The Volkswagen ID.4 Is A Disappointing Electric Car (For Now)
2021 VW ID.4 Review - Driving Volkswagen's Electric SUV For The Masses
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Volkswagen says the ID.4 is their most important vehicle launch since the Beetle. That's big shoes to fill! This long-range all electric vehicle is competing in a highly sought after market, and America's latest crave: the crossover. The ID.4 features 250 miles of range with a 82 kWh battery pack (77 kWh useable), 201 HP and 229 lb-ft of torque, and RWD. The permanent magnet synchronous motor spins up to 16,000 RPM!

It all sounds very exciting, but unfortunately the ID.4 feels like it has come a bit short on the promise of bring "electric cars to the millions, not the millionaires." Even with the $7,500 tax credit, the starting price of nearly $40,000 is still a tad high. Especially considering the AWD variants will easily push to $50k with options. But the bigger disappointments come from the current charging system: Electrify America. You'd think charging and navigating a VW on VW's own funded and created network would be seamless, but for now, it's anything but. Check out the video for all the details.

I spoke with a Volkswagen representative who informed me "Plug & Charge" as well as auto-navigation on the Electrify America network will be included as updates later this year, likely in the fall timeframe.

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  • Sunil Asthana
    Sunil Asthana

    Wrong VW ID4 is great and works really well you are mighty wrong. I have driven over 14000 miles in the last 4 months and I am superbly happy with 250 miles per charge working great sunil

  • Robert Hayes 64
    Robert Hayes 64

    Volkswagen is the world of electric battery Cars

  • André Luiz
    André Luiz

    The whole problem is: Tesla.

  • Paul Carlin
    Paul Carlin

    I can edit this down to two minutes.

  • Josh Grove
    Josh Grove

    Thats not how the charger works. You just type in the code on the charger. It is cumbersome because you are paid by Tesla!

  • Bob Powers
    Bob Powers

    Where in the world have you been??? All you have to do is to hold your iPhone next to the reader and it starts up!!! Why in the world were you using the alternative way of starting the charging process??? The alternative way (that you did ) is good when the card reader is broken. Look at the Ford Mustang MACH-E and see what their network looks like, as in it doesn't exit. When you use the "B" option, it acts similar to one-pedal. It sounds like you are just focusing on the things you don't like! About the only thing you didn't complain about was the color or quality of the paint job. Whoops, I posted too soon, you did complain about the paint. And as to the windows all rolling down, have you thought about reading the manual? Touch the "Rear" button until it blinks and then operate one of the window buttons. I think it is obvious that you didn't prepare for this post. The biggest problem is with the "Help" in the ID.4 which is out of date!!! If you read all of the instructions where it said "Plug in first" and read the rest of it, it would have been much easier. I think you need to redo this video and follow the instructions!

  • Gianfranco Puglisevich
    Gianfranco Puglisevich

    Germans always over engineering things that should be really simple

  • vampov

    Very astute observation about the rear tires stepping out during regen on snow. I'm sure very few people know what you are talking about other than those of us that own a manual in snow (4runner not in 4X4 will step out if I don't match the road speed on the down shift)

  • Frank Q
    Frank Q

    Tesla Model Y LR for 48990? What a deal!

  • Ryan E
    Ryan E

    Phone app required to charge the car? I’m out.

  • B Davali
    B Davali

    From one Engineer to another, excellent & comprehensive review of the ID.4. Seems a bit half baked at the time of your video. You bring up subtle observations that other reviewers gloss over or never mention. Thanks, Jason!

  • CosmicMicron

    Competition is when a new product with some advantages can make the sale challenging for other manufacturers. I can't see any real advantages here unless people buy for the brand.... some do i guess....

  • Mark Hsu
    Mark Hsu

    I will stick to my Volt. Just gas up on longrr trips. Gas stations are everywhere.

  • clifford dicarlo
    clifford dicarlo

    Does VW ID.4 have free software updates like Tesla?

