What's The Best Electric Car? Tesla Dominates In The Ultimate Comparison

  • Amaroq Starwind
    Amaroq Starwind

    You should do short videos about random ideas you've had. Maybe they can go on your Extras channel. And by random ideas, I mean the kinds of things that you'd actually want to build if you had the time and resources to make it happen, regardless of what it actually is. I mean, you're an engineer after all! Don't you ever just get an itch in your brain to try designing something?

  • Pete Jilka
    Pete Jilka

    Teslas get a F for repairability. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch the video by Rich Rebuilds where they do a small repair to a new Telsa Model 3 for a fraction of the $16,000 that Telsa wanted to fix a small plastic coolant nipple that was damaged by road debris. What kind of shitty engineering is it that Tesla would want to fix this minor problem to this new car by replacing the complete battery pack??? You and other Tesla fanboys have some splainin' to do...

  • Don Weatherly
    Don Weatherly

    Excellent review! Very balanced, great information and clear,,,,

  • Dominik Duda
    Dominik Duda

    Tesla just dosent need any advertisment . this magazines are all paid - we know that.

  • Erk Schneider
    Erk Schneider

    You should make a review of the new Mercedes EQS. First reviews are very positive. German car magazine Auto Motor Sport confirmed a real life practical range of ~420 miles.

  • subtlez28

    It’s been said, but why no Bolt in the article or video?

  • john gilkison
    john gilkison

    Your foundational premise is just wrong.

  • Jack Watkins
    Jack Watkins

    Love the bar chats, but could have used some further clarification on the white board. Great information.

  • Adam Steele
    Adam Steele

    EV fanboy says what?

  • Canadian RobJ
    Canadian RobJ

    I think it's time to do a new Cannonball Run to see how the EVs fare against gas vehicles in a "who can cross the country fastest" contest. Or even simpler - run the CD route in a gas car, and see how that goes...

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders

    One question I have Jason, which might be something you can cover in a future video is how power distribution works on an electic car. Would an 800bhp rwd car have two 400bhp motors at the rear, and if they made an AWD version, would they just stick 4x 200bhp motors on each wheel? Keep up the great work.

  • Damion Fragoso
    Damion Fragoso

    Why aren't hydrogen cars reviewed with electric it's only a battery differance

  • IM2R RR
    IM2R RR

    Tesla is simply one step ahead from all the competitors in regards to EV tech from upstream to downstream because they concentrate in building EV only, while others still relying on their ICE vehicle sales.

  • Harry’s Garage
    Harry’s Garage

    Can you please do a video on wheels and tires? Like your rotational inertia video but strictly regarding wheel and tire weight and width and how they affect performance. Also including friction effects.

  • dewahl rossouw
    dewahl rossouw

    Request for an explanation. Is it okay to park and leave a manual in first on a slope or reverse on a decline. Using the negative pressure doesn’t seem like the smartest thing to do to me

  • Jim Ave
    Jim Ave

    I’d like to know how the standard range plus model 3 would do on a 1000 mile trip?

  • Mumbling E
    Mumbling E

    I'm concerned about Tesla opening up their chargers to other brands of EVs especially during times like the holiday season.

    • John Monk
      John Monk

      It's not a bad thing! I see this will potentially encourage more new converts from other brands thereby increasing the economies of scale for tesla, which leads to more vehicle sales and more charging stations being built to cater to the increasing demand?

  • User 1
    User 1

    Please check out the Hyundai Ioniq 5

  • Temwanani Nkana
    Temwanani Nkana

    Thank you for trying to keep peace between the electric and crude oil sides. That said if we keep the peace, whats the fun in that. Get the torches, get the pitch folks, leach the electrics. Yeeeeerh 😂😂😂😂

  • Tony Essberg
    Tony Essberg

    I watch this channel from time to time. But I only watched this particular video because youtube wouldn´t stop pushing it. Hopefully after this I won´t see it as a recommended video any more. No criticisims on the video itself intended.

  • bitkahuna

    you're driving on a very smooth ride and it's bouncing you all over the place.

  • bitkahuna

    tl;dr go to 0:26 and watch for 5 seconds

  • Nikhil Koirala
    Nikhil Koirala

    Don't buy nissan leaf

  • Tigran Abrahamyan
    Tigran Abrahamyan

    Jason, please, make a video about things that one shouldn't do in an electric vehicle.

