The Manual Isn't Dead Yet - 10 Modern Features Of Cadillac's Last Manual
Cadillac's CT5-V Blackwing Is Their Last Combustion Manual - But Modern!
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Cadillac's CT5-V Blackwing and CT4-V Blackwing will be their last combustion vehicles with manual transmissions. The end of an era! You might think manual transmissions aren't relevant anymore, but they've made significant improvements even in the last 20 years over their predecessors. I spoke with Cadillac's engineers regarding the Tremec TR6060 manual transmission used in both of the Blackwings to learn how a modern manual transmission differs from those of old.

We'll be focusing on ten clever features of modern manual transmissions, covering flywheels, clutches, synchros, rev-matching, flat-foot shifting, gear lockouts, skip-shifting, and so much more - wow!

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  • Sid Sanyal
    Sid Sanyal

    So much fun to develop a deeper appreciation for what the car can do and how we can enjoy it.

  • Topsnap Podcast
    Topsnap Podcast

    great video. thank you for the info.. Im gonna get one.. already put the order in. = + )

  • Blueflyer190

    WOW!! What a great,very informative video!! Honestly the BEST I’ve ever seen.. I learned a lot about the different features and how they work! VERY WELL DONE!!

  • willnzsurf

    13:30 😹

    • willnzsurf

      🌴😎💯 Great videos, as always, especially when there's sound effects. thanks!🤙

  • FutureSystem738

    It’s a while since I’ve driven a manual, always preferred them years ago. I’d love to drive a new high tech one like that, but only when out of city traffic.

  • Bob

    I can’t wait until Hennessy gets their hands on this

  • jeffer168

    Long live the Manual.

  • Shiftheads

    If it wasn't 90k I would get one instead of my Model 3 P. It's a caddy though so it should get a pretty good drop in price over next 2 years on the used market.

  • Sam S.
    Sam S.

    It's not OK to use the R word. Grow up.

  • jeffduncan02

    Laughs in MRT straight cut gears 1-4 in a Subaru 5MT.

  • GH1618

    I see why this is a car EE would love. I love sticks, too, but I’m not into muscle cars. This one seems to have the powertrain of a muscle car, but it’s a Cadillac sedan! That seems a little goofy to me. As for me, I’m glad I got a Colorado pickup before GM dropped the Eaton 6-speed. I drive it like a truck. It IS a truck. I’m sure it will last the rest of my life, so I’m good for manuals if I don’t wreck it.

  • Bob Saget
    Bob Saget

    I’m so excited they made a supercharged V8.. supercharged cars are some of the best lol

  • turbyturbo1

    manual is dead bro

  • Kacpa2

    So we will get electric manuals if its not their last manual itself? Would be dope even if not so practical xD

  • jwo7777777

    Nope, sorry, the manual is dead, especially if it comes from GM.

  • Chris Eden
    Chris Eden

    I thought I saw you in Emilia’s video from the Cadillac event 😂

  • Trevor McCulloch
    Trevor McCulloch

    I was today years old when I found out why manual cars sound so cool when in reverse. Thanks

  • Middle C
    Middle C

    Wouldn't the reason for straight cut reverse be that it's stronger for repeated use, rather than making noise so pedestrians can hear....?

  • Brostvarta, Praiser of Sol
    Brostvarta, Praiser of Sol

    Never gonna buy a combustion engine car that's not also manual

  • Brandon Willis
    Brandon Willis

    Grabbing a ct5 blackwing in a few weeks!

  • Jose Sosa
    Jose Sosa

    My local dealer sells one for $110k

  • Marky Mark
    Marky Mark

    Imagine a world we're soon to live in where instead of taking your car in to the mechanic shop, we'll have to call an electrician :P

  • 7071t6

    OMG where the hell is the rubber notches on the pedals, think when your shoes are wet, your going to be skipping all over the place and this is a luxury car with tons of hp?

  • Zoltrix77

    No Lift Shift..... sounds annoying, its just not going to feel like a sequential-dog transmission with ignition cut.

  • Zoltrix77

    Looks weird, sort of like a large WRX.... the M3 (besides the grill) is what is tough.

