The New Porsche 911 GT3's Engine Is A Masterpiece
The 2022 Porsche 911 GT3's 4.0L Naturally Aspirated Boxer Six-Cylinder Engine
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The new Porsche 911 GT3 engine revs to 9,000 RPM. The 4.0L boxer six-cylinder is naturally aspirated, producing 502 horsepower and 346 lb-ft of torque. The engine is packed with clever features including individual throttle bodies, two resonance valves, rigid valve train, DLC-coated rocker arms, large-bore cylinders, and a dry sump oil system with seven pickup locations, ensuring proper oil flow under track conditions. The 4.0L has seen numerous updates since its introduction in the 2011 GT3 RS 4.0, and has been used in subsequent 911 GT3 variants since.

The 2022 GT3 has also lapped the Nurburgring in just under seven minutes! Thanks to weight reduction through material selection such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, titanium engine components, and special glass, the curb weight is kept low. Handling is improved with a new front and rear suspension, completely redesigned from the standard 911. Grip is maximized with Michelin Cup 2 R tires, and significantly increased downforce over the previous GT3.

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  • Psittac20

    I've never been a Porsche or Ferrari fan, meaning that if I had massive funds they aren't the first cars I would buy. However this video won me over on the GT3

  • OnePerspective

    American engineers: Let’s put a massive engine it’ll be faster German engineers: American 🧠 = 0hp

  • Emad M
    Emad M

    Porsche 911 always good sports car age well too but boxer engine will known for headgasket issues just like Subaru . Imo these cars for rich ppl or someone who works on his cars himself I doubt Porsche owner work on their Porsche . Do episode about the vr38dett

  • Eksat

    Porsche is ALWAYS overlooked, people would’ve never realized how good a porsche is until they drove a Turbo S or the gt cars .

  • ognqski

    People buy a car that depreciates like a rock and for which you can not even see the engine. Most ingenious thing about Porsche is the marketing, lots of people buying these hard to maintain and expensive cars.

  • El compa Vergolia
    El compa Vergolia

    I still think the 2jz supra is better.

  • latino hillbilly
    latino hillbilly

    The perfect engine does exist.....its the jumo205c junkers airplane engine, made by the nazis like porsche....and of course a 7.3 diesel northstar powerstroke here stateside

  • woobilicious.

    I think the 2018 RS did 12.8L/100km around Nürburgring too, which is quite frankly ridiculous, a 2008 2L Toyota couldn't do that.

  • Get It?
    Get It?

    Or you can buy a Tesla Model 3.

  • Dominik Šuk
    Dominik Šuk

    As someone who‘s been studying both music and engineering (although the latter for a much shorter time), I must say I get the same chill down the spine when seeing this kind of genius work as I get when listening to Bach. It’s truly inspiring.

  • Spencer Quimby
    Spencer Quimby

    Please do one on thr Buick 3.8L V6! It placed in Wards top ten best engines in the world for at least 3 years of its production if I remember right and the early early variants were basically just a V8 that they took an oxy/fuel torch to. They sound incredibly unique and were even used in Indy races for a while (relatively average performances, no titles, but still). Would love to know more about it and it's development.

  • Soudthixay Svk
    Soudthixay Svk


  • Dr M Jamieson
    Dr M Jamieson

    Great content. I'd like to ask you a question.... If money was no object..... But Nurburgring ring times or not that important to you.... Would you choose GT3 or a 2015 Audi RA manual transmission?

  • Henry Maddocks
    Henry Maddocks

    Manipulating pressure waves is how expansion chamber exhausts work on two stroke engines. This is what enables two stroke engines to makes so much power per cc.

  • gloglebag

    At 11:43 I see curb serrations or shark teeth, what are they for?

  • iiBADkARMAii


  • Raymond Lo
    Raymond Lo

    ;D the maintenance is going to be very fun

  • chris l
    chris l

    maybe someday you can open the trunk show the 911 gt3 engine.


