Toyota's Developing A Hydrogen Combustion Engine!
Could Toyota's hydrogen engine save combustion by converting engines?
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Toyota has developed a hydrogen combustion engine with nearly negligible harmful emissions. The project involved a Toyota Corolla Sport which participated in a 24 hour endurance race, using a 1.6L turbo inline three-cylinder out of the GR Yaris. The idea was to convert a gasoline engine to a hydrogen engine, as an alternative to creating new electric cars. With hydrogen combustion, oxygen and hydrogen are burned, providing useful work, with water as the only main emissions.

Naoaki Ito, one of the lead engineers on the project, puts it well: “For this hydrogen-powered engine, the engine itself remains the same as before. Our concept for this project was to create a hydrogen engine by using as much of the existing internal combustion technology as possible. We thought that achieving this would enable the conversion of existing car engines to hydrogen, providing a powerful weapon in the quest for carbon neutrality.”

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EE Extra:

  • Monty

    Didn't bmw build hydrogen combustion engines back in day?

  • TauranusRex

    I think you forgot: N2 is there from ambient + combustion temeprature + O2 --> NO+NO2 ... which is NOx

  • Gordon

    My Ford instructor drove a hydrogen powered ranger 2.3l supercharged 15 years ago. The only problem was it is literally rocket fuel. He refueled it standing behind a concrete blast wall.

  • tony xxx
    tony xxx

    This has been around forever

  • Mr G
    Mr G


  • Casey Smith
    Casey Smith

    Hydrogen is highly volitile. It sounds like a freeway full of high explosive on wheels. If you crash, you'll turn to ash.

  • Slade Helicopters & Gaming
    Slade Helicopters & Gaming

    This tech is amazing !! But can we collect the water instead of venting it out ! We get enough rain in the U.K.

  • Arnab Chatterjee
    Arnab Chatterjee

    I hear hydrogen production requires a lot of electrhcity, so their goes your carbon footprint!

  • J S
    J S

    JCB has a good looking hydrogen engine in development for their agricultural / industrial machinery.

  • Ken Carr Carr
    Ken Carr Carr

    Two pints of oil every 3,000 miles really?I have two motorcycles and two cars and they haven't used that much oil between them in twice that distance each,take your engine back to the dealership and demand a new one.


    JCB have already done this with their plant machinery, they have working 360’s through the range and shovel loaders all using JCB’s own engine.

  • Richard Carter
    Richard Carter

    Hydrogen ICE is the way to go. JCB have one up and running in their large diggers.

  • melonbobful

    Will the exhaust sound like the pop of hydrogen burning in a test tube.

  • dadigitechman

    How about no air intake. Just inject hydrogen and oxygen.

  • Nicholas R.
    Nicholas R.

    As an an owner of a B16B EG I felt that oil burn comment right in the gut. And after hearing about the "Problems" I'm so very confused as to why Toyota wasted money on this project.

  • Guy Clements
    Guy Clements

    They have been developing it for years they just don't get it

  • Ben Tullett
    Ben Tullett

    British construction and farm machinery manufacturer JCB have also produced a range of machinery utilising hydrogen combustion engines that have been designed to run from day one on hydrogen. Cummins are also starting to develop their own hydrogen fuelled internal combustion engines as well.

  • bavondale

    How about the use in large machines, farm equipment, and such. Weight and storage get solved

  • Mandolinic

    Ok, what about other engines? Gas turbine, steam turbine, Sterling? During WW2 rotary piston engines for aircraft were engineered to the ultimate level of power and complexity, only to be made obsolete at a stroke by the turbine jet engine.

  • Rob P
    Rob P

    We really do need another planet to be our experimental site, and dumping ground.

  • Ashton Does Things
    Ashton Does Things

    Wonderful how much I can learn when I care

  • John Cullen
    John Cullen

    Oh please. Energy output on the industrial level to produce hydrogen is way higher than the crank output. It's called the law of thermodynamics. Carbon footprint be damned, it's provable. Real solutions involve the abandoned technologies. Chemical reactions for the mechanical. (NO alcohol. I'd rather EAT corn.) Reclamation reactions for the electrical. Diversify. It isn't hard. All CO2 neutral btw.