  • Charley Eastman
    Charley Eastman

    So as someone with a home charging solution, the whole first third of the video felt irrelevant. I’m only using my next EV to commute, so it’s all good for me. Hope they do update the gps routing issues over time for those that need it.

  • Marc Franke
    Marc Franke

    All Chevy Bolts that have>ever< been produced are now in a massive recall. Until battery replacement, owners are not supposed to charge fully, deplete fully or park a Bolt inside, for fear of fire. Apparently, the Bolt has no ability to monitor the health of an individual cell in its complete battery pack. Otherwise, Chevy would be able to run a diagnostic to detect which Bolts have the issue. Kind of like a "check engine light" but for the battery itself. Here's my question: Is there any EV manufacturer that has this type of cell level monitoring in its battery pack? Tesla? VW? Anyone? I've driven a 2013 Nissan LEAF for 8 years, as I think about replacing it with a more modern and longer range EV, this is something I definitely would like to know before I buy.

  • 805 SportsCards
    805 SportsCards

    Sounds like some of the issues could be fixed via a software update? maybe not?

  • spider

    I'm not a EV fanboy, actually I have a diesel car. Steps to "charge" it: * stop a the pump * locate the unlock button and press it * unscrew the lid * select the right type of fuel: where I am is commont to have two different types of petrol and to different type of diesel, priced differently. Although the only difference between the two types of diesel is price (and probably the composition, but I don't care) so it doesn't matter, if you put petrol in a diesel car it's a very expensive mistake. * fill the tank (usually keeping it with your hands until it finished although some have a pin to leave it there) * screw the lid and go to the till * tell the cashier the pump number you used and pay It seems to me way more complex than charging at electrifying america (I don't live in America, I just refer to your video). But guess what? millions of people refuel their car every day without issues. I'm pretty sure we can learn how to charge an EV.

  • Geo Coccyx
    Geo Coccyx

    Both of my experiences at an EA charging station were negative. The first time, it was simply offline and couldn't be used. I had to backtrack 40 miles to find another charger that worked (not an EA charger). The second time, I got stuck in a Walmart parking lot in 109 degree summer sun for 3 1/2 hours on the phone with EA customer service to get the thing working. Not impressed.

  • JD Jordan
    JD Jordan

    Yikes..... the Nav Charging alone would prevent me from not only buying this VW but ANY EV VW until that is CLEARLY and publicly corrected.

  • Mad Yariel
    Mad Yariel

    Tesla undisputed in this segment

  • Tysto

    Lack of color choice is much worse with Tesla. It’s the one thing I wish they would expand their choices for.

  • Steve Blomefield
    Steve Blomefield

    Tell VW to use tesla software and chargers

  • Jimmie Johnsson
    Jimmie Johnsson

    Seems the infrastructure and low range still keeps being a failure point for EVs in general. Its like he says, EVs need to be better than a ICE for it to make sense to most drivers. It isnt ok that a long road trip involves more stops to recharge (pulling in to stop at a recharge stations takes time, gotta get off the highway etc). Its definitely not ok that it isn't super easy to know where the charge stations are - this shouldn't even require an app or builtin nav system, it should be equally easy as location a gas stations today. A full charge should not take more than maximum 15 mins, as that is what it takes to fill up a regular gas tank. In the end, these are things we have come to expect from using a car today. EVs are more expensive to purchase yet lack all of these things. You'll need to drive a lot to make up the purchase difference of buying a car for say 20k EUR and a EV for around 40K EUR. Most car owners aren't blown away with high speed performance cars, we use them to commute. So the appeal of EVs high speed acceleration is pretty useless to us. When this start to change, or EVs become drastically cheaper than an ICE, then they might become market standard but so far it seems far off...

