Why Modifying Your Suspension Often Isn't Worth It (Road Cars)
Can suspension upgrades like springs, dampers, coilovers, and sway bars make a difference?
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Are suspension modifications worth the money? In this video we'll analyze how cars get grip, what impact suspensions play, and the test results from Tire Rack testing four different suspension setups: 1) Original equipment suspension on a BMW 3-series. 2) Lowering Springs. 3) Springs, dampers, and sway bars. 4) Coilovers (using stock sway bars). We'll discuss differences in noise, ride comfort, handling, cornering stability, steering response, braking modulation, handling predictability, cornering grip, slalom times, and lap times.

We'll also discuss why investing heavily in suspension setups can be worthwhile for racing teams, but often those reasons won't apply to road cars. Ultimately, it's important to understand what reasons make sense to upgrade a suspension, and where you might be let down. Modifications are always about setting realistic expectations and meeting your goals; I hope you find this video helpful!

Tire Rack Test Results:

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  • Hartbreak1

    I think it depends a lot on the car. BMWs are cars with already good suspension setups, so a suspension upgrade won’t do as much but on a car with a non sporty suspension the change will be greater. But one thing I agree is that tires are the number 1 upgrade on any car.

  • William Morris
    William Morris

    I bought an inexpensive set of H&R springs for my 981 Boxster S and love the difference. It lowered the center of gravity an average of one inch F/R and reduced roll rate on turn in. This increased traction and handling feel by keeping the car more flat to the road. A pretty significant improvement for only $332 so some mods are worth it. I wouldn’t change the stock dampers as they are excellent for street use and the new springs have softer initial compression so the ride quality didn’t suffer.

  • Chip

    Does any suspension wear out at some point

  • Kiruba Suthan
    Kiruba Suthan

    BMW 3series is already a drivers delight. They should have done this test with cars such as Civic, VW Polo, Passat, Suzuku shift, Corolla, etc. I assume bilstein b6 + eibach sprint will make night and day difference for soft suspension road cars. In my country (India), even VW makes their suspension softer than Europian varient to tackle bad Indian roads.

  • Daniel Stefanov
    Daniel Stefanov

    Hydractive 3+, game over :)

  • Ivar B
    Ivar B

    This is only true if your car's stock setup is as good as the BMW ones used for the test. I assume results are far more impressive if the base was a Ford or Toyota

  • Johnny Mula
    Johnny Mula

    I have a 67 Cougar 390GT. If anyone will benefit from suspension upgrades, its me. 🤣 I lightened up the engine bay by aprox 75+ pounds with lots of aluminum parts. As well as the battery relocated to the right rear trunk.

  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy

    Most of us old-timers know tires are the most important factor. Which is why I run Michelin Sport Cup 2's on my BMW M2. Very pricy but they come with nearly perfect balance and performance. Suspension kits are carefully calibrated to lighten your wallet and make those after-market folks rich. That has always been the case.

  • Joel Ward
    Joel Ward

    You forgot 1 factor ... drifting

  • Engineer Ahmed
    Engineer Ahmed

    Just build a lighter upper body TOPOLOGICALLY OPTIMISED from CARBON REINFORCED PLASTIC or atleast 6061 Al & any suspension will perform 2wice better on every matrix

  • derek schommer
    derek schommer

    To be fair unless you are professionally driving around a track isn't the car feeling better literally be the entire point?

  • sinleng lim
    sinleng lim

    Jason, put both hands on the steering wheel.

  • Simon 1998
    Simon 1998

    well sorry but you are generalizing this topic WAY too much. first of all, what year/exact model are the cars. (suspension had to get WAY better with bigger heavier cars and it did overall become WAY better also for small cars). also what brand is the car because BMW makes one of the best stock suspensions you can get if you pay for it. so you can definitly say that it all depends on what specific car we are talking about.

  • Blair lindsay
    Blair lindsay

    Jason could be in the Olympics if he got rid of that junk !

  • SofaKing

    I would have love to see a comparison between ~$2000 of tire/wheel upgrades vs ~$2000 worth of suspension upgrades. Based on this vid and experience, I bet the tire/wheel upgrades = 10% improvement and the suspension = 1%.

