The 2022 Subaru BRZ Doesn't Need A Turbo - 2.4L Boxer Engine Explained
Subaru's New 2.4L Boxer Engine Is The Perfect Match For The BRZ \u0026 GT86
A combination of the Subaru BRZ \u0026 Subaru Ascent engines leads to a potent 2.4L boxer.
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Deep dive into the 2022 Subaru BRZ 2.4L Boxer engine. This is a naturally aspirated version of the 2.4L turbo coming out of the Subaru Ascent. In this video we'll look at how it stacks up versus the previous BRZ engine, discuss why it's a good decision to keep it naturally aspirated, look at the torque curve, discuss wheel torque, and look into Toyota's D-4S direct plus port injection fuel system, as well as the advantages of such system.

Subaru's Press Release:
"Running counter to the current trend of power over precision, the 2022 Subaru BRZ focuses on simplicity and fun. Designed to deliver an unmatched driving experience, the all-new BRZ features a new and more powerful 228 horsepower 2.4-liter horizontally opposed engine. Sitting low in the chassis, the Subaru BOXER’s unique design allows the BRZ to achieve a Center of Gravity (CoG) even lower than the previous BRZ and on par with exotic hyper-cars. The ultra-low CoG is critical to delivering unrivaled handling, with a low polar moment and quick reaction to driver inputs. The 2.4-liter naturally aspirated engine redlines at 7,000 RPM and delivers a 15-percent increase in torque. The 2022 BRZ will be offered in both Premium and Limited trims and is available with two transmission choices; a standard six-speed manual or an available six-speed automatic with a new Sport mode designed for more aggressive driving. The new Sport mode allows for more rapid downshifts with automatic throttle blipping and utilizes yaw sensors to hold the transmission in a lower gear during hard cornering to maximize performance.

Despite its sporting intentions, the 2022 Subaru BRZ does not sacrifice everyday comfort and practicality. The 2+2 seating and folding rear seats create a useful cargo area that has space for carrying a mountain bike, golf clubs, or even four race tires and tools for track days. Utilizing aluminum for the roof, front fenders and hood, the 2022 Subaru BRZ has an estimated curb weight of just under 2,900 lbs., delivering on its promise of accessible performance.

The BRZ’s bold new styling is as impressive as its handling prowess. The overall impression is modern, agile and powerful, with focused and functional aerodynamic details. The tidy coupe design is just over an inch longer and almost half an inch lower than its predecessor, resulting in a low and wide frontal area set off by large functional air intakes. The grille is set low and is capped by proud fender arches that allow just enough room for suspension points. A narrowed greenhouse accentuates the bold fender flares and the roofline features a subtle “double bubble” appearance, a nod to vintage racing cars.

The aggressive design flows into bold front fenders with a large side vent. The functional side vent reduces drag by ducting air from under the hood and fenders. The released air is directed to a side sill spoiler that creates downforce at speed. A small fin at the back of the rear-wheel arch also assists in airflow adding stability at speed. At the rear of the car, the large rear fenders and wider track flow into dual exhausts for a low and wide stance. This visual heft is lightened by a narrower greenhouse and rear hatch which flow into a dramatic upturned “ducktail” rear spoiler."

Thanks to Driving Sports TV for allowing me to use a screenshot from their BRZ review:

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  • Hkszerlahd Gshezraj
    Hkszerlahd Gshezraj

    It's sad that it needs a 2.4. But of course, nothing like a 4A-GE or 3S-GE could be sold today :(

  • Voss Li
    Voss Li

    Why can’t we have an inline 6 but on its side making 250

  • Denny Kan
    Denny Kan

    I can always count on Jason to knock some sense into why this car doesn't come with a turbo

  • JP dJ
    JP dJ

    Did Subaru morph 3/4 of the front of a Porsche on a BMW back?

  • DOHC16V

    I am so torn between the GR Yaris and the GR86/BRZ... Some fabulous drivers cars!

  • Saver Saan
    Saver Saan

    A convoluted whiteboard e a bunch of small writing is not the best form of entertaining presentation. (Unless it's done to allow people to work and see the examples)

  • noobwow2009

    Weak ass engine. Put a H6 there

  • Hirza Ahmad Mutahari
    Hirza Ahmad Mutahari

    Whats with the hate for this car in the comments section?

  • Bryce Czirr
    Bryce Czirr

    So basically slow again, awesome.

  • Root3264

    Subaru goes BRZ.

  • Q

    All fanboi cries for turbo, but when slapped with one, price skyrocket, then cries again as price gone way too high for them. Pftttt. Appreciate it as it is.