  • Matija Hanževački
    Matija Hanževački

    I wish somebody did this kind of test in Europe where you regularly drive 80-100mph on highways. EVs tend to still lag quite a bit when it comes to range at these speeds (personal experience with TM3 AWD)

  • Dan

    It really is amazing that Tesla put so much into their charging network before selling a ton of cars. It simply was genius!

  • M3P

    My 3P only has 3,200 miles and I swapped out my sway bars last night and noticed I’m already leaking oil / transmission fluid from the front motor. I’m beyond pissed and taking the car in tomorrow to express my disappointment in the cheapness of the car. There’s other things that I have had issues with and somewhat regret getting this car. They better improve their build quality.

  • iMeatbag

    So should Tesla just never announce anything they are working on until it is basically ready to be sold? They should just sit on their hands and keep quiet about what they are doing until they have something completely concrete while the media and people like you make your presumptions and assumptions about what they are and aren't doing? Yeah, sorry but I don't see anything wrong with a company announcing things and then missing deadlines. I see even more ignorance and stupidity in thinking a missed deadline means it will never happen.

  • Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia
    Michigan USA/Singapore S.E.Asia

    Not evidence based research. I can tell you what is... Ford Mach E. Set world record outlasting and out performed Tesla ..

  • Hypervious

    Interesting video. Any idea how the BMW i3 compares? I've read articles that praise it, I've met drivers who hate it - otherwise it doesn't seem to generate very much talk or publicity. Where are you driving btw? Beautiful.

  • William Ridgway
    William Ridgway

    I have a serious question. Why is the Tesla charger and their supercharger system not the standard for all electric vehicles? I was under the impression that Elon musk was not putting a patent on any of his inventions. If their chargers are the best why don’t other companies use them, model of them, and create a real nationwide network?

  • Aniello Di Meglio
    Aniello Di Meglio

    Cost of EVs need to come down.

  • Buzz Pedrotti
    Buzz Pedrotti

    Is it true that 20% of EV owners do not purchase another EV during the next replacement?

  • Lars-Petter Meyer Bedin
    Lars-Petter Meyer Bedin

    Polestar2 does use google maps for navigation.

  • Buzz Pedrotti
    Buzz Pedrotti

    A minor point. You spoke of "Tesla" often rather than a Tesla model. It seems that the model S long range in this arena is much better than the others. In the persuasive parameter, how much longer than Google +30 did a car take, a Model S LR is almost 2 hours faster than a Y or 3.

  • Romeo Mariano
    Romeo Mariano

    The only reason Tesla crushes other EV brands is Tesla’s charging network. It makes it easier to travel on a Tesla.

  • smc smc
    smc smc

    I dont understand the electric thing. I don't see why they are so good. I get the they don't have emissions. But you can't drive them very far before you have to spend 20hrs to charge it just so you can dive another 300 miles. It takes me 3 minutes to stop fill and start again and I go another 300 miles.

    • John Monk
      John Monk

      To fully charge an ev you might need hours, but you literally only need minutes to get from 20 to 80% which is the juiciest part of the battery pack and is what gives you the most miles

  • Steven Yoo
    Steven Yoo

    I never rely on third party chargers as part of trips. Only use them when they just happen to be there and still run into plenty of situations where charging just stops midway.

  • Don P
    Don P

    It is fun watching you go down some of my favorite Roads.

  • Christopher Moynier
    Christopher Moynier

    I have an array of adapters and extension cords that travel with me. From 10-30 , 14-50 to chademo. Charging at this point has become more convenient than gas for my tesla. Vegas to LA, tesla chargers have lines at times so I find a chademo charger with no wait.

  • GET2222

    Your concerned about TESLA meeting deadlines? What OEM has EVER MET THEIR EV TARGET LAUNCH? The cybertruck was suppose to come out in 2021. It is. Roadster is not a priority. Never has been. Battery cell production and a pandemic with chip shortages… Get a clue dude.

  • Victor Cameron Thomas
    Victor Cameron Thomas

    Mostly good information in this video; but, I disagree that level five FSD will not come. It will come, and it will be better than any human driver, far better.

  • michaelwilson145777

    They definitely dominate in fires!!

