The Volkswagen ID.4 Is A Disappointing Electric Car (For Now)
2021 VW ID.4 Review - Driving Volkswagen's Electric SUV For The Masses
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Volkswagen says the ID.4 is their most important vehicle launch since the Beetle. That's big shoes to fill! This long-range all electric vehicle is competing in a highly sought after market, and America's latest crave: the crossover. The ID.4 features 250 miles of range with a 82 kWh battery pack (77 kWh useable), 201 HP and 229 lb-ft of torque, and RWD. The permanent magnet synchronous motor spins up to 16,000 RPM!

It all sounds very exciting, but unfortunately the ID.4 feels like it has come a bit short on the promise of bring "electric cars to the millions, not the millionaires." Even with the $7,500 tax credit, the starting price of nearly $40,000 is still a tad high. Especially considering the AWD variants will easily push to $50k with options. But the bigger disappointments come from the current charging system: Electrify America. You'd think charging and navigating a VW on VW's own funded and created network would be seamless, but for now, it's anything but. Check out the video for all the details.

I spoke with a Volkswagen representative who informed me "Plug \u0026 Charge" as well as auto-navigation on the Electrify America network will be included as updates later this year, likely in the fall timeframe.

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  • Tiger 864
    Tiger 864

    So at $.43 per kwh it would cost over $33 to charge the 77kwh battery plus hours of Wasted Time sitting at battery chargers. I'm not seeing the advantage over having a gasoline-powered car. What a waste of resources... the car cost more than a traditional car to buy and charge

  • Jed Pad
    Jed Pad

    What if you don’t have cell service and can’t access the app? Stupidly complicated

  • Thanh Tran
    Thanh Tran

    Trust the Germans to make things complicated

  • Flynn

    Sandy Monroe says the ID4 will have a lot of electrical issues and is a timebomb. VW gas cars are already bad now imagine an electric VW? Good luck with this piece of garbage in a few years. Too many connections and complication is what Sandy said,

  • AutoChamp Wandelen
    AutoChamp Wandelen

    I also reviewed the VW ID.4 in my channel, and I must agree that it was a bit disappointing in the interior. The exterior was epic! I loved it! But the interior was like a minivan... for a high price tag. Greetings from Belgium

  • BorisWree

    When VW said the ID4 would have 300+ miles or range, but then it can only hit 250 in the RWD variant…I’ll pass. I need AWD in my climate and if the RWD variant only gets 250 then the AWD will get less than that. It’s a shame too because I was really looking forward to this car.

  • Tobber FU Too Again!
    Tobber FU Too Again!

    Da germans, zign ze paperz, or don chage die car!

  • Chris Kim
    Chris Kim

    Haha, too much cost cutting by Volkswagen, perhaps

  • ThatKeffordGuy

    Why should you need to select the power cord? When you plug it in, the car should send its MMY and reg and the charger should be able to look up that information, display it in a nice way and just ask you to confirm your car. Why is the app even needed at all? Just swipe a bank card first and then get charging, like at a pay-at-pump petrol pump!

  • Tom D
    Tom D

    VW (and all its sub-brands) is as good in Software as Bethesda is in fixing bugs in their games (there are still bugs from before Skyrim in Fallout 4).

  • RAD Nasir Hill
    RAD Nasir Hill

    It is not a car. It is an electric vehicle. VW built that charging network to make money on EVs but they don't think that fully focusing on only EVs is not a wise move, you can see that there is a lot of bad news [Norway, firefighters, safety for ex.] and just because EMUSK players role scripted by the US government that doesn't mean that big smart head in VW at Germany will swallow it in whole like you. EVs are only concepts still and the doors are open to them even with big propaganda and media support doors are open only halfway. I thought you are smarter.

  • A M
    A M

    Can you use a Tesla charger on other cars?

  • dirt lint
    dirt lint

    thank you for the very details listed pro/cons. I would say no for ID4. Never go with the first version of VW. Wait for ID4 2.0

  • Janice Smyth
    Janice Smyth

    Thanks for this. I was hoping that VW would be the better choice but this changed my mind to a Tesla.

  • DroneXFun

    It wouldn't be German engineered if it wasn't unnecessarily complicated.

  • Alfred Drayton
    Alfred Drayton

    If this charging system does not change do not buy a WV electric.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega

    Big problem you made. You said the VW ID4 was nearly equal to the Tesla in charging from 15-65%, but the Tesla has more range so that doesn’t work out very well. If the tesl is receiving 200 miles and the ID4 is receiving 150 miles then it’s not even close In charging

  • Horst B
    Horst B

    Am I the only one hearing "VOLTswagen" all the time?

  • Abraham Hzayen
    Abraham Hzayen

    This is the dumbest review of a car ever, just because you don't know how to use something it doesn't mean its their fault, to unplug the charger on an Audi etron( similar to VW you push the button next to it) its in the manual, also you could have paid by credit card and charged your car, but you chose to use "your free Credits from VW to charge so you had to use an app.