  • robskikko

    I would've payed the extra money for a turbo brz. I won't even consider this car the way it sits. I really love the 1st gen body style more so than the new one. I test drove it but the lack of power was a deal buster. Just make the turbo BRZ an option. Come on. How hard is that? I'm still driving an S2000 and in my opinion, the brz lacks the driving pleasure the s2000 has. I have since turbo'ed my S2000 so there really isn't anything out there under $50,000 that brings the driving feel and excitement the s2000 has. If the BRZ had 300HP it would be in my garage.

  • 334 TRAX
    334 TRAX

    Glad to see a lightweight balanced car that is not to expensive without all the crap fluff in the interior adding weight. All the car reviewers want to touch a dash to see if it is soft, LMAO. Dash soft so freaking what no one touches their dash while driving. Give me a simple light interior to make a lighter car for corners on track.

  • Rudy Duarte
    Rudy Duarte

    Hey Jason, I really appreciate your insight! Thank you so much for your work and most of all for sharing it.

  • Aaron Ngo
    Aaron Ngo

    HKS Already boosted one of these, probably because it was too slow.

  • Lao J
    Lao J

    Laughable in 2021 2.4L is making how much hp? Honda K24 been making 240whp for almost 20 years.

  • WaiKeh

    Direct Injection illustrated with Red but in the drawing was wrongly placed.

  • J.Gomez

    A boxer tho, can we get a 4cyl on it, mounted vertically😒

  • ragemydream

    I'm all for NA engine but... with all the feedback they have gathered over the years, that their drivers want more power, they should have found that sweetspot where people will NOT complain about power, balance and driving experience. This would be at least 250HP. (at least under 6 secs 0-60) Why not do a SUPRA and produce an engine more powerful than quoted.

  • Shriram Raghu
    Shriram Raghu

    Hypothetically - if a camless direct injection engine wasn't recirculating exhaust gas and no influent/effluent valve overlap - would intake valves & ports still carbon foul? @engineering explained

  • Filip

    You made the video a bit confusing by mixing the colors on the piston schematic. They should be Port = Blue and Direct = Red to match with the cycles and the flow diagram.

  • Eric Warren
    Eric Warren

    Great attention to detail with catching a glimpse of the power curves and the engine break down! Great video 👍🏻

  • Freemaysin

    So realistically i'm still better off just LS3 swapping an FRS?

  • Kotaro Jujo
    Kotaro Jujo

    Only American who complaint about the new engine. 228hp is really more than enough for the rest of the world.

  • Sam Ctm
    Sam Ctm

    EE: BRZ don't need turbo Enthusiasts: Hold my beer

  • Brandon Small
    Brandon Small

    Yes it does

  • Note Pad
    Note Pad

    ngl i want to ascent swap a brz now

  • Edgar Agapay
    Edgar Agapay

    maybe a brz sti or gr 86?

  • DragNetJoe

    When you take that much time time to explain why you don't need need something.

  • Casey Colgan
    Casey Colgan

    They should have just done a new partnership with Hyundai and put that Veloster turbo engine in there

  • Peter Hong
    Peter Hong

    Why are you not working for one of the automotive companies? They need you on board.

  • ///Mmmmm

    No car needs a turbo, but when they come with them from the factory, it’s better. BRZ ftl...

  • 63JackBlack

    I still don’t understand why Subaru didnt jus drop in the engine from the wrx and be done lol

  • JET Production
    JET Production

    Change the title to “The 2021 Subaru BRZ Cannot Have a Turbo!” It is my belief everything needs a turbo but this car at 13.5:4 surely cannot take it even with e85.

    • VERY「 」RARE
      VERY「 」RARE

      obviously if it was intended to be turbocharged theybwould lower the compression ratio with piston design, gasket thickness etc. they wouldnt just put a turbo on the exact same engine

  • AP M3RK
    AP M3RK

    Still not enough horsepower

  • John Kane
    John Kane

    I just died at before 7minutes

  • Eric Feli
    Eric Feli

    We don't need all of these MATHS sir, the car is slow. I agree that it doesn't need a turbo, however, it does need 2 more cylinders. H6 anyone? I wonder if a 2GR with a dry dump would fit? 😂😎 The GR86 is gorgeous. 👍

  • Abraham Sanchez
    Abraham Sanchez

    Remove engine from Ascent. Put into BRZ. GOT IT.

  • Jeromy Williams
    Jeromy Williams

    I don't think this car is bad, where I see issues arising is when the 2.0 Supra is 2-3 years old and you can pick up a lightly used one for the same cost as a brand new BRZ/86. Anyone that's into cars would go for the Supra just because it's already boosted and able to make more power easily, and shouldn't be that hard to get the handling on par with an 86.

  • kuuliana 🌶💓🌶💓🔫😫😫😆
    kuuliana 🌶💓🌶💓🔫😫😫😆

    not the 12 year old jdm fanboys thinking they know better than a team of subaru engineers... yall, they're staying true to the essence of the brz. it doesn't need a turbo lmaooo.

