyy????im itching to roast all of you who are against THE ONLY COMPANY THAT IS CHANGING THE WORLD FOR MY CHILDREN'S FUTURE. Where are you all. Comon feed it. Oh you all know you are done and suck the f$#& in losers

    • Nathan Bradforth
      Nathan Bradforth

      @Gabriel Albelda Ochoa arrr you can't afford one can you? It's the quickest 4door on earth even tho rimac hasn't verified anything yet so it's the quickest car full stop and I absolutely love knowing that you ase stuing on it right now aren't you. Orrr poor you

    • Nathan Bradforth
      Nathan Bradforth

      @Gabriel Albelda Ochoa go read or watch motor trend. Completely unbiased text wanker

    • Gabriel Albelda Ochoa
      Gabriel Albelda Ochoa

      Thats not 0-60 you nucklehead

    • JamZ

      Have you seen his latest video?

  • Edward Hsiao
    Edward Hsiao

    What I don't understand is this, why get caught up so much about the standard, when 0 - 60 itself is only an American thing? The rest of the world uses 0 - 100 km/h. So you are okay with 1 American only standard, yet not okay with another American only standard?

    • Gabriel Albelda Ochoa
      Gabriel Albelda Ochoa

      @JamZ Cause they enjoy lying

    • JamZ

      But then why doesnt tesla use that standard for all models?

  • Kevin Khoy
    Kevin Khoy

    Jay Leno broke the World Record on live TV running the Plaid last week, just fyi...

  • Kunal Patel
    Kunal Patel

    This video didn't need age well. Hahaah.

    • Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi

      @Kunal Patel It was.. One foot rollout = a technical 6 MPH. Article states: "Eliminate the customary one-foot of rollout and the Plaid accelerates from 0-60 mph in 2.28 seconds, matching the previous record holder with rollout." Tesla's own website mentions the one foot rollout for all of it's 0-60 MPH figures for other non-plaid cars, but the model s plaid figure on their site is without the one foot roll out, so they are inconsistent with their own numbers.

    • Kunal Patel
      Kunal Patel

      @Lionel Messi Well, 6-60 mph was not mentioned anywhere in the article nor by Tesla or the media who likes to destroy Tesla, that's why. Lol.

    • Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi

      @Kunal Patel Not sure why it would be too complicated for most. Zero means zero. 0-60 MPH in 2.28 seconds as tested. And 1.98 seconds with 1 foot rollout (6-60 MPH). Pretty simple to understand.

    • Kunal Patel
      Kunal Patel

      @Lionel Messi Too complicated for most. And I'm surprised the media hasn't attacked Tesla for this technicality either. Anyway, 0-60 mph and 1.98 seconds it is! 🤣🤣🤣

    • Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi

      @Kunal Patel Yes, you read it wrong. Read the entire article. The 1.98 is with the one foot leap. From an actual standstill (0 MPH), it takes over 2 seconds.

  • Phong Nguyen
    Phong Nguyen

    You can’t deny that an EV is destroying pretty much all ICE vehicle.

    • Usarkar Zts
      Usarkar Zts

      No, you can't deny it, but I'd still take a good ice over an ev while I can.

  • Henry Lafontaine
    Henry Lafontaine

    I just witnessed a video of it hitting over 60 in 2 seconds, so your math sucks.

    • David G
      David G

      See his latest video

  • fireofenergy

    I hear all *race* cars are measured with roll out. This is a *production* race car that beats all other production cars. If not, I want drag strip proof. I hear it even beats a million dollars plus McLaren...

  • srinitaaigaura

    There's another problem. Rollout correction of 0.3s is usually used for RWD cars like the LaFerrari, which at Fiorano did 2.7 0-60s corrected to 2.4s. But For AWD, this correction comes out at only 0.2s usually. So that 2.28 sec will come to around 2.08s corrected. The Nevera did a 2.08 s 0-60 with carwow's Matt Watson for the 8.62s quarter mile record, so 2.28s uncorrected. Yup, limit of grip confirmed.

  • srinitaaigaura

    The Nevera on the 8.62s record quarter mile run shows a screenshot showing 0-60 in 2.08 s and 111 ft. However using the distance as a measure of acceleration, assuming a constant acceleration (ok in grip limited cases), I get an uncorrected time of 2.51 sec. How does it differ that much? I donno, rollout alone can't explain. That run clearly blasted the SF90 off the start, it was the best launch of the runs. So ditch that. Instead, comparing it to the Koenigsegg Regera, that did a 169 mph quarter mile in 9.5 something and has an uncorrected 0-60 of 2.95 sec on that particular 0-300-0 run (based on distance covered), I'd say around 2.25 sec uncorrected 0-60 would be the best you could get out of the Nevera. Rollout for AWD cars is around 0.2 sec. So a corrected theoretical best time would be somewhere between 1.95 to 2.05 sec depending on how that 1 foot rollout is calculated. So This time 2.28s for the Nevera I worked out is actually identical to the best time of 2.28 sec for the model S Plaid. So yes, this is the limit of tire grip. The Nevera might do 1.85 maybe only with super glue and rollout correction. Might.

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    it already did and its actually 0-60 in 1.86 seconds so shove your video up your a**

    • David G
      David G

      You should see his latest video

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    This didnt age well...

    • Lionel Messi
      Lionel Messi

      It did, he's still right.

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @Optimus Fine well i kind of agree. On normal raod with normal non track tires you wont se su 2s speed on any car reliant on friction due to physics... and to be honest i think this kind of accelerations are kind of dangerous in general allthough they are fun.

    • Optimus Fine
      Optimus Fine

      Its certainly proving to be a good indicator of people's ability to go beyond a headline (either the article's or the video's) and why people are so easily duped.

  • Wesley Ellis
    Wesley Ellis

    8:13 The valve stem cap on that wheel is missing… on a six figure car….