  • markmezo

    Meanwhile JCB has already made one & fitted it to their excavators.

  • Ithad Beenso
    Ithad Beenso

    GASEOUS ?... room temperature, sea level pressure hydrogen or... liquid compressed -450 hydrogen? There's a reason that's the first question a lot of people have rather than chalk boards full of equations but.. Nevermind Rosanna Rosanna Danna.

  • John Fahlsing
    John Fahlsing

    This, as you will see is a Very Bad Idea!

  • Reece rode it.
    Reece rode it.

    Just watched a fluff piece for JCB equipment talking about their I.C. hydrogen fuelled engine. Lord Bamford was very effusive about his engine for heavy equipment and how it does not inflate the cost and weight of the machine batteries and fuel cells do. I recall some years ago it described that long haul transport would have to have a fuel tank the size of the trailer to achieve the same type of range they do with diesel. I'm some what puzzled by the conflicting messages.

  • W Y
    W Y

    In summary, useless tech! LOL

  • vertik7

    It's much easier to make a car that using compressed natural gas.

  • Will McAlpine
    Will McAlpine

    Electric motors are the future. Smaller, more efficient and simpler. Batteries will always improve no matter what as we use them EVERYWHERE.

  • Solving Tornadoes
    Solving Tornadoes

    So, I think what your saying is that the only thing stopping this from becoming a reality is . . . . uh, er . . . uh, the laws of physics.

  • Hollister Kopp
    Hollister Kopp

    A 10,000 psi fuel tank in my car would make me nervous.

  • Dean Duggan
    Dean Duggan

    Great you explode when you get into a accident great news water tanks great lol

  • Jorge Mario Rubiano
    Jorge Mario Rubiano

    Hi, If we could find the way to separate water molecules (H2 and O2) could we fuel the car with "tap water"?... after separation we could use the Hydrogen AND the Oxygen both to combust the engine (mix free from N2), this way we get water/steam at the end of the pipe (No NOx). I've always been fascinated by this option, as electric tech seems (to me) to be not green (emissions in long run are unmanageable, and electricity production will demand and dispose a lot of natural resources and toxic components) not to mention and most important electric circuits blast our bodies with Electro magnetic energy all the time like cell phones do (I heard electric fields are no good for our body, and nobody seems to deny or care / tesla & co.).

  • terry Sullivan
    terry Sullivan

    Didn't mention the extreme hazard of a 10,000 PSI Hydrogen fuel tank. That's one hell of an explosive bomb.

  • Neil Martins
    Neil Martins

    Hidrogen 7 by By BMW .

  • Wooly Chewbakker
    Wooly Chewbakker

    Formula 1 might go this way. HYBRID with Hydrogen Powered Combustion Engines. WIN, WIN, WIN.

  • Tom Mckinney
    Tom Mckinney

    BMW had a fleet of leased 7 series cars that burned hydrogen. This was probably in the early 2000's in CA. So is Toyota's "development" something different?

  • Mad Scientific
    Mad Scientific

    Not news! Toyota has *been* developing a hydrogen engine...

  • Siegetower

    I've said for some time now: I want a V8 hydrogen sports sedan.

  • Michael Belivanis
    Michael Belivanis

    Instead of burning the hydrogen split the hydrogen

  • John Sineni
    John Sineni

    The side effect will be 100% humidity everywhere.

  • thanksfernuthin

    What about a nuclear power plant? How much hydrogen could one modern power plant make a year if that's all it did?

  • J Zam
    J Zam

    So are we going to lose water as a result?

  • Didar Kussain
    Didar Kussain


  • James LaFayette
    James LaFayette

    It makes sense if you convert the power grid to nuclear power.

  • Marco Dev
    Marco Dev

    I thought it's a machine that converts hidrogen into helium

  • Don Tree
    Don Tree

    Hydrogen is explosive from 4% to 75% mixture in air. How are consumer cars going to mitigate this?

  • jonathan mcdaniel
    jonathan mcdaniel

    One other aspect of H2 fuel storage is loss over time through leakage.

    • Squeeeez

      Spontaneous exothermal leakage

  • jonathan mcdaniel
    jonathan mcdaniel

    CO2 is only a significant factor if you believe in Anthropomorphic Global Warming.