  • Casey Colgan
    Casey Colgan

    I don’t really understand why we have to go away from these gasoline cars when 60% of our grid is still powered by fossil fuels, and potentially as high as 80% as people push for the closing of nuclear plants. It’s sad that we’re being forced to drive automatic EV’s and charge them from a nat gas plant somewhere. Which is why I am going to put an LS7 in my S2000. If they’re not going to build cool cars I’ll have to do it myself

  • Joshua Porter
    Joshua Porter

    I want this to be a wagon so badly.

  • Alex Robidoux
    Alex Robidoux

    Backpack on rear seat secured w the seat belt. Nice touch!

  • J.H.LeatHAL e
    J.H.LeatHAL e

    I find it hilarious that Americans still talk about the best of something as "the Cadillac of". We do the same in the UK but with "the Rolls Royce of". Is this based on the vintage Cadillac's that used to be considered amongst the best or the extremely average cars of today? Is there any difference in the quality of US car brands? It seems that they are all very similar. You can tell the difference between a Jaguar and a Rolls Royce immediately by the quality of the interior, is this true of American cars or are they all as similar as they seem.

    • J.H.LeatHAL e
      J.H.LeatHAL e

      @P-SeventyWas Thank you for your very detailed answer, I really appreciate it. It's interesting to me because, as with a lot of things, America does its own thing when it comes to vehicles. I have owned both Ford and GM cars, but both were very different from the American range. In the UK (and Europe), Ford have improved massively in the past 20 years and are one of the better non-luxury brands, GM have always been poor and recently sold most of their European interests (Vauxhall/Opel etc.). I've often wondered about Cadillac's as they are not available here (as far as I'm aware). Thanks again for your reply.

    • P-SeventyWas

      I wrote a lot more than necessary, TLDR at the end. The phrase comparing Cadillac's to something else is very old. Much like the Rolls', owning a Cadillac was a status symbol. They had a high price which afforded you a very smooth ride. Literally. They were big, heavy and rode nicely. Now-a-days they are not much different than any other car brand that uses it's luxury brand as a way to up-sell a slightly better optioned model. Think Acura/Honda, Toyota/Lexus, Ford/Lincoln, Volkswagen/Audi/Porsche/Bugatti. As for the quality, all American brands are seen as sub par overall and catching up in terms of the 'top of the top' interiors. Build quality was always average across all brands. What American's like to discuss is reliability (part design) and the ability to repair cheaply. Most mechanics can repair almost any USDM vehicle. I know most vilify working on and owning German and British vehicles. It's also why brands like Kia and Hyundai are making waves here. They are starting to not only be cheap but also reliable. Stubborn people still believe Korea produces "terrible" cars. The major players Ford & Lincoln / Chevy & Buick & GMC & Cadillac / Dodge & Chrysler & Jeep all have had part design problems in one way or another (as opposed to only power-train reliability.) Ford has been the sweetheart, making cars and trucks that work for the most part and usually have a couple shortcomings or so, but overall have done OK. Chevy (GM overall) has had intermittent problems and their quality has tanked. This has earned them some choice words with most people. Less so in the modern era but only very recently. Dodge has always had problems with cars and trucks and they appeal to a younger/tougher crowd by doing something interesting. They have stepped up their game with the hellcats and last two or so generations of the Ram. In the 90's everything that wasn't a luxury vehicle was plastic on the inside. It was cheap and people could afford them. Interior quality was absolute trash. We still have base models but most opt for nicer trim. I can't remember the last new vehicle I've sat in with cloth seats. Now these days, we have (starting price) $70k USD pickup truck trim levels that have cameras, sensors, power everything (even the gear lever now), fancy suspension, and so much more. These trucks appeal to the every-man that works hard for his money and treats himself to a work truck. Most aren't used for work but that's the idea. "Might need to pick up some materials for a renovation project or the farm. I've got to own a truck." The interiors are very nice but the price makes it comparable to a luxury foreign vehicle. If you were to compare them directly (luxury priced truck vs Mercedes) you'd probably find shortcomings. There really isn't any downside, worth avoiding at least, to owning a pickup in the states. Most people who want something nice to drive long distances opt for a pickup or SUV. If you compare a fully loaded truck with a base model you'd feel as if you went from a in-home movie theater to a plastic folding chair in a parking lot and a flip phone. All of the big three American manufacturers offer wildly variable interiors. I assume this Cadillac is the same kind of "American luxury." Sorta nice actually, but not the greatest (compared to the top dogs) and will have some problems people will find. It's "just a Camaro" but the Camaro is actually pretty good now. We expect much more of our cars than we use to, but at the same time us enthusiast cheer on the few things that the engineers were able to give us in spite of other issues. The problem for the CT5V is that the Camaro starts at $26k. ($65k for the comparable ZL1) This CT5V Blackwing starts at over $85k. Not many people who will pay for the interior and nameplate will also want to drive a 660hp manual car. Most who want to drive it will opt for the cheaper Camaro and get their kicks without the "luxury tax." All being said I haven't sat in a last gen Cadillac. They could be really nice now. I just picture a really nice optioned Chevy Tahoe is the same as a base Cadillac Escalade. TLDR; Old, very specific era of Caddy's. Not much because it varies so wildly. Most brands are offering slightly more year after year but not as cutting edge as very expensive brands over seas.