  • Mitchell Lavigne
    Mitchell Lavigne

    Jason was the kinda kid who would prove his Math teachers wrong in highschool and teach half the class himself after the lecture. Keep it up man!

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz

    The new brz looks like the 400z concept

  • Chasp_0

    Does though

  • Michael Swick
    Michael Swick

    If you want a turbo buy a Supra. Excited to see this in the 86. This car is about pure driving not speed. It’s such a fun car. Hopefully still manual and still handbrake.

  • Bob Laws
    Bob Laws

    Still needs another 30-50 horsepower

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo

    Yes, it does need a turbo.

  • daesyoung

    U KNOW WHY ITS NOT TURBO BUT THERES A TURBO VER. SIMILAR TO IT.. THE OLD OLD TALE AS THO WE THOUGHT IT UP OURSELFS... THE GREAT TURBO 6 port 13b... the big bad b20vtec... the stroked patrol gtr RB.. the gutless grunt of em newly boosted non titties jzs... the high comp public smade snail conversion homie...

  • Tim Duncan
    Tim Duncan

    Can someone @engineering explained please tell me what these engines by themselves weigh?

  • Richard

    New cars have built in dynos?!

  • Daniel Bernardo
    Daniel Bernardo

    Manufacturers are never going to make it what you want it to be so make it your own. Excellent Video as always Jason!

  • Edward Sessum
    Edward Sessum

    Been thinking about getting a wilderness edition when they last. If they did direct and port injection for 2022 on the 2.4 it will prob happen. Carbon buildup on my last Subaru at 15k miles made it where without race fuel it would ping at 35mpg on cruise.

  • Swervin Fromo
    Swervin Fromo

    Great video !

  • Bro Shido
    Bro Shido

    In Europe these car are respected sportscars, in america judging by the comments a dodge demon is a sportscar and a lotus elise isn’t because id doesn’t have a 11s 1/4mile

  • Nigel Wolfe
    Nigel Wolfe

    For the "BRZs are NOT Sports Cars!" guys 2012 lap times Willow Springs (Randy Pobst) E63 AMG 1:29.60 -0.7 Mazda MX-5 2.0 1:29.91 -0.4 Toyota GT86 1:30.26 -0.1 Subaru BRZ 1:30.32 Corvette C5 Z06 1:30.35 +0.0 BMW M5 (E60)

  • Nigel Wolfe
    Nigel Wolfe

    BTW totally unfair to suggest Supra as an alternative might as well make it a Porsche for the price of the Toyota branded BMW made Supra...Since we are suggesting a european alterative premium version of the BRZ a PORSCHE is much more what all the BRZ buyers would likely choose IF they had that much more of a budget ....Boxer powered....turbo way more power and mid engine to boot with Cayman

  • Nigel Wolfe
    Nigel Wolfe

    According to Subaru this is an all NEW engine and NOT from previous SUV models....just happens to also be 2.4 Of course for all I know it is just a varient with new castings to accommodate rear wheel drive while actually using same engineering of crank/rods/pistons/head design/etc etc ....they COULD then claim it is a "new engine" but would be then a lie to say "ALL new engine"

  • Ryan Zaeske
    Ryan Zaeske

    so what I should do is swap a 2.4 into my 2013?

  • Andrew Smedley
    Andrew Smedley

    Compare it to a real turbo engine, from the STI or similar. its gonna suck just like it always has, Subaru are shooting themselves in the foot.. again.

  • David Breitstein
    David Breitstein


  • SKYE NET 2046
    SKYE NET 2046

    Not impressed

  • Noah Mayer
    Noah Mayer

    The section on wheel torque was a great way to compare the two engines. However, for a daily driver that is not a sports car, a small turbo is better, as you get that torque peak at 2000rpm instead of 3700 (or higher), thus peak wheel torque....much lower in rpm range. For city driving, much better. For THIS sports cart, it has the right NA engine.

  • Ryan vtec
    Ryan vtec

    More hp never hurts. Turbo the 2.4

  • Nicolas Crescimone
    Nicolas Crescimone

    Everything need a turbo

  • MindDezign

    Uhm Engineering Extravaganza......that was explained like ONLY you can ! The Stevie Ray Vaughan of fast and furious ,explaining of Automotive Engineering. Superb ! ( And that white !)

  • igiwarcraft

    Is it me, or did you mix the colors for direct/port on the scheme and the pros/cons summary? Regardless, you outline the differences, pros and cons very nicely, and the graphic is also very illustrative. Thanks!