    • jonathan mcdaniel
      jonathan mcdaniel

      @BIGMUSCLE I don't believe in AGW, I believe in Climate Change.


      Unfortunately, these things exist whether or not you "believe" in them.

  • Whosback1

    You know you're stuff. But breath a bit more you will live longer.

  • מדינט

    Checkout Harry's garage channel about JCB hydrogen engine, it's very interesting and they say the solved the NOx issue. By the way, the hydrogen tanks in the new Mirai are just 95 kg (all 3 of them)

  • سعد المنقشط
    سعد المنقشط

    thank u , this was so informative.

  • datsuntoyy

    They need a methane engine and a fuel pickup in the driver's seat. That way you can eat Taco Bell and drive cross country.

  • Jakob Harris
    Jakob Harris

    Is there a real reason why propane vehicles aren't popular? Or is it just because people don't want to try?

  • BigOunce

    If the same amount of money was invested into this technology as electric, I'm sure it would be a much better solution considering how wasteful EV's are after they exceed their lifespan.

    • jonathan mcdaniel
      jonathan mcdaniel

      Although I view H2 fueled vehicles with a healthy level of skepticism, I agree that battery based EVs are a dubious approach to consumer automotives. H2 fueled vehicles have a higher likelihood, with some modifications, of replicating the processes and systems that support hydrcarbon based transportation. This makes it a viable alternative, although I believe a fuel cell based vehicle may show more promise. Aside from some specialized applications EVs lack viability. EVs on the road now wouldn't be there without government subsidization. And scaling up EV capability (mostly battery capacity) to that of ICE, expanding it beyond a niche market, and developing a dependable recharging network will prove to be an unreachable goal. The materials for constructing the EVs is probably the first limiting factor.

  • Wissenkraft Gaming
    Wissenkraft Gaming

    I think it's pretty good for 12 hours of driving, the winner Toyota LMP1 did 1.613 times the distance the Yaris prototype did for the same hours of driving.

  • Dele O. B.
    Dele O. B.

    Hydrogen is simply too difficult to handle and far more expensive to produce (greenly speaking).

  • Sibir Lupus
    Sibir Lupus

    Great info! :) BMW had hydrogen combustion engines a few years ago, and if I'm not mistaken they scrapped them pretty soon after. Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology just makes far more sense in the end.

  • Da DIY's Best
    Da DIY's Best

    Hydrogen...from water... Yes ... Its the future

  • David Cawkwell
    David Cawkwell

    I believe the Mazda wankel engine is a better choice for hydrogen conversion having separate locations of intake, compression and ignition.

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu

      Nahhh. LPG for life.

  • Walter Petrick
    Walter Petrick

    nothing new, BMW had the motors ready years ago, but hydrogen storage is an issue...

    • Dragos Pahontu
      Dragos Pahontu

      Exactly. The problem is refueling.

  • Sunshine

    In North Korea, Kim Jong Un already invented the hydrogen combustion engine. 😂

  • John Sherman
    John Sherman

    Don't ignore the cost of making hydrogen

  • iCantMakeUpAnyGoodNameInThisaccount Bleach
    iCantMakeUpAnyGoodNameInThisaccount Bleach

    hydrogen engines are the future engines of car enthusiasts. Not electric. But hydrogen.

  • TweakRacer

    After people got wise to the big oil and the auto manufacturers’ hydrogen fuel cell red herring… now this nonsense. No effing thanks. Wastes way more electricity for electrolysis to get the hydrogen fuel. Just put less electricity into a battery with a current electric motor/controller to get the same miles driven.

  • Robert James
    Robert James

    I am confused about the Natural Gas comment, Natural Gas is the most renewable fuel source we have, it has a very short production time and can be harvested from waste product. As for turning it into Hydrogen to burn in an Engine, that has limited appeal. Most Vehicles will be BEV soon enough, the few who remain behind can continue to enjoy their history with little Global Effect.

  • coolerw

    Recovering dead body? More running parts, more costly to produce than EV. Are they nuts at Toyota? Since I have EV I'm surprised who wants to drive old tech since new is much better.