  • Adrian Yankov
    Adrian Yankov


  • scott warnick
    scott warnick

    I was going to order one until I watched this very informative video. That charge america situation where you have to fumble with an app and also what if you loose your phone connection. They need to get rid of that and set it for straight plug in. I'm out unless vw corrects this!

  • Ron Fischer
    Ron Fischer

    This is a horrid review. I find it interesting that he is bashing the ID4 based on a lot of insignificant things that are likely to be ironed out in the first few months of ownership. This has indeed happened the navigation, and charging issues have largely been solved. The thing about the window switch not working seems to be his issue not the button. I do agree that VW should have trouble shooted better out of the gate, but whatever. Now the vast majority of the reviews on the ID4 or very positive. It is a truly competitive EV. It's not a Tesla, but it is not an Audi either its a VW and stays pretty well in it's own lane.

  • ElZamo92

    Ah, it makes sense now. When the three years of free charging ends you’re gonna be directed to Electrify America EXCLUSIVELY. They’re trying to save a buck.

  • Steve Wohlford
    Steve Wohlford

    I just bought one, the Pro S model, traded my ‘15 GTI Autobahn. It is great. No issues with the charging network. Regenerative braking works great. Plenty of storage without a frunk. VW fit & finish. Sport mode embarrasses most boy-racers.

  • Matt Kaiser
    Matt Kaiser

    Rear wheel drive 😑😩😔

  • Matt Carroll
    Matt Carroll

    Goes to show how far ahead Tesla tech is...

  • Francesco Marrone
    Francesco Marrone

    I hear you man, but I am sure the updates will make it work better! It's the first one, give VW a break, lol!

  • alan

    The pale grey steering wheel is ghastly, what were they thinking...

  • Gulrez Mumtaz
    Gulrez Mumtaz

    As someone living and working in Germany for more than a decade I can totally understand. On one hand Germany produces wonderful engineering masterpieces but on the other hand there is a strong tendency to over engineer or over complicate simple things. Plug and charge is a perfect example of that. Thanks for the great video.

  • joe welnack
    joe welnack

    I own a 2015 VW TDI PASSAT. Hope to own it until it or I die. Too damned complicated. I think VW will get this right but with my maintenance schedule I generally get 250k miles out of diesels.

  • Jay Park
    Jay Park

    I have two EVs, Bolt EV and ID4 and one gas-power card, Sedona, and have had other cars, infinite QX60, Jeep Cherokee, Honda CRV, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Santafe. I believe I do have quite a bit of experience on cars particularly various cars. I agree partially with this review on certain aspects criticized; however, that does not mean that this is a disappointing car for me. I love it absolutely and probably one of the best among cars I have tried..

    • Jay Park
      Jay Park

      @budasfeet I am not sure if there was an update and made it better. I do experience from time to time laggy touchscreen. Probably one every 10 drives. The Electrify charging process seems to be quite the same as ChargePoint. I use ChargePoint at work and home and Electrify at a mall I go to. Based experience is they are very similar except that Electrify software is a bit lagging. Overall, I would either issues you ask about problems. They do not bother me much. However, there are many advantages/strengths this car offers, and I truly like them.

    • budasfeet

      Do the charging problem and laggy touchscreen problem still exist? Or OTA updates fixed those?

  • operator six
    operator six

    just say " no " to VW, problem.

  • Tom Silver
    Tom Silver

    Sounds like "Dzerman" vehikl is sort of .. over-engineered. Yes, they can make good things, but that tendency for perfectionism eventually ending in overengineered result seems to me a bit typical for Germans.

  • 睡不醒的小麦

    The video seems to about charging stations not about the car.

  • 睡不醒的小麦


  • Yilun Mao
    Yilun Mao

    But why do u want to drive an electric car across the United States? It is meant for daily commuting in my mind

  • jwhdesign

    Great video!

  • Cloudrak

    Sounds like an America problem.

  • tonelocrian

    I agree. Who the hell wants to be dependant on an app to charge your vehicle ? What if your fone is disabled or lost - you're STRANDED ? WTF !