  • Joris R
    Joris R

    Great video Jason. I upgraded my suspension with OE equipment of the top end model of my car model. I did everything: shocks, springs, lateral links, subframe improvements. Even the same factory alignment. The car stayed comfortable and feels much more predictable. Tests by journalists show it to be faster without being less comfortable. What definitely helps me as a driver is the ‘point and shoot’ predictability of the ride without tricky stuff like snappy oversteer. I trusted the factory with all their testing more than an aftermarket set. I think I was right, but I would love to hear your opinion about upgrading to OE (top end models).

  • Diego Fianza
    Diego Fianza

    That 1% could save your life.

  • Tony

    *Road cars*

  • Lucius

    The best part about listening to engineers talk about suspension: they refer to 'dampers', not 'dampeners'. God, I need a life XD

  • carlos oliveira
    carlos oliveira

    Improvements in a car with non performance suspension will be much greater than starting off with a 3 series.

  • Tanzil Travels
    Tanzil Travels

    the older you get, the more relevant this is!!! Love the stock ND suspension, Michelins really help it too.

  • Aristocrafied

    I watch a bit of Jimmy Broadbent and I always love how he says: people with a consumer grade steering wheel can be just as fast as people with a 3000 dollar sim racing rig, but I feel I can be more consistent with my rig as compared to my consumer grade wheels. I guess the same could apply to a suspension modification, it might not be quicker but it may be easier to be consistent if that is something you're after. I for one think my Corolla T-Sport is a bit too soft, the roads here are excellent and flat, virtually free of bumps so that could warrant stiffer suspension and less roll. But even when I do find a bit bumpier roads and I take a corner quite near the limit of grip on my tires, I find my car scrapes the front end over the road and yeah I have a little lip but the car still isn't low. There too it could benefit from slightly stiffer suspension. Still I love how it is very comfy for long trips on bad roads and still decently quick when I want it to be.

  • Chris Lynch
    Chris Lynch

    4 secs to do a slalom, that’s three cones if that.

  • Roger Gustafsson
    Roger Gustafsson

    I'm too old for grip. A friend bought a BMW 440 M-package and even in comfort mode I felt my 15 year old Peugeot van has the best setup of suspension... 😆😆😭

  • Quincy Gaming
    Quincy Gaming

    Me: about to replace my upper control arms and shocks in my 350z for 1500$ "I should probably watch this"

  • Modiene KANE
    Modiene KANE

    Hi, what about the wear on the tie-rods, the ball-joints, the pivot-points and the general body when one stiffens the suspension and goes for way wider tires. Won't the grip involved end up overcoming the now underdimensioned pivot-points and body torsional rigidity and elements directly supporting the added grip? I have seen some cars go through tie-rods, ball-joints and shocks at a great rate following those "going overboard" modifications.

  • Avin Kavish
    Avin Kavish

    Have to be honest this analysis is very limited, the type of car and type of track also matter. There's videos uploaded by professional racing companies that upgrade their suspension specifically for the nurburging using generally available aftermarket products and save seconds off their lap time.

  • Avin Kavish
    Avin Kavish

    Stiffer suspension helps boosted cars get better launches as I've heard, is that true?

    • Lucius

      It's all application-specific. Depends on weight distribution, FWD/AWD/RWD, how much stiffer than OE the new setup is and what tire it's paired with etc. Increasing spring and damping rates may help keep a FWD's drive tires on the ground during launch, while a similar rate increase may prevent a RWD from effectively transferring weight to its drive wheels (not enough squat). So yes, it's true... sometimes :D

  • Jeff Archer
    Jeff Archer

    If it's not broke, don't fix it. When it wears out then step up if you want. OEM preserves everything the design engineers had in mind and they're paid to be smart. That said the coil overs give so much adjustability I think the engineers wanted it but got overruled by the bean counters. I remember thinking suspension needed to be firm and the frame stiff like a go cart. An old Alfa Romeo mechanic explained that roads aren't race tracks. The magic of the Alfa design was compliance. Having the front and back follow twists like a snake rather than my perfect imaginary rectangle. I'd never even thought about it like that and it was a eye opener. Before you go to more solid connections like polyurethane or spherical links ask yourself if you like listening to music and carrying on conversation and consider how long your trips are. Every penny spent is time you had to work and could have been spent on gas and driving.