  • Eric Burns
    Eric Burns

    Hydrogen seems more promising than electric to me. However, everyone pushing electric cars without a plan for meeting the demand. Without a clear plan it will cripple power plants, increase prices on energy, and create lines at charging stations just the gas shortages in the 1970s under the Carter Administration. Electric cars do not have the range no ease of refueling as internal combustion does. So you're in effect limiting a person's freedom to travel. Until a realistic plan on implementation with a real infrastructure plan is presented that is attainable I will stick with my gasoline solution.

  • Alex Holland
    Alex Holland

    Doesn't Mazda have an HCCI compromise called SPCCI?

  • Lee Kuchczynski
    Lee Kuchczynski

    Check jcb out

  • Cyril Hobbs
    Cyril Hobbs

    See “Harry’s Garage” interview with JCB & development of hydrogen engines 👍🏻

  • Scott M
    Scott M

    The problems with hydrogen are due to the laws of physics, not the oil companies, and not republicans in congress either. H2 is a cryogenic gas, meaning it doesn't liquify at normal temperatures and pressures. So storing a useful amount requires compressing it to very high pressure, up to 10,000 psi. Compressing a gas itself is inefficient, as up to 75% of the input power to the compressor is converted to heat. That is why your 4hp air compressor's output can barely power an air tool the size of an electric toothbrush, and why it's output pipe gets so hot it will burn your skin right off. But there's more. A fuel cell that recombines H2 with pure oxygen is very efficient, just like electrolysis in reverse. But fuel cells in cars recombine the H2 with AIR, not pure O2. So car fuels cells are only about 40% efficient at recovering the energy in the H2. And an internal combustion engine is even less efficient, converting maybe 30% of the fuel energy into mechanical power. Ultimately just using the same electricity to charge car batteries instead of converting it to hydrogen, will result in the battery powered car going about 4 TIMES further per kilowatt-hr of input power. It does make sense to try to repower the millions of existing IC engine cars with hydrogen. But a far better idea is to use Ammonia. Ammonia is mostly hydrogen. It is far more energy dense than compressed H2 gas, it liquifies at only a couple hundred psi, and burns readily in an ic engine. It's downside is only... the lethal toxicity. Hmmm, I guess we just can't win.

  • air7tv

    Would be good if you could interview JCB

  • the1beard

    Hydrogen Combustion is perfect for construction machinery as fuel cells and batteries are unworkable

  • Robert Thayer
    Robert Thayer

    I hope Toyota comes out with one of these decent before I croak. Because I ain't going Evie never. Cuz Murica! LOL My old Corolla got 260 thousand miles on it running good. Maybe uses a little more than a quart in 3000 MI. But it still gets an oil change every 6. And the oil really looks fine. Some new cars use more oil than my old beater Toyota. That I drive the wheels off of everyday.

  • Angel Cortes
    Angel Cortes

    Good thing Toyota is working with hydrogen. The technology seems prognostically positive from my perspective. The fuel cell is the better choice for range in my opinion because the energy density comes from a water tank.

  • a fish
    a fish

    Toyotas hydrogen bid will also help hydrogen electric cars happen

  • jasondt02

    I guess Toyota really does want to be driven into bankruptcy.

  • pyrusbuffalant

    Ya see the reason is so hard to beat Gas or diesel in a combustion format is that they're already very good at it. Relatively speaking they're pretty efficient and environmentally friendly anymore. Personal vehicles (those being cars and trucks/gas or diesel) making up the smallest amount of global greenhouse gasses produced and all. An Electric motor is arguably better if you ignore all the problems that come along the way. If you're gonna use Batteries you'll most certainly end up causing more environmental damage then if you hadn't. Using lithium batteries is problematic for many reasons for example production and total life span. A modern battery in a tesla for example wont last more then 10 years without significant problems. Which wont be a problem assuming you've got money. However I did hear they were planning on welding the batteries to the chassis rendering them permanent. We've gotten a good example of the current state of hydrogen fuel cells and engines. Looking forward to seeing what happens with them but obviously rn they're not a remote consideration. I do find it odd that they're bringing out electric cars and proceeding to force everyone to buy them. With laws, bans on gasoline and diesel vehicles and other such things making them less viable by the day. With no real evidence to support the changes. Seems like a pretty SOLID business model. Almost too SOLID

  • João Figueiredo
    João Figueiredo

    "Both sides of the" Fenske

  • Michael Geiser
    Michael Geiser

    What about hydrogen internal combustion replacing diesel as developed in England by JCB?