  • Brendon Bosy
    Brendon Bosy

    cant wait for the next VW scandal: Electrify America charge stations intentionally overcharging non-VW EV batteries. Never trust Hitlerwagen

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    VW will fix the software glitches. The car itself is still very impressive and priced well.

    • budasfeet

      Is it fixed yet?

  • Ce Eshelman, LMFT
    Ce Eshelman, LMFT

    This video is 100% spot on and I am driving the newer model. I bought my ID.4 ProS 2021 a month ago and thought I was really going to love it. Unfortunately, as discussed in the video, it falls short of my expectations. Also, it has some kind of bug in the Assisted Driving function that puts it offline when the temperatures outside rise above 100F. That may seem like a small deal, except that I live in a place where all summer we have 30+ days that rise well above 100 and the function says don't drive, danger, collision possible, etc. That scared the hell out of me when it happened the first time. I thought I was going to blow up in the car or something catastrophic. After a few times, I realized there was no real safety hazard, just no assistant. The dealer's service department kept the car for three days and said they could not find to replicate the problem (it was a cooler week before). When I was back on the road the following week, it happened several more times. I sent dashboard pictures to the dealership of the warning lights who failed to follow up with me. Also, in the first week, I had the Electrify America error, couldn't figure out how to get the pump nozzle out of the tank freak out at dark in an unpopulated parking lot problem. I had to contact Electrify America who told me how to get unplugged (actually very efficient service and a shout-out appreciation to the young man filling up his new BoltEV, who stayed with me for the 45-minute ordeal). VW dealers might consider informing buyers of this issue as it is not intuitive. All in all, it drives okay, not nearly as fun or as sporty as my 2018 BoltEV, which I sorely miss right now.

    • budasfeet

      @Ce Eshelman, LMFT thanks man

    • Ce Eshelman, LMFT
      Ce Eshelman, LMFT

      @budasfeet Nope, still lags.

    • budasfeet

      Did OTA update fix laggy touchscreen problem?

  • Niki L
    Niki L

    You are basing a decision on a car based on charging? Are you for real?

  • Riggs Murtaugh
    Riggs Murtaugh

    They made you hold the rear window button so there is not accidental taps. My fear is all the touch controls take your eyes off the road.

  • Star Trucker
    Star Trucker

    @3:38 Let me stop you right there bro. If you have the app on your phone all you had to do was hold it up to the little wireless pad on the right side of the terminal and it would just do it. You went about getting the charger to start in the most round-about way possible.

  • Roland Kel
    Roland Kel

    I do;t think this is a big deal to charge the car….

  • Nobody NoName
    Nobody NoName

    The ultimate in German engineering. Engineer is happy, customer satisfaction doesn't matter.

  • Manny Suarez
    Manny Suarez

    I just traded in a Model 3 for the ID 4, and I disagree with this assessment. Overall I view the ID 4 as a better vehicle. I have been charging at EA stations without issues, and Tesla will open their Super Chargers to third party manufacturers later this year. Tesla easily beats the ID 4 in performance and software. However, the ID 4 is better built, much more comfortable, and very much Tesla’s equal in overall tech. I have zero regrets in making the change….Oh, and my insurance premium is much lower.

    • budasfeet

      @Manny Suarez sounds great! Thanks

    • Manny Suarez
      Manny Suarez

      @budasfeet No, it is not. Even the gesture controls are pretty responsive. It seems they have fixed those issues.

    • budasfeet

      Is the touchscreen still laggy?

  • Stephen Machlica
    Stephen Machlica

    Your one in many that does not like this car

  • Thionta Buckner
    Thionta Buckner

    Sigh, was supposed to get one tomorrow now I think I’m not going to go through with it

  • howles2000

    This review is seriously outdated. Should be taken down.

  • Colin Povey
    Colin Povey

    Another car from Dieselgate. Have had VW's. One was fine, one was OK, but the service and support SUCKED, and then came Dieselgate. I will never buy another VW anything, and that includes ALL their brands.