  • Marlon Hernandez
    Marlon Hernandez

    Disappointing video.

  • lolus pololus
    lolus pololus

    yep all true , we like spend money on kind of updates and drive to work and for cup of coffee

  • Brad Choi
    Brad Choi

    So why would someone spend all that money on suspension upgrades when there's such a small difference? Same reason people buy expensive performance cars then sit in rush hour traffic every day, or buy an eight bedroom home for two people.... because they can. LOL!

  • russ Thomas
    russ Thomas

    This seems more like a tire test. 4 of the same car, all cars have a different suspension but all 4 have the same tires and all 4 have close to the same times. I bet a ZR1 wearing the same shoes would have a similar time. Thinking better tires would show a bigger difference.

  • Ariana

    If you can actively change the dynamics of the car then I think that may affect the calculus here. For example, on my old Civic Si, which I used to Autocross with, I went with significantly stiffer, custom spring rates and high quality dampers. The goal not merely being to decrease body roll or dive etc, but to increase the tendency to oversteer. Being a FWD car, the tendency to under steer was high. By changing the suspension setup I was able to change the tendency to be much more balanced, and even a bit biased to oversteer, helping the car to rotate during cornering and overcome some of the drawbacks of FWD. There can be reasons to change suspension setup, but I think a concrete goal and plan is needed. “Just lower it and make it stiffer” probably isn’t going to offer you much performance benefit.

  • Ryan

    Tires are the main thing that effect performance. Suspension just helps you handle the grip better. Like keep the car off the bump stops in corners with sticky rubber. Stock springs with PS4S would do just that on my car. I ran a set of slightly stiffer springs with a mild 0.8" drop. Later added some Bilstein B6s to handle dampening for ride quality purposes. Handles 300TW tires perfectly with a slightly more firm ride.

  • Mr. 2 minutes
    Mr. 2 minutes

    how about reliability? i have and eye on rally suspension

  • Matt Canton
    Matt Canton

    How does this analysis change when you have significantly stickier tires? I've always understood tires >> suspension for grip, however, to take fill advantage of that additional tire, you need to stiffer suspension. Would you still see a 1% difference or would the delta be higher? I would assume most OEM vehicles tune the suspension for the OEM tire.

  • Jim Knowles
    Jim Knowles

    So Jason As stated in other videos you (and others) find great pleasure in the current Mazda miata and that evokes the pleasurable driving experience even at a low speed. I am very curious about your opinion of driving a well tuned miata .....say a flying miata "decker suspension " package...?? vs your stock ND miata. But both must have the same "decker" tires and wheels

  • DaBinChe

    My OCD keeps eyeing the driver side wind defector not fully seated.

  • DatBoi correa
    DatBoi correa

    I think the problem is that the test car is a new, and a factory modified M3. Older cars will see a bigger improvement.

  • Manuel Martín
    Manuel Martín

    Too much people modify their cars without the ability to extract to maximum potential of the standard version of them. So if its an old cheap car do it but, if you start with a good base maybe a sport drive school is better buy than a fancy coilovers an low tires. When your abilities will better than your car, you gonna know what parts buy and don't waste your money and your time

  • Kenshō

    When you go on a ride, you don't corner only to one side... So... weight transfer will have a big difference with an aftermarket suspension. Handling... Basically , if you want something comfortable, stay with the original. If you wan something for track day, or cornering on the mountains, get something good and adjustable..

  • Code066

    How in the world is he able to communicate all this data while driving??

  • noahman27

    Very interesting! I will say that on my old VW Rabbit, I put bilsteins on all four corners and boy that car was just so much fun to drive. It was like magnetized to the road. It gave the car a really fun, zippy, sporty personality that it did not have with the normal struts/shocks.

