The Clever Engineering Of McLaren's Roof Scoop
Why is the purpose of a roof scoop on a car? McLaren 620R tested!
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The McLaren 620R has a prominent feature protruding from the roof - an air scoop! So what exactly is this roof scoop for? This video will look into the engineering of roof scoops, and answer the following questions:
1. What is the purpose of a roof scoop?
2. How is the intake air routed to the engine?
3. What intake location does a roof scoop replace?
4. Why relocated the air intake?
5. What advantages does a roof scoop offer?
6. Why is the roof scoop elevated off the roof?
7. Can a roof scoop increase power?
8. Does the McLaren's roof scoop increase power?
9. What are the aerodynamic effects?
10. Why is the roof scoop wide and flat?
11. Does the roof scoop impact downforce?
12. Does the 620 feature racing aerodynamic features?
13. How does the roof scoop handle rain?
14. Does the roof scoop improve the 620R's fording depth?
15. How much does the 620R weigh?
16. How many cupholders does the 620R have?
17. What does the roof scoop intake sound like?

Hope you enjoy the video and learn something about roof scoops and the McLaren 620R!

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  • Abbas Muhammed
    Abbas Muhammed

    what is the relationship between engine load and temperature or vice versa? within RPM is constant please reply ASAP

  • gvelez389

    Jesus, How do you humbly go on from driving this to your normal cars. I guess that just comes with the territory and is still an experience!

  • Zhangy

    Another advantage is when there is a flood, you can use your car as a submarine

  • Al Taloma
    Al Taloma

    OK, we get it. It's a track car. With speakers in the doors. Yah.

  • Bernard Rubble
    Bernard Rubble

    That was worth another 150k !

  • brostelio

    Top side exhausts are far far cooler than a roof scoop.

  • Michael Corey
    Michael Corey

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  • Martial Bachoffner
    Martial Bachoffner

    The color of the car looks like a gradient. Is it a light effect?

  • offroadguy56

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  • Primary Engines inc.
    Primary Engines inc.

    I run those tires at 28psi.

  • JP dJ
    JP dJ

    This sort of confirms a notion I had for decades, that some engines produce more noise from the air intake than from the exhaust. Did you say, BTW, that the air intake doubles as a roll cage?

  • Mecha Man
    Mecha Man

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  • Benjamin Williams
    Benjamin Williams

    It look exactly like a 650S GT3.

  • sam bagdassarian
    sam bagdassarian

    I would think this scoop would kill all turbo Lag I would expect nothing less than Tesla p100d ludicrous mode level acceleration

  • Porghvam

    $300,000 , engine noise megaphone, slower 0-60 than a Tesla Plaid. Nothing “clever” going on here.

  • E Van
    E Van

    The ONLY thing i don't like about this is normies might think its a fake roof scoop. But the true Chad's don't care about what the normies think.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M

    finally subscribed this vid was fun

  • Philip Masie
    Philip Masie

    No cup holders, no way I would buy the car, lol.

  • Arc Rides
    Arc Rides

    5:05 and lower resistance means less pressure loss so effectively it still acts as a slight turbo boost

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind

    What would a "three-way differential", or rather, a differential for an AWD three-wheeler look like? (Preferably without just attaching multiple separate differentials to eachother) I don't know what has possessed me to need this knowledge.

  • Walter Bryan
    Walter Bryan

    Beautiful car with driver-oriented enjoyment features! What a novel idea!

  • L. Carroll
    L. Carroll

    You are a true professional making such an interesting video in challenging (for that car) conditions. I learned a ton as usual.

  • Júlio César Sanches dos Reis
    Júlio César Sanches dos Reis

    " what car does not have at least one cup holder?" my citroen ds3 🤔

  • Matt Matthews
    Matt Matthews

    While you were talking about drag coefficient I got struck with the question: why not a NACA duct?


    Got to love California weather it'll rain one day and be hot the next

  • Frederick Evans
    Frederick Evans

    Turn around, don't drown

  • Ibrahim Pallikkal
    Ibrahim Pallikkal

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    Jason, you're able to create interest for things I didn't care about before. You're amazing

  • Cyril Katatak
    Cyril Katatak

    That fact this vehicle exists is an abomination to humanity. It celebrates the the excesses and greed of the most unconscious humans that place their fragile egos before the wellbeing of his or her own society. " it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of needle than for a rich man to get to heaven".

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    Hricha Yadav

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  • Norberto Nova
    Norberto Nova

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  • Steven Bradley
    Steven Bradley

    I do have a question. How does the vehicle handle leaves and bugs and other debris that enters the air scoop? Is there a receptacle that the owner can empty on his own? Or is it emptied when the car gets serviced?

  • Ed CRM
    Ed CRM

    I fully expect vents and ducts to live on long after cars no longer consume air.

  • RafaGmod

    mi 2000's Peugeot 306 don't have cupholders too. So i'm concluding that i drive a racecar[1]. [1] The Clever Engineering Of McLaren's Roof Scoop. Engineering Explained. April, 2021.

  • PenkillerDIY

    higher turbo inlet pressure = less pressure ratio = less power required from the turbine = higher wastegate duty cycle/higher wastegating percentage = less backpressure = better volumetric efficiency = less fuel consumption, which McLaren doesn't care about, but also = less heat...

  • Hann Film
    Hann Film

    So it's basically a snorkel. It's actually the sickest of all the Fourbies

  • Andrew Devine
    Andrew Devine

    Little roof scoop. You don't know what I got.

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  • Paul Sommers
    Paul Sommers

    I'm running out tomorrow and buying a McLaren. Honey, I'm selling the house to buy our next car. $300,000.00 plus tax tag's start packing.

  • Saurav Agarwal
    Saurav Agarwal

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    doublestrike photo

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    William Weaver

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    Cool stuff

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    Yehuda Egert

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    Porkchop's Papi

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    Blake Ferrell

    Is that a camera at the intake split inside the car?

  • tigerrx

    Also, wasn’t the top-mounted exhaust on the green car contributing to the rear wing downforce, particularly at low speeds, kinda like the 2010s Red Bull with the blown diffuser?

  • tigerrx

    The next iteration of this car? Bullhorns like the MP4-23 and a new center console pocket to hold all your speeding tickets. Fear the Fram (ram drag force)!!!

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    Ray Purchase

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  • Ray Purchase
    Ray Purchase

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    Bence Gábor Slezák

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    • Amaroq Starwind
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  • William Clark
    William Clark

    I'm sorry the weather was less than ideal for driving this beaty, but at least you didn't have to deal with a downpour. Thank you for your review of some key attributes. I found this very interesting.

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    Ian Rabbetts

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    The constant dragging of your fingers across the car is driving me crazy! lol ;)

    • William Weaver
      William Weaver

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    fiftysix car

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    Tom Thumb

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  • brillot2000

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  • Josiah Allen
    Josiah Allen

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    Thảo Yên

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    • Thảo Yên
      Thảo Yên

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    • ImUrOBGYN

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