    Needs more power. Its lame AF! 500 hp cars were kool 15 years ago.......

  • Boiii

    And it still sounds like a vacuum cleaner.

  • Pumarolz

    6:10 this is where the absurdity of the magic of German engineering is illustrated, pure insanity, I love it

  • Raffaele Filardo
    Raffaele Filardo

    There's some impressive engineering in that engine. A problem I'd like to have: Choosing the PDK or manual in the GT3 :)

  • Vuminkosi Dube
    Vuminkosi Dube

    So porsche basically developed a 'natural turbo' 💯 Porsche doing Porsche things again 👏

  • Cr Hu
    Cr Hu

    Why bother learning this now? Does it apply to gensets? That's the only value of combustion now.

  • A N
    A N

    Hey guys look at my new car! “Let’s see the engine”. Well. I can’t. WTF? Who would by a car where you can’t see the engine? Biggest POS made. By a bigger cheaper POS, the C8

  • xphobus

    I still remember how Porsches was way cheaper

  • Bingo Bango
    Bingo Bango

    Oh the air flow filling at back allows to play more with the balance. instead of having air caught and rejected from the front induction. What the bug factors are tho?)

  • Ordinaryavg.guy

    The reason for valve adjustments is to compensate for valve seat wear; which causes the valve to sit higher in the cylinder head. Not because the rocker arm wears.

  • Lil High
    Lil High

    best car you can buy dollar for dollar. or overall. dream-cared

  • Jurica Kalcina
    Jurica Kalcina

    Not to take anything away from Porsche but Variable intake manifolds have been done for years. Same with boosting na engines without a super/turbocharger. This technology has been done in ww2 aeroplanes! Another thing manufacturers do is reduce the width of main and big end bearings which obviously help with frictional losses. This is especially true with boxer engines! BMW also did this on the s54 but they suffered from premature bearing wear. I am impressed with the diamond coating though. I am also very impressed that Porsche are able to make this power reliably! That’s incredible!

  • immabeast201

    Adds just ruined this video

  • Jas

    Brilliant explanation and illustrations. Thanks for sharing! 👍

  • Checkerëd

    where do i buy this technology for my subaru boxer?

  • Left Morningstar
    Left Morningstar

    amsoil is better

  • Gregory Bradbury
    Gregory Bradbury

    Great explanation! Very informative. I am a bid Porsche 911 fan like you although I actually own one, so I'm one step up from a loser....unfortunately I slip back down the slope in other areas like being an over 60s Porsche owner. You are far from a loser and I love your channel and your humour. I'm Australian so when an Australian says you funny you actually are, so well done on that score and many others, yes way far from a loser. Probably even a nice guy too. Thanks

  • srinitaaigaura

    Jason should make a video on why only Porsche can do a 6000 rpm clutch dump when launching their car and do it all day long while no one else has even tried to match the PDK. Rear weight balance or superb Launch control, nothing launches like a Porsche. Why?

  • srinitaaigaura

    What's even more impressive is that Porsche claims it does 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, when it actually did it in 2.87!!

  • Bruce Cumming
    Bruce Cumming

    You sold me. I want one but I have not enough money.

  • srinitaaigaura

    I would like to see a Cosworth V12 with Koenigsegg Freevalve.

  • destinationfer2

    Bad comparison, me n you both know the rolls royce is detuned for reliability and comfort.

  • sasuke671

    I would love to hear your take on the factors that were causing the issues from the last gen (991.1 and 991.2) GT3's that led Porsche to extend a 10 year warranty on the engines as well as doing full replacements. There seems to some info floating around on forums but would love to hear your expertise. Awesome videos!

  • Shaun Fogarty
    Shaun Fogarty

    Very informative and a very impressive accomplishment. The bore x stroke/piston speed/RPM comparison between the Porcshe and Audi engines was jumbled and inaccurate but that stuff is complicated.

  • killercivic2001

    Love the self-derision, and, accessorily, your explanations ;) (awesome video, as always)

  • 1badhaircut

    Dodge “Ram-Induction” had a long-runner version for torque -/- and short-runner version for horsepower. This does both.