  • blakestone75

    EV + Manual trans. does it make sense? Nope. Do I want one anyway? Yup.

  • Michael Guerin
    Michael Guerin

    Thank you. Once again we have good information delivered in an orderly and concise fashion. 🙂 At least the idiots are unintentionally pushing viewers to this channel!

  • The Car Guy
    The Car Guy

    What is the advantages of a semi remote shifter? My Corvette had one but I don't see the advantage of it compared to a direct shifter. The only thing I could see for a reason in my Corvette was it brought the shifter closer to the driver because my Corvette was rather wide if it was direct the shifter would be further forward and over to the right another 4 to 5 inches putting the shifter out of convent reach of the driver. That is why I thought my car had a semi remote shifter but there may have been another reason as to why. Some advantage that eluded my perspective. Could you inform me of said advantage?

  • Paul Davison
    Paul Davison

    That engine NEEDS to go in the C8 Corvette

  • Paul Davison
    Paul Davison

    Will manufacturers include a fake shifter on electric cars for people who want to shift? :-)

  • Unknown Artist
    Unknown Artist

    Kako ga cepas jbt

  • Slick Danger
    Slick Danger

    8:48 CANCELED!!

  • dalton knox
    dalton knox

    The last F1 car with a manual was back in 1995. There's a reason for that.

  • Seiferisthebest

    11:15 why does this knob shake like that? 😂

  • MegaWilderness

    Electronically controlled throttle because Americans can't drive

  • Nick Berkel
    Nick Berkel

    Always enjoy learning something that none of the other guys talk about. Differential cooler is super neat!

  • STimedic1

    Jason, if your Crosstrek manual is '18+, drop a WRX short shifter in it. I did within 2 wks of getting our '21 and it went from long throws with vague feeling to short and comfortably notchy!

  • PocketPreach316

    If I was behind the wheel it would not be 18 minutes of cruise-control driving.

  • juan cuello espinosa
    juan cuello espinosa

    13:30 that's so interesting. I always figured the whine was some effect of the wheels going in reverse or something, not the engagement of the reverse gear

    • willnzsurf

      That sound effect he did was pretty epic.😹

    • Danny Gatland
      Danny Gatland

      It's the straight cut gears, same noise if you listen to a rally or race car that has straight cut forward gears

  • NoisyBoy

    I'm calling it now, this is definitely going to be a future classic.

  • NoisyBoy

    I want this car so bad!

  • Fabian F-L
    Fabian F-L

    I’m glad that GM makes the best looking fancy interiors and exteriors and GM also makes the high quality advanced infotainment systems even though GM is the most hated car company but respect for GM from their interior material quality and technology and luxury quality that Toyota or Honda don’t offer those those interior high quality interior looks and the advance technology features like Lexus or German brands, although Toyota and Honda only cares about reliability rather than advanced features like American or German brands. Respect GM 🙏🏼

  • Crash Like This
    Crash Like This

    Any element of mechanical design that works less well, should be considered for elimination. The only thing that keeps "shifters" hanging on is nostalgia, and the illusion of control. No modern car with high horsepower has a clutch that isn't in some way computer controlled. Otherwise there would be prodigious clutch bits and dust. So, those cars with shifters are doing nothing but supplying the nostalgic with the feeling that they are in control. Awwww, that's so sweet.