  • Alan Blumenstein
    Alan Blumenstein

    "is it unnecessary complicated?" Don't blame Germans for being Germans

    • Carlos Leon
      Carlos Leon

      I think that's rather an Electrify America problem though.

    • Norbert de Riro
      Norbert de Riro

      You can of course also buy the second best products !

    • Ben Haynes
      Ben Haynes

      Correct, instad of blaming Germans, we'll just avoid German made.

  • Leif Fellague
    Leif Fellague

    Seems to me the handling and performance would be better with a lighter vehicle. Like, say, an ID.3. Which VW isn't selling in the U.S. Because . . . yeah, I can't help there.

  • LittleSteve

    Couldnt put a qr code on the charger that you scan with the app... if you have to have an uneccesary step in the process

  • Chris Atchley
    Chris Atchley

    Any updates on this?

  • ikylek

    sounds like either VW or sales did not explain everything

  • Florian Mickler
    Florian Mickler

    I 100% agree that the charging usability is flawed. The problem is, these are longstanding. Have them on my A3 Etron.

  • Greg Nixon
    Greg Nixon

    I cannot consider anything more electric than a hybrid.

  • Anthony Xuereb
    Anthony Xuereb

    I'd have one, fit and finish way above Tesla and the negative issues are easily resolved, from here on in, things can only get better, well done VW.

    • Anthony Xuereb
      Anthony Xuereb

      @wztannig no mate, I'm not joking, the only issue is the software and that's not difficult to fix. VW know how to build cars if anyone does and remember that this is a new phase in motoring so there's still much to learn.

    • wztannig

      Bro are you joking? That car sucks

  • Adolf Diversity
    Adolf Diversity

    This is terrible,creepy. Thanks God,i will die soon...

  • Mark E
    Mark E

    I would not buy a Volkswagen ever. Volkswagen, a stay away for me.

  • Gustavo Forastiere
    Gustavo Forastiere

    Best reviewer.

  • Steve Kalas
    Steve Kalas


  • snaplash

    Commuter car, if you can charge at home overnight. The only way I'd buy a non-tesla for long trip driving is if I can just plug in anywhere and start charging, with no apps, no individual accounts, no "memberships", just charge to the card I use. It needs to be as simple as buying gas.

  • R S
    R S

    VW will have a tough time competing with the chinese EV's once they flood the market. I personally don't see a reason for someone to get this over a Model 3. Even Hyundai's and Honda's EV look more enticing.

  • Lumberjack Dreamer
    Lumberjack Dreamer

    No heat pump? No front trunk?

  • penywise

    "A little bit of a scandal" sounds like "a little bit of a holocaust"

  • marty

    VW invented BUG and now future is here and VW coming with army of bugs mostly in their sw. Don't like it at all ugly design poor functionality. I have bad experience with VW from past for me never more.

  • John McGill
    John McGill

    lol. This guy is the only one on the internet that can't seem to easily recharge the ID4. Tesla fan boy.

  • Filipe Costa
    Filipe Costa

    Everyone else says this is a good car...

  • blountman747

    Why did you spend so much time talking about the charger

  • Jacob

    Strange with this negativity. I have seen another youtube reviewer giving the ID.4 a lot of praise

    • wztannig

      @Juan cubo jamez you know theres more evs than just tesla right?

    • Jacob

      @Juan cubo jamez Hehe, I imagine :D

    • Juan cubo jamez
      Juan cubo jamez

      Tesla fanboy... maybe? ;)

  • Gregory Pietro (slipangle01)
    Gregory Pietro (slipangle01)

    Unnecessarily complicated is the German way. Ever try to work the climate control system in a BMW? :)

  • Riley 1955
    Riley 1955

    Looks like it's going to be awhile till these goofballs get all this charging stuff sorted so I'll just keep using my Jeep patriot for awhile longer.

  • Karreth

    I would really like if you could lower the compression (i.e. increase the dynamic gain) on your audio. I always find your videos super fatiguing to watch because the audio is so relentless.

  • Young Park
    Young Park

    Just a battery used traditional car.. nothing else

  • Scott Grohs
    Scott Grohs

    Tesla, Nissan and Mercedes seem to be actually trying in the eSUV market. Volkswagen’s effort here seems begrudgingly produced.

  • Big Dr B shoots in raw
    Big Dr B shoots in raw

    Testla is trying to build on the future, everyone else, compliance.

  • Michael Diesel
    Michael Diesel

    This really makes me appreciate the superchargers and my four year old used Tesla model S with long range batteries and the third motor!

  • pressrepeat2000

    Thais as awesome detail. Terrible choices and engineering by VW. Mindblowing.

  • Jason E. Graham Sr.
    Jason E. Graham Sr.