  • Buddy Reynolds
    Buddy Reynolds

    The Ford mustang does not "just work" at any charging station. I know there is money being pumped in to deflate Tesla but I think the legacy car manufacturers need to concentrate that same money into electric vehicles of all types. They always seem to choose the high road and always do things underhanded even with their customers.

  • Coach D A
    Coach D A

    Great video. The Car and Driver test was poorly done in my opinion since the drivers took any route they wanted, but I hope they keep refining it as it’s a great idea if done right. I wish everyone looking to buy an EV would watch this video. They may then understand why we all love our Teslas so much. It’s all about the User Experience! They wonder why we are willing to over look a panel gap here and a paint blemish there it’s because these cars are a pleasure to live with.

  • Crooked Clown
    Crooked Clown

    Damn. Nobody is going to buy a Nissan Leaf after this watching this video

  • Jared Z
    Jared Z

    Just thought I'd point out that Cybertruck is not past it's deadline. Great vid!

  • Victor Marik
    Victor Marik

    Great Reviews.. I agree the tesla charging experience is very nice.. I however have not tried the charging experience of the Mach E.. But based on the numbers I think the charging Rate of a mach E would be doable. It looks like it is about 30 percent slower to charge per mile than Tesla model 3 at 150 KW... I don't think anyone would charge there electric car past 80 percent at a fast charging location.. It just doesn't make any sense time wise.. This doesn't just apply to the Mach E. One thing to also note is that in busy areas I have seen Tesla's waiting for a charging station on multiple occasions.. The one thing that is nice about something like charge America and other charging station technologies is that there should in theory be a lot more stopping locations available if not now,, at some point which seems like a plus going forward. Having said that I have never experienced or know if it is even possible to charge a tesla on a charge America charger?? Just looked it up.. seems like for about 800 dollars you can get a CCS adapter, so possibly that could be an option in the future but it doesn't look like the charging rates will be even close to what you can get from a tesla supercharger.

  • Mackan70

    Good unbiased test. However I am missing Xpeng P7, Kia EV6 and the Hyundai Ionic (long range versions of course)

  • Petr Kočandrle
    Petr Kočandrle

    LOL. The last sentence really made my day. Thank you, Jason! :-D

  • Ron B
    Ron B

    Kyle Connor would not have needed 4.5 hr of charging to go 1000mi in a Taycan. I can’t imagine how many Charger problems the Taycan driver had to waste that much time.

  • Ernest Z
    Ernest Z

    Great video! I have a 2021 Model 3 SR+. My wife, two teenage sons, and myself took an 1,100 mile trip from Sacramento to San Diego to Los Angeles, then home. We broke it up with hotel stays and theme park visits, which is a real world road trip. The car easily and comfortably held all our luggage and gear, as well as providing a/c running all the time. We had three 20 min stops going to SD, and four 20 min stops returning home. The charging stops all worked out very well with stops for meals, bathroom visits and stretches. Conclusion: the SR+ is a terrific road trip vehicle. You’re right: Tesla has done EVs right. They built the infrastructure, then the cars. They keep expanding and boosting the charging system. And they made it all work seamlessly. I’m taking a solo cross country trip in my Model 3 SR+ early in 2022. I’m very much looking forward to the experience!

  • weksauce

    Insane to omit the Bolt, the best-selling non-Tesla EV, and then include no-names like Polestar and e-tron (French for turd, hilarious that's the EU name!)

  • mike thulin
    mike thulin

    Ok where is this drive?

  • Because Tesla
    Because Tesla

    Thanks for sharing this, and yes, I agree with you. I have both EV and ICE cars and love them all. BUT...no matter how much money I throw at my ICE car, it will NEVER have the instant torque and speed of my Tesla. EV is definitely the future, and keep in mind that we are just at a starting point for mainstream EVs and charging networks. The future will be even better!

  • Michael J. Caboose
    Michael J. Caboose

    Would have been nice to see Car and Driver do their test with a "control" ICE vehicle for comparison.

  • Nicolas Lemay
    Nicolas Lemay

    I did multiple roadtrip with a Nissan Leaf Plus and it was great. I also did quick charge it multiple time in a day with no problems. I really wonder what happened during that test.

  • Fixing W/ Friends
    Fixing W/ Friends

    If they aren't all taking the same route... that makes some of the stats less comparible.

  • spaceracer23

    No Chevy Volt? I guess no one at Car and Driver wanted to risk charging one in their driveway. 🔥🔥🔥


    It would be difficult for me to watch other videos on C&D best EVs after watching this one. Great stuff. It appears that once again Tesla is marginalized.