    • Sebastian Skwarczyński
      Sebastian Skwarczyński

      they're cheaper

  • Julien Suter
    Julien Suter

    Manual 💪🏻🙌🏻

  • emil hristov
    emil hristov

    1st time in my life i'm thinking that this cadillac is missing in Europe.

  • Kris Reichlen
    Kris Reichlen

    I love that shot at 13:46 with the car in the background going down the street in reverse

  • Pontiac Maniac
    Pontiac Maniac

    I like old manuals. No assists

  • kitko33

    So it's an automatic that you have to shift manually :) It's a trans transmission.

  • Tanya Dworsky
    Tanya Dworsky

    I still wish they made this in a 2.0L four banger. It would be a lot more practical

  • matthew kühl
    matthew kühl

    i honestly had no idea Cadillac even had manuals

  • austin steele
    austin steele

    I kind of want one now

  • Something:7

    How can you determine the drag of a car based off of horsepower and top speed

  • GashimahironChl

    My dinky little hatchback who got one of the very first fuel injection systems in my country happens to have that little anti-stall function, never thought it was some sort of luxury option, just the ECU correcting for low idle!

  • Weedy Gonzales
    Weedy Gonzales

    old volvos (200/700/900 series) have that type of rod linkage

  • Gordon N
    Gordon N

    If you have a clutch on each side of the flywheel why not unclutch the flywheel at 4K RPM to really let the engine change speed faster on shifts?

  • Tom Delisle
    Tom Delisle

    My dream car because of the manual. I have always had a manual since my first car, and will hate when I have to give one up.

  • Artur Macovei
    Artur Macovei

    Hi, great videos. Can you explain the physics behind the under 2 sec 0-60 achieved by Rimac? Thanks

  • Marc8DC

    Nice touch to have a reversed footage in the reverse gear segment hahaha 13:45

  • Jeff Keenan
    Jeff Keenan

    Great video but your forgot hill hold my C7 and my Jetta GLI both had this feature to keep you from rolling backwards on a hill stop.

  • katietatey

    OMG I want one! *googles* It's $84,000. Nevermind! I will keep my 2010 Toyota Matrix with manual transmission.

  • Xenomorph Alien
    Xenomorph Alien

    R3t4rd proofed a manual

  • Bernhard M
    Bernhard M

    Looks like it could be a Holden.

  • Max

    Jay Leno beat you to it.

  • Martin Martinez-Moreno
    Martin Martinez-Moreno

    Too bad it's a American car

  • Dave Woff
    Dave Woff

    Sad to see manuals disappearing 🥲 had to replace my mazda3 suddenly (damn deer) and there was only 2 new mazda3's in onterrible with a 6 speed manual, 5-10 month wait to order one!

  • Joel pierce
    Joel pierce

    I have looked up the data for electric cars, vs internal combustion car. They used 8 times more copper than internal combustion engines cars, along with other metals. Not to mention the copper infrastructure. They will not save the environment, IMO. What do you think.

  • Mathieu Roberge
    Mathieu Roberge

    @13:48 Reverse footage fail :P

  • David Sawyer
    David Sawyer

    Off topic. What say you Jason about the new Nissan mustaro?

  • The_Touring Jedi
    The_Touring Jedi

    Manual has not died 2020 BMW 4 series are in for the game and fame...

  • Boondoc

    It’s as (nearly) dead as the ICE powered car: an inefficient and laborious solution to an inefficient power plant with a very narrow power band not suited well to wheeled transport

  • aymaankhuraishi

    That caption is so ironic lol

  • Danny Thompson
    Danny Thompson

    The new nissan is gonna be available in a manual.