    It's a nice car but I'll wait for better charging and all wheel drive.

  • Nick Hammerschmidt
    Nick Hammerschmidt

    Basically, you needed to read the instructions

  • Denis

    Half the video is a rant on the charging network. We got it. Move on.

  • Mark DC
    Mark DC

    This is why I'm buying a Tesla.

  • Eugene Bosman
    Eugene Bosman

    German Engineering for you.

  • Efrain Rosso
    Efrain Rosso

    Stick to Tesla.

  • belspace

    EV without a frunk is bad engineering! VW is learning about EVs!

  • Ken Greenberg
    Ken Greenberg

    Kudos to VW for at least attempting to make amends. But can we have a little love for EVgo and other emerging networks? Electrons are electrons; while EA is right to offer faster charging than some vehicles can now handle, those of us with today’s EVs (e.g., Chevy Bolts)

    • Ken Greenberg
      Ken Greenberg

      Appreciate that VW and Tesla aren’t the only players building out the EV infrastructure

  • Scientist Invests
    Scientist Invests

    It looks like they want to sell old ICE range and created electric car than can turn people down towards ICE...

  • Luca Lovison
    Luca Lovison

    the process is not different than refueling a standard vehicle at the self serve pertrol station ...

  • Robert Seso
    Robert Seso

    Would have been useful if it wasn’t too long, all that you said could have been said in three minutes without loosing any value.

  • RS Baxter
    RS Baxter

    Ok, Popular Mechanics votes it as one of the best EV's out there... I guess they are wrong? Don't listen to hacks like this when it comes to your purchases. I've sold a lot of them already and people love it!

  • YTU1116

    He told a lot but he sound real annoying


    would love to hear his kids in the back seat .... "Daddy, you're driving past all the fun places."

  • Eter Wael
    Eter Wael

    Tesla should provide softwares+chargers to VW etc. and stop building cars. Problen solved.

  • Barrie French
    Barrie French

    Great video straight shooting and good delivery.I can not believe that vw are awaiting an update to a so called finished product,that charging nonsense is taking The P%%s in my opinion ,but perhaps i am expecting too much,too soon.I was awaiting this vehicles release,but i will wait a bit longer to see if this develops.Many thanks for posting.

  • Jim Allen
    Jim Allen

    Tesla did it right. They built out their network first. The other guys? Ha!

  • David Mortaz
    David Mortaz

    Great review. I had no idea charging on Electrify America is so bad! The horrific charging software could be how Germans write software though!! Non-intuitive and bulky! All I needed to cancel the reservation was my inability to pair an iphone with the bloated infotainment system during my test drive! ID4 feels like a rushed product and lost opportunity for VW to take some unique chances. But when you aim to compete with RAV4, this is the car that shows up at the end of the production line. Bloated, Slow and bland.

  • Joe mariconadas
    Joe mariconadas

    No heat pump??? Canadian models were announced with a heat pump as standard equipment. Weird, because most of Minnessota is colder than many Canadian locations. I'm sure it can be ordered as an option.

  • Arden Peters
    Arden Peters

    You would think VW would do a better job on its first EV, but it’s disappointing to say the least... a hurry-up job at best. No competition for Tesla.

  • Mayra Huerta
    Mayra Huerta

    Bought my ID.4 on 15th of May. Its in the shop with a service light on May 27😥

  • Carl Mckinnon
    Carl Mckinnon

    PS,,review the car, stop trying to improve the market for the concept.

  • Carl Mckinnon
    Carl Mckinnon

    Why do you refer to the TAX CREDITS as if it is a rebate and a deduction on the price you pay at purchase. WRONG, it doesn't alter what you pay or finance one penny. It is only a TAX DEDUCTION on your next income tax. And I'm guessing most wont even because of it recoup a single months payment from it when al is said and done.

  • Aykin Cakaloz
    Aykin Cakaloz

    I know this car doesn't require you to do that in Germany. So wtf is wrong with the system in the U.S ?

  • Orlor

    Charging needs to be standardized with subsidized stations before EVs become mainstream. We need to see rest stops on the interstates dedicated to EVs like we do with gas stations instead of hunting for charging stations in obscure little back lots.

  • VidPS

    It seems his biggest complaint is that it takes a few extra minor steps to charge for charging. That's not a solid reason to give a bad review.

  • Jason Laboy
    Jason Laboy

    How laggy that touch screen is 🤮🤮🤮

  • cauthoncrazy

    I have never hesitated to call EA if needed assistance charging my 2016 Soul EV. They have always been able to start the station remotely. I also don't have a smartphone so have never relied on the app or expected plug and play. I agree things need to become more seamless but since I can't afford nor would ever buy a $35k Tesla or $40k ID4, I am OK with these concessions. I have done multiple 200 mile round trips in my car without any issue. But thanks for your honest review!