    • Pfa Universal
      Pfa Universal

      It won't get anywhere

  • Mohit Joshi
    Mohit Joshi

    Keep continue white board lecture like this

  • Mohit Joshi
    Mohit Joshi

    Sir make more vedios like this.....on geometry of cars and bikes

  • Chewy MT07
    Chewy MT07

    1 quart of oil every 3,000 miles in a modern engine seems way way off, this is almost 1 litre of oil every 3,000 miles. For context my bmw 530D uses under 1 litre every 17,000 - 18,000 miles, as it gets to the end of its life it starts to burn off. One litre is about the difference between the high and low marks on a dips stick. JCB are investing in hydrogen engine tech, I suspect the tech is far better than portrayed in this video.

  • Zach Litton
    Zach Litton

    By the time this comes into production there will be EVs that run 500-600 miles per charge.

    • Siegetower

      @Zach Litton Polluting industries are not evidence of 1st world economies in the 21st century. Even in the 20th century. Go look up Dzerzhinsk which was a major chemical factory city of the Soviet Union (2nd World)

    • Zach Litton
      Zach Litton

      @Siegetower go look at a pollution map and tell me where most the pollution is coming from... stop being a wanker.

    • Siegetower

      @Zach Litton Is the developed world most of the planet?

    • Zach Litton
      Zach Litton

      @Siegetower What developed nation that has a major car market doesn't have reliable electricity?

    • Siegetower

      And most of the planet doesn't have reliable electricity.

  • Dave Wallace
    Dave Wallace

    complete and utter crap , when Aston martin ran 24 hrs of Nurnberg , they only lost 10% power running on pure hydrogen , so this whole video is just a pander to the electric car myth ..all IC engines can be relatively easily converted to hydrogen , if you dismiss all the rubbish so called science put forward by the electric car lobby

  • Jeff Seften
    Jeff Seften

    The generator, that puts out the blue, and the green energy , in the duality then combines the two in the offset , can be used to make instant hydrogen for water powered mini turbine engines that in turn drives that generator to power the vehicle

  • Jon Welderbeast.
    Jon Welderbeast.

    Carry on with Diesel, "if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it" our Peugeot does 80 MPG!!!

  • Adam Adam
    Adam Adam

    Basically hydrogen combustion is not viable, enthusiasts should just keep their gas car for Sunday driving and buy a EV for everyday

  • Jamie Lombardo
    Jamie Lombardo

    I always thought nitrogen was the largest percentage of air. Where does nitrogen go? After combustion would nitrogen exist?

  • Avery Training and Facilitation
    Avery Training and Facilitation

    Mazda has been developing hydrogen power for at least 15 years, which has probably been shared with Toyota. As soon as you have HYDRO stations on every corner it will be the best alternative, environmentally.

  • Butch0767

    Store it as water. Separate it on on demand with electrolysis .

    • Adam Adam
      Adam Adam

      I think that means you need to carry batteries to do the conversion, and refill your water tanks at every set of lights.

  • Where's David-Paul?
    Where's David-Paul?

    What's wrong with methane ie natural gas. A lot of energy from the hydrogen in it plus much easier to liquify.

  • Where's David-Paul?
    Where's David-Paul?

    The future is fuel made from co2 extracted from the atmosphere. I don't see battery cars as the solution. Too much lithium.

  • Where's David-Paul?
    Where's David-Paul?

    Not the way to do it there was a steam engine that worked on this principle. It has a name that I cannot remember. Anyway basically you burn hydrogen continuously in a chamber then let it expand through pistons.

  • Dennis P. Ginther
    Dennis P. Ginther

    Is the 6.2bls the same as the weight of a quart of oil?

  • Richard Whyte
    Richard Whyte

    Look into JCB I seen they have a functiong tractor that has a hydrogen engine in it

  • Jeff Schultz
    Jeff Schultz

    How do you produce the fuel for this car? Does it involve fossil fuels?

  • Bill308A10

    I hope everyone on the planet buys electric and this hydrogen car. Maybe then I can enjoy gas prices in the penny range lol.

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