  • David Drives Electric
    David Drives Electric

    Thanks for the video. While I don't see the charging as big of an issue as you make it sound, I am happy that you pointed it out. VW needs to fix this! Same with the navigation. It can't be that you always need a smart phone to operate a vehicle.

  • pascal_f1

    I guess this guy has not watched the 10's of videos online showing that MachE's aren't working on Electrify America...

  • M S
    M S

    the operating system and electronic controls seem to have quite a bit of latency for such a new car. is an EV just like any other piece of electronics, and over time the latency increases? that seems like its going to be a really big issue.

  • Emil Santiz
    Emil Santiz

    After watching this review, I will stuck to my original 5 selected EVs- Tesla Any Model, Tesla Any Model, Tesla Any model, Tesla any model, and last but not least, Tesla Any model.. Tesla cars, differently from other brands including VW, are way mode advanced in everything, don't have recharging issues, don't have software issues, no OTA issues, no Reliability issues, no........


    I have an E Golf and charging with electrify America is terrible. So many steps and they often fail. Charge point is better. Finding out VW invested in electrify America makes me even dumbfounded. I wanted ID 4 as my next Electric car, no so sure now. Smh


      Yeah unplugging and restarting the charge. I was so confused about unlocking to start charging. Same thing on E golf

  • Mohammed Maraee
    Mohammed Maraee

    A lot of repeating in this review. Get to the point please.

  • SuperAaron 99
    SuperAaron 99

    How does it drive? Is it well built? What;s like with 4 or 5 people inside? What's the suspension and ride quality like? I can't believe you mention the window buttons without talking about anything that makes a car a car.

  • Tyler Janzen
    Tyler Janzen

    I REALLY HATE how so many EV's try making all the car features "techy" I don't want everything to be controlled by a tablet, give me physical dials, give me normal controls

  • JP Morais
    JP Morais

    To be honest that car is a disaster!

  • SRB

    Aesthetically pleasing interior/exterior styling - but I can not understand how VW concluded a non-heat pump EV could be competitive or desirable. Evidently Tesla can continue to rely on the shortsightedness of its competitors to stay on top in the EV sector.

  • Ant

    I don't suppose these car have fast charging lol, what do people do when they wait for 1 hr to charge

  • YTeslaEV

    Seems like volkswagen wants you to hate electric cars after trying it and then go get their shady gas cars.

  • telocity

    Ah you haven't seen the video of mustang having issues at the chargers. Both getting to work and error after partial charge so you can't walk away while charging

  • Frank M
    Frank M

    Wow... fairly strange for Volkswagen. Trying to decide on this car vs Tesla... might have my answer.

  • ReddoFreddo

    I think VW hasn't realized yet that it needs to be a technology company, that specializes in UI/UX and software, as much as it has to be a car maker, these days. Only companies that seem to realize this are Tesla, who basically invented this concept, a lot of Chinese EV makers, and maybe Ford.

  • Tominftl ThomasP
    Tominftl ThomasP

    How about the seat comfort? Ride? Skipped a few areas but good review. I have to be comfortable especially on a road trip. Need electric seats. Not concerned about 0-60. Don’t plan on taking it on a trip garage charging for me. I already have it from a previous Volt i had leased.

  • TempestuousD

    I was very underwhelmed when I saw this and ID 3 in flesh. So much so I wasn't even interested in driving them. I'm very seriously considering an EV next vehicle. Sadly, doesn't look like I'll be continuing my custom with VW.

  • Weaver Games
    Weaver Games

    Having a phone should never be an integral part of your car to the point it can't work without it. That's insanity.

  • Love, Peace, VW, and Electricity
    Love, Peace, VW, and Electricity

    Surprised that Volkswagen builds a network that all cars can plug into that it does not connect as fast as Tesla's network that is designed for only Tesla's?