  • shng sam
    shng sam

    its an honor to live in an era before i.c.e. and manual transmission get extinct

  • Proud American Ca
    Proud American Ca

    I’m starting to hate you. In your clickbait you’re laughing at something that’s sad, you throw assumptions that are depressing. You say things I hope aren’t true. Be gentle about it. I love cars to get a grip on time….. this future we’re going for is such a……. I wish there was a way to go back a few decades

  • Chris Pedersen
    Chris Pedersen

    But it is a juicy car. I'd want one for sure. They real pretty

  • Chris Pedersen
    Chris Pedersen

    And a big flywheel eats a lot of energy= wasted power. Because of the waiting time. Isn't it one of the first stuff to throw out in tune up and track/race cars

  • Dustin Gray
    Dustin Gray

    dudeee you were near me at VIR.... great content as usual

  • Cody Argyle
    Cody Argyle

    Such an awesome car. I hope they have one for sale in a couple years when i can afford it 😂

  • Jnagime

    *Well done Cadillac,but why $65k for a V6*

  • Steve Allen
    Steve Allen

    Small supercharger

  • Derek Gaston
    Derek Gaston

    My 2019 Mustang GT PP1 has a lot of these manual transmission features too - and I love it! It has: 1. Anti-Stall 2. Rev-matching (really awesome) 3. Twin-disc In addition it has adaptive cruise control (yes - on a manual… and it lets you shift while ACC stays active!)

  • Balisongs for Breakfast
    Balisongs for Breakfast

    I love almost everything about this car except the Alcantara lol

  • Samuel Sutton
    Samuel Sutton

    meh, who cares about cadillac. that thing is going to break down in a few weeks as with all GM cars LOL

  • guits

    I hate antistall and strog idle control. I have never gotten used to it. Done 10000km in my current car and still hate it. I find it much nicer to have the throttle control all to myself.

  • H P
    H P

    Hi. I would like to make a video suggestion. A film about how the hydrogen fuel cell works.

  • Perplexeus

    13:43 in the top left corner I know what you've done there ;)

  • jeremy whittler
    jeremy whittler

    Reverse gear is straight cut to eliminate an axial load and more expensive bearing. It's used so little in proportion to the other gears , it's overkill to use a helical plus its stronger. As far as cooling a differential with trans fluid I would say it's because it's using an organic clutch pack type cutting costs of gear type units . As a differential breaks in it will shed some particulate matter be that organic or metal back towards the trans though it probably has a mesh screen on the return line A smart idea in some ways , long-term will tell but ill bet more consistent behavior on the upside.

  • Paul Kent
    Paul Kent

    Rev Matching = First Date Switch The reason manufacturers hate manual transmissions is that manual drivers keep their cars too long. People that drive automatics and can afford to buy a new car do so at a much higher rate than manual drivers. That means the manufacturer cannot make as much money from the manual driver. The fact it's easier to get a manual driver to settle for an automatic only makes their desires easier to ignore.

  • LegacyAftermath

    Wish mobil didnt lie about their oils for a short stint.

  • PsychoCat

    I still remember when GM built their final V8 engine in the early 80s. Maybe, maybe not.

  • Adam Trombino
    Adam Trombino

    The TR6060 is IMO the best trans out there. In the aftermarket, you can get them with ratios tailored to you needs. And it is STRONG!

  • dcseain

    I drove a manual from when i got my licence in the mid 1980s until 2019. I so very very much miss shifting gears. But next car will be electric, so it was nice while it lasted. Goodbye internal combustion, goodbye manual transmissions, hello future!

  • Kai Ponte
    Kai Ponte

    Great video. I would have loved the Holden-built Chevy SS with a manual but never found one. Unfortunately, I wonder about the build quality. My 2017 Malibu is falling apart at 80,000 miles faster than my 1999 Lexus SC at 190,000 miles. I may have to manual swap the SC.

  • Jloc

    That car is beautiful in the light blue color.

  • Rocket Man
    Rocket Man

    The manual transmission has turned into a nostalgic pipe dream. With how good automatic transmissions have become there's no reason for manual to exist. Low sales numbers will finally put an end to this outdated technology.

    • Jloc

      It's not about being faster, it's about being fun. It's more engaging to drive a manual. You have more control. You don't have the time to put yourself and others in danger by texting; right now, you're _driving._

  • Loren Rich
    Loren Rich

    The smile on his face while driving this car tells you all you need to know