  • Kyle Williamson
    Kyle Williamson


  • Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson

    wish there was someone like engineering explained that would do videos like this for motorcycles

  • Mart Rich
    Mart Rich

    This is an awesome video, thank you so much. And congrats on 3m subscribers ;) Is this the peak of 911 ICE performance? Will there ever be a better ICE 911, or is it all electric from now on?

  • Rohan Sully
    Rohan Sully

    Dang.. I thought I would never even think of owning a Porsche.

  • Max Cowley
    Max Cowley

    0:46 and just like that, Ferrari will never let him buy a special edition car from them.

  • ski 0351
    ski 0351

    Bro. You are way too smart to be a loser.

  • Magnum Muscle
    Magnum Muscle

    These engines are impressive. Their specific output rivals or even exceeds the 1000cc motorcycle engines.

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    I am shure that my tuned beater volvo is just as fun or even more fun than the gt3. hear me out, 1300kg, 300 horses, dirt cheap, manual and rear wheel drive. compare that to the porsche, more weight, more power, more money, manual and rear wheel drive. the thing i'm refering to when saying that my volvo is more fun is that I don't really care if I end up in a ditch cuase I can get spare parts for cheap at a junk yard and if i were to wreck it can I just use the wrecked car as a donor car and buy a new used volvo and do the same with that one, I'm never afraid to damage it and thus can I drive it harder and therefore can I have more fun.

  • Isak s
    Isak s

    the best engine if you ask me is either an inline 5 or inline 6. I personally think tha tinline 5 cylinders are the best sounding engine on the planet and inline 6 cylinders are the smoothest together with v12 but the I6 is way better on fuel and sounds meaner if you ask me

  • Phuong Hua
    Phuong Hua

    How reliable is it if you baby it vs if you beat it

  • Henry

    Shouldn’t we be comparing them on a piston area basis instead of displacement?

  • Sahand

    i.. i think im a Porsche fanboy now

  • Alouis Schäfer
    Alouis Schäfer

    never change Porsche!

  • N. O.
    N. O.

    I've been drooling over GT3 and GT3 RS for years. The GT2 RS is also a masterpiece. I just can't afford them.

  • HandyMan 101
    HandyMan 101

    I don't know how you can tell its a master piece. You can't see it, nor get to it.

    • kake52


  • gibby jones
    gibby jones

    my new car is also one of the last manual supercars 2019 chevy spark - 5 speed manual 98 HP (i use them all) it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow

  • Greg Black
    Greg Black

    Not being a wealthy person if someone gave me 100k or more that I had to spend on a car I would get a monster Miata rf . Ls3 and I would be able to afford the upkeep and the driving experience would be more than I would ever be capable to surpass.

  • Temwanani Nkana
    Temwanani Nkana

    Where is the engine's air intake? How is air directed into the engine's air induction system?

  • Brett Grove
    Brett Grove

    Mobil 1 is good stuff but far behind Amasoil.

  • Carnage88

    500hp out of a N/A 4.0 6 cyl not being much, man how times have changed.

    • não fui eu -
      não fui eu -

      The Porsche 911 gt3 r has 550 HP.

  • Keith Price
    Keith Price

    ...and I thought vtec was cool...

  • hansdietrich83

    So the porsche valve and intake is basically a water ram (voltage boost converter in electronics), but for air... Absolutly genious

  • A 911 GT3RS
    A 911 GT3RS

    These are some of the things that make Porsche so damn incredible, they always go the extra mile on literally everything. They are just geniuses.

  • Mic Sub
    Mic Sub

    Could you get into detail of the Yaris GR engine G16E-GTS technology for us please ?

  • Mic Sub
    Mic Sub

    What a car ! Timeless design, top technology, and a clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic video to share it with us. Thanks so much. Love your videos.