  • Youn Gu
    Youn Gu

    My buddy bought one of this just now out of blue. I had no idea about VW electric cars so I looked up this review. I wish I hadn't seen this.. what do I say to my buddy now???

  • Dre

    Tesla opening up network this yr to all per Musk Tweet

  • David Schroer
    David Schroer

    At 0:15 is that the Bonneville Dam in Skamania County, WA?

  • sirboom

    Finally a real car review.

  • Christian Sandmann
    Christian Sandmann

    Stopped after 6 minutes since I learned that he was really disappointed about charging and it seemed like there won't any more tangible information.

  • Peter Eriksson
    Peter Eriksson

    As long as Teslas can use both EA AND supercharger s… there is no competition… a shame as I really prefer both the VWs and the MBs.. but they fall so short due to the networks!!!

  • Peter Eriksson
    Peter Eriksson

    I hope VW engineers watch this review…

  • Random Car Stuff
    Random Car Stuff


  • DFKnightmare

    "I was going to show you don't need a Tesla to road trip in an EV.....I was then disappointed".....lmfao, could have saved you the trouble good sir. :)

  • Tommy D
    Tommy D

    Dude... Electrify America is a separate company. If you buy access directly with EA, you don't have to put in the charger info before it starts. The reason why you have to use VW app is because of the 3 years of free charging.

  • Kevin

    We drove an ID.4 and were very impressed with how quiet, comfortable, and road worthy it felt - of course, we're over 60, so quiet, comfortable and road worthy are more important that exciting. We ordered one. However, we have a PHEV Pacifica minivan for long road trips - otherwise we would probably have ordered a Tesla, which we liked less. Oh, and the one we drove at the dealer a few days ago did display EA stations.

  • Jrmjuve10

    Is it just me or do EVs seem like outdated technology?

  • Don Cherney
    Don Cherney

    So glad I found this video. I was debating between a Tesla and the ID4. You made my decision easy. -don from Lorain Ohio USA 🇺🇸

  • Eric Forslin
    Eric Forslin

    With all the advantages of electric vehicles, this is still one drawback of some of the public charging networks. It’s a problem gas stations already solved by having card readers on every pump. Employ what people are accustomed to; Paying or authenticating by mobile phone should be an option, not a requirement.

  • Andy A
    Andy A

    Not even close to Tesla pathetic on software front - no one pedal no thanks…

  • Sydtesla

    VW is looking at the same fate like Nokia mobile phones.

  • Satish Soni
    Satish Soni

    Looks like drunk kids are running Volks Wagon tech and design departments.

  • Tall Dave
    Tall Dave

    does the Base model have Heated Seats !? I think I am being snowed by a Dealer Rep that the Base model does not have heated seat !!

  • wpherigo1

    Which honestly goes to show how important a company’s experience in a certain technology is with respect to how mature a product will be.

  • Eric Schneck
    Eric Schneck

    The most negative review of a car. Being part of the electric car community, you should entice people to get an electric car. Yes there is down falls of the vw, but I'll take them over the shitty build quality of a Tesla. Get off your Tesla fan boy soapbox and look at car with an unbiased view

  • N. Scott
    N. Scott

    So many repeating points also edit name of video. Battery/charging issues

  • Alexandre Simões
    Alexandre Simões

    I ordered an ID.3, please don't make me regret my decision....

  • Javier

    could somebody explain me why this car falls short? I test drove it recently and I don't see how the mustangue mac-e and the tesla are that much better, specially considering their pretty big price difference

  • David Davis
    David Davis

    In my opinion electric are not ready for prime time. Mileage ;battery charging infrastructure as well as repair infrastructure. For example charging. Watched two guys travel across country. They often had to go 30 miles out of way to charge, they had to with some make appointment time .Then 30 minutes allowed leaving with 80% charge. Testa was best charge stations they said but too few to make cross country travel what Americans are use to.