  • Diana Maldonado
    Diana Maldonado

    Will you cover the 2021 BMW 540i’s engine?

  • Matt Simon
    Matt Simon

    I hope to buy a Tesla in the next 2 years, and videos like this, as well as Car and Drivers 1,000 mile test, are the reason why I pick Tesla.

  • Matthew Law
    Matthew Law

    This video answered my question of why so many American houses are made of wood 😆

  • Fleyua

    Jason it is not that it is first impressions that matter but the matter of standardization for all cars for comparability as it lowers cost. That standard can be made compatable for all voltages. Tesla isn't special here. This has been talked about in China years ago to standardize these.

  • Fleyua

    US is paid for by the US government.

  • Ryan rkj
    Ryan rkj

    Tesla wins road trips, no argument here. That said, a bad road trip car, could still make a good commuter car.

  • Fleyua

    See how Tesla is not even close to claimed range and is by far the most exaggerated range on the list. EPA numbers are useless. Just as much as the model X, my screen is still dead and dying. Good thing I got ride of it.

  • Fleyua

    Charging rate doesn't matter most of the time unless you are going on a road trip every day. Most people are under 100km a day and charge over night at home. If you want range and to get to a place faster. Driving slower would do it and has been seem many times.

  • Fleyua

    You should compare real world range as Tesla real world ranges are quite poor compared to Kias and Hyandias when compared as a percentage to their EPA ratings on the same route. Other cars can also cross US or Canada and are NOT Tesla years ago. And DIYers has made ranges that at over a hundred miles longer than Tesla.

  • Alberto Portugal
    Alberto Portugal

    Tesla’s are cool. The expensive Model X is the bomb

  • Jason DOE
    Jason DOE

    C&D was bought off by Ford

  • Noelsterrr

    Internal combustion is superior in every way

    • Paul

      Yeah right

  • Yves informel
    Yves informel

    I like the fact that you stay neutral, you're not trying to convince anyone that they have to choose this model or that they have to abandon their gas car. As for myself I had an electric car for the past 8 years and will never go back to gas car

  • Michael Park
    Michael Park

    "The internet can be a fun, educational, happy place.." I actually laughed out loud.

  • Wobbegong

    This is an amazing test. And I like how you even corrected for some of the bits in the publication and explained it so well. I wonder if there is something like this for the EU because I feel like in some countries here the Tesla vs rest discrepancy regarding chargers is a lot less than in the USA. In some its probably more. Interestingly enough, after the floods here in germany a few people (relatives and acquaintances of relatives) reached out to me for advice regarding an EV to replace their gas car that got lost in the floods, and it was basically VW eUP and Renault Zoe across the board due to the use cases. For the all american "half across the world" road trip, I do agree with 99% of what you said. Love it when people can be factual about these things that turn into faith wars all over the internet.

  • Andrew Rae
    Andrew Rae

    Still not sure how the Mach E won? I have a GT on order - build date week of Aug 16th- but it will need to work between Phx and San Diego well. I always see Tesla’s on the road and charging along the 8 HWY, but will the Ford be able to be a good moderate travel range car? According to this, I am not so sure

  • Tyler

    Do you have a video on best hybrid? Or another informative video like yours that talks about best hybrids? EVs are cool, but I don't feel like it's ready besides Tesla.

  • SmokyFrosty

    I couldn't agree more! I love EV's and have had a few and drove various ones for some time but I really wouldn't recommend anything other than a Tesla to a non EV enthusiast. Having done Road trips in both the cheapest real EV (Renault Zoe) and most expensive at the time (Telsa Model S P100D) My thoughts were confirmed. Tesla wins hands down.

  • Michael Burt
    Michael Burt

    I lost....get over it.

  • KWP

    Too bad it has to look like that

  • Drakkar C
    Drakkar C

    Why can't they come up with a low range 100 miles or less at least 60 miles with no bells and whistles, universal charger for less than $20,000? Less than a Mitsubishi Mirage or something.

  • Michael Hammond
    Michael Hammond

    18 minutes off the dome! This guy really knows his stuff. Was feeling tempted by the Polestar 2 and Mach E but am leaning back towards Tesla after this thanks!