  • 1979wazza

    I wonder if the numbers would be different if they had used a more typical car than a BMW? I also think things like body roll were overlooked. I remember my old car was a pig for body roll and would end up fishtailing when taking corners sideways until I did the suspension and both wheels would let go together and grab traction together; greatly improving control. I grew up and don't do that anymore, but I still enjoy the occasional thrash and will not buy a car that doesn't have some kind of sport suspension, I don't trust a car that bounces around and doesn't ride flat. That being said, my car is about 700kg heavier than his Mazda, body roll is probably less of a concern for him.

  • Ali Dawood
    Ali Dawood

    These mods will make u feel faster and as a result give u more confidence to push and ultimately actually drive fast and I’m pretty sure make more of a difference at high speed cornering

  • Tim Bartholomew
    Tim Bartholomew

    Where is the white board?!

  • Ko-wing wong
    Ko-wing wong

    Idk man..here in Canada a good set of adjustable dampening coilovers would work a miracle in our four seasons. Soft in the winter, hard in the summer...medium soft when driving on forestry/gravel roads. I think it makes sense in my country.

  • Dave S
    Dave S

    I think a key point has been missed here. Not many people take new suspension off of a car to fit coilovers. By the time coilovers are being fitted, the old suspension is probably due to be replaced. Now in the case of those Bilstein shocks on your car, price them up with a set of matching springs and of course top mounts, as decent coilovers come with these. Then compare them to the price of the coilovers. Then the adjustment offered also offers a benefit, if setup right. I also don't like the fact they made it about suspension and then only changed the anti roll (sway) bars on 2 of the tests. Seems a bit random and not a direct comparison.

  • atfsgeoff

    Suspension upgrades are a financial black hole. Unless you spend as much time adjusting/tuning your alignment settings and damper rates as you do installing the the parts, you won't get any performance benefit out of it.

  • Mark Haury
    Mark Haury

    This is exactly like people putting loud, low-restriction exhausts on their vehicles and thinking and asserting they are increasing the power when in many cases it actually decreases power. An engine is a very complex system, and changing one thing without understanding how everything works together is a very common mistake. Changing the exhaust without also changing the intake, tune and other things like valve lift and timing is often counterproductive.

  • Justin Allen
    Justin Allen

    donut media did a video on installing aftermarket sway bars on a miata and it made a real numerical difference besides just feeling


    It’s good to be informed on the results of mods. I think feel IS worth the cost, just like buying an exhaust to make a car sound more aggressive even if the performance gains are marginal. The only reason for buying a sports car is because it triggers and emotional response when driving it, if a mod makes the driving experience more enjoyable then it’s worth the money. :)

  • UnBiased

    This is not a good test because it does not show the quality of performance suspension. Put OE suspension on a race car and lets see how it does. All I get from this video is that you are saying that suspension doesn't matter. If that's the case then why do race cars don't use cheap ebay suspension?

  • Piyoti LaHound
    Piyoti LaHound

    a suspension on my old mustang made the car controllable ... it has excess body roll, something that was not correctable by sway adjustment. but in a more reasonable car like lets say a bmw.. it more than likely would not need modification .

  • chrislox1

    You just saved me £500! Thanks.

  • Jeffrey Ball
    Jeffrey Ball

    Grip does in fact come down to the tires and the friction between them and the road surface. A "high performance" suspension may overwhelm the available grip of the tire before its benefits are seen. Doing this exact same test but with a higher grip tire might show drastically different results. The feedback given was that the "feeling" was different and to me that is an indication that the is potential there, but possibly not enough grip to take advantage of it. I'm not an expert, and the data may show otherwise, but I'd like to see what happens. On a side note, different suspension settings (springs, dampening, etc) do affect that geometry and may not allow the vehicle's designed suspension work in its most efficient zone. Softer springs might be good, but if the camber curve for instance, is reducing the contact patch, then it's worthless. You can't test all of these things in an experiment. They had their variables and their control group, so this is what they have to show.

  • Bert Hogendoorn
    Bert Hogendoorn

    how can suspension upgrade reduce road noise (tire noise), is this a viable choice especially in EV's? Or just focus on teh tires (profile and manufacturer special quite designs)

  • GabrielTheGray

    A surprisingly poorly supported claim. Grabbing test data from a BMW 3 series? Why not compare the stock suspension on a Corvette to aftermarket options? I'm sure that will show little difference as well. It makes more sense to test this claim out on cars that are not so well setup from the factory, that have parts designed to meet a price point rather than a performance target, and that people tend to upgrade.