  • Jhony R Zavaleta
    Jhony R Zavaleta

    Did VW not have end to end testing of their char and navigation? Or botching it on purpose? This system seems incredibly inept and infuriating 😂

  • Arthur O'Pod
    Arthur O'Pod

    VW know how to build cars but are years behind Tesla on the software. These cars were rushed out before they had been de-bugged. Are VW connected to Microsoft at all? ;-)

  • Alejandro Bianchi
    Alejandro Bianchi

    Maybe they identity the vw id4 this way? maybe the want to know how many vw are using the charging network.

  • Luke Huang
    Luke Huang

    4:01 charging in typical European fashion 😂

  • Ted Terry
    Ted Terry

    There are videos out there that show Mach e having issues charging there also.

  • Nick Lachen
    Nick Lachen

    why is the steering wheels leather wrapped

  • SteelCom

    I lost interest in this channel when the uploader seemed to use a now debunked Swedish study to show that EV vehicles are only slightly less polluting that gas cars, and worse, that it would take years of driving to see the benefits of a lower EV footprint. The Swedish study (as did the uploader) compared battery production of both types and ignored the fact that Tesla batteries use all renewable energy in battery manufacturing. What was ignored was all the pollution of extracting, refining and transporting of oil/gas to point of sale, as well as ignoring the pollution of gas car manufacturing. The Swedish study was a private one and was published before being peer-reviewed, often done when there is a heavy conflict of interest by those funding the study.

  • Patrick Handy
    Patrick Handy

    Just test Drove the Mach E, model Y and the ID.4. The ID.4 was our favorite, interior roominess, quietness and the acceleration was more than adequate. We didn’t experience any bugs or issues.

  • Mike UK
    Mike UK

    How much tesla paid you for this video? There are many reviews on YT which differ from yours

  • Paul Pongos
    Paul Pongos

    Electric cars are basically NOT worth it

  • Freddy Rozen
    Freddy Rozen

    I just purchased my ID.4 a week ago. Charging is as simple as plugging in, waiting 5 seconds for the charger and car to handshake, hold my unlocked phone to the NFC point and voilá! I don't have to open the app or find a station or select a station. Plug in, hold the phone up to the NFC, that's it! I'm loving this car. Yes, the infotainment could use a few updates/modifications. Yes, it would be extremely nice to have direct and immediate control of the AC fan power. It would be EXTREMELY nice for the lane keeping assist to not turn itself back on every time the car is turned off and back on. But all in all, VW has hit it out of the park. There's A LOT to like!!

  • fangitjoe

    No. One pedal driving should be the only mode available in all EVs. People used to "creep when not on accelerator pedal" should just spend half a day re-adjusting because one-pedal is just superior and safer in every way.

  • Charlie Stuart-King
    Charlie Stuart-King

    I don't comment on these videos but I have to this time. The video title is wrong as the 6 mins is simply talking about charing using VW's electrify America and not about the car itself. The charging issue can be resolved easily with a QR code per hose which directs the user to the right choice.

  • Alan

    You will always have to work to bugs out with any new product, first 7 minutes of your video bitching about having to use an app and a Tesla doesn’t, not that big of a deal...... You lost me 👎👎👎

  • Gideon October
    Gideon October

    2 possibilities: they are incompetent designers, or they want it to suck/fail

  • Vidal Aguilera
    Vidal Aguilera

    So I should buy the id4 for just driving around town and use my atlas for long road trips.

  • baleyeths

    VOLKSWAGEN is a company that builds factories and creates workingplaces for the hostile HUNGARIAN ORBAN regime. TESLA is creating GIGAFACTORIES & workingplacxeds for German people. Shame on DIESEL-SCAM VOLKSWAGEN! I guess Vokswagen was hoping on a TRUMP victory ... that's why they did not count on their own cars being used on the EA network... they just love DIESEL.

  • Boom Town
    Boom Town

    I wonder if they made any updates by now. Its been a couple months

  • Alex Manojlovic
    Alex Manojlovic

    That's a good road test. Very practical. Only a shame you didn't realise the: not listing EA chargers, was related to the 3 yrs free EA charging & VoltsWagen thus saving money by sending owners to a charger where they have to cough up...

  • Andoniades

    Once they create wireless charging (just park on the pad, pay machine, start charging) then E-life would be better.

  • Will Kydd
    Will Kydd

    What happens if the app stops working / gets booted from the app store?

  • Smooth Interceptor
    Smooth Interceptor

    Basically a beta product.. 🤣

  • Mathew Stinziano
    Mathew Stinziano

    Like all entry version of Vehicles they are subpar give it till the mk2 version. Never buy mk1 till the end of its cycle

  • DblOSmith

    Wow, what a disaster. 200hp and 4600lbs. My parents 1998 Ford Explorer V6 had a better power to weight ratio. Lol