  • Eugene Boucher
    Eugene Boucher

    Well, you still can put one in it! :)

  • ArchFXT

    A lot of people miss what the 86/brz twin is aiming for , nowadays all people want is power - cliche thing is , it aint all about power , sure a 300hp turbo might be better , but its more likely than not that extra price for a turbo would wound up unused in day to day use , the ae86 is a " sports " car , its sporty yet it has 130hp , what makes it a sports car then ? , By all definition the 86 shouldnt be , the silvia s15 and the s14 shouldnt be either , but they are --- 230 hp with under 1,300kg and a rwd setup on price tag thats justifiable

  • B L
    B L

    Great explanation and I’m convinced. Issue is most people are probably comparing brz against STI

  • Phillus der Pimmelpilz
    Phillus der Pimmelpilz

    Love how those 11yo fanboys complaining about how slow a brz/gt86 is but they dont have a car. Going fast in a straight line is ez and boring🤷‍♀️

  • YeGutierrez

    jason i love u

  • SB Rider
    SB Rider

    Engineers have the most nastiest handwriting of all professions

  • Rohan Sully
    Rohan Sully

    I'm an NA guy. I'm happy

  • XTI

    Fuel consumption 2.4 engine?

  • Phuong Hua
    Phuong Hua

    The trd package will come with the 2jz-gte

  • loyaano

    “If you wanted a turbocharged BRZ, you know, the Supra exists” Best line in the video😂

    • Kevin B
      Kevin B

      With manual trans... even though that trans is a beast.

  • luxon4

    can you do a comparison of mini cooper vs brz/86?

  • S.A. G
    S.A. G

    Scrap the new Supra... The real 2JZ successor is the M2 Competition.

  • Humphery Jenang
    Humphery Jenang

    But the engine really sucks even a 20++ years 1jz gte has a better build more hp and torque on stock and that tech was more than 20 years ago with only 100 cc different in engine capacity

  • cody bunker
    cody bunker

    Doesn't need "A" turbo. It needs two of them

  • AuGratin

    You would get more views if each thumbnail had your face, just saying

  • Giovanni Pomarico
    Giovanni Pomarico

    I badly want one, sadly the BRZ have a 12 500€ CO2 tax here, making it much less affordable.

  • ae747sp

    NA engine, conventional AT. Perfect.

  • Hillbilly Sportsman
    Hillbilly Sportsman

    If I didn’t have my Miata this is what my “fun” car would be. Glad they took the same philosophy as Mazda, NA engine and low weight car.

  • Hudson Donnell
    Hudson Donnell

    What this thing needs is a 3.0 flat six.

  • mattheviewer

    Would be educational to dive into more differences between the FA 20 turbo and FA 24 turbo engines (the two FA 20 engines I owned proved incredibly sooty, were a bit slow to warm up, and had problems accelerating on grades - the FA 24 has none of these issues.

  • Volkan Ayyıldız
    Volkan Ayyıldız

    Question of the day is would I get beaten by work utility vehicles?

  • MonsieurPC

    Awesome in every way!!!

  • juliobro1

    Yeah, because a supercharger will be better.

  • Cody Nichiporik
    Cody Nichiporik

    Ok but now if I want more power than stock I have to buy a whole ass turbo kit instead of just over boosting the piss out of the stock one ;)

  • Dan Adams
    Dan Adams

    Your port and direct injection colors are mixed up :)

  • Pro_Rman

    It needs a turbo simply because it sounds better with a turbo.

  • Amonikable Bandoquillo
    Amonikable Bandoquillo

    Max torque at 3700 rpm compared to 6400 rpm in the old model. 'Nuff said.

  • Justin Guerrero
    Justin Guerrero

    After watching this I have a question. Wit the new torque at lower rpm, does this mean once we have to shift earlier now and stay away from high revs ?

  • NomisIsGozulike

    I really like the enthusiasm! Especially the engineering explanation. Helps for the job and for the joy

  • Peter Mannion
    Peter Mannion

    First time I've seen this guy, really enjoyed the video!

  • John

    Man I’ve never seen someone break it down like this this is awesome. I had a FRS but now I own a Hyundai Genesis 2.0. There’s something about the FRS,BRZ,86 platform I can’t escape. Seriously thinking of trading my Hyundai and buying a BRZ and just throw mods at it.

  • Wyatt Elkins
    Wyatt Elkins

    Just came here to say that yes, it should have a turbo, cause if you pull up to one that does has a turbo then welcome to Gapplebee's..

  • hAk

    the moment you see that whiteboard behind him, you know this is going to be a long lecture...

  • Less Talk, More Delicious
    Less Talk, More Delicious

    Does the new 2022 BRZ/86 generation have more suspension/alignment adjustability now? camber, caster, etc.? Or, is it still the same and still requires a slew of expensive aftermarket parts for basic alignment? Lol

  • Kyle Schueler
    Kyle Schueler

    Would be sick with a sti engine