  • Leigh Harwood
    Leigh Harwood

    I don't for one moment believe that a lower centre of gravity and less body roll does not allow you to corner faster. Clearly the 'tests' are rigged to sell tires.

  • pax1880

    I'm a little late to the party BUUUUTTTT I think the real takeaway here is BMW's 3 series OEM suspension is pretty damn good. This fact may not hold true for other more affordable vehicles.

  • FlameHazeist

    Only worth it if you're racing or doing extreme stuff like 10+ ft jumps!

  • Julio Rodriguez
    Julio Rodriguez

    📉📉📉 Aftermarket suspension sales after this video. 📉📉📉

  • Franco

    Thanks for the info, I was debating going with an upgrades Bilstien system for My LGT wagon and returning to stock height. Daily driving on stiff springs is getting to me and all for 1” lower stance.🤪🇨🇦

  • Patrick Nelson
    Patrick Nelson

    13:10 - This “ok, but *really* …” part I relate to so much, as a software engineer too. I find myself saying this a lot, especially this way (lol). We can refactor and refine the code so much, but at the end of the day, was it _actually_ worth it (considering the expense of time)? “Over engineering” sometimes takes a bit of experience to learn to avoid properly.

  • Steven Mitchell
    Steven Mitchell

    Changing bushings from rubber to urethane as well as coilovers and tuned dampers has a definitive effect on the handling of the vehicle. SCCA competition proves that regularly. Granted, unless you are competing or are a very aggressive street driver, the effects can be minimal. Skidpad and slalom are fairly useless tests. Roadcourse testing is definitive.

  • TT-RS

    Actually, missing your yellow bird S2000....... that was that much more appealing to me.....

  • cody crosby
    cody crosby

    Your ND looked so good in yellow I just had to do it too!

  • Jason

    This is why I love your channel. You like proof through real testing, not just giving opinions.

  • TheBowerbird

    Nice takeway here is that coilovers are trash.

  • TheMattbrownbill

    It's very important for sales reps driving between appointments to feel they are 1% faster than they could be... Just think how many more customers they could visit in a day.

  • Sagich Euchnicht
    Sagich Euchnicht

    Have you considered the driver itself? I'd say (from my personal experience) that Suspension Upgrades and better Suspension make the car more predictable and easier to drive and corner. Those Upgrades might not be able to improve grip, but make it easier to drive near the end of Grip. When the testing was done by a professional driver (which I would assume) he might have the skills needed to drive all Setups at maximum Grip-Capacity, but for the average driver it still might be very benefitial to better predict how the car is going to react.

    • Sagich Euchnicht
      Sagich Euchnicht

      If roadcars should be driven near the redline for grip, thats another discussion^^


    Well done!

  • Lyfan Deth
    Lyfan Deth

    You may have missed one point. BMW has already invested heavily in a "performance and comfort" suspension. When an OEM makes the effort, aftermarket parts will rarely do better. But on a midmarket car that hasn't been as highly optimized? Aftermarket will often improve it. Tirerack only tested one model. That's a statistically invalid test group.

  • Cameron Naidoo
    Cameron Naidoo

    Okay but I'm curious, does it improve driving stability/reaction on the road? Like would I be able to better control my car when it's tending towards being on edge?

  • Bill Lemon
    Bill Lemon

    Which, if any, mods would better communicate approaching the limits of adhesion? For most of us, that would allow us to go faster safely.

  • Hreb

    Additionally we don't have any data about whether adding power (or changing any other variables) makes suspension changes more or less valuable. BMW could have put the same suspension in the M3 as the 328i, but they don't. Is the M3's suspension only 1% better? We don't know.