    • Adam Farrell
      Adam Farrell

      Check out Sandy Munro’s tear downs of some of the popular EV offerings. He is a really knowledgeable automotive engineer and will make you much more confident choosing TESLA.

  • Teddy's Thai Adventure
    Teddy's Thai Adventure

    Considering most people just want a reliable, good quality car, how is Tesla ahead?

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor

    I've got a suggestion for a video.. It would be great if you could do a video exploring and explaining the relationship between air temperature and engine performance, and what temperature ranges are good or bad for the best engine performance!

  • Leslie Stroobant
    Leslie Stroobant

    Ooh, bar charts. You don't happen to have any about tyres, do you?

  • Anthony Cisneros
    Anthony Cisneros

    Man, as someone in the EV industry I have a lot of thoughts. Wish I could discuss with you in person! But yeah, totally agree. I don't have an EV car, but I rented a Chevy Bolt for a road trip a couple months ago to try the experience out. It was... alright, but certainly left a lot to be desired. The most upsetting thing was the lack of consistency between charging stations. In a gas car, you know you're getting almost the same exact experience be it Shell, 76, Chevron, etc. On my trip, every charger had a different app, different set of instructions, and different rates of success, and it was frustrating. Gas stations gave us a nearly ideal blueprint to follow for charging stations, and everybody except Tesla is blowing it. The last thing I'll say is Tesla is a software company making cars (great UX/UI, meh build quality), and everyone else is an auto company trying to make software.

  • Frank E
    Frank E

    Instead of road tripping on the long-range Tesla or performance Tesla, they should of used the standard range plus model 3 Tesla. Then you compare an $85,000 Model S to a $40,000 VW ID4. Honesty is in short supply in the EV world.

  • Electric Ponies Live Here
    Electric Ponies Live Here

    Sour grapes...

  • Miloš Lazović
    Miloš Lazović

    I just hope you will pass as Top Gear for claiming thay Tesla have lower range then they claimed. Tesla sued Top Gear (twice) for that claim, and lost.

  • shree oam
    shree oam

    do you necessarily have to be behind the wheels to say those thing

  • Paul Ho
    Paul Ho

    Really interested to see if the Ioniq 5 will blow these out of the water.

  • Chuck Ackerman
    Chuck Ackerman

    Nice car. Tired body styling, though.

  • D.E. Sarcarean
    D.E. Sarcarean

    I would go further that that: the first generation Model S (2012-2014) has more features than nearly all cars on sale today. Not to mention you can pay $1500 and have its infotainment system upgraded to the current version and then have a vehicle that is capable of streaming Rick and Morty over 4G while you sit at a supercharger.

  • Timothy Hughbanks
    Timothy Hughbanks

    With respect to Tesla’s shortcomings, your critique of FSD and its marketing is totally fair. With respect to delays in launching the cars, not so much. The Model 3 ramp up was late by a matter of months, not years. The Model Y was actually early. The Semi - yeah, they’re way, way late - but ordinary consumers aren’t affected by that at all. The Cybertruck isn’t late, yet anyway, so it’s odd to single it out. I am in total agreement with you on range though - it doesn’t very long in driving EVs to realize that “range anxiety” is completely about highway range and Tesla’s cars get about 70% of their EPA range in normal highway driving (at least near 75 mph). Tom Moloughney’s tests are the best place to go to compare these, IMO. These are quibbles though. Overall, your videos are high quality - keep it up!

  • 8gerrybruyere8

    Why can't the roof be a solar panel that charges the battery while I work my 8-10 hour shift?

    • Ed Mellinger
      Ed Mellinger

      From that much area, you'd only get 1-2 kWh of charge in a day... just a few percent of a full charge.

  • Amir Moradi
    Amir Moradi

    I don't get why these lists keep leaving out the bolt. It's a much better car than the leaf.

  • War Hamster
    War Hamster

    Wow, where does all this electricity come from? 88% coal. Fact

  • nevermore0

    So why did the Mach E win?

  • Damian Sco
    Damian Sco

    First off, Bravo! Only one minor statement that confuses. You said Google Maps ten minutes stop for gas (9:23) so you are assuming the Maps is based on gas vs. charging, ok, but Driving from Graduate school to home, Knoxville Tenn to NYC ,while only 706 miles, I never stopped more than 5 minutes to fill up and pay at the pump with a CC.

  • SeanFalloy

    I usually do an hour or two better than Google says.