  • ChristianBolt

    Love the new GT3. The new M3/M4 not so much

  • Werner Danler
    Werner Danler

    That's some advanced engineering involved. Obviously had to be done by computer modeling. Just so you know, Mobil1 is not synthetic oil. It is highly refined crude just like any other but with extra additives. Why pay extra for it? I'll stick to LiquiMoly.

  • The Chronicles Of The Red Drift ///Machine
    The Chronicles Of The Red Drift ///Machine

    You're not a loser...definitely a Awesome video!

  • SirJamestheIII

    Yusss kept it natty

  • Trash You're
    Trash You're

    When it moon Imma get me one of this.

  • Peter G
    Peter G


  • cody bunker
    cody bunker

    I like Porsche because they still focus on finding as many ways as possible to improve mechanical grip. It makes it feel so much better to drive. Ferrari rely to much on computers. They went that way starting with the challenge stradale.

  • HoodBatman

    VTEC. Yo.

  • the Wellness Channel
    the Wellness Channel

    Woah from that intro I thought this was Daily Dose of Internet for a second

  • Andrew Wheeler
    Andrew Wheeler

    That’s insane engineering, and a nice Crosstrek. Wish I had the credit for a Crosstrek

  • IRaoulDuke

    All Porsche engines are masterpieces

  • Francisco Campos
    Francisco Campos

    My S2000 is owner filled with Mobil 1 and hits 9000rpm too, so there! hehe

  • 권태준

    나올때마다 매스터피스래 ㅋ

  • Elijah Henry
    Elijah Henry

    Eg33 baby 🙌🏼 next best thing

  • jockellis

    Can you get Mobil to send you to Goodwood to find out how those ‘60s econocars that could barely get out of their own way back then are now screaming around that track like a McLaren M8-A.

  • Roger Skagerström
    Roger Skagerström

    BMW actually makes quite crappy engines ;) Most BMW M car reviews usually ends with "Do you want to own it when the warranty runs out? Probably not!" xD

  • davidhunternyc

    Does the Toyota GR Yaris have more torque per liter than the Porsche GT3?

  • Zakk

    And that's why real car guys drives porsches and influencers drives lambos etc...

  • Peekaboo

    Sounds incredible.

  • Lukas Seelig
    Lukas Seelig

    It's really bizarre to me how many people in the US apparently can't drive a manual, where I come from (Germany) most people ( I think) can and do drive manuals.

  • Desai Xie
    Desai Xie

    Please make a video on how 911 Turbo S (992 version) achieves 0-60 in 2.2s. How does it rank higher than all the hypercars and electric/hybrid cars with only a twin turbo flat 6 outputing just 600 HP. I searched everywhere and cannot find a detailed, systematic explanation on this.

  • Kevin Burk
    Kevin Burk

    you are no looser my freind

  • Kevin Burk
    Kevin Burk

    auto zone has a sale on gt3 engines for 1999.00 nocore limited time ..... where does this guy teach school anyone ?

  • motorcopT2

    Saw that exact car on the 210 freeway today. Absolutely beautiful. It must have been a press car I didn’t think anyone had one yet.

  • The Dude
    The Dude

    that blue gives it 500+ hp

  • Mike Nomath
    Mike Nomath

    Got to drive one once up in Deleware. Came over the hill at 165 and thanks to some good down shifting and excellent brakes I was able to defeat the State Trooper sitting on the next hill top from getting a lock on me... :D Frikkin awesome ride!

  • HanFei

    But the new 911 GT3 is uglier than previous generations... really don’t see the point of good engine if the car doesn’t look good

  • Saul Espino
    Saul Espino

    What is the compression ratio?

  • DRIVER46

    Grat video and definitely great car. Your MX5 is lot of fun specially when you start chasing Gt3's down the track like I like to do with my MX5 . Much more fun than opposite scenario.

  • gothic pagan
    gothic pagan

    DLC on a production car, says it all.

  • Kanał Ogromnej Wartości
    Kanał Ogromnej Wartości

    and they're sold with manual :O I need one