  • Hreb

    So from the tirerack data we can conclude that the BMW 328i had a good, well-tuned suspension for track use. Two important problems though. 1. This doesn't tell us anything about whether the OE suspension on your EJ6 or DC2 is any good. 2. None of the tests examine the suspension's performance handling bumps, potholes, or other scenarios where the suspension will have to be responsive in order to maintain performance in a reduced-traction environment. If I drove around on racetracks all the time you can be sure I'd be willing to make different compromises as compared to real-world highways and interstates (and real-world weather!)

  • joe schmo
    joe schmo

    BMWs are engineered to handle well, so you may find better results with lesser priced cars. and Note: (not to bust your chops), but it's ANTI-roll bars or sway bars.

  • Ziggy Freud
    Ziggy Freud

    Once again excellent vid and thought provoking - suspension set up needs to enhance confidence in the driving experience hence different stokes for different folks - OEM is the best compromise for the masses and per dollar - the driving experience is such a personal thing.

  • al_in_philly

    And yet you switched out your original shocks/struts for a set of Bilsteins. . .

  • Ali Al-Qurtas
    Ali Al-Qurtas

    Thank you for the informative video, and being an honest guy.

  • Frank Montana
    Frank Montana

    Jason, you are comparing alternative suspensions on a new state of the art BMW. But how about a vintage muscle car? I have a '69 Mustang Mach 1, 428 Cobra Jet. I was thinking to go to coilovers.

  • Boyd The Goofball
    Boyd The Goofball

    Using cheap non specific wheel spacers is one of the worst suspension modifications you can make. Been there, done that. Search for my Ranger Cobra wheels with spacers video. The steering pulled left so hard under braking that I removed them after one day.

  • GBass

    One thing about the TR test and using the results in this video: They base it on only Eibach spring and damping tech for street applications, not the best available.

  • GBass

    It would be cool if you could do a similar test to the TireRack test ie: Ohlins DFV, JRZ RS, KW V3 etc on your car. Ones that have have diff approaches to damping using those various dynamic tests. See the Spanish Moose Test slalom videos on YT. Very cool extreme avoidance testing.

  • 100rats

    but wheel gap ugly

  • Collin Wall
    Collin Wall

    These are good points, however I think that on a car from a company that is not built by a people that prides themselves on selling “the ultimate driving machine” it would make more of a difference, or on an older vehicle too

  • Nico D. Sun
    Nico D. Sun

    I never heard of a street car or race car (tarmac) being limited by it's suspension.

  • Andy Abram
    Andy Abram

    The best evea ,, like Mike Tyson

  • 3 8 Flower
    3 8 Flower

    I put KW Variant 3 coilovers on my Fbody, now i have a little bit of bump steer? Is this because the angle of my steering linkages have changed? How do I address this?

  • Teddy

    suspensions isn’t always for fast lap time. like the KW v3 advertise for Street performance which basically means street comfort. It turns a bumpy sports car into an enjoyable dd. But ride comfort measurement is very subjective...

  • sultanabran1

    big car manufacturer with millions of dollars of R&D designs a car. little company comes in and says 'my suspension is better'

  • AutoFocus Cars & Vids
    AutoFocus Cars & Vids

    So, do you think these 1% difference results also hold for manufacturer released products like Porsche's X73 Sports Suspension for the 981 Boxster and Cayman? And if not, why not?

  • Roger Brooke
    Roger Brooke

    Nice day for a drive in the Oregon countryside.

  • TheDemonican

    Flyin' Miata has a set of their Fox Coilovers, talk to them about it!

  • Alan Fish
    Alan Fish

    So, did you fix the wind deflector between the seats after watching this, or are you a monster?

  • Hawke Allen
    Hawke Allen

    I once ubered the guy who started BBS. He said that they could put heaps of power on a car and it would change the track time by only a second or two. Where as by dialing in the wheel, tire, suspension setup they could drop their time by 10-20 seconds per lap. I think the key to it is having grippier tires, because the tire will lose grip at the same speed no matter the suspension. He was definitely an advocate for suspension upgrades over power upgrades to improve track time. It just depends on your individual goals for the car.

  • Hawke Allen
    Hawke Allen

    Yeah for parts alone pre-tax on my shocks is ~3300$ so coilovers are the way to go for me lol.

  • Brian Lee
    Brian Lee

    Easy answer... It's more fun around the twisties!